New York Hardiness Zones for Selected Cities and Locations

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List of Hardiness Zones for New York Cities and Locations
New York LocationUSDA Hardiness Zone(s)
AccordZone 6a
AdamsZone 4b
Adams CenterZone 4b
AddisonZone 5b
AftonZone 5b
AirmontZone 6b
AkronZone 6a
AlbanyZone 5b, 6a
Albany CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a
AlbertsonZone 7a
AlbionZone 6a
AldenZone 5b, 6a
AlexanderZone 5b
Alexandria BayZone 4b
AlfredZone 5b
AlleganyZone 5a
Allegany CountyZone 5a, 5b
AlmondZone 5b
AltamontZone 5b
AltmarZone 5a
AltonaZone 4b
AmagansettZone 7a
AmeniaZone 5b
AmesZone 5b
AmityvilleZone 7b
AmsterdamZone 5a, 5b
AndesZone 5a
AndoverZone 5a
AngelicaZone 5a
AngolaZone 6a
Angola on the LakeZone 6a
AntwerpZone 4a, 4b
ApalachinZone 5b
AquebogueZone 7a
ArcadeZone 5a
ArdsleyZone 7a
ArgyleZone 5a
ArkportZone 5b
ArlingtonZone 6a
ArmonkZone 6b, 7a
AsharokenZone 7a
AthensZone 5b, 6a
Atlantic BeachZone 7b
AtticaZone 5b
Au Sable ForksZone 4b
AuburnZone 5b, 6a
AuroraZone 6a
Averill ParkZone 5b
AvocaZone 5b
AvonZone 6a
BabylonZone 7a, 7b
BainbridgeZone 5a
Baiting HollowZone 7a, 7b
BaldwinZone 7b
Baldwin HarborZone 7b
BaldwinsvilleZone 5b
Ballston SpaZone 5a
BalmvilleZone 6a
BardoniaZone 7a
BarkerZone 6b
BarneveldZone 4b
Barnum IslandZone 7b
BataviaZone 5b, 6a
BathZone 5b
Baxter EstatesZone 7b
Bay ParkZone 7b
Bay ShoreZone 7a
BayportZone 7a
BayvilleZone 7a
BaywoodZone 7a
BeaconZone 6a
Beaver Dam LakeZone 6a
BedfordZone 6b
Bedford HillsZone 6b
BelfastZone 5a
Belle TerreZone 7a
BelleroseZone 7b
Bellerose TerraceZone 7b
BellevilleZone 5a
BellmoreZone 7b
BellportZone 7a
BelmontZone 5a
Bemus PointZone 5b
BergenZone 6a
BethpageZone 7a
Big FlatsZone 5b, 6a
Billington HeightsZone 5b
BinghamtonZone 5b
Binghamton UniversityZone 5b
Black RiverZone 4b
BlasdellZone 6a
BlauveltZone 7a
BlissZone 5a
Blodgett MillsZone 5b
BloomfieldZone 5b, 6a
BloomingburgZone 6a
BloomvilleZone 5a
Blue PointZone 7a
BohemiaZone 7a
BolivarZone 5a
Bolton LandingZone 5a
BoonvilleZone 4b
Brasher FallsZone 4b
BreesportZone 5b
BrentwoodZone 7a
BrewertonZone 5a, 5b
BrewsterZone 6a
Brewster HillZone 6a
Briarcliff ManorZone 6b, 7a
BridgehamptonZone 7a
BridgeportZone 5b
BridgewaterZone 5a
BrightonZone 6a, 6b
BrightwatersZone 7a
BrinckerhoffZone 6a
BroadalbinZone 5a
BrockportZone 6a, 6b
BroctonZone 6b
Bronx CountyZone 7a, 7b
BronxvilleZone 7a
BrookhavenZone 7a
BrookvilleZone 7a
Broome CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a
BrownvilleZone 4b
BrushtonZone 4b
BuchananZone 6b
BuffaloZone 6a
BurdettZone 5b
BurkeZone 4b
BustiZone 5a, 5b
ByersvilleZone 5b
CairoZone 5b
CalciumZone 4b
CaledoniaZone 6a
CallicoonZone 5b
CalvertonZone 7a
CambridgeZone 5a
CamdenZone 4b
CamillusZone 5b
CampbellZone 5b
CanajoharieZone 5b
CanandaiguaZone 6a
CanaseragaZone 5b
CanastotaZone 5b
CandorZone 5b
CanisteoZone 5b
CantonZone 4a
Cape VincentZone 5a
Carle PlaceZone 7a
Carmel HamletZone 6a
Caroga LakeZone 4b
CarthageZone 4a
CassadagaZone 5b, 6a
CastileZone 5b
Castleton-on-HudsonZone 5b
CatoZone 5b
CatskillZone 6a
CattaraugusZone 5b
Cattaraugus CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a
CayugaZone 6a
