About Frost Maps

Plantmaps maintains Frost data and maps for many regions on the earth. We've created Average First Frost Dates, Average Last Frost Dates and Average Number of days with Frost maps for most US States and Candian Provinces. Plantmaps also created maps for many countries around the world that are in latitudes where frost occurs. Tracking First and Last frost dates can be benificial in preventing damage to gardens and agriculture.

Frost Maps

United States:

Alabama First Frost DatesAlabama Last Frost DatesAlabama Frost Days
Alaska First Frost DatesAlaska Last Frost Dates
Arizona First Frost DatesArizona Last Frost DatesArizona Frost Days
Arkansas First Frost DatesArkansas Last Frost DatesArkansas Frost Days
California First Frost DatesCalifornia Last Frost DatesCalifornia Frost Days
Colorado First Frost DatesColorado Last Frost DatesColorado Frost Days
Connecticut First Frost DatesConnecticut Last Frost DatesConnecticut Frost Days
Delaware First Frost DatesDelaware Last Frost DatesDelaware Frost Days
DC First Frost DatesDC Last Frost DatesDC Frost Days
Florida First Frost DatesFlorida Last Frost DatesFlorida Frost Days
Georgia First Frost DatesGeorgia Last Frost DatesGeorgia Frost Days
Idaho First Frost DatesIdaho Last Frost DatesIdaho Frost Days
Illinois First Frost DatesIllinois Last Frost DatesIllinois Frost Days
Indiana First Frost DatesIndiana Last Frost DatesIndiana Frost Days
Iowa First Frost DatesIowa Last Frost DatesIowa Frost Days
Kansas First Frost DatesKansas Last Frost DatesKansas Frost Days
Kentucky First Frost DatesKentucky Last Frost DatesKentucky Frost Days
Louisiana First Frost DatesLouisiana Last Frost DatesLouisiana Frost Days
Maine First Frost DatesMaine Last Frost DatesMaine Frost Days
Maryland First Frost DatesMaryland Last Frost DatesMaryland Frost Days
Massachusetts First Frost DatesMassachusetts Last Frost DatesMassachusetts Frost Days
Michigan First Frost DatesMichigan Last Frost DatesMichigan Frost Days
Minnesota First Frost DatesMinnesota Last Frost DatesMinnesota Frost Days
Mississippi First Frost DatesMississippi Last Frost DatesMississippi Frost Days
Missouri First Frost DatesMissouri Last Frost DatesMissouri Frost Days
Montana First Frost DatesMontana Last Frost DatesMontana Frost Days
Nebraska First Frost DatesNebraska Last Frost DatesNebraska Frost Days
Nevada First Frost DatesNevada Last Frost DatesNevada Frost Days
New Hampshire First Frost DatesNew Hampshire Last Frost DatesNew Hampshire Frost Days
New Jersey First Frost DatesNew Jersey Last Frost DatesNew Jersey Frost Days
New Mexico First Frost DatesNew Mexico Last Frost DatesNew Mexico Frost Days
New York First Frost DatesNew York Last Frost DatesNew York Frost Days
North Carolina First Frost DatesNorth Carolina Last Frost DatesNorth Carolina Frost Days
North Dakota First Frost DatesNorth Dakota Last Frost DatesNorth Dakota Frost Days
Ohio First Frost DatesOhio Last Frost DatesOhio Frost Days
Oklahoma First Frost DatesOklahoma Last Frost DatesOklahoma Frost Days
Oregon First Frost DatesOregon Last Frost DatesOregon Frost Days
Pennsylvania First Frost DatesPennsylvania Last Frost DatesPennsylvania Frost Days
Rhode Island First Frost DatesRhode Island Last Frost DatesRhode Island Frost Days
South Carolina First Frost DatesSouth Carolina Last Frost DatesSouth Carolina Frost Days
South Dakota First Frost DatesSouth Dakota Last Frost DatesSouth Dakota Frost Days
Tennessee First Frost DatesTennessee Last Frost DatesTennessee Frost Days
Texas First Frost DatesTexas Last Frost DatesTexas Frost Days
Utah First Frost DatesUtah Last Frost DatesUtah Frost Days
Vermont First Frost DatesVermont Last Frost DatesVermont Frost Days
Virginia First Frost DatesVirginia Last Frost DatesVirginia Frost Days
Washington First Frost DatesWashington Last Frost DatesWashington Frost Days
West Virginia First Frost DatesWest Virginia Last Frost DatesWest Virginia Frost Days
Wisconsin First Frost DatesWisconsin Last Frost DatesWisconsin Frost Days
Wyoming First Frost DatesWyoming Last Frost DatesWyoming Frost Days


