Interactive Gardening and Plant Hardiness Zone Map for Norway

Based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive map covers Norway which ranges from Zone 3a to Zone 9b.

Zone 8a

10°F to 15°F

Zone 8b

15°F to 20°F

Zone 9a

20°F to 25°F

Zone 9b

25°F to 30°F

Zone 3a

-40°F to -35°F

Zone 3b

-35°F to -30°F

Zone 4a

-30°F to -25°F

Zone 4b

-25°F to -20°F

Zone 5a

-20°F to -15°F

Zone 5b

-15°F to -10°F

Zone 6a

-10°F to -5°F

Zone 6b

-5°F to 0°F

Zone 7a

0°F to 5°F

Zone 7b

5°F to 10°F

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Zoom to Major Cities in Norway

Zoom to Al Zone 6aAl - Zone 6a
Zoom to Alesund Zone 9bAlesund - Zone 9b
Zoom to Ardalstangen Zone 6bArdalstangen - Zone 6b
Zoom to Arendal Zone 8bArendal - Zone 8b
Zoom to Balestrand Zone 8aBalestrand - Zone 8a
Zoom to Bergen Zone 8bBergen - Zone 8b
Zoom to Berkak Zone 7aBerkak - Zone 7a
Zoom to Bodo Zone 8aBodo - Zone 8a
Zoom to Brekstad Zone 8aBrekstad - Zone 8a
Zoom to Byglandsfjord Zone 7aByglandsfjord - Zone 7a
Zoom to Dovre Zone 6aDovre - Zone 6a
Zoom to Drammen Zone 6bDrammen - Zone 6b
Zoom to Egersund Zone 8aEgersund - Zone 8a
Zoom to Eidfjord Zone 6bEidfjord - Zone 6b
Zoom to Flekkefjord Zone 8bFlekkefjord - Zone 8b
Zoom to Forde Zone 8bForde - Zone 8b
Zoom to Fredrikstad Zone 7bFredrikstad - Zone 7b
Zoom to Gol Zone 6aGol - Zone 6a
Zoom to Granvin Zone 7aGranvin - Zone 7a
Zoom to Gravdal Zone 8aGravdal - Zone 8a
Zoom to Halden Zone 7aHalden - Zone 7a
Zoom to Hamar Zone 6aHamar - Zone 6a
Zoom to Hammerfest Zone 7bHammerfest - Zone 7b
Zoom to Haugesund Zone 8bHaugesund - Zone 8b
Zoom to Honningsvag Zone 8aHonningsvag - Zone 8a
Zoom to Hoyanger Zone 8bHoyanger - Zone 8b
Zoom to Kongsvinger Zone 6bKongsvinger - Zone 6b
Zoom to Kristiansand Zone 8aKristiansand - Zone 8a
Zoom to Kristiansund Zone 8bKristiansund - Zone 8b
Zoom to Laerdalsoyri Zone 7bLaerdalsoyri - Zone 7b
Zoom to Larvik Zone 7bLarvik - Zone 7b
Zoom to Lillehammer Zone 6bLillehammer - Zone 6b
Zoom to Lyngdal Zone 9aLyngdal - Zone 9a
Zoom to Maloy Zone 9bMaloy - Zone 9b
Zoom to Mo i Rana Zone 6aMo i Rana - Zone 6a
Zoom to Moi Zone 7bMoi - Zone 7b
Zoom to Moland Zone 7aMoland - Zone 7a
Zoom to Molde Zone 8aMolde - Zone 8a
Zoom to Mosjoen Zone 6bMosjoen - Zone 6b
Zoom to Moss Zone 7bMoss - Zone 7b
Zoom to Namsos Zone 7aNamsos - Zone 7a
Zoom to Nesbyen Zone 5bNesbyen - Zone 5b
Zoom to Nordfjordeid Zone 8aNordfjordeid - Zone 8a
Zoom to Oppdal Zone 7bOppdal - Zone 7b
Zoom to Orje Zone 6bOrje - Zone 6b
Zoom to Oslo Zone 7aOslo - Zone 7a
Zoom to Otta Zone 6aOtta - Zone 6a
Zoom to Porsgrunn Zone 8aPorsgrunn - Zone 8a
Zoom to Raholt Zone 6aRaholt - Zone 6a
Zoom to Rindal Zone 7bRindal - Zone 7b
Zoom to Rognan Zone 6bRognan - Zone 6b
Zoom to Roros Zone 4aRoros - Zone 4a
Zoom to Rorvik Zone 8aRorvik - Zone 8a
Zoom to Rosendal Zone 8aRosendal - Zone 8a
Zoom to Royrvik Zone 5aRoyrvik - Zone 5a
Zoom to Rypefjord Zone 7bRypefjord - Zone 7b
Zoom to Sandefjord Zone 7aSandefjord - Zone 7a
Zoom to Sandnessjoen Zone 8bSandnessjoen - Zone 8b
Zoom to Sarpsborg Zone 7bSarpsborg - Zone 7b
Zoom to Sauda Zone 7bSauda - Zone 7b
Zoom to Seljord Zone 7aSeljord - Zone 7a
Zoom to Skarnes Zone 6bSkarnes - Zone 6b
Zoom to Skien Zone 8aSkien - Zone 8a
Zoom to Skjervoy Zone 7aSkjervoy - Zone 7a
Zoom to Sogndal Zone 7bSogndal - Zone 7b
Zoom to Stavanger Zone 8bStavanger - Zone 8b
Zoom to Steinkjer Zone 7aSteinkjer - Zone 7a
Zoom to Sunndalsora Zone 8aSunndalsora - Zone 8a
Zoom to Tingvoll Zone 8aTingvoll - Zone 8a
Zoom to Tolga Zone 4bTolga - Zone 4b
Zoom to Tonsberg Zone 8bTonsberg - Zone 8b
Zoom to Tonstad Zone 8aTonstad - Zone 8a
Zoom to Tromso Zone 7bTromso - Zone 7b
Zoom to Trondheim Zone 7aTrondheim - Zone 7a
Zoom to Trondheim Zone 7aTrondheim - Zone 7a
Zoom to Tyssedal Zone 7bTyssedal - Zone 7b
Zoom to Vega Zone 8bVega - Zone 8b