Interactive Gardening and Plant Hardiness Zone Map for United Kingdom

Based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive map covers United Kingdom which ranges from Zone 8a to Zone 10b.

Zone 9a

20°F to 25°F

Zone 9b

25°F to 30°F

Zone 10a

30°F to 35°F

Zone 10b

35°F to 40°F

Zone 8a

10°F to 15°F

Zone 8b

15°F to 20°F

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Zoom to Major Cities in United Kingdom

Zoom to Aberdeen Zone 9aAberdeen - Zone 9a
Zoom to Aberystwyth Zone 9aAberystwyth - Zone 9a
Zoom to Andover Zone 9aAndover - Zone 9a
Zoom to Ballycastle Zone 9bBallycastle - Zone 9b
Zoom to Ballymena Zone 9bBallymena - Zone 9b
Zoom to Barnet Zone 9bBarnet - Zone 9b
Zoom to Barnsley Zone 9bBarnsley - Zone 9b
Zoom to Barnstaple Zone 9bBarnstaple - Zone 9b
Zoom to Barrow-in-Furness Zone 9bBarrow-in-Furness - Zone 9b
Zoom to Barry Zone 9bBarry - Zone 9b
Zoom to Basildon Zone 9bBasildon - Zone 9b
Zoom to Basingstoke Zone 9aBasingstoke - Zone 9a
Zoom to Bassetlaw District Zone 9aBassetlaw District - Zone 9a
Zoom to Bath Zone 9aBath - Zone 9a
Zoom to Becontree Zone 9bBecontree - Zone 9b
Zoom to Belfast Zone 9bBelfast - Zone 9b
Zoom to Bentley Zone 9aBentley - Zone 9a
Zoom to Berwick-upon-Tweed Zone 9bBerwick-upon-Tweed - Zone 9b
Zoom to Bexhill Zone 9aBexhill - Zone 9a
Zoom to Bexhill-on-Sea Zone 9aBexhill-on-Sea - Zone 9a
Zoom to Bexley Zone 9bBexley - Zone 9b
Zoom to Birmingham Zone 9aBirmingham - Zone 9a
Zoom to Blackburn Zone 9aBlackburn - Zone 9a
Zoom to Blackpool Zone 9aBlackpool - Zone 9a
Zoom to Bolton Zone 9aBolton - Zone 9a
Zoom to Boston Zone 9aBoston - Zone 9a
Zoom to Bournemouth Zone 8bBournemouth - Zone 8b
Zoom to Bradford Zone 9aBradford - Zone 9a
Zoom to Brent Zone 9aBrent - Zone 9a
Zoom to Brighton Zone 9bBrighton - Zone 9b
Zoom to Bristol Zone 9bBristol - Zone 9b
Zoom to Bromley Zone 9bBromley - Zone 9b
Zoom to Bryher Zone 10bBryher - Zone 10b
Zoom to Caernarfon Zone 9bCaernarfon - Zone 9b
Zoom to Cambridge Zone 9bCambridge - Zone 9b
Zoom to Camden Zone 9bCamden - Zone 9b
Zoom to Campbeltown Zone 9bCampbeltown - Zone 9b
Zoom to Cardiff Zone 9bCardiff - Zone 9b
Zoom to Carlisle Zone 9aCarlisle - Zone 9a
Zoom to Chelmsford Zone 9aChelmsford - Zone 9a
Zoom to Chichester Zone 9bChichester - Zone 9b
Zoom to Coventry Zone 9aCoventry - Zone 9a
Zoom to Craigavon Zone 9aCraigavon - Zone 9a
Zoom to Cromer Zone 9bCromer - Zone 9b
Zoom to Croydon Zone 9aCroydon - Zone 9a
Zoom to Darlington Zone 9aDarlington - Zone 9a
Zoom to Derby Zone 9aDerby - Zone 9a
Zoom to Derry Zone 9bDerry - Zone 9b
Zoom to Dorchester Zone 10aDorchester - Zone 10a
Zoom to Dover Zone 9bDover - Zone 9b
Zoom to Dudley Zone 9aDudley - Zone 9a
Zoom to Dumfries Zone 9aDumfries - Zone 9a
Zoom to Dundee Zone 9bDundee - Zone 9b
Zoom to Durham Zone 9bDurham - Zone 9b
Zoom to Ealing Zone 9aEaling - Zone 9a
Zoom to Eastbourne Zone 9aEastbourne - Zone 9a
Zoom to Easton Zone 10aEaston - Zone 10a
