Interactive Map of 2010 British Columbia Hardiness Zones

British Columbia 2010 Hardiness Zone Map

British Columbia 2010 Hardiness Zone Map

Utilizing the most current Canadian climatology data and google maps api, Plantmaps has created a new, fully interactive hardiness zone map covering the province of British Columbia. Also referred to as gardening zones, these maps are important tools for gardeners in the select of garden plants and trees, lawn and turf grasses and flowers.


  1. This is off topic but there are serious errors in this mapping service. Please try the following to ZIP Codes:

    Tipp City, Ohio 45371
    Greenfield, Ohio 45123

    Unless Ohio have been moved to Alaska the values are obviously in error. Note that for Greenfield Ohio, the USDA Hardiness Zone and PlantMaps Hardiness Zone are in agreement either. You should have an open BLOG entry for error reporting and a direct link to it.


  2. At Dave’s Garden another member is reporting that the same Zip Codes are working for them. I tested using IE and FireFox and it is still returning the wrong results for me. The following link has a screen capture from FireFox for ZIP 45371.

    I will test again using another computer.


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