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Interactive EPA Ecoregions Map for Indiana

Based on Ecoregions developed by the EPA, Plantmaps Ecoregions describe areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources, as well as similarity of climate that can assist Indiana gardenders.

54a - Illinois/Indiana Prairies
54b - Chicago Lake Plain
54c - Kankakee Marsh
54d - Sand Area
55a - Clayey High Lime Till Plains
55b - Loamy High Lime Till Plains
55d - Pre-Wisconsinan Drift Plains
55f - Whitewater Interlobate Area
56a - Lake Country
56b - Elkhart Till Plains
56c - Middle Tippecanoe Plains
56d - Michigan Lake Plain
57a - Maumee Lake Plains
71a - Crawford-Mammoth Cave Uplands
71b - Mitchell Plain
71c - Knobs-Norman Upland
71d - Outer Bluegrass
72a - Wabash-Ohio Bottomlands
72b - Glaciated Wabash Lowlands
72c - Green River-Southern Wabash Lowlands
72h - Caseyville Hills
72m - Wabash River Bluffs and Low Hills