North Carolina Hardiness Zones for Selected Cities and Locations

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List of Hardiness Zones for North Carolina Cities and Locations
North Carolina LocationUSDA Hardiness Zone(s)
AberdeenZone 8a
AdvanceZone 7b
AhoskieZone 7b, 8a
AlamanceZone 7b
Alamance CountyZone 7b
AlbemarleZone 7b
Alexander CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b
Alleghany CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a
AllianceZone 8a
AltamahawZone 7b
AndrewsZone 7a
AngierZone 7b, 8a
Anson CountyZone 7b, 8a
AnsonvilleZone 8a
ApexZone 7b
AquadaleZone 7b, 8a
ArapahoeZone 8a
ArchdaleZone 7b
Archer LodgeZone 7b, 8a
Ashe CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b
AsheboroZone 7b
AshevilleZone 7a
Ashley HeightsZone 8a
AskewvilleZone 8a
AtkinsonZone 8a
AtlanticZone 8b
Atlantic BeachZone 8a
AulanderZone 7b
AuroraZone 8a
AutryvilleZone 8a
Avery CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
Avery CreekZone 7a
AvonZone 8b
AydenZone 8a
BadinZone 7b
BaileyZone 7b
BakersvilleZone 6b
Bald Head IslandZone 8a
BalfourZone 7a
Banner ElkZone 6a
Barker HeightsZone 7a
Barker Ten MileZone 8a
BathZone 8a
BayboroZone 8a
BayshoreZone 8a
BayviewZone 8a
Bear GrassZone 8a
BeaufortZone 8a
Beaufort CountyZone 8a
Beech MountainZone 6a, 6b
BelhavenZone 8a
Bell ArthurZone 8a
BelmontZone 7b, 8a
BelvilleZone 8a
BelvoirZone 8a
BelwoodZone 7b
BennettZone 7b
BensonZone 8a
Bent CreekZone 7a
Bermuda RunZone 7b
Bertie CountyZone 7b, 8a
Bessemer CityZone 7b
BethaniaZone 7b
BethelZone 8a
BethlehemZone 7b
BeulavilleZone 8a
Biltmore ForestZone 7a
BiscoeZone 7b
Black CreekZone 8a
Black MountainZone 6b, 7a
Bladen CountyZone 8a
BladenboroZone 8a
Blowing RockZone 6a, 6b
Blue Clay FarmsZone 8a
BoardmanZone 8a
BogueZone 8a
Boiling Spring LakesZone 8a
Boiling SpringsZone 7b
BoliviaZone 8a
BoltonZone 8a
BonnetsvilleZone 8a
BooneZone 6b
BoonvilleZone 7b
BosticZone 7b
BowmoreZone 7b, 8a
BrevardZone 7a
Brices CreekZone 8a
BridgetonZone 8a
Broad CreekZone 8a
BroadwayZone 7b
BrogdenZone 8a
BrookfordZone 7b
BrunswickZone 8a
Brunswick CountyZone 8a, 8b
Bryson CityZone 7a
Buies CreekZone 8a
Buncombe CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
BunnZone 7b
BunnlevelZone 8a
BurgawZone 8a
Burke CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
BurlingtonZone 7b
BurnsvilleZone 6b
ButnerZone 7b
ButtersZone 8a
BuxtonZone 8b
Cabarrus CountyZone 7b, 8a
Cajah's MountainZone 7b
CalabashZone 8a
Caldwell CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
CalypsoZone 8a
CamdenZone 8a
Camden CountyZone 7b, 8a
CameronZone 7b
CandorZone 7b
CantonZone 6a, 6b, 7a
Cape CarteretZone 8a
CaroleenZone 7b
Carolina BeachZone 8a
Carolina ShoresZone 8a
CarrboroZone 7b
Carteret CountyZone 8a, 8b
