Interactive Gardening and Plant Hardiness Zone Map for Iceland

Based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive map covers Iceland which ranges from Zone 4a to Zone 8b.

Zone 4a

-30°F to -25°F

Zone 4b

-25°F to -20°F

Zone 5a

-20°F to -15°F

Zone 5b

-15°F to -10°F

Zone 6a

-10°F to -5°F

Zone 6b

-5°F to 0°F

Zone 7a

0°F to 5°F

Zone 7b

5°F to 10°F

Zone 8a

10°F to 15°F

Zone 8b

15°F to 20°F

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Zoom to Major Cities in Iceland

Zoom to Akureyri Zone 7bAkureyri - Zone 7b
Zoom to Alftanes Zone 8aAlftanes - Zone 8a
Zoom to Borgarnes Zone 8aBorgarnes - Zone 8a
Zoom to Dalvik Zone 7aDalvik - Zone 7a
Zoom to Egilsstadir Zone 7bEgilsstadir - Zone 7b
Zoom to Eidar Zone 7bEidar - Zone 7b
Zoom to Gardabar Zone 8aGardabar - Zone 8a
Zoom to Hafnir Zone 8bHafnir - Zone 8b
Zoom to Hnifsdalur Zone 8aHnifsdalur - Zone 8a
Zoom to Hofn Zone 8bHofn - Zone 8b
Zoom to Isafjoerdur Zone 8aIsafjoerdur - Zone 8a
Zoom to Kirkjubajarklaustur Zone 8bKirkjubajarklaustur - Zone 8b
Zoom to Kopavogur Zone 8aKopavogur - Zone 8a
Zoom to Mosfellsbaer Zone 8aMosfellsbaer - Zone 8a
Zoom to Neskaupstadur Zone 8bNeskaupstadur - Zone 8b
Zoom to Reykjavik Zone 8aReykjavik - Zone 8a
Zoom to Sandgerdi Zone 8bSandgerdi - Zone 8b
Zoom to Selfoss Zone 7bSelfoss - Zone 7b
Zoom to Seltjarnarnes Zone 8aSeltjarnarnes - Zone 8a
Zoom to Stykkisholmur Zone 8aStykkisholmur - Zone 8a
Zoom to Vogar Zone 8bVogar - Zone 8b

European Native Tree Distribution Maps

Acer campestre Distribution Map - Field Maple Distribution MapAcer campestre - Field Maple Range Map
Abies alba Distribution Map - European Silver Fir Distribution MapAbies alba - European Silver Fir Range Map
Acer pseudoplatanus Distribution Map - Sycamore Distribution Maple Distribution MapAcer pseudoplatanus - Sycamore Maple Range Map
Alnus glutinosa Distribution Map - Black Alder European Alder Distribution MapAlnus glutinosa - Black Alder Range Map
Tilia platypyillos Distribution Map - Large Leaved Linden Distribution MapTilia platypyillos - Large Leaved Linden Range Map
Ulmus laevis Distribution Map - European White Elm Distribution MapUlmus laevis - European White Elm Range Map
Tilia cordata Distribution Map - Small Leaved Lime Little Leaf Linden Distribution MapTilia cordata - Small Leaved Lime Range Map
Sorbus torminalis Distribution Map - Wild Service Tree Distribution MapSorbus torminalis - Wild Service Tree Range Map
Sorbus domestica Distribution Map - Service Tree Distribution MapSorbus domestica - Service Tree Range Map
Quercus suber Distribution Map - Cork Oak Distribution MapQuercus suber - Cork Oak Range Map
Quercus robur Distribution Map - English Oak French Oak Distribution MapQuercus robur - English Oak Range Map
Pinus halepensis Distribution Map - Aleppo Pine Distribution MapPinus halepensis - Aleppo Pine Range Map
Pinus brutia Distribution Map - Turkish Pine Calabrian Pine Distribution MapPinus brutia - Turkish Pine Range Map
Picea abies Distribution Map - Norway Spruce Distribution MapPicea abies - Norway Spruce Range Map
Pyrus pyraster Distribution Map - European Wild Pear Distribution MapPyrus pyraster - European Wild Pear Range Map
Pinus cembra Distribution Map - Swiss Pine Distribution MapPinus cembra - Swiss Pine Range Map
Pinus nigra Distribution Map - Black Pine Distribution MapPinus nigra - Black Pine Range Map
Pinus pinaster Distribution Map - Maritime Pine Distribution MapPinus pinaster - Maritime Pine Range Map
Pinus pinea Distribution Map - Stone Pine Distribution MapPinus pinea - Stone Pine Range Map
Pinus sylvestris Distribution Map - Scots Pine Distribution MapPinus sylvestris - Scots Pine Range Map
Populus nigra Distribution Map - Black Poplar Distribution MapPopulus nigra - Black Poplar Range Map
Populus tremula Distribution Map - European Aspen Distribution MapPopulus tremula - European Aspen Range Map
Prunus avium Distribution Map - Wild Cherry Distribution MapPrunus avium - Wild Cherry Range Map
Quercus petraea Distribution Map - Sessile Oak Distribution MapQuercus petraea - Sessile Oak Range Map
Malus sylvestris Distribution Map - European Crab Apple Distribution MapMalus sylvestris - European Crab Apple Range Map
Larix decidua Distribution Map - European Larch Distribution MapLarix decidua - European Larch Distribution Range Map
Fraxinus excelsior Distribution Map - European Ash Distribution MapFraxinus excelsior - European Ash Range Map
Alnus cordata Distribution Map - Italian Alder Distribution MapAlnus cordata - Italian Alder Range Map
Fagus orientalis Distribution Map - Oriental Beech Distribution MapFagus orientalis - Oriental Beech Range Map
Alnus glutinosa Distribution Map - Black Alder Distribution MapAlnus glutinosa - Black Alder Map
Castanea sativa Distribution Map - Sweet Chestnut Distribution MapCastanea sativa - Sweet Chestnut Range Map