Interactive USDA Gardening and Plant Hardiness Zone Map for Vermont

Based on the 2012 USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive version covers the state of Vermont which ranges from USDA Zone 3b to USDA Zone 5b.

USDA Zone 3b

-35°F to -30°F

USDA Zone 4a

-30°F to -25°F

USDA Zone 4b

-25°F to -20°F

USDA Zone 5a

-20°F to -15°F

USDA Zone 5b

-15°F to 10°F

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Other Interactive Gardening Maps and Data for Vermont

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Zoom to Major Cities in Vermont

Zoom to Bellows Falls USDA Zone 5bBellows Falls - USDA Zone 5b
Zoom to Bennington USDA Zone 5aBennington - USDA Zone 5a
Zoom to Brattleboro USDA Zone 5bBrattleboro - USDA Zone 5b
Zoom to Burlington USDA Zone 5aBurlington - USDA Zone 5a
Zoom to Castleton USDA Zone 5aCastleton - USDA Zone 5a
Zoom to Fairfax USDA Zone 4bFairfax - USDA Zone 4b
Zoom to Hardwick USDA Zone 4aHardwick - USDA Zone 4a
Zoom to Middlebury USDA Zone 5aMiddlebury - USDA Zone 5a
Zoom to Montpelier USDA Zone 4bMontpelier - USDA Zone 4b
Zoom to Newport USDA Zone 4aNewport - USDA Zone 4a
Zoom to Pittsford USDA Zone 5aPittsford - USDA Zone 5a
Zoom to Plainfield USDA Zone 4aPlainfield - USDA Zone 4a
Zoom to Pownal USDA Zone 5bPownal - USDA Zone 5b
Zoom to Putney USDA Zone 5bPutney - USDA Zone 5b
Zoom to Randolph USDA Zone 4bRandolph - USDA Zone 4b
Zoom to Rutland USDA Zone 5aRutland - USDA Zone 5a
Zoom to Saint Albans USDA Zone 5aSaint Albans - USDA Zone 5a
Zoom to Saint Johnsbury USDA Zone 4bSaint Johnsbury - USDA Zone 4b
Zoom to Shaftsbury USDA Zone 5aShaftsbury - USDA Zone 5a
Zoom to South Royalton USDA Zone 4bSouth Royalton - USDA Zone 4b
Zoom to Springfield USDA Zone 5aSpringfield - USDA Zone 5a
Zoom to Underhill USDA Zone 4bUnderhill - USDA Zone 4b
Zoom to Vergennes USDA Zone 5aVergennes - USDA Zone 5a
Zoom to Waterbury Center USDA Zone 4bWaterbury Center - USDA Zone 4b
Zoom to White River Junction USDA Zone 5aWhite River Junction - USDA Zone 5a
Zoom to Williamstown USDA Zone 4bWilliamstown - USDA Zone 4b
List of Hardiness Zones for All Vermont Cities...

Interactive Maps of Vermont Native Plants Distribution Areas

Acer negundo - boxelder Map
Acer pensylvanicum - striped maple Map
Acer rubrum - red maple Map
Acer saccharinum - silver maple Map
Acer saccharum - sugar maple Map
Acer spicatum - mountain maple Map
Alnus rugosa - speckled alder Map
Alnus serrulata - hazel alder Map
Amelanchier arborea - downy serviceberry Map
Amelanchier sanguinea - roundleaf serviceberry Map
Betula alleghaniensis - yellow birch Map
Betula lenta - sweet birch Map
Betula papyrifera - paper birch Map
Betula populifolia - gray birch Map
Carpinus caroliniana - American hornbeam Map
Carya cordiformis - bitternut hickory Map
Carya glabra - pignut hickory Map
Carya ovata - shagbark hickory Map
Carya tomentosa - mockernut hickory Map
Castanea dentata - American chestnut Map
Celtis occidentalis - hackberry Map
Cephalanthus occidentalis - common buttonbush Map
Cornus alternifolia - alternate leaf dogwood Map
Cornus racemosa - gray dogwood Map
Cornus rugosa - roundleaf dogwood Map
Cornus stolonifera - red osier dogwood Map
Corylus cornuta - beaked hazel Map
Fagus grandifolia - American beech Map
Fraxinus americana - white ash Map
Fraxinus nigra - black ash Map
Fraxinus pennsylvanica - green ash Map
Hamamelis virginiana - witch hazel Map
Ilex verticillata - common winterberry Map
Juglans cinerea - butternut Map
Juniperus virginiana - eastern redcedar Map
Kalmia latifolia - mountain laurel Map
Larix laricina - tamarack Map
Nyssa sylvatica - black tupelo Map
Ostrya virginiana - eastern hophornbeam Map
Picea mariana - black spruce Map
Pinus resinosa - red pine Map
Pinus rigida - pitch pine Map
Pinus strobus - eastern white pine Map
Platanus occidentalis - American sycamore Map
Populus deltoides - eastern cottonwood Map
Populus grandidentata - bigtooth aspen Map
Populus tremuloides - quaking aspen Map
Prunus nigra - Canada plum Map
Prunus pensylvanica - pin cherry Map
Prunus serotina - black cherry Map
Prunus virginiana - common chokecherry Map
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