CarthageZone 7b, 8a
CaryZone 7b
CasarZone 7b
CashiersZone 7a
CastaliaZone 7b
Castle HayneZone 8a
Caswell BeachZone 8a
Caswell CountyZone 7b
CatawbaZone 7b
Catawba CountyZone 7b
Cedar PointZone 8a
Cedar RockZone 7b
CentervilleZone 7b
Cerro GordoZone 8a
ChadbournZone 8a
Chapel HillZone 7b
CharlotteZone 7b, 8a
Chatham CountyZone 7b, 8a
Cherokee CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
CherryvilleZone 7b
Chimney Rock VillageZone 6b, 7a, 7b
China GroveZone 7b
ChocowinityZone 8a
Chowan CountyZone 8a
ClaremontZone 7b
ClarktonZone 8a
Clay CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
ClaytonZone 7b, 8a
ClemmonsZone 7b
ClevelandZone 7b
Cleveland CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b
CliffsideZone 7b
ClintonZone 8a
ClydeZone 6b
CoatsZone 8a
CofieldZone 8a
CoinjockZone 8a
ColerainZone 8a
ColumbiaZone 8a
ColumbusZone 7b
Columbus CountyZone 8a
ComoZone 7b
ConcordZone 7b
ConetoeZone 8a
Connelly SpringsZone 7b
ConoverZone 7b
ConwayZone 7b
CooleemeeZone 7b
CordovaZone 8a
CorneliusZone 7b
Cove CityZone 8a
Cove CreekZone 6a, 6b
CramertonZone 7b, 8a
Craven CountyZone 8a
CreedmoorZone 7b
CreswellZone 8a
CricketZone 7a
CrossnoreZone 6b
CullowheeZone 7a
Cumberland CountyZone 8a
Currituck CountyZone 7b, 8a, 8b
DallasZone 7b
DanaZone 7a, 7b
DanburyZone 7a
DavidsonZone 7b
Davidson CountyZone 7b
Davie CountyZone 7b
DavisZone 8b
DeercroftZone 8a
DelcoZone 8a
DellviewZone 7b
DelwayZone 8a
DentonZone 7b
DenverZone 7b
DillsboroZone 7a
Dobbins HeightsZone 7b
DobsonZone 7a
DortchesZone 7b
DoverZone 8a
DrexelZone 7b
DublinZone 8a
DuckZone 8b
DundarrachZone 8a
DunnZone 8a
Duplin CountyZone 8a
DurhamZone 7b
Durham CountyZone 7b
EarlZone 7b
East ArcadiaZone 8a
East BendZone 7b
East Flat RockZone 7a, 7b
East LaurinburgZone 8a
East RockinghamZone 8a
East SpencerZone 7b
EastoverZone 8a
EdenZone 7b
EdentonZone 8a
Edgecombe CountyZone 7b, 8a
EdneyvilleZone 7a
EflandZone 7b
Elizabeth CityZone 8a
ElizabethtownZone 8a
Elk ParkZone 6b
ElkinZone 7a
EllenboroZone 7b
EllerbeZone 8a
Elm CityZone 8a
ElonZone 7b
ElrodZone 8a
ElroyZone 8a
Emerald IsleZone 8a
EnfieldZone 7b
EngelhardZone 8a
EnochvilleZone 7b
ErwinZone 8a
EtowahZone 7a
EurekaZone 8a
EverettsZone 8a
EvergreenZone 8a
Fair BluffZone 8a
FairfieldZone 8a
Fairfield HarbourZone 8a
FairmontZone 8a
FairplainsZone 7a
FairviewZone 7a
FairviewZone 7b, 8a
FaisonZone 8a
FaithZone 7b
FalconZone 8a
FalklandZone 8a
FallstonZone 7b
FarmvilleZone 8a
FayettevilleZone 8a
Fearrington VillageZone 7b
Five PointsZone 7b, 8a
Flat RockZone 7a, 7b
Flat RockZone 7a
FletcherZone 7a
Fontana DamZone
Forest CityZone 7b
Forest HillsZone
Forest OaksZone 7b
Forsyth CountyZone 7b
FoscoeZone 6a, 6b
FountainZone 8a
Four OaksZone 8a
FoxfireZone 8a
FranklinZone 7a
