Interactive Gardening and Plant Hardiness Zone Map for Australia

Based on the 2012 USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive map covers the state of Australia which ranges from Hardiness Zone 7b to USDA Zone 12b.

Zone 11a

4.4°C to 7.2°C

Zone 11b

7.2°C to 10°C

Zone 12a

10°C to 12.8°C

Zone 12b

12.8°C to 15.6°C

Zone 7b

-15°C to -12.2°C

Zone 8a

-12.2°C to -9.4°C

Zone 8b

-9.4°C to -6.7°C

Zone 9a

-6.7°C to -3.9°C

Zone 9b

-3.9°C to -1.1°C

Zone 10a

-1.1°C to 1.7°C

Zone 10b

1.7°C to 4.4°C

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Zoom to Major Cities in Australia

Zoom to Adelaide Zone 10bAdelaide - Zone 10b
Zoom to Adelaide Hills Zone 10bAdelaide Hills - Zone 10b
Zoom to Albany Zone 10bAlbany - Zone 10b
Zoom to Albury Zone 9bAlbury - Zone 9b
Zoom to Albury-Wodonga Zone 9bAlbury-Wodonga - Zone 9b
Zoom to Alice Springs Zone 9bAlice Springs - Zone 9b
Zoom to Bairnsdale Zone 9bBairnsdale - Zone 9b
Zoom to Ballarat Zone 9bBallarat - Zone 9b
Zoom to Bankstown Zone 10aBankstown - Zone 10a
Zoom to Bendigo Zone 10aBendigo - Zone 10a
Zoom to Blacktown Zone 10aBlacktown - Zone 10a
Zoom to Brisbane Zone 11aBrisbane - Zone 11a
Zoom to Broadmeadows Zone 10aBroadmeadows - Zone 10a
Zoom to Broken Hill Zone 10aBroken Hill - Zone 10a
Zoom to Broome Zone 11bBroome - Zone 11b
Zoom to Bundaberg Zone 10bBundaberg - Zone 10b
Zoom to Cairns Zone 12aCairns - Zone 12a
Zoom to Campbelltown Zone 9bCampbelltown - Zone 9b
Zoom to Canberra Zone 9aCanberra - Zone 9a
Zoom to Carnarvon Zone 11aCarnarvon - Zone 11a
Zoom to Castle Hill Zone 10aCastle Hill - Zone 10a
Zoom to City of Hawkesbury Zone 9bCity of Hawkesbury - Zone 9b
Zoom to City of Knox Zone 10aCity of Knox - Zone 10a
Zoom to City of Parramatta Zone 10bCity of Parramatta - Zone 10b
Zoom to Collie Zone 10aCollie - Zone 10a
Zoom to Cranbourne Zone 10bCranbourne - Zone 10b
Zoom to Dandenong Zone 10aDandenong - Zone 10a
Zoom to Darwin Zone 12bDarwin - Zone 12b
Zoom to Dubbo Zone 9bDubbo - Zone 9b
Zoom to Eastern Suburbs Zone 10bEastern Suburbs - Zone 10b
Zoom to Esperance Zone 10bEsperance - Zone 10b
Zoom to Fairfield Zone 10aFairfield - Zone 10a
Zoom to Frankston Zone 10bFrankston - Zone 10b
Zoom to Frankston East Zone 10bFrankston East - Zone 10b
Zoom to Geelong Zone 10aGeelong - Zone 10a
Zoom to Geelong West Zone 10aGeelong West - Zone 10a
Zoom to Geraldton Zone 11aGeraldton - Zone 11a
Zoom to Gladstone Zone 11bGladstone - Zone 11b
Zoom to Gosford Zone 10aGosford - Zone 10a
Zoom to Gosnells Zone 10bGosnells - Zone 10b
Zoom to Griffith Zone 9bGriffith - Zone 9b
Zoom to Hobart Zone 10aHobart - Zone 10a
Zoom to Horsham Zone 9bHorsham - Zone 9b
Zoom to Ipswich Zone 10bIpswich - Zone 10b
Zoom to Kalgoorlie Zone 10aKalgoorlie - Zone 10a
Zoom to Keilor Zone 10aKeilor - Zone 10a
Zoom to Kununurra Zone 11bKununurra - Zone 11b
Zoom to Launceston Zone 9bLaunceston - Zone 9b
Zoom to Lismore Zone 10aLismore - Zone 10a
Zoom to Logan City Zone 10bLogan City - Zone 10b
Zoom to Mackay Zone 11aMackay - Zone 11a
Zoom to Maitland Zone 10bMaitland - Zone 10b
Zoom to Margaret River Zone 10bMargaret River - Zone 10b
Zoom to Marion Zone 10bMarion - Zone 10b
Zoom to Melbourne Zone 10bMelbourne - Zone 10b
Zoom to Melton Zone 10aMelton - Zone 10a
Zoom to Mildura Zone 10aMildura - Zone 10a
Zoom to Mooloolaba Zone 10bMooloolaba - Zone 10b
Zoom to Mount Gambier Zone 10aMount Gambier - Zone 10a
Zoom to Mount Isa Zone 10bMount Isa - Zone 10b
Zoom to Newcastle Zone 11aNewcastle - Zone 11a
Zoom to Newman Zone 10bNewman - Zone 10b
Zoom to Nowra Zone 10bNowra - Zone 10b
Zoom to Orange Zone 9aOrange - Zone 9a
Zoom to Parramatta Zone 10bParramatta - Zone 10b
Zoom to Penrith Zone 10aPenrith - Zone 10a
Zoom to Perth Zone 10bPerth - Zone 10b
Zoom to Port Adelaide Zone 10bPort Adelaide - Zone 10b
Zoom to Port Augusta Zone 10bPort Augusta - Zone 10b
Zoom to Port Hedland Zone 11bPort Hedland - Zone 11b
Zoom to Port Kennedy Zone 13bPort Kennedy - Zone 13b
Zoom to Port Lincoln Zone 10bPort Lincoln - Zone 10b
Zoom to Rainbow Beach Zone 10bRainbow Beach - Zone 10b
Zoom to Redcliffe Zone 11aRedcliffe - Zone 11a
Zoom to Redland City Zone 10bRedland City - Zone 10b
Zoom to Rockhampton Zone 10bRockhampton - Zone 10b
Zoom to Salisbury Zone 10aSalisbury - Zone 10a
Zoom to Shire of Pine Rivers Zone 10bShire of Pine Rivers - Zone 10b
Zoom to Shoalhaven Zone 10bShoalhaven - Zone 10b
Zoom to South Brisbane Zone 11aSouth Brisbane - Zone 11a
Zoom to South Grafton Zone 10aSouth Grafton - Zone 10a
Zoom to Springvale Zone 10aSpringvale - Zone 10a
Zoom to St Albans Zone 10aSt Albans - Zone 10a
Zoom to St George Zone 10bSt George - Zone 10b
Zoom to Sydney Zone 11aSydney - Zone 11a
Zoom to Tamworth Zone 9bTamworth - Zone 9b
Zoom to Toowoomba Zone 10aToowoomba - Zone 10a
Zoom to Townsville Zone 11bTownsville - Zone 11b
Zoom to Wagga Wagga Zone 9bWagga Wagga - Zone 9b
Zoom to Wanneroo Zone 10bWanneroo - Zone 10b
Zoom to Warrnambool Zone 10aWarrnambool - Zone 10a
Zoom to Wodonga Zone 9bWodonga - Zone 9b
Zoom to Wollongong Zone 10bWollongong - Zone 10b