Indiana Hardiness Zones for Selected Cities and Locations

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List of Hardiness Zones for Indiana Cities and Locations
Indiana LocationUSDA Hardiness Zone(s)
AberdeenZone 5b
Adams CountyZone 6a
AdvanceZone 5b
AkronZone 5b
AlamoZone 5b
AlbanyZone 5b
AlbionZone 5b
AlexandriaZone 5b
AlfordsvilleZone 6a
Allen CountyZone 5b, 6a
AltonZone 6b
AltonaZone 5b
AmbiaZone 5b
AmboyZone 5b
AmericusZone 5b
AmoZone 5b
AndersonZone 6a
AndrewsZone 5b
AngolaZone 5b
ArcadiaZone 5b
ArgosZone 5b
ArlingtonZone 6a
AshleyZone 5b
AtlantaZone 5b
AtticaZone 5b
AuburnZone 5b
AuroraZone 6a
AustinZone 6a
AvillaZone 5b
AvocaZone 6a
AvonZone 5b, 6a
BainbridgeZone 5b
BargersvilleZone 5b, 6a
Bartholomew CountyZone 6a
Bass LakeZone 5b
BatesvilleZone 6a
Battle GroundZone 5b
BedfordZone 6a
Beech GroveZone 6a
Benton CountyZone 5b
BerneZone 6a
BethanyZone 6a
Beverly ShoresZone 6a
BicknellZone 6a
BirdseyeZone 6a
Blackford CountyZone 5b, 6a
BlanfordZone 6a
BloomfieldZone 6a
BloomingdaleZone 5b
BloomingtonZone 6a
BlountsvilleZone 5b
BlufftonZone 6a
Boone CountyZone 5b
BoonvilleZone 6b
BordenZone 6a, 6b
BostonZone 5b
BoswellZone 5b
BourbonZone 5b
BrazilZone 5b, 6a
BremenZone 5b
BrightZone 6a
BristolZone 6a
BrookZone 5b
BrooklynZone 6a
BrooksburgZone 6b
BrookstonZone 5b
BrookvilleZone 6a
Brown CountyZone 6a
BrownsburgZone 5b, 6a
BrownstownZone 6a
BrucevilleZone 6a
BryantZone 6a
Buck CreekZone 5b
BuffaloZone 5b
Bunker HillZone 5b
BurketZone 5b
BurlingtonZone 5b
BurnettsvilleZone 5b
Burns CityZone 6a
Burns HarborZone 5b, 6a
ButlerZone 5b
ButlervilleZone 6a
CadizZone 5b
Cambridge CityZone 5b
CamdenZone 5b
CampbellsburgZone 6a
CanaanZone 6a
CannelburgZone 6a
CanneltonZone 6b
CarbonZone 6a
CarlisleZone 6a
CarmelZone 5b, 6a
Carroll CountyZone 5b
CarthageZone 6a
Cass CountyZone 5b
CayugaZone 5b
Cedar GroveZone 6a
Cedar LakeZone 5b
Center PointZone 6a
CentervilleZone 5b
ChalmersZone 5b
ChandlerZone 6b
CharlestownZone 6b
ChesterfieldZone 6a
ChestertonZone 5b, 6a
ChrisneyZone 6b
ChurubuscoZone 5b
CiceroZone 5b
Clark CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a
Clarks HillZone 5b
ClarksburgZone 6a
ClarksvilleZone 6b
Clay CityZone 6a
Clay CountyZone 5b, 6a
ClaypoolZone 5b
ClaytonZone 5b
Clear LakeZone 5b
ClermontZone 6a
CliffordZone 6a
ClintonZone 6a
Clinton CountyZone 5b
CloverdaleZone 5b, 6a
CoalmontZone 6a
CoatesvilleZone 5b
ColburnZone 5b
ColfaxZone 5b
CollegevilleZone 5b
Columbia CityZone 5b
ColumbusZone 6a
ConverseZone 5b
Cordry Sweetwater LakesZone 6a
CorunnaZone 5b
CorydonZone 6b
Country Club HeightsZone 6a
Country Squire LakesZone 6a
CovingtonZone 5b
CraneZone 6a
Crawford CountyZone 6a, 6b
CrawfordsvilleZone 5b
CromwellZone 5b
CrothersvilleZone 6a
Crown PointZone 5b
Crows NestZone 6a
CulverZone 5b
CumberlandZone 6a
CynthianaZone 6b
DaleZone 6b
DalevilleZone 6a
DanaZone 6a
DanvilleZone 5b
DarlingtonZone 5b
DarmstadtZone 6b