Franklin CountyZone 7b
FranklintonZone 7b
FranklinvilleZone 7b
FremontZone 8a
FriscoZone 8b
FruitlandZone 7a, 7b
Fuquay-VarinaZone 7b
GamewellZone 7b
GarlandZone 8a
GarysburgZone 7b
GastonZone 7b
Gaston CountyZone 7b, 8a
GastoniaZone 7b, 8a
Gates CountyZone 7b, 8a
GatesvilleZone 8a
GermantonZone 7b
GertonZone 6b, 7a
GibsonZone 8a
GibsonvilleZone 7b
Glen AlpineZone 7b
Glen RavenZone 7b
GlenvilleZone 6b
GloucesterZone 8a
GodwinZone 8a
GoldsboroZone 8a
GoldstonZone 7b
GormanZone 7b
GrahamZone 7b
Graham CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a
GrandfatherZone 6a
Granite FallsZone 7b
Granite QuarryZone 7b
GrantsboroZone 8a
Granville CountyZone 7a, 7b
Green LevelZone 7b
Greene CountyZone 8a
GreeneversZone 8a
GreensboroZone 7b
GreenvilleZone 8a
GriftonZone 8a
GrimeslandZone 8a
GroverZone 7b
Guilford CountyZone 7b
GulfZone 7b
Half MoonZone 8a
HalifaxZone 7b
Halifax CountyZone 7b
HallsboroZone 8a
HamiltonZone 8a
HamletZone 7b, 8a
HampsteadZone 8a
Harkers IslandZone 8a
HarmonyZone 7b
Harnett CountyZone 7b, 8a
HarrellsZone 8a
HarrellsvilleZone 8a
HarrisburgZone 7b
HassellZone 8a
HatterasZone 8b
HavelockZone 8a
Haw RiverZone 7b
HayesvilleZone 7a
HaysZone 7a
Haywood CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
Hemby BridgeZone 7b
HendersonZone 7a, 7b
Henderson CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
HendersonvilleZone 7a
HenriettaZone 7b
HertfordZone 8a
Hertford CountyZone 7b, 8a
HickoryZone 7b
HiddeniteZone 7b
High PointZone 7b
High ShoalsZone 7b
HighlandsZone 6b
HightsvilleZone 8a
HildebranZone 7b
HillsboroughZone 7b
HobgoodZone 7b
HobuckenZone 8a
HoffmanZone 7b, 8a
Hoke CountyZone 7b, 8a
Holden BeachZone 8a
HollisterZone 7b
Holly RidgeZone 8a
Holly SpringsZone 7b
HookertonZone 8a
Hoopers CreekZone 7a
Hope MillsZone 8a
Horse ShoeZone 7a
Hot SpringsZone 7a
HudsonZone 7b
HuntersvilleZone 7b
IcardZone 7b
Indian BeachZone 8a
Indian TrailZone 7b, 8a
IngoldZone 8a
Iredell CountyZone 7a, 7b
Iron StationZone 7b
IvanhoeZone 8a
JAARSZone 8a
JacksonZone 7b
Jackson CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
Jackson HeightsZone 8a
JacksonvilleZone 8a
James CityZone 8a
JamestownZone 7b
JamesvilleZone 8a
JeffersonZone 6b
Johnston CountyZone 7b, 8a
Jones CountyZone 8a
JonesvilleZone 7a
KannapolisZone 7b
KeenerZone 8a
KelfordZone 7b
KellyZone 8a
KenansvilleZone 8a
KenlyZone 8a
KernersvilleZone 7b
Kill Devil HillsZone 8b
KingZone 7a, 7b
Kings GrantZone 8a
Kings MountainZone 7b
KingstownZone 7b
KinstonZone 8a
KittrellZone 7b
Kitty HawkZone 8b
KnightdaleZone 7b
Kure BeachZone 8a
La GrangeZone 8a
Lake JunaluskaZone 6b
Lake LureZone 7a, 7b
Lake Norman of CatawbaZone 7b
Lake ParkZone 7b
Lake RoyaleZone 7b
Lake SanteetlahZone 7a
Lake WaccamawZone 8a
LandisZone 7b
LansingZone 6b
