Idaho Level 4 Ecoregions Map

er10f - Dissected Loess Uplands
er10h - Palouse Hills
er10j - Nez Perce Prairie
er10l - Lower Snake and Clearwater Canyons
er11d - Melange
er11e - Wallowas/Seven Devils Mountains
er11f - Canyons and Dissected Highlands
er11g - Canyons and Dissected Uplands
er11i - Continental Zone Foothills
er11l - Mesic Forest Zone
er11m - Subalpine-Alpine Zone
er12a - Treasure Valley
er12b - Lava Fields
er12c - Camas Prairie
er12d - Dissected Plateaus and Teton Basin
er12e - Upper Snake River Plain
er12f - Semiarid Foothills
er12g - Eastern Snake River Basalt Plains
er12h - Mountain Home Uplands
er12i - Magic Valley er12i - Unwooded Alkaline Foothills
er13b - Shadscale-Dominated Saline Basins er13b - Sagebrush Basins and Slopes
er13d - Woodland- and Shrub-Covered Low Mountains er13d - Malad and Cache Valleys
er15f - Grassy Potlatch Ridges er15f - High Northern Rockies
er15i - Clearwater Mountains and Breaks er15i - Lower Clearwater Canyons
er15k - Clark Fork Valley and Mountains er15k - Kootenai Valley
er15n - Weippe Prairie er15n - Coeur d Alene Metasedimentary Zone
er15p - St. Joe Schist-Gneiss Zone er15p - Purcell-Cabinet-North Bitterroot Mountains
er15s - Spokane Valley Outwash Plains er15s - Inland Maritime Foothills and Valleys
er15v - Northern Idaho Hills and Low Relief Mountains er15v - Western Selkirk Maritime Forest
er15y - Granitic Selkirk Mountains er15y - Eastern Batholith
er16b - Lochsa Uplands er16b - Lochsa-Selway-Clearwater Canyons
er16d - Dry Partly Wooded Mountains er16d - Glaciated Bitterroot Mountains and Canyons
er16f - Foothill Shrublands-Grasslands er16f - High Glacial Drift-Filled Valleys
er16h - High Idaho Batholith er16h - South Clearwater Forested Mountains
er16j - Hot Dry Canyons er16j - Southern Forested Mountains
er17aa - Dry Intermontane Sagebrush Valleys er17aa - Dry Gneissic-Schistose-Volcanic Hills
er17ad - Western Beaverhead Mountains er17ad - Forested Beaverhead Mountains
er17ap - Sedimentary Subalpine Zone er17ap - Barren Mountains
er17g - Mid-elevation Sedimentary Mountains er17g - High Elevation Rockland Alpine Zone
er17j - Yellowstone Plateau er17j - Gneissic-Schistose Forested Mountains
er17n - Cold Valleys er17n - Partly Forested Mountains
er18c - Wet Valleys er18c - Foothill Shrublands and Low Mountains
er19d - Wasatch Montane Zone er19d - Semiarid Foothills
er80a - Dissected High Lava Plateau er80a - Semiarid Hills and Low Mountains
er80c - High Elevation Forests and Shrublands er80c - High Desert Wetlands
er80f - Owyhee Uplands and Canyons er80f - Saltbush-Dominated Valleys
er80i - Sagebrush Steppe Valleys er80i - Semiarid Uplands
er80k - Partly Forested Mountains

Based on Ecoregions developed by the EPA this map describe areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources, as well as similarity of climate that can assist Idaho gardenders.

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