Washington Hardiness Zones for Selected Cities and Locations

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List of Hardiness Zones for Washington Cities and Locations
Washington LocationUSDA Hardiness Zone(s)
AberdeenZone 8b, 9a
Aberdeen GardensZone 8b
AcmeZone 7b, 8a
Adams CountyZone 6b, 7a
AddyZone 6a
AhtanumZone 6b
Airway HeightsZone 6a
AlbionZone 6b
AlderZone 8a
AldertonZone 8b
Alderwood ManorZone 8b
AlgerZone 8a
AlgonaZone 8b
AllynZone 8b
AlmiraZone 6b
AltoonaZone 8a, 8b
Amanda ParkZone 8b
AmboyZone 8a, 8b
Ames LakeZone 8b
AnacortesZone 8b
Anderson IslandZone 8b
ArlingtonZone 8b
Arlington HeightsZone 8a, 8b
ArtondaleZone 8b
AshfordZone 8a
AsotinZone 7b
Asotin CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
AuburnZone 8b
Bainbridge IslandZone 8b, 9a
Bangor BaseZone 8b
Banks Lake SouthZone 6b
BarbertonZone 8b
BaringZone 8a
Barney's JunctionZone
Basin CityZone 7a
Battle GroundZone 8a, 8b
Bay CenterZone 8b
Bay ViewZone 8b
Beaux Arts VillageZone 8b
BelfairZone 8b
Bell HillZone 8a, 8b
BellevueZone 8b
BellinghamZone 8a, 8b
Benton CityZone 7a
Benton CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b
BethelZone 8b
BickletonZone 7a
Big LakeZone 8a, 8b
BingenZone 8a
Birch BayZone 8a
Black DiamondZone 8b
BlaineZone 8a
BlynZone 8a, 8b
Bonney LakeZone 8b
BothellZone 8b
Bothell EastZone 8b
Bothell WestZone 8b
Boulevard ParkZone 8b
BradyZone 8a, 8b
BremertonZone 8a, 8b, 9a
BrewsterZone 6b
BridgeportZone 6b
BrierZone 8b
BrinnonZone 8a, 8b
Browns PointZone 8b
Brush PrairieZone 8b
BryantZone 8a, 8b
Bryn Mawr-SkywayZone 8b
BuckleyZone 8b
BucodaZone 8a
BuenaZone 7a
Bunk FossZone 8b
BurbankZone 7a
BurienZone 8b
BurleyZone 8b
BurlingtonZone 8a, 8b
CamanoZone 8b
CamasZone 8b
CanterwoodZone 8b
Canyon CreekZone 8a, 8b
CarbonadoZone 8a
CarlsborgZone 8b
CarnationZone 8b
CarsonZone 7b, 8a
Cascade ValleyZone 6b
CashmereZone 7a
Castle RockZone 8b
CathcartZone 8b
CathlametZone 8b
CavaleroZone 8b
CentervilleZone 7a
Central ParkZone 8b
CentraliaZone 8a, 8b
Chain LakeZone 8b
ChehalisZone 8b
ChelanZone 6b, 7a
Chelan CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
Chelan FallsZone 7a
CheneyZone 6a
Cherry GroveZone 8b
ChewelahZone 6a
ChicoZone 8b
ChinookZone 8b
Clallam BayZone 8b
Clallam CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a
Clark CountyZone 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b
ClarkstonZone 7b
Clarkston Heights-VinelandZone 7a, 7b
ClaytonZone 6a
Clear LakeZone 8a, 8b
Clear LakeZone 8b
ClearviewZone 8b
CliffdellZone 6a, 6b
ClintonZone 8b
Clover CreekZone 8b
Clyde HillZone 8b
Cohassett BeachZone 9a
ColfaxZone 6b
College PlaceZone 7a
ColtonZone 6b
Columbia CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
ColvilleZone 6a
ConconullyZone 6a
ConcreteZone 8b
