Virginia Hardiness Zones for Selected Cities and Locations

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List of Hardiness Zones for Virginia Cities and Locations
Virginia LocationUSDA Hardiness Zone(s)
AbingdonZone 6b
AccomacZone 8a
AdwolfZone 6b
AlbertaZone 7a, 7b
AlexandriaZone 7a, 7b
AllisoniaZone 6b
AltavistaZone 7a
Amelia Court HouseZone 7a
AmherstZone 7a
AnnandaleZone 7a
AppalachiaZone 6b
Apple Mountain LakeZone 7a
AppomattoxZone 7a
Aquia HarbourZone 7a, 7b
ArcolaZone 6b
ArlingtonZone 7a, 7b
ArringtonZone 7a
AshburnZone 6b, 7a
AshlandZone 7a
AtkinsZone 6a, 6b
AtlanticZone 7b, 8a
Augusta SpringsZone 6b
Bailey's CrossroadsZone 7a
BaskervilleZone 7b
BassettZone 7a
BasyeZone 6b
BaysideZone 8a
BealetonZone 7a
BedfordZone 7a, 7b
Belle HavenZone 8a
Belle HavenZone 7b
BellwoodZone 7b
BelmontZone 6b
Belmont EstatesZone 6b
BelspringZone 6b
BelviewZone 6b
Benns ChurchZone 8a
BensleyZone 7b
BerryvilleZone 6b
Bethel ManorZone 8a
Big IslandZone 7a
Big Stone GapZone 6b
BlacksburgZone 6b
BlackstoneZone 7a
BlairsZone 7a, 7b
BlandZone 6a
BloxomZone 8a
Blue RidgeZone 7a
Blue Ridge ShoresZone 7a
BluefieldZone 6a, 6b
BobtownZone 8a
Bon AirZone 7a
Boones MillZone 7a
BostonZone 8a
Boswell's CornerZone 7a, 7b
Bowling GreenZone 7a
BoyceZone 6b
BoydtonZone 7b
BoykinsZone 7b
BraceyZone 7b
BrambletonZone 6b
BranchvilleZone 7b
BrandermillZone 7a
BridgewaterZone 6b
BrightwoodZone 7a
BristolZone 6b
BroadlandsZone 6b, 7a
BroadwayZone 6b
BrodnaxZone 7b
BrooknealZone 7a
BuchananZone 7a
BuckhallZone 7a
Buckingham CourthouseZone 7a
Buena VistaZone 7a
Bull RunZone 7a
Bull Run Mountain EstatesZone 7a
BurkeZone 7a
Burke CentreZone 7a
BurkevilleZone 7a
CallaghanZone 6b
CalvertonZone 7a
CamptownZone 7b
CanaZone 7a
Cape CharlesZone 8a
CapronZone 7b
Captains CoveZone 7b, 8a
CarrolltonZone 8a
CarrsvilleZone 7b
CascadesZone 6b
CastlewoodZone 6b
CatlettZone 7a
Cats BridgeZone 8a
Cave SpringZone 7a, 7b
Cedar BluffZone 6b
Central GarageZone 7a
CentrevilleZone 7a
ChamberlayneZone 7a
ChantillyZone 6b, 7a
Charles CityZone 7b
CharlottesvilleZone 7a
Chase CityZone 7a
Chase CrossingZone 8a
ChathamZone 7a
ChatmossZone 7a
CheritonZone 8a
Cherry HillZone 7a, 7b
ChesapeakeZone 7b, 8a
ChesterZone 7b
Chester GapZone 6b, 7a
ChilhowieZone 6b
ChincoteagueZone 7b, 8a
ChristiansburgZone 6b
ChurchvilleZone 6b
ClaremontZone 7b
ClarksvilleZone 7a, 7b
Claypool HillZone 6a, 6b
ClevelandZone 6b
CliftonZone 7a
Clifton ForgeZone 7a
ClinchcoZone 6b
ClinchportZone 6b
ClintwoodZone 6a
CloverZone 7a
CloverdaleZone 7a
Cluster SpringsZone 7a, 7b
CoeburnZone 6b
CollinsvilleZone 7a
Colonial BeachZone 7b
Colonial HeightsZone 7b
ColumbiaZone 7a
ConcordZone 7a
CountrysideZone 6b
County CenterZone 7a
CourtlandZone 7b
CovingtonZone 6b, 7a
CraigsvilleZone 6b
CreweZone 7a
