Prince Edward Island Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Zone 5b
-26.1°C to -23.3°C
Zone 6a
-23.3°C to -20.6°C

Based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map Designations, this interactive version covers the Province of Prince Edward Island which ranges from USDA Zone 5b to USDA Zone 6a. What are Hardiness Zones, Gardening Zones, Growing Zones and Plant Zones? Hardiness Zones, Gardening Zones, Growing Zones and Plant Zones refer to defined geographic regions that can support specific plants, flowers and trees. T he zones define a minimum range of temperatures that a plant or tree can survive safely in that zone.

List of Plant Hardiness Zones for Cities and Towns in Prince Edward Island

LocationHardiness Zone
AlbertonZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
BedequeZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
BelfastZone 6a: -23.3°C to -20.6°C
BordenZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
BrackleyZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
BreadalbaneZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
CardiganZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
Central BedequeZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
CharlottetownZone 6a: -23.3°C to -20.6°C
CornwallZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
CrapaudZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
East PointZone 6a: -23.3°C to -20.6°C
EllerslieZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
ElmiraZone 6a: -23.3°C to -20.6°C
GeorgetownZone 6a: -23.3°C to -20.6°C
Greenmount-MontroseZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
Hunter RiverZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
KensingtonZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
KinkoraZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
LinkletterZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
Lorne ValleyZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
Meadow BankZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
MiminegashZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
MiscoucheZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
MontagueZone 6a: -23.3°C to -20.6°C
MorellZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
Mount StewartZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
Murray HarbourZone 6a: -23.3°C to -20.6°C
Murray RiverZone 6a: -23.3°C to -20.6°C
North RusticoZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
O'LearyZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
Pleasant GroveZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
RichmondZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
SherbrookeZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
SourisZone 6a: -23.3°C to -20.6°C
Souris WestZone 6a: -23.3°C to -20.6°C
St. FelixZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
St. LouisZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
St. PetersZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
StratfordZone 6a: -23.3°C to -20.6°C
SummersideZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
TignishZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
Tyne ValleyZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
Union RoadZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
VictoriaZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
WellingtonZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
Wood IslandZone 6a: -23.3°C to -20.6°C
YorkZone 5b: -26.1°C to -23.3°C
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