ConnellZone 6b, 7a
ConwayZone 8b
Copalis BeachZone 8b
CosmopolisZone 8b, 9a
Cottage LakeZone 8b
Coulee CityZone 6b
Coulee DamZone 6b
Country HomesZone 6b
CoupevilleZone 8b
CovingtonZone 8b
CowicheZone 6b
Cowlitz CountyZone 7b, 8a, 8b
CrestonZone 6b
CrockerZone 8a, 8b
CurlewZone 6a
Curlew LakeZone 5b
CusickZone 6a
CusterZone 8a
DallesportZone 7b, 8a
DanvilleZone 5b
DarringtonZone 8a
Dash PointZone 8b
DavenportZone 6a
DaytonZone 7a
Deep RiverZone 8b
Deer ParkZone 6a
DemingZone 7b, 8a
Des MoinesZone 8b
Desert AireZone 7a
DisautelZone 5b, 6a
DixieZone 7a
Dollars CornerZone 8b
DonaldZone 6b
Douglas CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a
DuluthZone 8b
DuPontZone 8b
DuvallZone 8b
East CathlametZone 8a, 8b
East Port OrchardZone 8b
East Renton HighlandsZone 8b
East WenatcheeZone 7a
EastmontZone 8b
EastonZone 6b
EatonvilleZone 8a
EdgewoodZone 8b
EdisonZone 8b
EdmondsZone 8b
ElbeZone 8a
Electric CityZone 6b
Elk PlainZone 8b
EllensburgZone 6a, 6b
ElmaZone 8a, 8b
Elmer CityZone 6b
EndicottZone 6b
EnetaiZone 8b
EntiatZone 7a
EnumclawZone 8b
EphrataZone 6b
Erlands Point-Kitsap LakeZone 8b
EschbachZone 6b
EsperanceZone 8b
EverettZone 8a, 8b
EversonZone 8a
Fairchild AFBZone 6a
FairfieldZone 6b
FairwoodZone 8b
FairwoodZone 6b
Fall CityZone 8b
FarmingtonZone 6a
Federal WayZone 8b
FelidaZone 8b
Fern PrairieZone 8a, 8b
FerndaleZone 8a
Ferry CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b
FifeZone 8b
Fife HeightsZone 8b
FinleyZone 7a
FircrestZone 8b
Five CornersZone 8b
Fobes HillZone 8b
Fords PrairieZone 8b
ForksZone 8b
Fort LewisZone 8b
Four LakesZone 6a
Fox IslandZone 8b
Franklin CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b
FredericksonZone 8b
FreelandZone 8b
Friday HarborZone 8b, 9a
GarfieldZone 6b
Garfield CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
GarrettZone 7a
GenevaZone 8a
GeorgeZone 6b
Gig HarborZone 8b
GleedZone 6b
GlenwoodZone 6b
Gold BarZone 8b
GoldendaleZone 6b
GorstZone 8b
GrahamZone 8a, 8b
Grand CouleeZone 6b, 7a
Grand MoundZone 8a, 8b
GrandviewZone 7a
GrangerZone 7a
Granite FallsZone 8b
Grant CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a
GrapeviewZone 8b
GraylandZone 8b, 9a
Grays Harbor CountyZone 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a
Grays RiverZone 8a, 8b
Green BluffZone 6a, 6b
GreenwaterZone 7b
HamiltonZone 8a
HansvilleZone 8b
HarrahZone 6b
HarringtonZone 6a
HartlineZone 6b
Hat IslandZone 8b
HattonZone 6b
Hazel DellZone 8b
Herron IslandZone 8b
High BridgeZone 8b
HobartZone 8a, 8b
HockinsonZone 8a, 8b
Hogans CornerZone 9a
HomeZone 8b
HoodsportZone 8b
HoquiamZone 8b, 9a
HumptulipsZone 8b
Hunts PointZone 8b
IlwacoZone 8b
IncheliumZone 6a, 6b
IndexZone 8a
IndianolaZone 8b
IoneZone 6a
Island CountyZone 8b