Cayuga CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b
Cayuga HeightsZone 5b
CazenoviaZone 5a
CedarhurstZone 7b
CeloronZone 5b
Center MorichesZone 7a
CentereachZone 7a
CenterportZone 7a
Central BridgeZone 5b
Central IslipZone 7a
Central SquareZone 5a
Centre IslandZone 7a
ChadwicksZone 5a
ChamplainZone 4b
ChateaugayZone 4b
ChathamZone 5b
ChaumontZone 4b
ChautauquaZone 5b
Chautauqua CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b
ChazyZone 4b
CheektowagaZone 6a
Chemung CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a
Chenango BridgeZone 5b
Chenango CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a
Cherry CreekZone 5b
Cherry ValleyZone 5a
ChesterZone 6a, 6b
ChestertownZone 4b
Chestnut RidgeZone 6b, 7a
ChittenangoZone 5b
ChurchvilleZone 6a
ClarenceZone 6a
Clarence CenterZone 6a
Clark MillsZone 5b
ClarksonZone 6b
Claverack-Red MillsZone 5b
ClaytonZone 4b
ClayvilleZone 5a
ClevelandZone 5a
Clifton SpringsZone 6a
Clinton CountyZone 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a
ClintondaleZone 6a
ClydeZone 5b, 6a
CobleskillZone 5b
CohoctonZone 5b
CohoesZone 5b, 6a
Cold BrookZone 4b
Cold Spring HarborZone 7a
ColonieZone 5b
ColtonZone 4a
Columbia CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a
CommackZone 7a
Conesus HamletZone 5b
Conesus LakeZone 5b
CongersZone 7a
ConstablevilleZone 4b
ConstantiaZone 5a
Coopers PlainsZone 5b
CooperstownZone 5a
Copake FallsZone 5b
Copake HamletZone 5b
Copake LakeZone 5b
CopenhagenZone 4a
CopiagueZone 7a, 7b
CoramZone 7a
CorfuZone 5b
CorinthZone 5a
CorningZone 5b
Cornwall-on-HudsonZone 6b
CortlandZone 5b
Cortland CountyZone 5a, 5b
Cortland WestZone 5b
Country KnollsZone 5a, 5b
Cove NeckZone 7a
CoxsackieZone 5b, 6a
CragsmoorZone 6a
Cranberry LakeZone 3b, 4a
CroghanZone 4a
CrompondZone 6b
Croton-on-HudsonZone 6b, 7a
Crown HeightsZone 6a
CrugersZone 6b, 7a
Crystal BeachZone 6a
CubaZone 5a
Cumberland HeadZone 5a
CumminsvilleZone 6a
CutchogueZone 7a
CuylervilleZone 6a
DaltonZone 5b
DannemoraZone 5a
DansvilleZone 6a
Davenport CenterZone 5a, 5b
Deer ParkZone 7a
DeferietZone 4b
DeKalb JunctionZone 4a
DelansonZone 5b
Delaware CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b
DelevanZone 5a
DelhiZone 5a
DepauvilleZone 4b
DepewZone 6a
DepositZone 5b
Dering HarborZone 7a
DeRuyterZone 5a
DexterZone 4b
Dix HillsZone 7a
Dobbs FerryZone 7a
DolgevilleZone 5a
Dover PlainsZone 5b
DownsvilleZone 5a
DrydenZone 5b
Duane LakeZone 5b
DuanesburgZone 5b
DundeeZone 6a
DunkirkZone 6a, 6b
DurhamvilleZone 5a
Dutchess CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b
EarlvilleZone 5a
East Atlantic BeachZone 7b
East AuroraZone 5b
East AvonZone 6a
East FarmingdaleZone 7a
East Garden CityZone 7a, 7b
East GlenvilleZone 5b
East GreenbushZone 5b
East HamptonZone 7a
East Hampton NorthZone 7a
East HillsZone 7a
East IslipZone 7a
East IthacaZone 5b
East KingstonZone 5b
East MarionZone 7a
East MassapequaZone 7b
East MeadowZone 7a, 7b
East MorichesZone 7a
East NassauZone 5b
East NorthportZone 7a
East NorwichZone 7a
East PatchogueZone 7a
East QuogueZone 7a
East RandolphZone 5b
East RochesterZone 6b
East RockawayZone 7b
East ShorehamZone 7a
East SyracuseZone 5b
East WillistonZone 7a
