Average Frost Days for Kentucky

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Frost Days were calculated using daily climate data from the period between 1991-2020.

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List of Average Frost Days for Locations in Kentucky

LocationAverage Frost Days
Ashland100-125 Days
Berea75-100 Days
Bowling Green75-100 Days
Burlington100-125 Days
Covington100-125 Days
Danville75-100 Days
Elizabethtown75-100 Days
Erlanger100-125 Days
Florence100-125 Days
Fort Thomas100-125 Days
Frankfort75-100 Days
Georgetown75-100 Days
Glasgow75-100 Days
Henderson75-100 Days
Hopkinsville75-100 Days
Independence100-125 Days
Jeffersontown75-100 Days
Lexington75-100 Days
Louisville75-100 Days
Madisonville75-100 Days
Mount Washington75-100 Days
Murray50-75 Days
Nicholasville75-100 Days
Owensboro75-100 Days
Paducah75-100 Days
Radcliff75-100 Days
Richmond75-100 Days
Shelbyville75-100 Days
Shively75-100 Days
Winchester75-100 Days
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