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Interactive EPA Ecoregions Map for Oregon

Based on Ecoregions developed by the EPA, Plantmaps Ecoregions describe areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources, as well as similarity of climate that can assist Oregon gardenders.

10c - Umatilla Plateau
10e - Pleistocene Lake Basins
10g - Yakima Folds
10i - Deep Loess Foothills
10k - Deschutes/John Day Canyons
10n - Umatilla Dissected Uplands
11a - John Day/Clarno Uplands
11b - John Day/ Clarno Highlands
11c - Maritime-Influenced Zone
11d - Melange
11e - Wallowas/Seven Devils Mountains
11f - Canyons and Dissected Highlands
11g - Canyons and Dissected Uplands
11h - Continental Zone Highlands
11i - Continental Zone Foothills
11k - Blue Mountain Basins
11l - Mesic Forest Zone
11m - Subalpine-Alpine Zone
11n - Deschutes River Valley
11o - Cold Basins
12a - Treasure Valley
12j - Unwooded Alkaline Foothills
1a - Coastal Lowlands
1b - Coastal Uplands
1d - Volcanics
1f - Willapa Hills
1g - Mid-Coastal Sedimentary
1h - Southern Oregon Coastal Mountains
1i - Redwood Zone
2h - Cowlitz/Chehalis Foothills
3a - Portland/Vancouver Basin
3b - Willamette River and Tributaries Gallery Forest
3c - Prairie Terraces
3d - Valley Foothills
4a - Western Cascades Lowlands and Valleys
4b - Western Cascades Montane Highlands
4c - Cascade Crest Montane Forest
4d - Cascade Subalpine/Alpine
4e - High Southern Cascades Montane Forest
4f - Southern Cascades
78a - Rogue/Illinois Valleys
78b - Oak Savanna Foothills
78c - Umpqua Interior Foothills
78d - Serpentine Siskiyous
78e - Inland Siskiyous
78f - Coastal Siskiyous
78g - Klamath River Ridges
80a - Dissected High Lava Plateau
80d - Pluvial Lake Basins
80e - High Desert Wetlands
80f - Owyhee Uplands and Canyons
80g - High Lava Plains
80j - Semiarid Uplands
80k - Partly Forested Mountains
80l - Salt Shrub Valleys
80m - Barren Playas
9b - Grand Fir Mixed Forest
9c - Oak/Conifer Foothills
9d - Ponderosa Pine/Bitterbrush Woodland
9e - Pumice Plateau
9f - Pumice Plateau Basins
9g - Klamath/Goose Lake Basins
9h - Fremont Pine/Fir Forest
9i - Southern Cascade Slope
9j - Klamath Juniper Woodland