EastchesterZone 7a
EastportZone 7a
Eatons NeckZone 7a
EdenZone 6a
EdmestonZone 5a
EdwardsZone 4a
EggertsvilleZone 6a
ElbaZone 6a
ElbridgeZone 5b
ElizabethtownZone 4b
EllenvilleZone 5b, 6a
EllicottvilleZone 5a
EllisburgZone 5a
Elma CenterZone 5b, 6a
ElmiraZone 5b, 6a
Elmira HeightsZone 5b, 6a
ElmontZone 7b
ElmsfordZone 7a
ElwoodZone 7a
EndicottZone 5b
EndwellZone 5b
Erie CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b
ErinZone 5b
EsperanceZone 5b
Essex CountyZone 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a
Evans MillsZone 4b
FabiusZone 5a
Fair HavenZone 6a
FairmountZone 5b
FairportZone 6a, 6b
FairviewZone 5b, 6a
FairviewZone 7a
FalconerZone 5b
FarmingdaleZone 7a
FarmingvilleZone 7a
FarnhamZone 6a
FayettevilleZone 5b
Felts MillsZone 4b
FillmoreZone 5b
Fire IslandZone 7a, 7b
FirthcliffeZone 6b
Fishers IslandZone 7a
Fishers LandingZone 4b
FishkillZone 6a
FlandersZone 7a
FleischmannsZone 5a
Floral ParkZone 7b
FloridaZone 6a
Flower HillZone 7a, 7b
FondaZone 5b
Forest HomeZone 5b
ForestvilleZone 6a
Fort AnnZone 5a
Fort Covington HamletZone 4b
Fort DrumZone 4b
Fort EdwardZone 5a
Fort JohnsonZone 5b
Fort MontgomeryZone 6b
Fort PlainZone 5b
Fort SalongaZone 7a
FowlervilleZone 6a
FrankfortZone 5a
FranklinZone 5a
Franklin CountyZone 3b, 4a, 4b
Franklin SquareZone 7b
FranklinvilleZone 5a
FredoniaZone 6a, 6b
Freedom PlainsZone 6a
FreeportZone 7b
FreevilleZone 5b
FrewsburgZone 5a, 5b
FriendshipZone 5a
FultonZone 5b
Fulton CountyZone 4a, 4b, 5a
FultonvilleZone 5b
GainesvilleZone 5b
GalevilleZone 5b
GalwayZone 5a
Gang MillsZone 5b
Garden CityZone 7a, 7b
Garden City ParkZone 7b
Garden City SouthZone 7b
GardinerZone 6a
GardnertownZone 6a
GasportZone 6a
GatesZone 6a
Genesee CountyZone 5b, 6a
GeneseoZone 6a
GenevaZone 6a
GermantownZone 5b, 6a
GhentZone 5b
GilbertsvilleZone 5a
GilgoZone 7b
GlascoZone 5b, 6a
Glen AubreyZone 5b
Glen CoveZone 7a, 7b
Glen HeadZone 7a
Glen ParkZone 4b
Glens FallsZone 5a
Glens Falls NorthZone 5a
Glenwood LandingZone 7b
GloversvilleZone 5a
Golden's BridgeZone 6b
Gordon HeightsZone 7a
GorhamZone 6a
GoshenZone 6a, 6b
GouverneurZone 4a
GowandaZone 5b, 6a
Grand View-on-HudsonZone 7a
GranvilleZone 5a
Great BendZone 4a, 4b
Great NeckZone 7b
Great Neck EstatesZone 7b
Great Neck GardensZone 7b
Great Neck PlazaZone
Great RiverZone 7a
GreeceZone 6b
Green IslandZone 6a
GreeneZone 5b
Greene CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a
GreenlawnZone 7a
GreenportZone 7a
Greenport WestZone 7a
GreenvaleZone 7a
GreenvilleZone 5b
GreenvilleZone 7a
GreenwichZone 5a
Greenwood LakeZone 6a, 6b
GreigsvilleZone 6a
GrotonZone 5b
Groveland StationZone 6a
GuilfordZone 5b
HadleyZone 5a
HagamanZone 5a
HailesboroZone 4a
HalesiteZone 7a
HallZone 6a
HamburgZone 6a
HamiltonZone 5a
Hamilton CountyZone 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a
HamlinZone 6b
HammondZone 4b
Hampton BaysZone 7a
Hampton ManorZone 5b
HancockZone 5b
Hannawa FallsZone 4a
HannibalZone 6a
Harbor HillsZone 7b
Harbor IsleZone 7b
HarrimanZone 6a, 6b
Harris HillZone 6a
HarrisonZone 7a
HarrisvilleZone 4a
HartsdaleZone 7a
HartwickZone 5a
Hastings-on-HudsonZone 7a
HauppaugeZone 7a
HaverstrawZone 6b, 7a
HavilandZone 5b