CrimoraZone 6b
CrosspointeZone 7a
CrozetZone 7a
CulpeperZone 7a
CumberlandZone 7a
DahlgrenZone 7b
Dahlgren CenterZone 7b
Dale CityZone 7a
DalevilleZone 7a
DamascusZone 6b
DanteZone 6b
DanvilleZone 7b
DaytonZone 6b
Deep CreekZone 8a
DeerfieldZone 6a, 6b
DeltavilleZone 7b
DendronZone 7b
DillwynZone 7a
DoomsZone 6b
Drakes BranchZone 7a
DranesvilleZone 6b, 7a
DraperZone 6b
DrydenZone 6b
DublinZone 6b
DuffieldZone 6b
Dulles Town CenterZone 6b
DumbartonZone 7a
DumfriesZone 7b
Dunn LoringZone 7a
East Highland ParkZone 7a, 7b
East LexingtonZone 7a
EastvilleZone 8a
EbonyZone 7b
EdinburgZone 6b
ElktonZone 6b
EllistonZone 7a
EmoryZone 6b
EmporiaZone 7b
EnonZone 7b
EsmontZone 7a
EttrickZone 7b
EwingZone 6b
ExmoreZone 8a
Fair LakesZone 7a
Fair OaksZone 7a
FairfaxZone 7a
Fairfax StationZone 7a
FairlawnZone 6b
FairviewZone 7a
Fairview BeachZone
Falls ChurchZone 7a
FalmouthZone 7a
Fancy GapZone 6a, 6b
FarmvilleZone 7a
FerrumZone 7a
FieldaleZone 7a
FincastleZone 7a
FishersvilleZone 6b
Flint HillZone 6b
FloydZone 6b
ForestZone 7a
Fort BelvoirZone 7a, 7b
Fort ChiswellZone 6b
Fort HuntZone 7b
Fort LeeZone 7b
FranconiaZone 7a
FranklinZone 7b
Franklin FarmZone 7a
FredericksburgZone 7a
Free UnionZone 7a
FriesZone 6b
Front RoyalZone 6b, 7a
GainesvilleZone 7a
GalaxZone 6b
GargathaZone 8a
GasburgZone 7b
Gate CityZone 6b, 7a
George MasonZone 7a
Glade SpringZone 6b
GlasgowZone 7a
Glen AllenZone 7a
Glen LynZone 6b
GlenvarZone 7a
Gloucester CourthouseZone 7b
Gloucester PointZone 7b, 8a
GoochlandZone 7a
GordonsvilleZone 7a
GoshenZone 6b
GrattonZone 6a, 6b
Great FallsZone 6b, 7a
GreenbackvilleZone 7b
GreenbriarZone 7a
GreenbushZone 8a
GreenvilleZone 6b
GretnaZone 7a
GrottoesZone 6b
GrovetonZone 7a, 7b
GrundyZone 6b
GwynnZone 7b
HalifaxZone 7a, 7b
HallwoodZone 8a
HamiltonZone 7a
Hampden-SydneyZone 7a
HamptonZone 8a
HanoverZone 7a
HarbortonZone 8a
HarrisonburgZone 6b
HarristonZone 6b
HayfieldZone 7b
HaymarketZone 7a
HaysiZone 6b
HeathsvilleZone 7b
Henry ForkZone 7a
HerndonZone 7a
Highland SpringsZone 7a, 7b
HillsboroZone 7a
HillsvilleZone 6a, 6b
HiwasseeZone 6b
HollinsZone 7a, 7b
HollymeadZone 7a
HonakerZone 6b
HopewellZone 7b
HorntownZone 7b
Horse PastureZone 7a
Hot SpringsZone 6a, 6b
HuntingtonZone 7b
HurtZone 7a
Hybla ValleyZone 7b
IdylwoodZone 7a
IndependenceZone 6b
Independent HillZone 7a
InnsbrookZone 7a
Iron GateZone 7a
IrvingtonZone 7b
IvanhoeZone 6b
IvorZone 7b
IvyZone 7a
JarrattZone 7b
JolivueZone 6b
JonesvilleZone 6b
KellerZone 8a
KenbridgeZone 7a
KeokeeZone 6b
KeysvilleZone 7a
KilmarnockZone 7a, 7b
King and Queen Court HouseZone 7b
King GeorgeZone 7a
King WilliamZone 7a
Kings ParkZone 7a
Kings Park WestZone 7a
KingstowneZone 7a
La CrosseZone 7a
LafayetteZone 7a
Lake BarcroftZone 7a
Lake CarolineZone 7a
Lake HolidayZone 6b
