Interactive 2012 USDA Gardening and Plant Hardiness Zone Map for Louisiana

Based on the 2012 USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive map covers the state of Louisiana which ranges from USDA Zone 8a to USDA Zone 10a.

USDA Zone 9a

20°F to 25°F

USDA Zone 9b

25°F to 30°F

USDA Zone 10a

30°F to 35°F

USDA Zone 8b

15°F to 20°F

USDA Zone 8a

10°F to 15°F

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Zoom to Major Cities in Louisiana

Zoom to Abbeville USDA Zone 9aAbbeville - USDA Zone 9a
Zoom to Bastrop USDA Zone 8bBastrop - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Baton Rouge USDA Zone 8bBaton Rouge - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Bogalusa USDA Zone 8bBogalusa - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Bourg USDA Zone 9aBourg - USDA Zone 9a
Zoom to Buras USDA Zone 9bBuras - USDA Zone 9b
Zoom to Deridder USDA Zone 8bDeridder - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Galliano USDA Zone 9aGalliano - USDA Zone 9a
Zoom to Hammond USDA Zone 8bHammond - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Jackson USDA Zone 8bJackson - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Jeanerette USDA Zone 9aJeanerette - USDA Zone 9a
Zoom to Lafayette USDA Zone 9aLafayette - USDA Zone 9a
Zoom to Lake Charles USDA Zone 9aLake Charles - USDA Zone 9a
Zoom to Lake Providence USDA Zone 8bLake Providence - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Leesville USDA Zone 8bLeesville - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Mandeville USDA Zone 9aMandeville - USDA Zone 9a
Zoom to Mansfield USDA Zone 8bMansfield - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Metairie USDA Zone 9bMetairie - USDA Zone 9b
Zoom to Monroe USDA Zone 8bMonroe - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Morgan City USDA Zone 9aMorgan City - USDA Zone 9a
Zoom to Mount Hermon USDA Zone 8bMount Hermon - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Natchitoches USDA Zone 8bNatchitoches - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to New Orleans USDA Zone 9bNew Orleans - USDA Zone 9b
Zoom to Oakdale USDA Zone 8bOakdale - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Opelousas USDA Zone 9aOpelousas - USDA Zone 9a
Zoom to Pineville USDA Zone 8bPineville - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Ruston USDA Zone 8aRuston - USDA Zone 8a
Zoom to Shreveport USDA Zone 8bShreveport - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Slidell USDA Zone 9aSlidell - USDA Zone 9a
Zoom to Springhill USDA Zone 8aSpringhill - USDA Zone 8a
Zoom to Tallulah USDA Zone 8bTallulah - USDA Zone 8b
Zoom to Vidalia USDA Zone 8bVidalia - USDA Zone 8b
List of Hardiness Zones for All Louisiana Cities...

Interactive Maps of Louisiana Native Plants Distribution Areas

Acer negundo - boxelder Map
Acer rubrum - red maple Map
Aesculus pavia - red buckeye Map
Amelanchier arborea - downy serviceberry Map
Aralia spinosa - devils walkingstick Map
Asimina triloba - pawpaw Map
Avicennia germinans - black mangrove Map
Baccharis halimifolia - eastern baccharis Map
Bumelia lanuginosa - gum bumelia Map
Bumelia lycioides - buckthorn bumelia Map
Carpinus caroliniana - American hornbeam Map
Carya aquatica - water hickory Map
Carya cordiformis - bitternut hickory Map
Carya glabra - pignut hickory Map
Carya illinoensis - pecan Map
Carya texana - black hickory Map
Carya tomentosa - mockernut hickory Map
Castanea pumila - Allegheny chinkapin Map
Celtis laevigata - sugarberry Map
Cephalanthus occidentalis - common buttonbush Map
Cercis canadensis - eastern redbud Map
Cornus drummondii - roughleaf dogwood Map
Cornus florida - flowering dogwood Map
Cornus stricta - stiffcornel dogwood Map
Cyrilla racemiflora - swamp cyrilla Map
Diospyros virginiana - common persimmon Map
Erythrina herbacea - eastern coralbean Map
Fagus grandifolia - American beech Map
Forestiera acuminata - swamp privet Map
Fraxinus americana - white ash Map
Fraxinus pennsylvanica - green ash Map
Fraxinus profunda - pumpkin ash Map
Gleditsia aquatica - waterlocust Map
Gleditsia triacanthos - honeylocust Map
Halesia diptera - two wing silverbell Map
Ilex cassine - dahoon Map
Ilex decidua - possumhaw Map
Ilex opaca - American holly Map
Ilex vomitoria - yaupon Map
Juniperus silicicola - southern redcedar Map
Liquidambar styraciflua - sweetgum Map
Magnolia grandiflora - southern magnolia Map
Magnolia virginiana - sweetbay Map
Morus rubra - red mulberry Map
Myrica cerifera - southern bayberry Map
Nyssa aquatica - water tupelo Map
Nyssa sylvatica - black tupelo Map
Persea borbonia - redbay Map
Pinus echinata - shortleaf pine Map
Pinus palustris - longleaf pine Map
Pinus taeda - loblolly pine Map
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