Interactive Gardening and Plant Hardiness Zone Map for France

Based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive map covers France which ranges from Zone 6b to Zone 10b.

Zone 9a

-6.7°C to -3.9°C

Zone 9b

-3.9°C to -1.1°C

Zone 10a

-1.1°C to 1.7°C

Zone 10b

1.7°C to 4.4°C

Zone 7a

-17.8°C to -15°C

Zone 7b

-15°C to -12.2°C

Zone 8a

-12.2°C to -9.4°C

Zone 8b

-9.4°C to -6.7°C

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Zoom to Major Cities in France

Zoom to Abbeville Zone 9aAbbeville - Zone 9a
Zoom to Agen Zone 9aAgen - Zone 9a
Zoom to Aix-en-Provence Zone 9aAix-en-Provence - Zone 9a
Zoom to Ajaccio Zone 9bAjaccio - Zone 9b
Zoom to Albi Zone 9aAlbi - Zone 9a
Zoom to Alencon Zone 9aAlencon - Zone 9a
Zoom to Ales Zone 8bAles - Zone 8b
Zoom to Amiens Zone 8bAmiens - Zone 8b
Zoom to Angers Zone 9aAngers - Zone 9a
Zoom to Angouleme Zone 9aAngouleme - Zone 9a
Zoom to Arcachon Zone 9bArcachon - Zone 9b
Zoom to Arles Zone 9bArles - Zone 9b
Zoom to Auch Zone 9aAuch - Zone 9a
Zoom to Aurillac Zone 8aAurillac - Zone 8a
Zoom to Autun Zone 8bAutun - Zone 8b
Zoom to Auxerre Zone 8bAuxerre - Zone 8b
Zoom to Avignon Zone 9aAvignon - Zone 9a
Zoom to Bastia Zone 10bBastia - Zone 10b
Zoom to Beauvais Zone 8bBeauvais - Zone 8b
Zoom to Bergerac Zone 9aBergerac - Zone 9a
Zoom to Besancon Zone 8aBesancon - Zone 8a
Zoom to Beziers Zone 9bBeziers - Zone 9b
Zoom to Blois Zone 8bBlois - Zone 8b
Zoom to Bordeaux Zone 9aBordeaux - Zone 9a
Zoom to Boulogne-Billancourt Zone 9aBoulogne-Billancourt - Zone 9a
Zoom to Boulogne-sur-Mer Zone 9bBoulogne-sur-Mer - Zone 9b
Zoom to Bourg-en-Bresse Zone 8bBourg-en-Bresse - Zone 8b
Zoom to Bourges Zone 8bBourges - Zone 8b
Zoom to Bressuire Zone 9aBressuire - Zone 9a
Zoom to Brest Zone 9bBrest - Zone 9b
Zoom to Brive-la-Gaillarde Zone 8bBrive-la-Gaillarde - Zone 8b
Zoom to Caen Zone 9aCaen - Zone 9a
Zoom to Cahors Zone 9aCahors - Zone 9a
Zoom to Calais Zone 9bCalais - Zone 9b
Zoom to Cannes Zone 9bCannes - Zone 9b
Zoom to Carcassonne Zone 9aCarcassonne - Zone 9a
Zoom to Castres Zone 9aCastres - Zone 9a
Zoom to Chalon-sur-Saone Zone 8bChalon-sur-Saone - Zone 8b
Zoom to Chalons-en-Champagne Zone 8bChalons-en-Champagne - Zone 8b
Zoom to Chalons-sur-Marne Zone 8bChalons-sur-Marne - Zone 8b
Zoom to Chambery Zone 8bChambery - Zone 8b
Zoom to Charleville-Mezieres Zone 8aCharleville-Mezieres - Zone 8a
Zoom to Chartres Zone 9aChartres - Zone 9a
Zoom to Chateauroux Zone 8bChateauroux - Zone 8b
Zoom to Cherbourg Zone 10aCherbourg - Zone 10a
Zoom to Cholet Zone 9aCholet - Zone 9a
Zoom to Clermont-Ferrand Zone 8bClermont-Ferrand - Zone 8b
Zoom to Cognac Zone 9aCognac - Zone 9a
Zoom to Compiegne Zone 8bCompiegne - Zone 8b
Zoom to Dieppe Zone 9aDieppe - Zone 9a
Zoom to Digne-les-Bains Zone 9aDigne-les-Bains - Zone 9a
Zoom to Dijon Zone 8bDijon - Zone 8b
Zoom to Dole Zone 8bDole - Zone 8b
Zoom to Douai Zone 8bDouai - Zone 8b
Zoom to Dreux Zone 9aDreux - Zone 9a
Zoom to Dunkerque Zone 9aDunkerque - Zone 9a
Zoom to Epinal Zone 8aEpinal - Zone 8a
Zoom to Etampes Zone 9aEtampes - Zone 9a
Zoom to Evreux Zone 8bEvreux - Zone 8b
Zoom to Figeac Zone 8bFigeac - Zone 8b
Zoom to Fougeres Zone 9bFougeres - Zone 9b
Zoom to Gap Zone 8bGap - Zone 8b
Zoom to Grenoble Zone 8bGrenoble - Zone 8b
Zoom to La Roche-sur-Yon Zone 9aLa Roche-sur-Yon - Zone 9a
Zoom to La Rochelle Zone 9bLa Rochelle - Zone 9b
Zoom to Lannion Zone 10aLannion - Zone 10a
Zoom to Laon Zone 8bLaon - Zone 8b