Lake Land'OrZone 7a
Lake of the WoodsZone 7a
Lake RidgeZone 7a
Lake WildernessZone 7a
LakesideZone 7a
LancasterZone 7a, 7b
LansdowneZone 6b
LaurelZone 7a
Laurel HillZone 7a
Laurel ParkZone 7a
LawrencevilleZone 7b
LaymantownZone 7a
LebanonZone 6b
Lee MontZone 8a
LeesburgZone 6b, 7a
LexingtonZone 7a
LincolniaZone 7a
Linton HallZone 7a
Loch LomondZone 7a
Long BranchZone 7a
LortonZone 7a
Loudoun Valley EstatesZone 6b
LouisaZone 7a
LovettsvilleZone 7a
LovingstonZone 7a
Low MoorZone 7a
Lowes IslandZone 6b, 7a
LunenburgZone 7a
LurayZone 6b
LynchburgZone 7a
LyndhurstZone 6b
MadisonZone 7a
Madison HeightsZone 7a
Makemie ParkZone 8a
ManassasZone 7a
Manassas ParkZone 7a
ManchesterZone 7a
MantuaZone 7a
MappsburgZone 8a
MappsvilleZone 8a
MarionZone 6b
MarshallZone 7a
MartinsvilleZone 7a
MarumscoZone 7a, 7b
Mason NeckZone 7a, 7b
Massanetta SpringsZone 6b
MassanuttenZone 6a, 6b
MathewsZone 7b
MatoacaZone 7b
MaurertownZone 6b
Max MeadowsZone 6b
McKenneyZone 7a
McLeanZone 7a
McMullinZone 6b
McNairZone 6b, 7a
Meadow ViewZone 6b
MeadowbrookZone 7b
MechanicsvilleZone 7a, 7b
MelfaZone 8a
MerrifieldZone 7a
MerrimacZone 6b
MetompkinZone 8a
MiddlebrookZone 6b
MiddleburgZone 7a
MiddletownZone 6b
MidlandZone 7a
MineralZone 7a
Modest TownZone 8a
MontclairZone 7a
MontereyZone 6a
MontroseZone 7b
MontrossZone 7b
MontvaleZone 7a
Moorefield StationZone 6b
MotleyZone 7a
Mount CrawfordZone 6b
Mount HermonZone 7a, 7b
Mount JacksonZone 6b
Mount SidneyZone 6b
Mount VernonZone 7b
Mountain RoadZone 7b
NarrowsZone 6b
NassawadoxZone 8a
NathalieZone 7a
NeabscoZone 7a, 7b
NellysfordZone 6b, 7a
NelsoniaZone 8a
New BaltimoreZone 7a
New CastleZone 7a
New ChurchZone 7b
New HopeZone 6b
New KentZone 7b
New MarketZone 6b
New RiverZone 6b
NewingtonZone 7a
Newington ForestZone 7a
Newport NewsZone 7b, 8a
NewsomsZone 7b
NickelsvilleZone 6b
NorfolkZone 8a
North ShoreZone 7a
North SpringfieldZone 7a
NortonZone 6a, 6b
Nottoway Court HouseZone 7a
Oak GroveZone 6b
Oak HallZone 8a
Oak LevelZone 7a
OaktonZone 7a
OccoquanZone 7a
OnancockZone 8a
OnleyZone 8a
OpalZone 7a
OrangeZone 7a
PainterZone 8a
PalmyraZone 7a
Pamplin CityZone 7a
PantopsZone 7a
ParksleyZone 8a
ParrottZone 6b
PassapatanzyZone 7a
PastoriaZone 8a
Patrick SpringsZone 7a, 7b
PearisburgZone 6b
PembrokeZone 6b
PenhookZone 7a
Pennington GapZone 6b
PetersburgZone 7b
PhenixZone 7a
Pimmit HillsZone 7a
Piney MountainZone 7a
Plum CreekZone 6b
PocahontasZone 6b
PoquosonZone 8a
Port RoyalZone 7b
PortsmouthZone 8a
Potomac MillsZone 7a
PoundZone 6a, 6b
PowhatanZone 7a
Prices ForkZone 6b
Prince GeorgeZone 7b
PulaskiZone 6b
PungoteagueZone 8a
PurcellvilleZone 7a
QuanticoZone 7b
Quantico BaseZone 7b
QuinbyZone 8a
RadfordZone 6b
RavenZone 6b
RavensworthZone 7a
RemingtonZone 7a
RestonZone 7a
Rich CreekZone 6b