IssaquahZone 8b
JamestownZone 8b
Jefferson CountyZone 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a
Junction CityZone 8b
KahlotusZone 7a
KalamaZone 8a, 8b
KapowsinZone 8a, 8b
Kayak PointZone 8b
KellerZone 6a, 6b
KelsoZone 8b
KendallZone 8a
KenmoreZone 8b
KennewickZone 7a, 7b
KentZone 8b
Ketron IslandZone 8b
Kettle FallsZone 6a
Key CenterZone 8b
KeyportZone 8b
King CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a
KingstonZone 8b
KirklandZone 8b
Kitsap CountyZone 8a, 8b, 9a
KittitasZone 6b
Kittitas CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
KlahanieZone 8b
KlickitatZone 7b
Klickitat CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a
KruppZone 6b
La CenterZone 8b
La ConnerZone 8b
La GrandeZone 8a
LaceyZone 8a, 8b
LaCrosseZone 6b
Lake BosworthZone 8a, 8b
Lake CassidyZone 8b
Lake CavanaughZone 8b
Lake Forest ParkZone 8b
Lake GoodwinZone 8b
Lake HolmZone 8b
Lake KetchumZone 8a, 8b
Lake Marcel-StillwaterZone 8b
Lake McMurrayZone 8a
Lake Morton-BerrydaleZone 8b
Lake RoesigerZone 8a, 8b
Lake ShoreZone 8b
Lake StevensZone 8b
Lake StickneyZone 8b
Lake TappsZone 8b
Lakeland NorthZone 8b
Lakeland SouthZone 8b
LakeviewZone 6b
LakewoodZone 8b
LamontZone 6b
LangleyZone 8b
Larch WayZone 8b
LatahZone 6b
LaurierZone 6a
LeavenworthZone 6b
LebamZone 8b
Lewis CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b
LewisvilleZone 8a, 8b
Liberty LakeZone 6a, 6b
Lincoln CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a
LindZone 6b
LochsloyZone 8b
LofallZone 8b
Long BeachZone 8b
LongbranchZone 8b
Longview HeightsZone 8a, 8b
LoomisZone 6b
Loon LakeZone 6a
Lower ElochomanZone 8b
LyleZone 7b
LymanZone 8a
LyndenZone 8a
LynnwoodZone 8b
MabtonZone 7a
MachiasZone 8b
MaldenZone 6b
MaloZone 5b
MaloneZone 8a, 8b
MalottZone 6b
MaltbyZone 8b
ManchesterZone 8b, 9a
MansfieldZone 6b
MansonZone 6b
Maple FallsZone 8a
Maple Heights-Lake DesireZone 8b
Maple ValleyZone 8b
MaplewoodZone 8b
MarblemountZone 8a
Marietta-AlderwoodZone 8a
MarkhamZone 9a
MarrowstoneZone 8b
Martha LakeZone 8b
MaryhillZone 7b
MarysvilleZone 8b
Mason CountyZone 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b
MattawaZone 7a
May CreekZone 8b
McChord AFBZone 8b
McClearyZone 8a
McKennaZone 8b
McMillinZone 8b
MeadZone 6a, 6b
Meadow GladeZone 8a, 8b
MeadowdaleZone 8b
Medical LakeZone 6a, 6b
MedinaZone 8b
Mercer IslandZone 8b
MesaZone 7a
MetalineZone 6a
Metaline FallsZone 6a
MethowZone 6a
MidlandZone 8b
Mill CreekZone 8b
Mill Creek EastZone 8b
MillwoodZone 6b
MiltonZone 8b
MineralZone 8a
MinnehahaZone 8b
MirrormontZone 8a, 8b
MoclipsZone 8b
MonroeZone 8b
Monroe NorthZone 8b
MontesanoZone 8a, 8b
MortonZone 8a
Moses LakeZone 6b
Moses Lake NorthZone 6b
MossyrockZone 8a
Mount VernonZone 8a, 8b
Mount VistaZone 8b