Zoom to Laval Zone 9aLaval - Zone 9a
Zoom to Le Creusot Zone 8bLe Creusot - Zone 8b
Zoom to Le Havre Zone 9aLe Havre - Zone 9a
Zoom to Le Mans Zone 8bLe Mans - Zone 8b
Zoom to Le Puy-en-Velay Zone 7bLe Puy-en-Velay - Zone 7b
Zoom to Les Sables-d'Olonne Zone 9aLes Sables-d'Olonne - Zone 9a
Zoom to Lille Zone 9aLille - Zone 9a
Zoom to Limoges Zone 9aLimoges - Zone 9a
Zoom to Lisieux Zone 9aLisieux - Zone 9a
Zoom to Lons-le-Saunier Zone 8aLons-le-Saunier - Zone 8a
Zoom to Lorient Zone 9bLorient - Zone 9b
Zoom to Luce Zone 9aLuce - Zone 9a
Zoom to Lyon Zone 8bLyon - Zone 8b
Zoom to Mainvilliers Zone 9aMainvilliers - Zone 9a
Zoom to Manosque Zone 9aManosque - Zone 9a
Zoom to Marissel Zone 8bMarissel - Zone 8b
Zoom to Marmande Zone 9aMarmande - Zone 9a
Zoom to Marseille Zone 9bMarseille - Zone 9b
Zoom to Mende Zone 8aMende - Zone 8a
Zoom to Menton Zone 10aMenton - Zone 10a
Zoom to Metz Zone 8aMetz - Zone 8a
Zoom to Millau Zone 8bMillau - Zone 8b
Zoom to Montauban Zone 9aMontauban - Zone 9a
Zoom to Montceau-les-Mines Zone 8bMontceau-les-Mines - Zone 8b
Zoom to Montelimar Zone 9aMontelimar - Zone 9a
Zoom to Montpellier Zone 9aMontpellier - Zone 9a
Zoom to Montreuil Zone 9aMontreuil - Zone 9a
Zoom to Moulins Zone 8bMoulins - Zone 8b
Zoom to Mulhouse Zone 8aMulhouse - Zone 8a
Zoom to Nancy Zone 8aNancy - Zone 8a
Zoom to Nantes Zone 9aNantes - Zone 9a
Zoom to Narbonne Zone 9bNarbonne - Zone 9b
Zoom to Nevers Zone 8bNevers - Zone 8b
Zoom to Nice Zone 10aNice - Zone 10a
Zoom to Nimes Zone 9aNimes - Zone 9a
Zoom to Niort Zone 9aNiort - Zone 9a
Zoom to Orleans Zone 8bOrleans - Zone 8b
Zoom to Oyonnax Zone 8aOyonnax - Zone 8a
Zoom to Paris Zone 9aParis - Zone 9a
Zoom to Pau Zone 9aPau - Zone 9a
Zoom to Perigueux Zone 9aPerigueux - Zone 9a
Zoom to Perpignan Zone 9bPerpignan - Zone 9b
Zoom to Poitiers Zone 8bPoitiers - Zone 8b
Zoom to Porto-Vecchio Zone 10aPorto-Vecchio - Zone 10a
Zoom to Quimper Zone 9bQuimper - Zone 9b
Zoom to Rambouillet Zone 9aRambouillet - Zone 9a
Zoom to Reims Zone 8bReims - Zone 8b
Zoom to Rennes Zone 9aRennes - Zone 9a
Zoom to Roanne Zone 8bRoanne - Zone 8b
Zoom to Rodez Zone 8aRodez - Zone 8a
Zoom to Rouen Zone 9aRouen - Zone 9a
Zoom to Royan Zone 9bRoyan - Zone 9b
Zoom to Saint-Brieuc Zone 9bSaint-Brieuc - Zone 9b
Zoom to Saint-Dizier Zone 8bSaint-Dizier - Zone 8b
Zoom to Saint-Etienne Zone 8bSaint-Etienne - Zone 8b
Zoom to Saint-Lo Zone 9bSaint-Lo - Zone 9b
Zoom to Saint-Malo Zone 9aSaint-Malo - Zone 9a
Zoom to Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume Zone 10aSaint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume - Zone 10a
Zoom to Saint-Nazaire Zone 9aSaint-Nazaire - Zone 9a
Zoom to Saint-Quentin Zone 8bSaint-Quentin - Zone 8b
Zoom to Saintes Zone 9aSaintes - Zone 9a
Zoom to Saumur Zone 8bSaumur - Zone 8b
Zoom to Soissons Zone 8bSoissons - Zone 8b
Zoom to Strasbourg Zone 8aStrasbourg - Zone 8a
Zoom to Tarbes Zone 9aTarbes - Zone 9a
Zoom to Toulon Zone 10aToulon - Zone 10a
Zoom to Toulouse Zone 9aToulouse - Zone 9a
Zoom to Tours Zone 9aTours - Zone 9a
Zoom to Troyes Zone 8bTroyes - Zone 8b
Zoom to Valence Zone 9aValence - Zone 9a
Zoom to Valreas Zone 9aValreas - Zone 9a
Zoom to Vannes Zone 9bVannes - Zone 9b
Zoom to Verdun Zone 8aVerdun - Zone 8a
Zoom to Vichy Zone 8aVichy - Zone 8a
Zoom to Villefranche-de-Rouergue Zone 8bVillefranche-de-Rouergue - Zone 8b
Zoom to Villeneuve-sur-Lot Zone 9aVilleneuve-sur-Lot - Zone 9a
Zoom to Villeurbanne Zone 8bVilleurbanne - Zone 8b

