Estonia Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Zone 5a
-20°F to -15°F
Zone 5b
-15°F to -10°F
Zone 6a
-10°F to -5°F
Zone 6b
-5°F to 0°F
Zone 7a
0°F to 5°F
Zone 7b
5°F to 10°F
View the Celsius Version of the Estonia Hardiness Zone Map

Based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive version covers the country of Estonia which ranges from Zone 5a to Zone 8a.

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List of Hardiness Zones for Locations in Estonia

LocationHardiness Zone
Abja-PaluojaZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
EmmasteZone 7a: 0°F to 5°F
HaapsaluZone 7b: 5°F to 10°F
HulloZone 8a: 10°F to 15°F
KallasteZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
KardlaZone 7a: 0°F to 5°F
KarjakulaZone 6b: -5°F to 0°F
Karksi-NuiaZone 6b: -5°F to 0°F
KasmuZone 6b: -5°F to 0°F
KeilaZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
Kilingi-NommeZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
KodilaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KohilaZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
Kohtla-JarveZone 6b: -5°F to 0°F
KudjapeZone 7a: 0°F to 5°F
KuivastuZone 7a: 0°F to 5°F
KundaZone 6b: -5°F to 0°F
KuressaareZone 7a: 0°F to 5°F
LihulaZone 6b: -5°F to 0°F
LinakulaZone 7a: 0°F to 5°F
LoksaZone 6b: -5°F to 0°F
LumandaZone 7a: 0°F to 5°F
MaarduZone 6b: -5°F to 0°F
MoisakulaZone 6b: -5°F to 0°F
MustveeZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
NarvaZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
PaideZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
ParnuZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
PilguseZone 7a: 0°F to 5°F
RakkeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RakvereZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
RapinaZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
RaplaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RiisipereZone 6b: -5°F to 0°F
RistnaZone 7a: 0°F to 5°F
SaklaZone 7a: 0°F to 5°F
SarevereZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
TabasaluZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
TallinnZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
TapaZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
TartuZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TorvaZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
TyuriZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
VaidaZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
ValgaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
VandraZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
VarblaZone 7a: 0°F to 5°F
ViljandiZone 6b: -5°F to 0°F
VomaZone 7a: 0°F to 5°F
VoruZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
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