Mountlake TerraceZone 8b
MoxeeZone 6b
MukilteoZone 8b
NachesZone 6b
NapavineZone 8a, 8b
NaselleZone 8b
Navy Yard CityZone 8b
Neah BayZone 8b, 9a
NeiltonZone 8a, 8b
NespelemZone 6a
Nespelem CommunityZone 6a, 6b
NewcastleZone 8b
NewportZone 6a
NileZone 6a
Nisqually Indian CommunityZone 8b
NooksackZone 8a
Normandy ParkZone 8b
North BendZone 8a, 8b
North BonnevilleZone 8b
North Fort LewisZone 8b
North LynnwoodZone 8b
North MarysvilleZone 8b
North OmakZone 6a, 6b
North PuyallupZone 8b
North SultanZone 8b
North YelmZone 8b
NorthportZone 6b
Northwest StanwoodZone 8b
Oak HarborZone 8b
OakesdaleZone 6b
OakvilleZone 8a
Ocean CityZone 8b
Ocean ParkZone 8b
Ocean ShoresZone 8b, 9a
OdessaZone 6a
OkanoganZone 6b
Okanogan CountyZone 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
OlympiaZone 8a
OmakZone 6b, 7a
OnalaskaZone 8a
OrchardsZone 8b
OrientZone 6a
OrovilleZone 6b, 7a
OrtingZone 8b
OsoZone 8a, 8b
Otis Orchards-East FarmsZone 6b
OutlookZone 7a
OyehutZone 9a
PacificZone 8b
Pacific BeachZone 8b
Pacific CountyZone 8a, 8b, 9a
PackwoodZone 8a
PalouseZone 6b
ParkerZone 6b
ParklandZone 8b
ParkwoodZone 8b
PascoZone 7a, 7b
PaterosZone 6b
Pe EllZone 8a
Peaceful ValleyZone 7b, 8a
Pend Oreille CountyZone 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a
Picnic PointZone 8b
Pierce CountyZone 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6b, 6a, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b
Pine GroveZone 5b
Point RobertsZone 8a, 8b
PomeroyZone 6b, 7a
Port AngelesZone 8b, 9a
Port Angeles EastZone 8b, 9a
Port Gamble Tribal CommunityZone 8b
Port Hadlock-IrondaleZone 8b
Port LudlowZone 8b
Port OrchardZone 8b
Port TownsendZone 8b, 9a
PorterZone 8a, 8b
PoulsboZone 8b
Prairie HeightsZone 8b
Prairie RidgeZone 8b
PrescottZone 7a
ProsserZone 7a
Puget IslandZone 8b
PullmanZone 6b
PurdyZone 8b
PuyallupZone 8b
QueetsZone 8b
Qui-nai-elt VillageZone 8b
QuilceneZone 8a, 8b
QuincyZone 6b
Raft IslandZone 8b
RainierZone 8a
RavensdaleZone 8a, 8b
RaymondZone 8b
ReardanZone 6a
RedmondZone 8b
RentonZone 8b
RepublicZone 5b
RichlandZone 7a, 7b
RidgefieldZone 8b
RitzvilleZone 6b
River RoadZone 8b
RiverbendZone 8a, 8b
RiversideZone 6b
RochesterZone 8a
Rock IslandZone 7a
RockfordZone 6b
Rocky PointZone 8b
RonaldZone 6b
RooseveltZone 7a, 7b
RosaliaZone 6b
RosburgZone 8a, 8b
RosedaleZone 8b
RoslynZone 6b, 7a
RoyZone 8b
Royal CityZone 6b
RustonZone 8b
RyderwoodZone 8a
Salmon CreekZone 8b
SammamishZone 8b
San Juan CountyZone 8a, 8b, 9a
SantiagoZone 8b
SatsopZone 8a, 8b
SeabeckZone 8b
SeaTacZone 8b
SeattleZone 8b, 9a
Sedro-WoolleyZone 8a, 8b
SekiuZone 8b
SelahZone 6b
SequimZone 8a, 8b
Shadow LakeZone 8b
SheltonZone 8b
ShorelineZone 8b
SilvanaZone 8b
Silver FirsZone 8b
SilverdaleZone 8b
Sisco HeightsZone 8b