HawthorneZone 7a
Head of the HarborZone 7a
HemlockZone 5b
HempsteadZone 7b
HendersonZone 5a
Heritage HillsZone 6b
HerkimerZone 5a, 5b
Herkimer CountyZone 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b
HermonZone 4a
HerricksZone 7a
HeuveltonZone 4b
HewlettZone 7b
Hewlett Bay ParkZone 7b
Hewlett HarborZone 7b
Hewlett NeckZone 7b
HicksvilleZone 7a
High FallsZone 6a
HighlandZone 6a
Highland FallsZone 6b
HillburnZone 6b
HillcrestZone 6b
HillsideZone 5b
Hillside LakeZone 6a
HiltonZone 6b
HobartZone 5a
HolbrookZone 7a
HollandZone 5b
Holland PatentZone 5a
HolleyZone 6a
HoltsvilleZone 7a
HomerZone 5b
HoneoyeZone 5b
Honeoye FallsZone 6a
Hoosick FallsZone 5b
Hopewell JunctionZone 6a
HornellZone 5b
HorseheadsZone 5b, 6a
Horseheads NorthZone 5b, 6a
HortonvilleZone 5b
HoughtonZone 5a
HudsonZone 5b, 6a
Hudson FallsZone 5a
HuntZone 5b
HunterZone 5a
HuntingtonZone 7a
Huntington BayZone 7a
Huntington StationZone 7a
HurleyZone 5b, 6a
Hyde ParkZone 5b
IlionZone 5a, 5b
InterlakenZone 6a
InwoodZone 7b
IrondequoitZone 6b
IrvingtonZone 7a
Island ParkZone 7b
IslandiaZone 7a
IslipZone 7a
Islip TerraceZone 7a
IthacaZone 5b, 6a
JamesportZone 7a
JamestownZone 5a, 5b
Jamestown WestZone 5a, 5b
Jefferson CountyZone 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a
Jefferson HeightsZone 6a
Jefferson Valley-YorktownZone 6b
JeffersonvilleZone 5b
JerichoZone 7a
Johnson CityZone 5b
JohnstownZone 5a
JordanZone 5b
KaserZone 6b
KatonahZone 6b
KeesevilleZone 5a
KenmoreZone 6a
KennedyZone 5b
KensingtonZone 7b
KerhonksonZone 6a
Keuka ParkZone 6a
KinderhookZone 5b
Kings CountyZone 7b
Kings ParkZone 7a
Kings PointZone 7b
KingstonZone 5b
Kiryas JoelZone 6b
KysorvilleZone 6a
La FargevilleZone 4b
LackawannaZone 6a
LaconaZone 5a
Lake CarmelZone 6a
Lake Erie BeachZone 6a
Lake GeorgeZone 5a
Lake GroveZone 7a
Lake KatrineZone 5b
Lake LuzerneZone 5a
Lake MoheganZone 6b
Lake PlacidZone 4a
Lake RonkonkomaZone 7a
Lake SuccessZone 7a, 7b
LakelandZone 5b
LakeviewZone 7b
LakevilleZone 5b
LakewoodZone 5b
LancasterZone 6a
LansingZone 5b, 6a
LarchmontZone 7a
LattingtownZone 7a
LaurelZone 7a
Laurel HollowZone 7a
LaurensZone 5a
LawrenceZone 7b
Le RoyZone 5b, 6a
LeedsZone 6a
LeicesterZone 6a
LevittownZone 7a, 7b
Lewis CountyZone 3b, 4a, 4b
LewistonZone 6b
LibertyZone 5b
Lido BeachZone 7b
LimaZone 6a
Lime LakeZone 5a
LimestoneZone 5a
Lincoln ParkZone 5b
LincolndaleZone 6b
LindenhurstZone 7a, 7b
LinwoodZone 5b
LisleZone 5b
Little FallsZone 5a, 5b
Little ValleyZone 5a
LiverpoolZone 5b
Livingston CountyZone 5b, 6a
Livingston ManorZone 5b
LivoniaZone 5b
Livonia CenterZone 5b
Lloyd HarborZone 7a
Loch SheldrakeZone 5b
LockportZone 6a
Locust ValleyZone 7a
LodiZone 5b
Long BeachZone 7b
Long LakeZone 4a
Lorenz ParkZone 5b
LorraineZone 4b
LowvilleZone 4a, 4b
LynbrookZone 7b
LyncourtZone 5b
LyndonvilleZone 6b
Lyon MountainZone 4a, 4b
LyonsZone 6a
Lyons FallsZone 4b
MacedonZone 6a, 6b
MachiasZone 5a
MadisonZone 5a
Madison CountyZone 5a, 5b
MadridZone 4b
MahopacZone 6a, 6b
Malden-on-HudsonZone 6a
MaloneZone 4b
Malverne Park OaksZone 7b
MamaroneckZone 7a, 7b
ManchesterZone 6a
ManhassetZone 7a, 7b
Manhasset HillsZone
ManliusZone 5b
MannsvilleZone 4b
ManorhavenZone 7b