RichlandsZone 6a, 6b
RichmondZone 7a, 7b
RidgewayZone 7a
RinerZone 6b
RivannaZone 7a
RiverdaleZone 7a, 7b
RiverviewZone 6b
RoanokeZone 7a, 7b
RockwoodZone 7a
Rocky MountZone 7a
Rose HillZone 7a, 7b
Rose HillZone 6b
Round HillZone 7a
RuckersvilleZone 7a
Rural RetreatZone 6b
RushmereZone 8a
RustburgZone 7a
SalemZone 7a, 7b
SaltvilleZone 6b
SaludaZone 7b
SandstonZone 7b
Sandy LevelZone 7a, 7b
SanfordZone 8a
Savage TownZone 8a
SavagevilleZone 8a
SaxisZone 8a
SchuylerZone 7a
ScotlandZone 7b
ScottsburgZone 7a
ScottsvilleZone 7a
SedleyZone 7b
SelmaZone 7a
Seven CornersZone 7a
Seven Mile FordZone 6b
ShawneelandZone 6b
ShawsvilleZone 7a
ShenandoahZone 6b
Shenandoah FarmsZone 6b, 7a
Shenandoah RetreatZone 6b, 7a
Shenandoah ShoresZone 6b
SherandoZone 6b
ShipmanZone 7a
Short PumpZone 7a
Skyland EstatesZone 6b, 7a
SmithfieldZone 7b, 8a
South BostonZone 7a, 7b
South HillZone 7a, 7b
South RidingZone 6b, 7a
South RunZone 7a
Southampton MeadowsZone 7b
Southern GatewayZone 7a
Southside ChesconessexZone 8a
SperryvilleZone 6b
Spotsylvania CourthouseZone 7a
SpringfieldZone 7a
SpringvilleZone 5b, 6a, 6b
St. CharlesZone 6b
St. PaulZone 6b
Stafford CourthouseZone 7a
StanardsvilleZone 7a
StanleyZone 6b
StanleytownZone 7a
StauntonZone 6b
Stephens CityZone 6b
SterlingZone 6b, 7a
Stone RidgeZone 6b
Stony CreekZone 7b
StrasburgZone 6b
StuartZone 7a, 7b
Stuarts DraftZone 6b
SudleyZone 7a
SuffolkZone 7b, 8a
Sugar GroveZone 6a, 6b
Sugarland RunZone 6b
SurryZone 7b
SussexZone 7b
TangierZone 8a
TappahannockZone 7b
TasleyZone 8a
TazewellZone 6b
TemperancevilleZone 7b, 8a
TempletonZone 7b
The PlainsZone 7a
ThynedaleZone 7a
TimberlakeZone 7a
TimbervilleZone 6b
Toms BrookZone 6b
TriangleZone 7b
TroutdaleZone 6a
TroutvilleZone 7a
TuckahoeZone 7a
Twin LakesZone 7a
Tysons CornerZone 7a
Union HallZone 7a
Union LevelZone 7b
University CenterZone 6b
University of VirginiaZone 7a
UrbannaZone 7b
VansantZone 6b
VeronaZone 6b
VictoriaZone 7a
ViennaZone 7a
Villa HeightsZone 7a
VintonZone 7a, 7b
VirgilinaZone 7b
Virginia BeachZone 8a
WachapreagueZone 8a
WakefieldZone 7a
WakefieldZone 7b
WarfieldZone 7a
Warm SpringsZone 6b
WarrentonZone 7a
WarsawZone 7b
WashingtonZone 6b
WattsvilleZone 7b, 8a
WaverlyZone 7b
WaynesboroZone 6b, 7a
Weber CityZone 6b, 7a
West Falls ChurchZone 7a
West PointZone 7b
West SpringfieldZone 7a
Westlake CornerZone 7a
Weyers CaveZone 6b
White StoneZone 7b
WhitesvilleZone 8a
WilliamsburgZone 7b
WinchesterZone 6b
WindsorZone 7b
WintergreenZone 6a, 6b, 7a
WiseZone 6b
Wolf TrapZone 7a
WoodbridgeZone 7a, 7b
WoodburnZone 7a
WoodlakeZone 7a
WoodlawnZone 6a, 6b
WoodlawnZone 7b
WoodstockZone 6b
WyndhamZone 7a
WythevilleZone 6b
YogavilleZone 7a
YorkshireZone 7a
YorktownZone 7b
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