Montana Drought Conditions Map - October 17, 2017

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Drought Conditions for Montana Cities and Towns

LocationDrought Level
Acton Moderate Drought
Agency Moderate Drought
Alberton Moderate Drought
Alder Abnormally Dry
Alzada Moderate Drought
Amsterdam Abnormally Dry
Anaconda Abnormally Dry
Angela Severe Drought
Antelope Severe Drought
Apgar Severe Drought
Arlee Abnormally Dry
Ashland Severe Drought
Augusta Moderate Drought
Avon Abnormally Dry
Azure Severe Drought
Babb Severe Drought
Bainville Severe Drought
Baker Moderate Drought
Ballantine Moderate Drought
Basin Abnormally Dry
Batavia Severe Drought
Bear Dance Moderate Drought
Beaver Creek Severe Drought
Belgrade Abnormally Dry
Belknap Severe Drought
Belt Moderate Drought
Benzien Extreme Drought
Biddle Moderate Drought
Big Arm Moderate Drought
Big Hole Natl Battlefield Abnormally Dry
Big Sandy Severe Drought
Big Timber Abnormally Dry
Bigfork Moderate Drought
Bighorn Severe Drought
Billings Abnormally Dry
Birney Day School Moderate Drought
Birney Moderate Drought
Black Eagle Moderate Drought
Bloomfield Severe Drought
Boneau Severe Drought
Bonner-West Riverside Abnormally Dry
Bonner Abnormally Dry
Boulder Abnormally Dry
Box Elder Severe Drought
Boyes Moderate Drought
Bozeman Abnormally Dry
Brady Moderate Drought
Bredette Extreme Drought
Bridger Bowl Ski Area Abnormally Dry
Broadus Moderate Drought
Broadview Moderate Drought
Brockton Severe Drought
Brockway Severe Drought
Browning Severe Drought
Brusett Extreme Drought
Buffalo Severe Drought
Busby Moderate Drought
Butte Abnormally Dry
Bynum Moderate Drought
Camas Severe Drought
Camp Three Severe Drought
Canyon Creek Moderate Drought
Capitol Moderate Drought
Carbert Extreme Drought
Cardwell Abnormally Dry
Carlton Abnormally Dry
Carter Moderate Drought
Cascade Moderate Drought
Charlos Heights Abnormally Dry
Charlo Abnormally Dry
Chester Severe Drought
Chinook Extreme Drought
Choteau Moderate Drought
Christina Severe Drought
Churchill Abnormally Dry
Circle Severe Drought
Clancy Moderate Drought
Clinton Abnormally Dry
Clyde Park Abnormally Dry
Coffee Creek Severe Drought
Cohagen Severe Drought
Colstrip Severe Drought
Columbia Falls Severe Drought
Condon Abnormally Dry
Conner Abnormally Dry
Conrad Moderate Drought
Content Extreme Drought
Coram Severe Drought
Corvallis Abnormally Dry
Craig Moderate Drought
Crane Moderate Drought
Crow Agency Abnormally Dry
Culbertson Severe Drought
Custer Severe Drought
Cut Bank Severe Drought
Dagmar Severe Drought
Daleview Severe Drought
Darby Abnormally Dry
Dayton Moderate Drought
De Borgia Moderate Drought
Deer Lodge Abnormally Dry
Denton Severe Drought
Discovery Basin Ski Area Abnormally Dry
Divide Abnormally Dry
Dixon Moderate Drought
Dodson Extreme Drought
Dooley Severe Drought
Drummond Abnormally Dry
Dupuyer Moderate Drought
Dutton Moderate Drought
East Glacier Park Village Severe Drought
East Glacier Park Severe Drought
East Helena Moderate Drought
East Missoula Abnormally Dry
Ekalaka Moderate Drought
Elkhorn Moderate Drought
Elliston Moderate Drought
Elmo Moderate Drought
Ennis Abnormally Dry
Essex Moderate Drought
Ethridge Severe Drought
Eureka Severe Drought
Evaro Moderate Drought
Evergreen Severe Drought
Fairfield Moderate Drought
Fairview Moderate Drought
Fallon Moderate Drought
Finley Point Moderate Drought
Flaxville Extreme Drought
Florence Abnormally Dry
Floweree Moderate Drought
Forest Grove Severe Drought
Forest Hill Village Moderate Drought
Forsyth Severe Drought
Fort Belknap Agency Extreme Drought
Fort Belknap Extreme Drought
Fort Benton Moderate Drought
Fort Harrison Moderate Drought
Fort Peck Extreme Drought
Fort Shaw Moderate Drought
Fortine Severe Drought
Four Buttes Extreme Drought
Four Corners Abnormally Dry
Fox Lake Severe Drought
Frazer Extreme Drought
Frenchtown Moderate Drought
Froid Severe Drought