LaskerZone 7b
LattimoreZone 7b
Laurel HillZone 8a
Laurel ParkZone 7a, 7b
LaurinburgZone 8a
LawndaleZone 7b
Lee CountyZone 7b, 8a
LeggettZone 7b
LenoirZone 7b
Lenoir CountyZone 8a
Lewiston WoodvilleZone 7b
LewisvilleZone 7b
LexingtonZone 7b
LibertyZone 7b
Light OakZone 7b
LilesvilleZone 8a
LillingtonZone 8a
Lincoln CountyZone 7b
LincolntonZone 7b
LindenZone 8a
LittletonZone 7b
LocustZone 7b
Long ViewZone 7b
LouisburgZone 7b
Love ValleyZone 7b
LowellZone 7b
LowesvilleZone 7b
LowgapZone 7a
LucamaZone 8a
Lumber BridgeZone 8a
LumbertonZone 8a
MacclesfieldZone 8a
MaconZone 7b
Macon CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
MadisonZone 7b
Madison CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a
Maggie ValleyZone 6a, 6b
MagnoliaZone 8a
MaidenZone 7b
MamersZone 7b
Manns HarborZone 8b
ManteoZone 8b
Mar-MacZone 8a
MarbleZone 7a
MariettaZone 8a
MarionZone 7b
Mars HillZone 7a
MarshallZone 7a
MarshallbergZone 8b
MarshvilleZone 8a
Martin CountyZone 7b, 8a
MarvinZone 8a
MatthewsZone 7b
MauryZone 8a
MaxtonZone 8a
MayodanZone 7b
MaysvilleZone 8a
McAdenvilleZone 8a
McDonaldZone 8a
McDowell CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
McFarlanZone 8a
McLeansvilleZone 7b
MebaneZone 7b
Mecklenburg CountyZone 7b, 8a
MesicZone 8a
MicroZone 8a
MiddlesexZone 7b
MidlandZone 7b
MidwayZone 7b
Millers CreekZone 7a
MillingportZone 7b
Mills RiverZone 7a
MiltonZone 7b
Mineral SpringsZone 8a
Minnesott BeachZone 8a
Mint HillZone 7b
MisenheimerZone 7b
Mitchell CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
MocksvilleZone 7b
MomeyerZone 7b
MoncureZone 7b
MonroeZone 7b, 8a
Montgomery CountyZone 7b, 8a
MontreatZone 6b
Moore CountyZone 7b, 8a
MooresboroZone 7b
MooresvilleZone 7b
Moravian FallsZone 7a
Morehead CityZone 8a
MorgantonZone 7b
MorrisvilleZone 7b
MorvenZone 8a
Mount AiryZone 7a
Mount GileadZone 8a
Mount HollyZone 7b, 8a
Mount OliveZone 8a
Mount PleasantZone 7b
Mountain HomeZone 7a
Mountain ViewZone 7b
MoyockZone 8a
MulberryZone 7a
MurfreesboroZone 7b
MurphyZone 7a
MurraysvilleZone 8a
Myrtle GroveZone 8a
Nags HeadZone 8b
Nash CountyZone 7b, 8a
NashvilleZone 7b, 8a
NavassaZone 8a
Neuse ForestZone 8a
New BernZone 8a
New Hanover CountyZone 8a
New LondonZone 7b
NewlandZone 6a
NewportZone 8a
NewtonZone 7b
Newton GroveZone 8a
NorlinaZone 7b
NormanZone 7b
North Topsail BeachZone 8a
North WilkesboroZone 7a
Northampton CountyZone 7b
NorthchaseZone 8a
NorthlakesZone 7b
NorthwestZone 8a
NorwoodZone 8a
Oak CityZone 7b
Oak IslandZone 8a
Oak RidgeZone 7b
OakboroZone 7b
Ocean Isle BeachZone 8a
OcracokeZone 8b
OgdenZone 8a
Old FortZone 7b
Old HundredZone 8a
Onslow CountyZone 8a
Orange CountyZone 7b
OrientalZone 8a
OrrumZone 8a
OssipeeZone 7b
Outer Banks Dare CountyZone 8a, 8b, 9a
Outer Banks Hyde CountyZone 8a, 8b