ManorvilleZone 7a, 7b
MarathonZone 5b
MarcellusZone 5b
MargaretvilleZone 5a
Mariaville LakeZone 5b
MarionZone 6a
MarlboroZone 6a
MassapequaZone 7b
Massapequa ParkZone 7b
MassenaZone 4b
MasticZone 7a
Mastic BeachZone 7a
MatinecockZone 7a
MattituckZone 7a
MattydaleZone 5b
MaybrookZone 6a
MayfieldZone 5a
MayvilleZone 5b, 6a
McGrawZone 5b
MechanicstownZone 6b
MechanicvilleZone 5b
MedfordZone 7a
MedinaZone 6a
Melrose ParkZone 5b, 6a
MelvilleZone 7a
MenandsZone 5b, 6a
MeridianZone 5b
MerrickZone 7b
Merritt ParkZone 6a
MexicoZone 5b
Middle IslandZone 7a
MiddleburghZone 5b
MiddleportZone 6a
MiddletownZone 6b
MiddlevilleZone 5a
MilfordZone 5a
Mill NeckZone 7a
MillbrookZone 5b
Miller PlaceZone 7a
MillertonZone 5b
MiltonZone 5a
MiltonZone 6a
MineolaZone 7a, 7b
MinettoZone 6a
MinevilleZone 4b
MinoaZone 5b
MohawkZone 5b
MonroeZone 6a, 6b
Monroe CountyZone 6a, 6b
MonseyZone 6b
MontaukZone 7b
MontebelloZone 6b
MontgomeryZone 6a
Montgomery CountyZone 5a, 5b
MonticelloZone 5b
Montour FallsZone 6a
MontroseZone 6b
MooersZone 4b
MoraviaZone 5b
MorichesZone 7a
MorrisZone 5a
MorrisonvilleZone 4b, 5a
MorristownZone 4b
MorrisvilleZone 5a
Mount IvyZone 6b
Mount KiscoZone 6b
Mount MorrisZone 6a
Mount SinaiZone 7a
Mount VernonZone 7a
Mountain Lodge ParkZone 6a
MunnsvilleZone 5a
Munsey ParkZone 7a
Munsons CornersZone 5b
MuttontownZone 7a
Myers CornerZone 6a
NanuetZone 6b, 7a
NapanochZone 6a
NapeagueZone 7a, 7b
NaplesZone 6a
NarrowsburgZone 5b
NassauZone 5b
Nassau CountyZone 7a, 7b
Natural BridgeZone 4a
NedrowZone 5b
NellistonZone 5b
NelsonvilleZone 6b
NesconsetZone 7a
New BerlinZone 5a
New CasselZone 7a
New CityZone 6b, 7a
New HartfordZone 5a
New HempsteadZone 6b
New Hyde ParkZone 7b
New PaltzZone 5b, 6a
New RochelleZone 7a
New SquareZone 6b
New SuffolkZone 7a
New WindsorZone 6a, 6b
New YorkZone 7a, 7b
New York CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b
New York MillsZone 5b
NewarkZone 6a
Newark ValleyZone 5b
NewburghZone 6a
NewfaneZone 6b
Newfield HamletZone 5b
NewportZone 5a
Niagara CountyZone 6a, 6b
Niagara FallsZone 6a
NicholsZone 5b
NiskayunaZone 5b
NissequogueZone 7a
NivervilleZone 5b
NorfolkZone 4b
North AmityvilleZone 7a
North BabylonZone 7a
North Ballston SpaZone 5a
North Bay ShoreZone 7a
North BellmoreZone 7b
North BellportZone 7a
North BostonZone 5b
North CollinsZone 6a
North CreekZone 4b
North GatesZone 6a
North Great RiverZone 7a
North HavenZone 7a
North HillsZone 7a
North HornellZone 5b
North LindenhurstZone 7a
North LynbrookZone 7b
North MassapequaZone 7a, 7b
North MerrickZone 7b
North New Hyde ParkZone 7b
North PatchogueZone 7a
North RoseZone 6a
North SeaZone 7a
North SyracuseZone 5b
North TonawandaZone 6a
North Valley StreamZone 7b
North WantaghZone 7b
NorthamptonZone 7a, 7b
Northeast IthacaZone 5b
NorthportZone 7a
NorthvilleZone 5a
NorthvilleZone 7a
Northwest HarborZone 7a
Northwest IthacaZone 5b, 6a
NorwichZone 5a
NorwoodZone 4b
NoyackZone 7a
NundaZone 5b
NyackZone 7a
Oak Beach-CaptreeZone 7a, 7b
OakdaleZone 7a
OakfieldZone 6a
Ocean BeachZone 7a
OceansideZone 7b
OdessaZone 5b
OgdensburgZone 4b
OlcottZone 6b
Old BethpageZone 7a
Old BrookvilleZone 7a
Old FieldZone 7a
Old ForgeZone 3b
Old WestburyZone 7a
OleanZone 5a