Alberta First Frost DatesAlberta Last Frost Dates
British Columbia First Frost DatesBritish Columbia Last Frost Dates
Manitoba First Frost DatesManitoba Last Frost Dates
New Brunswick First Frost DatesNew Brunswick Last Frost Dates
New Foundland and Labrador First Frost DatesNew Foundland and Labrador Last Frost Dates
Nova Scotia First Frost DatesNova Scotia Last Frost Dates
Prince Edward Island First Frost DatesPrince Edward Island Last Frost Dates
Ontario First Frost DatesOntario Last Frost Dates
Quebec First Frost DatesQuebec Last Frost Dates
Saskatchewan First Frost DatesSaskatchewan Last Frost Dates


China First Frost DatesChina Last Frost Dates
Japan First Frost DatesJapan First Frost Dates
South Korea First Frost DatesSouth Korea Last Frost Dates


Albania First Frost DatesAlbania Last Frost Dates
Austria First Frost DatesAustria Last Frost Dates
Belarus First Frost DatesBelarus Last Frost Dates
Belgium First Frost DatesBelgium Last Frost Dates
Bosnia and Herzegovina First Frost DatesBosnia and Herzegovina Last Frost Dates
Bulgaria First Frost DatesBulgaria Last Frost Dates
Croatia First Frost DatesCroatia Last Frost Dates
Cyprus First Frost DatesCyprus Last Frost Dates
Denmark First Frost DatesDenmark Last Frost Dates
Estonia First Frost DatesEstonia Last Frost Dates
Finland First Frost DatesFinland Last Frost Dates
France First Frost DatesFrance Last Frost Dates
Germany First Frost DatesGermany Last Frost Dates
Greece First Frost DatesGreece Last Frost Dates
Hungary First Frost DatesHungary Last Frost Dates
Iceland First Frost DatesIceland Last Frost Dates
Ireland First Frost DatesIreland Last Frost Dates
Italy First Frost DatesItaly Last Frost Dates
Latvia First Frost DatesLatvia Last Frost Dates
Lithuania First Frost DatesLithuania Last Frost Dates
Malta First Frost DatesMalta Last Frost Dates
Moldova First Frost DatesMoldova Last Frost Dates
Montenegro First Frost DatesMontenegro Last Frost Dates
Netherlands First Frost DatesNetherlands Last Frost Dates
Norway First Frost DatesNorway Last Frost Dates
Poland First Frost DatesPoland Last Frost Dates
Portugal First Frost DatesPortugal Last Frost Dates
Romania First Frost DatesRomania Last Frost Dates
Serbia First Frost DatesSerbia Last Frost Dates
Slovakia First Frost DatesSlovakia Last Frost Dates
Slovenia First Frost DatesSlovenia Last Frost Dates
Spain First Frost DatesSpain Last Frost Dates
Sweden First Frost DatesSweden Last Frost Dates
Switzerland First Frost DatesSwitzerland Last Frost Dates
Turkey First Frost DatesTurkey Last Frost Dates
Ukraine First Frost DatesUkraine Last Frost Dates
United Kingdom First Frost DatesUnited Kingdom Last Frost Dates
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