OxfordZone 7b
Pamlico CountyZone 8a
PantegoZone 8a
ParktonZone 8a
Pasquotank CountyZone 7b, 8a
Patterson SpringsZone 7b
PeachlandZone 8a
PeletierZone 8a
PembrokeZone 8a
Pender CountyZone 8a
Perquimans CountyZone 8a
Person CountyZone 7a, 7b
PikevilleZone 8a
Pilot MountainZone 7a
Pine Knoll ShoresZone 8a
Pine LevelZone 8a
PinebluffZone 8a
PinehurstZone 8a
PinetopsZone 8a
PinetownZone 8a
PinevilleZone 7b, 8a
Piney GreenZone 8a
Pink HillZone 8a
PinnacleZone 7a, 7b
Pitt CountyZone 8a
PittsboroZone 7b
Plain ViewZone 8a
Pleasant GardenZone 7b
Pleasant HillZone 7a
PlymouthZone 8a
Polk CountyZone 7a, 7b, 8a
PolktonZone 8a
PolkvilleZone 7b
PollocksvilleZone 8a
Porters NeckZone 8a
Potters HillZone 8a
PrincetonZone 8a
PrincevilleZone 7b
ProctorvilleZone 8a
ProspectZone 8a
Pumpkin CenterZone 8a
RaefordZone 7b
RaemonZone 8a
RaleighZone 7b, 8a
RamseurZone 7b
RandlemanZone 7b
Randolph CountyZone 7b
RanloZone 7b
RaynhamZone 8a
Red CrossZone 7b
Red OakZone 7b
Red SpringsZone 8a
ReidsvilleZone 7b
RennertZone 8a
RexZone 8a
RhodhissZone 7b
Rich SquareZone 7b
RichfieldZone 7b
RichlandsZone 8a
Richmond CountyZone 7b, 8a
RiegelwoodZone 8a
River BendZone 8a
River RoadZone 8a
Roanoke RapidsZone 7b
RobbinsZone 7b
RobbinsvilleZone 7a
RobersonvilleZone 8a
Robeson CountyZone 8a
RockfishZone 8a
RockinghamZone 8a
Rockingham CountyZone 7a, 7b
RockwellZone 7b
Rocky MountZone 7b, 8a
Rocky PointZone 8a
RodantheZone 8b
RolesvilleZone 7b
RondaZone 7a
RoperZone 8a
Rose HillZone 8a
RoseboroZone 8a
RosmanZone 7a
RougemontZone 7b
Rowan CountyZone 7b
RowlandZone 8a
RoxboroZone 7b
RoxobelZone 7b
Royal PinesZone 7a
RuffinZone 7b
Rural HallZone 7b
RuthZone 7b
Rutherford CollegeZone 7b
Rutherford CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b
RutherfordtonZone 7b
SalemZone 7b
SalemburgZone 8a
SalisburyZone 7b
SaludaZone 7b
SalvoZone 8b
Sampson CountyZone 8a
Sandy CreekZone 8a
SandyfieldZone 8a
SanfordZone 7b
SaratogaZone 8a
SawmillsZone 7b
SaxapahawZone 7b
Scotch MeadowsZone 8a
Scotland CountyZone 7b, 8a
Scotland NeckZone 7b
Sea BreezeZone 8a
SeaboardZone 7b
SeagroveZone 7b
SedaliaZone 7b
SelmaZone 8a
Seven DevilsZone 6a
Seven LakesZone 8a
Seven SpringsZone 8a
SevernZone 7b
ShallotteZone 8a
ShannonZone 8a
SharpsburgZone 8a
ShelbyZone 7b
Siler CityZone 7b
Silver CityZone 7b
Silver LakeZone 8a
SimpsonZone 8a
SimsZone 8a
Skippers CornerZone 8a
SmithfieldZone 8a
Sneads FerryZone 8a
Snow HillZone 8a
South HendersonZone 7b
South MillsZone 8a
South RosemaryZone 7b
South WeldonZone 7b
Southern PinesZone 8a
Southern ShoresZone 8b
SouthmontZone 7b
SouthportZone 8a
SpartaZone 6b
SpeedZone 7b
SpencerZone 7b
Spencer MountainZone 7b
Spivey's CornerZone 8a
Spring HopeZone 7b
Spring LakeZone 8a
Spruce PineZone 6b
St. HelenaZone 8a
