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Interactive EPA Ecoregions Map for Minnesota

Based on Ecoregions developed by the EPA, Plantmaps Ecoregions describe areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources, as well as similarity of climate that can assist Minnesota gardenders.

46e - Tewaukon/Big Stone Stagnation Moraine
46k - Prairie Coteau
46l - Prairie Coteau Escarpment
46m - Big Sioux Basin
46o - Minnesota River Prairie
47a - Loess Prairies
47b - Des Moines Lobe
47c - Iowan Surface
47g - Lower St. Croix and Vermillion Valleys
48a - Glacial Lake Agassiz Basin
48b - Beach Ridges and Sand Deltas
48d - Lake Agassiz Plains
49a - Peatlands
49b - Forested Lake Plains
50a - Lake Superior Lacustrine Clay Plain
50b - Minnesota/Wisconsin Upland Till Plain
50c - St. Croix Pine Barrens
50m - Mesabi Range
50n - Boundary Lakes and Hills
50o - Glacial Lakes Upham and Aitken
50p - Toimi Drumlins
50q - Itasca and St. Louis Moraines
50r - Chippewa Plains
50s - Nashwauk/Marcell Moraines and Uplands
50t - North Shore Highlands
51a - St. Croix Outwash Plain
51h - St. Croix Outwash Plain
51i - Big Woods
51j - Alexandria Moraines and Detroit Lakes Outwash Plain
51k - McGrath Till Plain and Drumlins
51l - Wadena/Todd Drumlins and Osakis Till Plain
52b - Paleozoic Plateau/Coulee Section
52c - Rochester/Paleozoic Plateau Upland