OneidaZone 5a, 5b
Oneida CastleZone 5b
Oneida CountyZone 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b
OneontaZone 5a, 5b
Onondaga CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a
OntarioZone 6a
Ontario CountyZone 5b, 6a
Orange CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b
Orange LakeZone 6a
OrangeburgZone 7a
Orchard ParkZone 5b, 6a
OrientZone 7a
OriskanyZone 5b
Oriskany FallsZone 5a
Orleans CountyZone 6a, 6b
OssiningZone 6b, 7a
OswegoZone 6a
Oswego CountyZone 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a
OtegoZone 5a
OtisvilleZone 6a
Otsego CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a
OvidZone 6a
OwegoZone 5b
OxfordZone 5a
Oyster BayZone 7a
Oyster Bay CoveZone 7a
Painted PostZone 5b
Palatine BridgeZone 5b
PalenvilleZone 5b, 6a
PalmyraZone 6a
Pamelia CenterZone 4b
PanamaZone 5a
ParcZone 5a
ParishvilleZone 4b
PatchogueZone 7a
Paul SmithsZone 4a
PavilionZone 5b
PawlingZone 6a
Peach LakeZone 6a, 6b
Pearl RiverZone 7a
PeconicZone 7a
PeekskillZone 6b
PelhamZone 7a
Pelham ManorZone 7a
Penn YanZone 6a
PerryZone 5b
PerrysburgZone 5b
PeruZone 5a
PhelpsZone 6a
PhiladelphiaZone 4b
PhilmontZone 5b
PhoeniciaZone 5b
PhoenixZone 5b
PiermontZone 7a
Pierrepont ManorZone 4b
PiffardZone 6a
PikeZone 5b
Pine BushZone 6a
Pine HillZone 5b
Pine PlainsZone 5b
Pine ValleyZone 5b
PlainedgeZone 7a
PlainviewZone 7a
PlandomeZone 7b
Plandome HeightsZone 7b
Plandome ManorZone 7b
PlattekillZone 6a
PlattsburghZone 5a
Plattsburgh WestZone 4b, 5a
Pleasant ValleyZone 5b
PleasantvilleZone 7a
PlessisZone 4b
PoestenkillZone 5b
Point LookoutZone 7b
PolandZone 5a
PomonaZone 6b
PoquottZone 7a
Port ByronZone 5b
Port ChesterZone 7a
Port DickinsonZone 5b
Port EwenZone 5b
Port GibsonZone 6a
Port HenryZone 5a
Port JeffersonZone 7a
Port Jefferson StationZone 7a
Port JervisZone 6a
Port LeydenZone 4b
Port WashingtonZone 7a, 7b
Port Washington NorthZone 7b
PortvilleZone 5a
PotsdamZone 4a, 4b
PottersvilleZone 4b
PoughkeepsieZone 6a
PrattsburghZone 5b
PrattsvilleZone 5a
Preston-Potter HollowZone 5a, 5b
PulaskiZone 5a
PultneyvilleZone 6a, 6b
Putnam CountyZone 6a, 6b
Putnam LakeZone 6a
Queens CountyZone 7a, 7b
QuiogueZone 7a
QuogueZone 7a
RandolphZone 5b
RansomvilleZone 6b
RapidsZone 6a
RavenaZone 5b
Red CreekZone 6a
Red HookZone 5b
Red Oaks MillZone 6a
RedfordZone 4b
RedwoodZone 4b
RemsenZone 4b
Remsenburg-SpeonkZone 7a
RensselaerZone 5b, 6a
Rensselaer CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a
Rensselaer FallsZone 4b
RetsofZone 6a
RhinebeckZone 5b
RhinecliffZone 5b
RichburgZone 5a
Richfield SpringsZone 5a
Richmond CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b
RichmondvilleZone 5b
RichvilleZone 4a
RidgeZone 7a
RiftonZone 5b
RipleyZone 6b
RiverheadZone 7a, 7b
RiversideZone 5b
RiversideZone 7a
RochesterZone 6a, 6b
Rock HillZone 6a
Rockland CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a
Rockville CentreZone 7b
Rocky PointZone 7a
RodmanZone 4b
RomeZone 5a, 5b
RomulusZone 6a
RonkonkomaZone 7a
RooseveltZone 7b
RoscoeZone 5b
Rosendale HamletZone 6a
RoslynZone 7a
Roslyn EstatesZone 7a
Roslyn HarborZone 7a, 7b
Roslyn HeightsZone 7a
RotterdamZone 5b
Round LakeZone 5a, 5b
Rouses PointZone 4b