St. JamesZone 8a
St. PaulsZone 8a
St. StephensZone 7b
StaleyZone 7b
StallingsZone 7b
StanfieldZone 7b
StanleyZone 7b
Stanly CountyZone 7b, 8a
StantonsburgZone 8a
StarZone 7b
StatesvilleZone 7b
StedmanZone 8a
StemZone 7b
StokesZone 8a
Stokes CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b
StokesdaleZone 7b
StonevilleZone 7b
StonewallZone 8a
Stony PointZone 7b
StovallZone 7b
Sugar MountainZone 6a
SummerfieldZone 7b
SunburyZone 7b
Sunset BeachZone 8a
Surf CityZone 8a
Surry CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b
Swain CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
Swan QuarterZone 8a
SwannanoaZone 6b, 7a
SwansboroZone 8a
SwepsonvilleZone 7b
SylvaZone 7a
Tabor CityZone 8a
Tar HeelZone 8a
TarboroZone 7b, 8a
TaylorsvilleZone 7b
TaylortownZone 8a
TeacheyZone 8a
ThomasvilleZone 7b
ToastZone 7a
TobaccovilleZone 7b
Topsail BeachZone 8a
Transylvania CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
Trent WoodsZone 8a
TrentonZone 8a
TrinityZone 7b
TroutmanZone 7b
TroyZone 7b
TryonZone 7b, 8a
TurkeyZone 8a
TyroZone 7b
Tyrrell CountyZone 8a
Union CountyZone 7b, 8a
UnionvilleZone 7b, 8a
ValdeseZone 7b
Valle CrucisZone 6a, 6b
Valley HillZone 7a
Vance CountyZone 7a, 7b
VanceboroZone 8a
VandemereZone 8a
VanderZone 8a
Vann CrossroadsZone 8a
VarnamtownZone 8a
VassZone 8a
WacoZone 7b
WadeZone 8a
WadesboroZone 8a
WagramZone 8a
Wake CountyZone 7b, 8a
Wake ForestZone 7b
WakullaZone 8a
WalkertownZone 7b
WallaceZone 8a
WallburgZone 7b
Walnut CoveZone 7a, 7b
Walnut CreekZone 8a
WalstonburgZone 8a
WancheseZone 8b
Warren CountyZone 7b
WarrentonZone 7b
WarsawZone 8a
WashingtonZone 8a
Washington CountyZone 8a
Washington ParkZone 8a
Watauga CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
WathaZone 8a
WavesZone 8b
WaxhawZone 8a
Wayne CountyZone 8a
WaynesvilleZone 6b
WeavervilleZone 7a
WebsterZone 7a
WeddingtonZone 7b, 8a
WelcomeZone 7b
WeldonZone 7b
WendellZone 7b
WentworthZone 7b
Wesley ChapelZone 7b, 8a
West CantonZone 6b
West JeffersonZone 6b
West MarionZone 7b
WestportZone 7b
Whispering PinesZone 8a
WhitakersZone 7b
White LakeZone 8a
White OakZone 8a
White PlainsZone 7a
WhitevilleZone 8a
WhitsettZone 7b
Wilkes CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
WilkesboroZone 7a
WilliamstonZone 8a
WilmingtonZone 8a
WilsonZone 8a
Wilson CountyZone 7b, 8a
Wilson's MillsZone 8a
WindsorZone 8a
WinfallZone 8a
WingateZone 8a
Winston-SalemZone 7b
WintervilleZone 8a
WintonZone 8a
WoodfinZone 7a
WoodlandZone 7b
WoodlawnZone 7b
WrightsboroZone 8a
Wrightsville BeachZone 8a
Yadkin CountyZone 7a, 7b
YadkinvilleZone 7b
Yancey CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
YanceyvilleZone 7b
YoungsvilleZone 7b
ZebulonZone 7b
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