Daviess CountyZone 6a, 6b
DaytonZone 5b
De Kalb CountyZone 5b, 6a
De MotteZone 5b
Dearborn CountyZone 5b, 6a, 6b
DecaturZone 6a
Decatur CountyZone 6a
Delaware CountyZone 5b, 6a
DelphiZone 5b
DenverZone 5b
DeputyZone 6a
DillsboroZone 6a
Dover HillZone 6a
DresserZone 6a
DublinZone 5b
DuboisZone 6a
Dubois CountyZone 6a, 6b
DuggerZone 6a
Dune AcresZone 6a
DunkirkZone 5b
DunlapZone 6a
DunreithZone 5b
DupontZone 6a
DyerZone 5b
Earl ParkZone 5b
East ChicagoZone 5b, 6a
East EnterpriseZone 6a
East GermantownZone 5b
EatonZone 5b
EconomyZone 5b
EdgewoodZone 6a
EdinburghZone 6a
EdwardsportZone 6a
ElberfeldZone 6b
ElizabethZone 6b
ElizabethtownZone 6a
ElkhartZone 5b, 6a
Elkhart CountyZone 5b, 6a
EllettsvilleZone 6a
ElnoraZone 6a
ElwoodZone 5b
EmisonZone 6a
EnglishZone 6a
Etna GreenZone 5b
EvansvilleZone 6b
FairlandZone 6a
FairmountZone 5b
Fairview ParkZone 6a
FarmersburgZone 6a
FarmlandZone 5b
Fayette CountyZone 5b, 6a
FerdinandZone 6b
FillmoreZone 5b, 6a
Fish LakeZone 5b
FishersZone 5b, 6a
FloraZone 5b
FlorenceZone 6b
Floyd CountyZone 6a, 6b, 7a
FontanetZone 6a
Fort BranchZone 6b
Fort WayneZone 5b, 6a
FortvilleZone 6a
Fountain CityZone 5b
Fountain CountyZone 5b
FowlerZone 5b
FowlertonZone 5b
FrancesvilleZone 5b
FranciscoZone 6b
FrankfortZone 5b
FranklinZone 5b, 6a
Franklin CountyZone 5b, 6a
FranktonZone 6a
FredericksburgZone 6a
FreelandvilleZone 6a
FreetownZone 6a
FremontZone 5b
French LickZone 6a
FultonZone 5b
Fulton CountyZone 5b
GalenaZone 6a, 6b
GalvestonZone 5b
GarrettZone 5b
GaryZone 5b
Gas CityZone 5b
GastonZone 5b
GenevaZone 6a
GentryvilleZone 6b
GeorgetownZone 6a
Gibson CountyZone 6a, 6b
GlenwoodZone 5b
GoodlandZone 5b
GoshenZone 6a
GosportZone 6a
GrabillZone 6a
GrandviewZone 6b
GrangerZone 5b, 6a
Grant CountyZone 5b, 6a
GreencastleZone 5b, 6a
GreendaleZone 6a, 6b
Greene CountyZone 6a
GreenfieldZone 6a
Greens ForkZone 5b
GreensboroZone 6a
GreentownZone 5b
GreenvilleZone 6a
GreenwoodZone 5b, 6a
GriffinZone 6b
GriffithZone 5b
Grissom AFBZone 5b
HagerstownZone 5b
HamiltonZone 5b
Hamilton CountyZone 5b, 6a
HamletZone 5b
HammondZone 5b, 6a
Hancock CountyZone 5b, 6a
HannaZone 5b
HanoverZone 6a
HardinsburgZone 6a
HarlanZone 6a
HarmonyZone 6a
Harrison CountyZone 6a, 6b
HarrodsburgZone 6a
Hartford CityZone 5b
HartsvilleZone 6a
HatfieldZone 6b
HaubstadtZone 6b
HaydenZone 6a
HazletonZone 6b
HebronZone 5b
Hendricks CountyZone 5b, 6a
Henry CountyZone 5b, 6a
HenryvilleZone 6b
HerbstZone 5b
Heritage LakeZone 5b
Hidden ValleyZone 6a
HighlandZone 5b
HighlandZone 6b
HillsboroZone 5b
HoaglandZone 6a
HobartZone 5b
HollandZone 6b
HoltonZone 6a
HomecroftZone 6a
HopeZone 6a
Howard CountyZone 5b
HoweZone 5b
HudsonZone 5b
Hudson LakeZone 6a
HuntertownZone 5b, 6a
HuntingburgZone 6a, 6b
HuntingtonZone 5b, 6a
Huntington CountyZone 5b, 6a
HymeraZone 6a
IdavilleZone 5b
Indian VillageZone 6a
IndianapolisZone 5b, 6a
IngallsZone 6a
Jackson CountyZone 6a
JalapaZone 5b, 6a