Zoom to Edinburgh Zone 9aEdinburgh - Zone 9a
Zoom to Enfield Zone 9bEnfield - Zone 9b
Zoom to Exeter Zone 9aExeter - Zone 9a
Zoom to Falmouth Zone 10aFalmouth - Zone 10a
Zoom to Filey Zone 9bFiley - Zone 9b
Zoom to Fort William Zone 8bFort William - Zone 8b
Zoom to Freshwater Zone 9bFreshwater - Zone 9b
Zoom to Glasgow Zone 9aGlasgow - Zone 9a
Zoom to Gloucester Zone 9bGloucester - Zone 9b
Zoom to Grantham Zone 9aGrantham - Zone 9a
Zoom to Greenock Zone 10aGreenock - Zone 10a
Zoom to Greenwich Zone 9bGreenwich - Zone 9b
Zoom to Guildford Zone 9aGuildford - Zone 9a
Zoom to Hackney Zone 9bHackney - Zone 9b
Zoom to Hammersmith Zone 9aHammersmith - Zone 9a
Zoom to Harbledown Zone 9aHarbledown - Zone 9a
Zoom to Harringay Zone 9bHarringay - Zone 9b
Zoom to Harrogate Zone 9aHarrogate - Zone 9a
Zoom to Harrow Zone 9aHarrow - Zone 9a
Zoom to Havering Zone 9bHavering - Zone 9b
Zoom to Hawick Zone 9aHawick - Zone 9a
Zoom to Hereford Zone 9aHereford - Zone 9a
Zoom to Hillingdon Zone 9aHillingdon - Zone 9a
Zoom to Holyhead Zone 9bHolyhead - Zone 9b
Zoom to Hounslow Zone 9aHounslow - Zone 9a
Zoom to Huddersfield Zone 9aHuddersfield - Zone 9a
Zoom to Hull Zone 9aHull - Zone 9a
Zoom to Hunstanton Zone 9aHunstanton - Zone 9a
Zoom to Ilford Zone 9bIlford - Zone 9b
Zoom to Inverness Zone 9aInverness - Zone 9a
Zoom to Ipswich Zone 9aIpswich - Zone 9a
Zoom to Isles of Scilly Zone 10bIsles of Scilly - Zone 10b
Zoom to Islington Zone 9bIslington - Zone 9b
Zoom to Kensington Zone 9bKensington - Zone 9b
Zoom to Kettering Zone 9aKettering - Zone 9a
Zoom to Kilmarnock Zone 9aKilmarnock - Zone 9a
Zoom to Kingston upon Hull Zone 9aKingston upon Hull - Zone 9a
Zoom to Kingston upon Thames Zone 9aKingston upon Thames - Zone 9a
Zoom to Lambeth Zone 9bLambeth - Zone 9b
Zoom to Leeds Zone 9bLeeds - Zone 9b
Zoom to Leicester Zone 9aLeicester - Zone 9a
Zoom to Lerwick Zone 9bLerwick - Zone 9b
Zoom to Lewisham Zone 9bLewisham - Zone 9b
Zoom to Lincoln Zone 9aLincoln - Zone 9a
Zoom to Liverpool Zone 9aLiverpool - Zone 9a
Zoom to Llandrindod Wells Zone 9aLlandrindod Wells - Zone 9a
Zoom to London Zone 9bLondon - Zone 9b
Zoom to Londonderry Zone 9bLondonderry - Zone 9b
Zoom to Lowestoft Zone 9bLowestoft - Zone 9b
Zoom to Luton Zone 9bLuton - Zone 9b
Zoom to Maidstone Zone 9bMaidstone - Zone 9b
Zoom to Manchester Zone 9aManchester - Zone 9a
Zoom to Margate Zone 9bMargate - Zone 9b
Zoom to Mendip Zone 9aMendip - Zone 9a
Zoom to Merton Zone 9bMerton - Zone 9b
Zoom to Middlesbrough Zone 9aMiddlesbrough - Zone 9a
Zoom to Milford Haven Zone 9bMilford Haven - Zone 9b
Zoom to Minehead Zone 9aMinehead - Zone 9a
Zoom to Morecambe Zone 9aMorecambe - Zone 9a
Zoom to Newcastle upon Tyne Zone 9aNewcastle upon Tyne - Zone 9a
Zoom to Newham Zone 9bNewham - Zone 9b
Zoom to Newport Zone 9bNewport - Zone 9b
Zoom to Newquay Zone 9bNewquay - Zone 9b
Zoom to Northallerton Zone 9aNorthallerton - Zone 9a
Zoom to Northampton Zone 9aNorthampton - Zone 9a
Zoom to Norwich Zone 9bNorwich - Zone 9b