European Native Tree Distribution Maps

Acer campestre Distribution Map - Field Maple Distribution MapAcer campestre - Field Maple Range Map
Abies alba Distribution Map - European Silver Fir Distribution MapAbies alba - European Silver Fir Range Map
Acer pseudoplatanus Distribution Map - Sycamore Distribution Maple Distribution MapAcer pseudoplatanus - Sycamore Maple Range Map
Alnus glutinosa Distribution Map - Black Alder European Alder Distribution MapAlnus glutinosa - Black Alder Range Map
Tilia platypyillos Distribution Map - Large Leaved Linden Distribution MapTilia platypyillos - Large Leaved Linden Range Map
Ulmus laevis Distribution Map - European White Elm Distribution MapUlmus laevis - European White Elm Range Map
Tilia cordata Distribution Map - Small Leaved Lime Little Leaf Linden Distribution MapTilia cordata - Small Leaved Lime Range Map
Sorbus torminalis Distribution Map - Wild Service Tree Distribution MapSorbus torminalis - Wild Service Tree Range Map
Sorbus domestica Distribution Map - Service Tree Distribution MapSorbus domestica - Service Tree Range Map
Quercus suber Distribution Map - Cork Oak Distribution MapQuercus suber - Cork Oak Range Map
Quercus robur Distribution Map - English Oak French Oak Distribution MapQuercus robur - English Oak Range Map
Pinus halepensis Distribution Map - Aleppo Pine Distribution MapPinus halepensis - Aleppo Pine Range Map
Pinus brutia Distribution Map - Turkish Pine Calabrian Pine Distribution MapPinus brutia - Turkish Pine Range Map
Picea abies Distribution Map - Norway Spruce Distribution MapPicea abies - Norway Spruce Range Map
Pyrus pyraster Distribution Map - European Wild Pear Distribution MapPyrus pyraster - European Wild Pear Range Map
Pinus cembra Distribution Map - Swiss Pine Distribution MapPinus cembra - Swiss Pine Range Map
Pinus nigra Distribution Map - Black Pine Distribution MapPinus nigra - Black Pine Range Map
Pinus pinaster Distribution Map - Maritime Pine Distribution MapPinus pinaster - Maritime Pine Range Map
Pinus pinea Distribution Map - Stone Pine Distribution MapPinus pinea - Stone Pine Range Map
Pinus sylvestris Distribution Map - Scots Pine Distribution MapPinus sylvestris - Scots Pine Range Map
Populus nigra Distribution Map - Black Poplar Distribution MapPopulus nigra - Black Poplar Range Map
Populus tremula Distribution Map - European Aspen Distribution MapPopulus tremula - European Aspen Range Map
Prunus avium Distribution Map - Wild Cherry Distribution MapPrunus avium - Wild Cherry Range Map
Quercus petraea Distribution Map - Sessile Oak Distribution MapQuercus petraea - Sessile Oak Range Map
Malus sylvestris Distribution Map - European Crab Apple Distribution MapMalus sylvestris - European Crab Apple Range Map
Larix decidua Distribution Map - European Larch Distribution MapLarix decidua - European Larch Distribution Range Map
Fraxinus excelsior Distribution Map - European Ash Distribution MapFraxinus excelsior - European Ash Range Map
Alnus cordata Distribution Map - Italian Alder Distribution MapAlnus cordata - Italian Alder Range Map
Fagus orientalis Distribution Map - Oriental Beech Distribution MapFagus orientalis - Oriental Beech Range Map
Alnus glutinosa Distribution Map - Black Alder Distribution MapAlnus glutinosa - Black Alder Map
Castanea sativa Distribution Map - Sweet Chestnut Distribution MapCastanea sativa - Sweet Chestnut Range Map