Galata Severe Drought
Gallatin Gateway Abnormally Dry
Garneill Severe Drought
Garrison Abnormally Dry
Garryowen Abnormally Dry
Geraldine Severe Drought
Geyser Moderate Drought
Gibson Flats Moderate Drought
Gildford Severe Drought
Glacier Natl Park Severe Drought
Glasgow Extreme Drought
Glendive Moderate Drought
Glentana Extreme Drought
Glen Abnormally Dry
Gold Creek Abnormally Dry
Grantsdale Abnormally Dry
Grass Range Severe Drought
Great Falls/Malmstrom AFB Moderate Drought
Great Falls Moderate Drought
Greenough Abnormally Dry
Greycliff Abnormally Dry
Hall Abnormally Dry
Hamilton Abnormally Dry
Hammond Moderate Drought
Happys Inn Severe Drought
Hardin Moderate Drought
Harlem Extreme Drought
Harlowton Severe Drought
Harrison Abnormally Dry
Hathaway Severe Drought
Haugan Moderate Drought
Havre North Severe Drought
Havre Severe Drought
Hays Extreme Drought
Heart Butte Moderate Drought
Helena Valley Northeast Moderate Drought
Helena Valley Northwest Moderate Drought
Helena Valley Southeast Moderate Drought
Helena Valley West Central Moderate Drought
Helena West Side Moderate Drought
Helena Moderate Drought
Helmville Abnormally Dry
Heron Severe Drought
Herron Severe Drought
Highwood Moderate Drought
Hilger Severe Drought
Hingham Severe Drought
Hinsdale Extreme Drought
Hobson Severe Drought
Hogeland Extreme Drought
Homestead Severe Drought
Hot Springs Severe Drought
Hungry Horse Severe Drought
Huntley Moderate Drought
Huson Moderate Drought
Hysham Severe Drought
Ingomar Severe Drought
Inverness Severe Drought
Ismay Moderate Drought
Jefferson City Moderate Drought
Jette Moderate Drought
Joplin Severe Drought
Jordan Extreme Drought
Judith Gap Severe Drought
Kalispell Severe Drought
Kerr Moderate Drought
Kevin Severe Drought
Kicking Horse Abnormally Dry
Kila Severe Drought
King Arthur Park Abnormally Dry
Kings Point Moderate Drought
Kinsey Severe Drought
Kirby Abnormally Dry
Klein Severe Drought
Knife River Moderate Drought
Kremlin Severe Drought
Lake Mary Ronan Severe Drought
Lake McDonald Severe Drought
Lakeside Moderate Drought
Lambert Severe Drought
Lame Deer Moderate Drought
Landusky Extreme Drought
Larslan Extreme Drought
Laurel Abnormally Dry
Lavina Severe Drought
Ledger Moderate Drought
Lewistown Heights Severe Drought
Lewistown Severe Drought
Libby Severe Drought
Lincoln Moderate Drought
Lindisfarne Moderate Drought
Lindsay Severe Drought
Livingston Abnormally Dry
Lloyd Extreme Drought
Locate Moderate Drought
Lockwood Abnormally Dry
Lodge Grass Abnormally Dry
Lodge Pole Extreme Drought
Logan Abnormally Dry
Lolo Hot Springs Moderate Drought
Lolo Abnormally Dry
Loma Moderate Drought
Lonepine Severe Drought
Loring Extreme Drought
Lothair Severe Drought
Lustre Extreme Drought
Malmstrom AFB Moderate Drought
Malta Extreme Drought
Manhattan Abnormally Dry
Marion Severe Drought
Marsh Moderate Drought
Martin City Severe Drought
Martinsdale Moderate Drought
Marysville Moderate Drought
Maudlow Moderate Drought
Maxville Abnormally Dry
McAllister Abnormally Dry
McCabe Severe Drought
Medicine Lake Severe Drought
Melrose Abnormally Dry
Melstone Severe Drought
Melville Moderate Drought
Mildred Moderate Drought
Miles City Severe Drought
Milltown Abnormally Dry
Missoula Abnormally Dry
Mizpah Moderate Drought
Moccasin Severe Drought
Molt Abnormally Dry
Monarch Moderate Drought
Montana City Moderate Drought
Moore Severe Drought
Mosby Severe Drought
Muddy Moderate Drought
Musselshell Severe Drought
Nashua Extreme Drought
Neihart Moderate Drought
Niarada Severe Drought
Norris Abnormally Dry
North Browning Severe Drought
Northwest Peak Scenic Area Severe Drought
Noxon Severe Drought
Oilmont Severe Drought
Old Agency Moderate Drought
Olive Moderate Drought
Olney Severe Drought
Opheim Extreme Drought
Orchard Homes Moderate Drought
Otter Moderate Drought
Outlook Severe Drought
Ovando Abnormally Dry
Pablo Abnormally Dry
Paradise Moderate Drought