Skagit CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b
Skamania CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b
Skamokawa ValleyZone 8a, 8b
SkokomishZone 8a, 8b
SnohomishZone 8b
Snohomish CountyZone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b
SnoqualmieZone 8b
Snoqualmie PassZone 7a
Soap LakeZone 6b
South BendZone 8b
South Cle ElumZone 6b
South CreekZone 8a, 8b
South HillZone 8a, 8b
South PrairieZone 8b
South WenatcheeZone 7a
SouthworthZone 8b
SpanawayZone 8b
SpangleZone 6a
SpokaneZone 6a, 6b
Spokane ValleyZone 6b
SpragueZone 6b
SpringdaleZone 6a
St. JohnZone 6b
Stansberry LakeZone 8b
StanwoodZone 8b
StarbuckZone 7a
StartupZone 8b
SteilacoomZone 8b
SteptoeZone 6b
Stevens CountyZone 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a
StevensonZone 8a, 8b
Sudden ValleyZone 8a
SultanZone 8b
SumasZone 8a
SummitZone 8b
Summit ViewZone 8b
SummitviewZone 6b
SumnerZone 8b
Sunday LakeZone 8b
SunnysideZone 7a
SunnyslopeZone 6b, 7a
SuquamishZone 8b
Swede HeavenZone 8a
TacomaZone 8b
TaholahZone 8b
TampicoZone 6b
TanglewildeZone 8a
TannerZone 8a
TekoaZone 6b
TeninoZone 8a
Terrace HeightsZone 6b
ThorpZone 6b
Three LakesZone 8b
Thurston CountyZone 7b, 8a, 8b
TietonZone 6b
TokelandZone 8b
ToledoZone 8a
TonasketZone 6b
ToppenishZone 7a
TorboyZone 5b
TouchetZone 7a
Town and CountryZone 6b
TracytonZone 8b, 9a
Trout LakeZone 6b, 7a
TukwilaZone 8b
TumwaterZone 8a
Twin LakesZone 6a
TwispZone 5b, 6a
UnionZone 8b
Union GapZone 6b
Union Hill-Novelty HillZone 8b
UniontownZone 6b
University PlaceZone 8b
Upper ElochomanZone 8b
VaderZone 8a
ValleyZone 6a
VancouverZone 8b
VashonZone 8b
VaughnZone 8b
VenersborgZone 8a, 8b
VerlotZone 7b, 8a
Wahkiakum CountyZone 8a, 8b
WaitsburgZone 7a
Walla WallaZone 7a
Walla Walla CountyZone 6b, 7a
Walla Walla EastZone 7a
WallerZone 8b
WallulaZone 7a
Walnut GroveZone 8b
WapatoZone 6b
WardenZone 6b
Warm BeachZone 8b
WashougalZone 8b
WashtucnaZone 7a
WatervilleZone 6a
WaunaZone 8b
WaverlyZone 6b
WenatcheeZone 7a
West Clarkston-HighlandZone 7b
West PascoZone 7a
West RichlandZone 7a
West Side HighwayZone 8b
WestportZone 9a
Whatcom CountyZone 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b
Whidbey Island StationZone 8b
White CenterZone 8b
White SalmonZone 7b
White SwanZone 6b
Whitman CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
WilburZone 6a
Wilderness RimZone 8a
WilkesonZone 8a
WillapaZone 8b
Wilson CreekZone 6b
WinlockZone 8a
WinthropZone 5b
WishramZone 7b
WollochetZone 8b
WoodinvilleZone 8b
WoodlandZone 8b
Woods CreekZone 8b
WoodwayZone 8b
YacoltZone 8a
YakimaZone 6b
Yakima CountyZone 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b
Yarrow PointZone 8b
YelmZone 8a, 8b
ZillahZone 7a
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