RushfordZone 5a
RushvilleZone 6a
Russell GardensZone
RyeZone 7a
Rye BrookZone 7a
Sackets HarborZone 4b
Saddle RockZone 7b
Saddle Rock EstatesZone 7b
Sag HarborZone 7a
SagaponackZone 7a
SalamancaZone 5a
SalemZone 4b, 5a
SalisburyZone 7a
Salisbury MillsZone 6a
Salt PointZone 5b
SaltaireZone 7a
SanbornZone 6a
Sand RidgeZone 5b
Sands PointZone 7b
Sandy CreekZone 5a
Saranac LakeZone 4a
Saratoga CountyZone 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b
Saratoga SpringsZone 5a
SaugertiesZone 6a
Saugerties SouthZone 5b, 6a
SavannahZone 5b
SavonaZone 5b
SayvilleZone 7a
ScarsdaleZone 7a
SchaghticokeZone 5b
SchenectadyZone 5b
Schenectady CountyZone 5a, 5b
SchenevusZone 5a
SchoharieZone 5b
Schoharie CountyZone 5a, 5b
Schroon LakeZone 4b
Schuyler CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b
SchuylervilleZone 5a
ScioZone 5a
ScotchtownZone 6a, 6b
ScotiaZone 5b
Scotts CornersZone 6b
ScottsburgZone 5b
ScottsvilleZone 6a
Sea CliffZone 7a, 7b
SeafordZone 7b
SearingtownZone 7a
SeldenZone 7a
Seneca CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b
Seneca FallsZone 6a
Seneca KnollsZone 5b
Setauket-East SetauketZone 7a
Sharon SpringsZone 5a, 5b
Shelter IslandZone 7a
Shelter Island HeightsZone 7a
ShenorockZone 6b
SherburneZone 5a
ShermanZone 5b
SherrillZone 5a
Shinnecock HillsZone 7a
ShirleyZone 7a
ShokanZone 5b
ShorehamZone 7a
ShortsvilleZone 6a
Shrub OakZone 6b
SidneyZone 5a, 5b
Silver CreekZone 6b
Silver SpringsZone 5b
SinclairvilleZone 5a, 5b
SkaneatelesZone 5b
Sleepy HollowZone 7a
SloanZone 6a
SloatsburgZone 6b
SmallwoodZone 5b
SmithtownZone 7a
Smithville FlatsZone 5b
SmyrnaZone 5a
SodusZone 6a
Sodus PointZone 6b
SolvayZone 5b
Sound BeachZone 7a
South Blooming GroveZone 6a, 6b
South CorningZone 5b
South DaytonZone 5b
South FallsburgZone 5b
South FarmingdaleZone 7a
South Floral ParkZone 7b
South Glens FallsZone 5a
South HempsteadZone 7b
South HillZone 5b
South LimaZone 5b
South LockportZone 6a
South NyackZone 7a
South Valley StreamZone 7b
SouthamptonZone 7a
SoutholdZone 7a
SouthportZone 5b, 6a
SpackenkillZone 6a
SparkillZone 7a
SpeculatorZone 3b, 4a, 4b
SpencerZone 5b
SpencerportZone 6a
Spring ValleyZone 6b
SpringsZone 7a
SpringvilleZone 5a, 5b
Springwater HamletZone 5b
St. BonaventureZone 5a
St. JamesZone 7a
St. JohnsvilleZone 5b
St. Lawrence CountyZone 3b, 4a, 4b
St. Regis FallsZone 4a
StaatsburgZone 5b
StamfordZone 5a
StannardsZone 5a, 5b
Star LakeZone 4a
Steuben CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a
Stewart ManorZone 7b
StillwaterZone 5b
Stone RidgeZone 6a
Stony BrookZone 7a
Stony Brook UniversityZone 7a
Stony PointZone 6b, 7a
StottvilleZone 5b
StrykersvilleZone 5b
SuffernZone 6b
Suffolk CountyZone 7a, 7b
Sullivan CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a
Sunset BayZone 6b
SUNY OswegoZone 6a
Sylvan BeachZone 5a
SyossetZone 7a
SyracuseZone 5b
Taconic ShoresZone 5b
TannersvilleZone 5b
TappanZone 7a
TarrytownZone 7a
TerryvilleZone 7a
ThendaraZone 3b
TheresaZone 4b
ThiellsZone 6b
ThornwoodZone 7a
Thousand Island ParkZone 4b
Three Mile BayZone
TiconderogaZone 5a
TillsonZone 6a
Tioga CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a
TitusvilleZone 6a
TivoliZone 5b, 6a