Zoom to Nottingham Zone 9aNottingham - Zone 9a
Zoom to Oban Zone 9bOban - Zone 9b
Zoom to Oldham Zone 9aOldham - Zone 9a
Zoom to Omagh Zone 9aOmagh - Zone 9a
Zoom to Oxford Zone 9aOxford - Zone 9a
Zoom to Penzance Zone 9bPenzance - Zone 9b
Zoom to Peterborough Zone 9aPeterborough - Zone 9a
Zoom to Plymouth Zone 9bPlymouth - Zone 9b
Zoom to Poole Zone 9aPoole - Zone 9a
Zoom to Portsmouth Zone 9bPortsmouth - Zone 9b
Zoom to Preston Zone 9aPreston - Zone 9a
Zoom to Reading Zone 9aReading - Zone 9a
Zoom to Redbridge Zone 9bRedbridge - Zone 9b
Zoom to Rhyl Zone 9bRhyl - Zone 9b
Zoom to Richmond-upon-Thames Zone 9aRichmond-upon-Thames - Zone 9a
Zoom to Rotherham Zone 9aRotherham - Zone 9a
Zoom to Royal Tunbridge Wells Zone 9aRoyal Tunbridge Wells - Zone 9a
Zoom to Saint Austell Zone 9bSaint Austell - Zone 9b
Zoom to Saint David's Zone 9bSaint David's - Zone 9b
Zoom to Saint Helens Zone 9bSaint Helens - Zone 9b
Zoom to Salisbury Zone 9aSalisbury - Zone 9a
Zoom to Sheffield Zone 9aSheffield - Zone 9a
Zoom to Shrewsbury Zone 8bShrewsbury - Zone 8b
Zoom to Slough Zone 9aSlough - Zone 9a
Zoom to Southampton Zone 9aSouthampton - Zone 9a
Zoom to Southend-on-Sea Zone 9bSouthend-on-Sea - Zone 9b
Zoom to Southwark Zone 9bSouthwark - Zone 9b
Zoom to St Ives Zone 9bSt Ives - Zone 9b
Zoom to Stirling Zone 9aStirling - Zone 9a
Zoom to Stockport Zone 9aStockport - Zone 9a
Zoom to Stockton-on-Tees Zone 9aStockton-on-Tees - Zone 9a
Zoom to Stoke-on-Trent Zone 8bStoke-on-Trent - Zone 8b
Zoom to Stornoway Zone 9bStornoway - Zone 9b
Zoom to Stranraer Zone 9aStranraer - Zone 9a
Zoom to Stromness Zone 10aStromness - Zone 10a
Zoom to Sunderland Zone 9bSunderland - Zone 9b
Zoom to Sutton Zone 9aSutton - Zone 9a
Zoom to Sutton Coldfield Zone 8bSutton Coldfield - Zone 8b
Zoom to Swansea Zone 10aSwansea - Zone 10a
Zoom to Swindon Zone 9aSwindon - Zone 9a
Zoom to Taunton Zone 9aTaunton - Zone 9a
Zoom to Teesside Zone 9aTeesside - Zone 9a
Zoom to Telford Zone 9aTelford - Zone 9a
Zoom to The Medway Towns Zone 9bThe Medway Towns - Zone 9b
Zoom to The Potteries Zone 8bThe Potteries - Zone 8b
Zoom to Thetford Zone 9aThetford - Zone 9a
Zoom to Torquay Zone 9aTorquay - Zone 9a
Zoom to Tower Hamlets Zone 9bTower Hamlets - Zone 9b
Zoom to Truro Zone 9bTruro - Zone 9b
Zoom to Tyneside Zone 9aTyneside - Zone 9a
Zoom to Ullapool Zone 9aUllapool - Zone 9a
Zoom to Walsall Zone 9aWalsall - Zone 9a
Zoom to Waltham Forest Zone 9bWaltham Forest - Zone 9b
Zoom to Wandsworth Zone 9bWandsworth - Zone 9b
Zoom to Watford Zone 9aWatford - Zone 9a
Zoom to Wembley Zone 9aWembley - Zone 9a
Zoom to West Bromwich Zone 9aWest Bromwich - Zone 9a
Zoom to Westminster Zone 9bWestminster - Zone 9b
Zoom to Weymouth Zone 10aWeymouth - Zone 10a
Zoom to Whitehaven Zone 9bWhitehaven - Zone 9b
Zoom to Wick Zone 9aWick - Zone 9a
Zoom to Wolverhampton Zone 9aWolverhampton - Zone 9a
Zoom to Yeovil Zone 8bYeovil - Zone 8b
Zoom to York Zone 9aYork - Zone 9a