Interactive USDA Gardening and Plant Hardiness Zone Map for California

Based on the 1990 USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive version covers the state of California which ranges from USDA Zone 10a to USDA Zone 9b.

USDA Zone 10a

30°F to 35°F

USDA Zone 10b

35°F to 40°F

USDA Zone 11a

40°F to 45°F

USDA Zone 4b

-25°F to -20°F

USDA Zone 5b

-15°F to -10°F

USDA Zone 6a

-10°F to -5°F

USDA Zone 6b

-5°F to 0°F

USDA Zone 7a

0°F to 5°F

USDA Zone 7b

5°F to 10°F

USDA Zone 8a

10°F to 15°F

USDA Zone 8b

15°F to 20°F

USDA Zone 9a

20°F to 25°F

USDA Zone 9b

25°F to 30°F

What are Hardiness Zones, Gardening Zones, Growing Zones and Plant Zones?

Hardiness Zones, Gardening Zones, Growing Zones and Plant Zones refer to defined geographic regions that can support specific plants, flowers and trees. The zones define a minimum range of temperatures that a plant or tree can survive safely in that zone. The most commonly used Hardiness Zones were defined by the USDA. The USDA provides a hard copy map that displays these zone throughout the US. The last update to this map covers minimum temperatures from 1961 to 1990. In 2012 the USDA released an updated Calfornia hardiness zone map covering the period of 1981-2010

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Zoom to Major Cities in California

Zoom to Anaheim USDA Zone 10aAnaheim - USDA Zone 10a
Zoom to Bakersfield USDA Zone 9aBakersfield - USDA Zone 9a
Zoom to Carson USDA Zone 10bCarson - USDA Zone 10b
Zoom to Chula Vista USDA Zone 10bChula Vista - USDA Zone 10b
Zoom to Concord USDA Zone 9bConcord - USDA Zone 9b
Zoom to Costa Mesa USDA Zone 10bCosta Mesa - USDA Zone 10b
Zoom to El Cajon USDA Zone 10aEl Cajon - USDA Zone 10a
Zoom to Escondido USDA Zone 10aEscondido - USDA Zone 10a
Zoom to Eureka USDA Zone 10aEureka - USDA Zone 10a
Zoom to Fairfield USDA Zone 9bFairfield - USDA Zone 9b
Zoom to Fresno USDA Zone 9bFresno - USDA Zone 9b
Zoom to Fullerton USDA Zone 10aFullerton - USDA Zone 10a
Zoom to Hayward USDA Zone 9bHayward - USDA Zone 9b
Zoom to Huntington Beach USDA Zone 10bHuntington Beach - USDA Zone 10b
Zoom to Irvine USDA Zone 10aIrvine - USDA Zone 10a
Zoom to Lancaster USDA Zone 8bLancaster - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Long Beach USDA Zone 10bLong Beach - USDA Zone 10b
Zoom to Los Angeles USDA Zone 10bLos Angeles - USDA Zone 10b
Zoom to Modesto USDA Zone 9aModesto - USDA Zone 9a
Zoom to Northridge USDA Zone 10bNorthridge - USDA Zone 10b
Zoom to Oakland USDA Zone 9bOakland - USDA Zone 9b
Zoom to Ontario USDA Zone 10aOntario - USDA Zone 10a
Zoom to Oxnard USDA Zone 10bOxnard - USDA Zone 10b
Zoom to Palm Springs USDA Zone 9bPalm Springs - USDA Zone 9b
Zoom to Pomona USDA Zone 10aPomona - USDA Zone 10a
Zoom to Redding USDA Zone 9aRedding - USDA Zone 9a
Zoom to Sacramento USDA Zone 9bSacramento - USDA Zone 9b
Zoom to San Bernardino USDA Zone 9bSan Bernardino - USDA Zone 9b
Zoom to San Diego USDA Zone 10bSan Diego - USDA Zone 10b
Zoom to San Francisco USDA Zone 10aSan Francisco - USDA Zone 10a
Zoom to San Jose USDA Zone 9bSan Jose - USDA Zone 9b
Zoom to San Mateo USDA Zone 10aSan Mateo - USDA Zone 10a
Zoom to San Pedro USDA Zone 10bSan Pedro - USDA Zone 10b
Zoom to Santa Monica USDA Zone 11aSanta Monica - USDA Zone 11a
Zoom to Stockton USDA Zone 9bStockton - USDA Zone 9b
Zoom to Thousand Oaks USDA Zone 10bThousand Oaks - USDA Zone 10b
Zoom to Vallejo USDA Zone 9bVallejo - USDA Zone 9b
Zoom to Visalia USDA Zone 9bVisalia - USDA Zone 9b
List of Hardiness Zones for All California Cities...

Interactive Maps of California Native Plants Distribution Areas

Abies bracteata - bristlecone fir Map
Abies concolor - white fir Map
Abies grandis - grand fir Map
Abies magnifica - California red fir Map
Abies procera - noble fir Map
Acacia farnesiana - sweet acacia Map
Acacia greggii - catclaw acacia Map
Acer circinatum - vine maple Map
Acer glabrum - Rocky Mountain maple Map
Acer macrophyllum - bigleaf maple Map
Acer negundo - boxelder Map
Aesculus californica - California buckeye Map
Agave utahensis - Utah agave Map
Alnus rhombifolia - white alder Map
Alnus rubra - red alder Map
Alnus sinuata - Sitka alder Map
Amelanchier alnifolia - western serviceberry Map
Amelanchier utahensis - Utah serviceberry Map
Arbutus menziesii - Pacific madrone Map
Arctostaphylos pringlei - Pringle manzanita Map
Artemisia tridentata - big sagebrush Map
Bursera microphylla - elephanttree Map
Castanopsis chrysophylla - golden chinkapin Map
Ceanothus spinosus - spiny ceanothus Map
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus - blueblossom Map
Celtis reticulata - netleaf hackberry Map
Cephalanthus occidentalis - common buttonbush Map
Cercocarpus betuloides - birchleaf cercocarpus Map
Cercidium floridum - blue paloverde Map
Cercocarpus ledifolius - curlleaf cercocarpus Map
Cercidium microphyllum - yellow paloverde Map
Cercis occidentalis - California redbud Map
Cereus giganteus - saguaro Map
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana - Port Orford cedar Map
Chilopsis linearis - desert willow Map
Condalia globosa - bitter condalia Map
Cornus glabrata - brown dogwood Map
Cornus nuttallii - Pacific dogwood Map
Cornus occidentalis - western dogwood Map
Cornus sessilis - blackfruit dogwood Map
Cornus stolonifera - red osier dogwood Map
Corylus cornuta - beaked hazel Map
Cowania mexicana - cliffrose Map
Crataegus douglasii - black hawthorn Map
Cupressus arizonica - Arizona cypress Map
Cupressus goveniana - Gowen cypress Map
Cupressus guadalupensis - Tecate cypress Map
Cupressus macnabiana - MacNab cypress Map
Cupressus sargentii - Sargent cypress Map
Dalea spinosa - smokethorn Map
Euonymus occidentalis - western wahoo Map
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