Tompkins CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b
TonawandaZone 6a
TonawandaZone 6a
Town LineZone 5b, 6a
Tribes HillZone 5a, 5b
TroyZone 5b, 6a
TrumansburgZone 5b
TuckahoeZone 7a
TuckahoeZone 7a
TullyZone 5b
Tupper LakeZone 4a
TurinZone 4b
TuscaroraZone 6a
Tuxedo ParkZone 6b
Ulster CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b
UnadillaZone 5a
Union SpringsZone 6a
UniondaleZone 7b
UnionvilleZone 6a
University at BuffaloZone 6a
University GardensZone 7b
Upper BrookvilleZone 7a
Upper NyackZone 7a
UticaZone 5a, 5b
Vails GateZone 6a
ValatieZone 5b
ValhallaZone 7a
Valley CottageZone 7a
Valley FallsZone 5b
Valley StreamZone 7b
Van EttenZone 5b
VernonZone 5a
VeronaZone 5a
VerplanckZone 6b
VictorZone 6a
VictoryZone 5a
Village GreenZone 5b
Village of the BranchZone 7a
ViolaZone 6b
VirgilZone 5a
VoorheesvilleZone 5b
WaddingtonZone 4b
Wading RiverZone 7a
WadsworthZone 6a
WainscottZone 7a
WaldenZone 5b, 6a
Walker ValleyZone 6a
WallkillZone 5b, 6a
WaltonZone 5a
Walton ParkZone 6a, 6b
WampsvilleZone 5b
WanakahZone 6a
WantaghZone 7b
Wappingers FallsZone 6a
Warren CountyZone 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b
WarrensburgZone 4b, 5a
WarsawZone 5b
WarwickZone 6a
Washington CountyZone 4b, 5a, 5b
Washington HeightsZone 6a
Washington MillsZone 5a
WashingtonvilleZone 6a
WatchtowerZone 6a
Water MillZone 7a
WaterfordZone 5b
WaterlooZone 6a
WatertownZone 4b
WatervilleZone 5a
WatervlietZone 6a
Watkins GlenZone 6a
WaverlyZone 5b
WaylandZone 5b
Wayne CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b
WebsterZone 6b
Websters CrossingZone 5b
WeedsportZone 5b
WellsZone 4b
WellsburgZone 5b
WellsvilleZone 5a
Wesley HillsZone 6b
West BabylonZone 7a, 7b
West Bay ShoreZone 7a
West CarthageZone 4a
West ChazyZone 4b
West ElmiraZone 5b, 6a
West EndZone 5a, 5b
West Glens FallsZone 5a
West Hampton DunesZone 7a
West HaverstrawZone 6b
West HempsteadZone 7b
West HillsZone 7a
West HurleyZone 5b, 6a
West IslipZone 7a
West NyackZone 7a
West PointZone 6a, 6b
West Sand LakeZone 5b
West SayvilleZone 7a
West SenecaZone 6a
West ValleyZone 5a
West WinfieldZone 5a
WestburyZone 7a
Westchester CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a
WestfieldZone 6b
WesthamptonZone 7a
Westhampton BeachZone 7a
WestmereZone 5b
WestmorelandZone 5b
Weston MillsZone 5a
WestportZone 4b, 5a
WestvaleZone 5b
Wheatley HeightsZone 7a
White PlainsZone 7a
WhitehallZone 4b, 5a
WhitesboroZone 5b
Whitney PointZone 5b
WilliamsonZone 6a
WilliamsvilleZone 6a
Williston ParkZone 7a
WillsboroZone 5a
WilmingtonZone 4a, 4b
WilsonZone 6b
WindhamZone 5a
WindsorZone 5b
WinthropZone 4b
WitherbeeZone 4b
WolcottZone 6a
WoodburyZone 7a
WoodburyZone 6a, 6b
WoodmereZone 7b
WoodridgeZone 5b
WoodsburghZone 7b
WoodstockZone 5b
WoodsvilleZone 6a
WorcesterZone 5a, 5b
WurtsboroZone 6a
WyandanchZone 7a
WynantskillZone 5b
WyomingZone 5b
Wyoming CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a
YaphankZone 7a
Yates CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b
YonkersZone 7a
York HamletZone 6a
YorkshireZone 5a
Yorktown HeightsZone 6b
YorkvilleZone 5b
YoungstownZone 6b
ZenaZone 5b
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