Average Frost Days for Wyoming

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Frost Days were calculated using daily climate data from the period between 1991-2020.

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List of Average Frost Days for Locations in Wyoming

LocationAverage Frost Days
CasperOver 180 Days
Cheyenne150-180 Days
Cody125-150 Days
Douglas150-180 Days
EvanstonOver 180 Days
Gillette150-180 Days
Green RiverOver 180 Days
JacksonOver 180 Days
LanderOver 180 Days
LaramieOver 180 Days
Powell150-180 Days
Ranchettes150-180 Days
RawlinsOver 180 Days
Riverton150-180 Days
Rock SpringsOver 180 Days
SheridanOver 180 Days
TorringtonOver 180 Days
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