Ontario Canada Drought Conditions Map

Plantmaps has the latest drought conditions for the Ontario Drought Conditions Map available now.  Parts of Southern Ontario are experiencing Abnormally Dry to Moderate Drought Conditions including Toronto and the Niagara Frontier.

Interactive Map of Current Drought Conditions in the United States

Plantmaps has added a new interactive drought conditions map for the United States that merges data from the National Drought Mitigation Center and the Palmer Drought Index. The interactive map allows viewing of current drought conditions as well as prior conditions from the past 10 weeks.

Drought Conditions Map

Interactive Drought Conditions Map

Interactive Texas Drought Conditions Map

Plantmaps has created a new interactive Texas Drought Conditions Map based on the Palmer Drought Index produced NOAA.  A drought index is produced for each climate division in Texas.   Each climate division is assigned a drought level based on it’s current drought index value.  If the region is suffering from drought conditions, the interactive drought conditions map reports the amount of rain needed to alleviate the drought.   Other data that make up the Palmer drought index that are incorporated into the interactive maps are:  Average Temperature, Average Precipitation, Upper and Lower Soil Moisture and a crop moisture index.

Interactive Texas Drought Conditions Map

Interactive Texas Drought Conditions Map

In addition to the interactive drought conditions map, plantmaps.com also has several other valuable tool for Texas gardeners, farmers and environmentalists such as the interactive Texas USDA hardiness zone map, the interactive Heat Zones map and the interactive Ecoregions map.