Park City Abnormally Dry
Parker School Severe Drought
Peerless Extreme Drought
Pendroy Moderate Drought
Perma Moderate Drought
Philipsburg Abnormally Dry
Piltzville Abnormally Dry
Pinesdale Abnormally Dry
Pioneer Junction Severe Drought
Plains Moderate Drought
Plentywood Severe Drought
Plevna Moderate Drought
Polebridge Severe Drought
Polson Moderate Drought
Pompeys Pillar Moderate Drought
Pony Abnormally Dry
Poplar Severe Drought
Powderville Moderate Drought
Power Moderate Drought
Proctor Moderate Drought
Radersburg Moderate Drought
Ramsay Abnormally Dry
Rapelje Abnormally Dry
Ravalli Moderate Drought
Raymond Severe Drought
Raynesford Moderate Drought
Redstone Severe Drought
Reed Point Abnormally Dry
Reserve Severe Drought
Rexford Severe Drought
Richey Severe Drought
Richland Extreme Drought
Ridgeway Moderate Drought
Ringling Moderate Drought
Riverbend Moderate Drought
Rivulet Moderate Drought
Rocky Boy's Agency Severe Drought
Rocky Point Moderate Drought
Rollins Moderate Drought
Ronan Abnormally Dry
Rosebud Severe Drought
Ross Creek Scenic Area Severe Drought
Roundup Severe Drought
Roy Severe Drought
Rudyard Severe Drought
Ryegate Severe Drought
Saco Extreme Drought
Saddle Butte Severe Drought
Saint Ignatius Abnormally Dry
Saint Marie Extreme Drought
Saint Pierre Severe Drought
Saint Regis Moderate Drought
Saltese Moderate Drought
Sand Coulee Moderate Drought
Sand Springs Extreme Drought
Sanders Severe Drought
Sangrey Severe Drought
Santa Rita Severe Drought
Savage Moderate Drought
Scobey Extreme Drought
Sedan Abnormally Dry
Seeley Lake Abnormally Dry
Shambo Severe Drought
Shawmut Severe Drought
Shelby Severe Drought
Shepherd Moderate Drought
Sheridan Abnormally Dry
Shonkin Moderate Drought
Sidney Moderate Drought
Silver Star Abnormally Dry
Simms Moderate Drought
Snawmut Severe Drought
Somers Moderate Drought
Sonnette Moderate Drought
South Browning Severe Drought
Springdale Abnormally Dry
Springhill Abnormally Dry
Stanford Severe Drought
Starr School Severe Drought
Stevensville Abnormally Dry
Stockett Moderate Drought
Stryker Severe Drought
Sula Abnormally Dry
Sumatra Severe Drought
Sun Prairie Moderate Drought
Sun River Moderate Drought
Sunburst Severe Drought
Superior Moderate Drought
Swan Lake Moderate Drought
Sweet Grass Severe Drought
Sylvanite Severe Drought
Teigen Severe Drought
Terry Moderate Drought
Thompson Falls Severe Drought
Three Forks Abnormally Dry
Toston Moderate Drought
Townsend Moderate Drought
Trego Severe Drought
Trout Creek Severe Drought
Troy Severe Drought
Turah Abnormally Dry
Turner Extreme Drought
Turtle Lake Moderate Drought
Twin Bridges Abnormally Dry
Two Dot Severe Drought
Twodot Severe Drought
Ulm Moderate Drought
Valier Moderate Drought
Van Norman Severe Drought
Vananda Severe Drought
Vandalia Extreme Drought
Vaughn Moderate Drought
Victor Abnormally Dry
Vida Severe Drought
Virgelle Severe Drought
Volborg Moderate Drought
Walkerville Abnormally Dry
Warm Springs Abnormally Dry
Warrick Severe Drought
Weeksville Severe Drought
West Glacier Severe Drought
West Glendive Moderate Drought
West Havre Severe Drought
Westby Severe Drought
White Haven Severe Drought
White Sulphur Springs Moderate Drought
Whitefish Mountain Resort Severe Drought
Whitefish Severe Drought
Whitehall Abnormally Dry
Whitetail Severe Drought
Whitewater Extreme Drought
Whitlash Severe Drought
Wibaux Moderate Drought
Wilborn Moderate Drought
Willard Moderate Drought
Willow Creek Abnormally Dry
Wilsall Abnormally Dry
Winifred Severe Drought
Winnett Severe Drought
Winston Moderate Drought
Wisdom Abnormally Dry
Wise River Abnormally Dry
Wolf Creek Moderate Drought
Wolf Point Extreme Drought
Woods Bay Moderate Drought
Worden Moderate Drought
Wye Moderate Drought
Yaak Severe Drought
Yakt Severe Drought
Zortman Extreme Drought
Zurich Extreme Drought
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