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Interactive EPA Ecoregions Map for Maine

Based on Ecoregions developed by the EPA, Plantmaps Ecoregions describe areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources, as well as similarity of climate that can assist Maine gardenders.

58j - Upper Montane/Alpine Zone
58m - Quebec/New England Boundary Mountains
58p - White Mountains/Blue Mountains
58r - Sebago-Ossipee Hills and Plains
58s - Western Maine Foothills
58t - Upper St. John Wet Flats
58u - Moosehead-Churchill Lakes
58v - St. John Uplands
58w - International Boundary Plateau
59f - Gulf of Maine Coastal Lowland
59h - Gulf of Maine Coastal Plain
82a - Aroostook Lowlands
82b - Aroostook Hills
82c - Eastern Maine-Southern New Brunswick Plains
82d - Central Foothills
82e - Central Maine Embayment
82f - Midcoast
82g - Downeast Coast
82h - Penobscot Lowlands