JamestownZone 5b
JasonvilleZone 6a
JasperZone 6a
Jasper CountyZone 5b
Jay CountyZone 5b, 6a
Jefferson CountyZone 6a, 6b
JeffersonvilleZone 6b
Jennings CountyZone 6a
Johnson CountyZone 5b, 6a
JonesboroZone 5b
JonesvilleZone 6a
KemptonZone 5b
KendallvilleZone 5b
KennardZone 5b
KentZone 6a
KentlandZone 5b
KewannaZone 5b
KimmellZone 5b
KingmanZone 5b
KingsburyZone 5b
Kingsford HeightsZone 5b
KirklinZone 5b
KnightstownZone 6a
KnightsvilleZone 5b, 6a
KnoxZone 5b
Knox CountyZone 6a, 6b
KokomoZone 5b
Koontz LakeZone 5b
Kosciusko CountyZone 5b, 6a
KoutsZone 5b
La CrosseZone 5b
La FontaineZone 5b
La PazZone 5b
La PorteZone 6a
La Porte CountyZone 5b, 6a
LaconiaZone 6b
LadogaZone 5b
LafayetteZone 5b
LagrangeZone 5b
Lagrange CountyZone 5b, 6a
LagroZone 5b
Lake CountyZone 5b, 6a
Lake DalecarliaZone 5b
Lake HolidayZone 5b
Lake SanteeZone 6a
Lake StationZone 5b
Lake VillageZone 5b
Lakes of the Four SeasonsZone 5b
LaketonZone 5b
LakevilleZone 5b
LandessZone 6a
LanesvilleZone 6b
LapelZone 6a
LarwillZone 5b
LaurelZone 6a
LawrenceZone 6a
Lawrence CountyZone 6a
LawrenceburgZone 6a
LeavenworthZone 6a
LebanonZone 5b
LeesburgZone 5b
Leo-CedarvilleZone 6a
LewisvilleZone 5b
LibertyZone 5b
LigonierZone 5b
LindenZone 5b
LintonZone 6a
Little YorkZone 6a
LivoniaZone 6a
LiztonZone 5b
LogansportZone 5b
Long BeachZone 6a
LosantvilleZone 5b
LowellZone 5b
LynnZone 5b
LynnvilleZone 6b
LyonsZone 6a
MackeyZone 6b
MacyZone 5b
MadisonZone 6a, 6b
Madison CountyZone 5b, 6a
ManillaZone 6a
MarengoZone 6a
MarionZone 5b, 6a
Marion CountyZone 5b, 6a
MarkleZone 6a
MarklevilleZone 6a
MarshallZone 5b
Marshall CountyZone 5b
Martin CountyZone 6a
MartinsvilleZone 6a
MatthewsZone 5b
MauckportZone 6b
McCordsvilleZone 6a
MeccaZone 6a
MedaryvilleZone 5b
MedoraZone 6a
MellottZone 5b
Melody HillZone 6b
MemphisZone 6b
MentoneZone 5b
Meridian HillsZone 6a
MeromZone 6a
MerrillvilleZone 5b
MetamoraZone 6a
MexicoZone 5b
Miami CountyZone 5b
Michiana ShoresZone 6a
Michigan CityZone 6a
MichigantownZone 5b
MiddleburyZone 5b, 6a
MiddletownZone 6a
MierZone 5b
MilanZone 6a
MilfordZone 5b
MillersburgZone 5b
MillhousenZone 6a
MilltownZone 6a
MilroyZone 6a
MishawakaZone 5b, 6a
MitchellZone 6a
ModocZone 5b
MononZone 5b
MonroeZone 6a
Monroe CityZone 6a
Monroe CountyZone 6a
MonroevilleZone 6a
MonroviaZone 6a
MontereyZone 5b
MontezumaZone 6a
MontgomeryZone 6a
Montgomery CountyZone 5b
MonticelloZone 5b
MontmorenciZone 5b
MontpelierZone 5b
MoorelandZone 5b
Moores HillZone 6a
MooresvilleZone 6a
Morgan CountyZone 5b, 6a
MorgantownZone 6a
MoroccoZone 5b
MorristownZone 6a
Mount AuburnZone 5b
Mount AyrZone 5b
Mount CarmelZone 6a
Mount EtnaZone 6a
Mount SummitZone 5b
Mount VernonZone 6b
MulberryZone 5b
MuncieZone 6a
MunsterZone 5b
NapoleonZone 6a
NappaneeZone 5b
NashvilleZone 6a
New AlbanyZone 6b
New AmsterdamZone 6b
New CarlisleZone 6a
New CastleZone 5b, 6a
New ChicagoZone 5b
New GoshenZone 6a
New HarmonyZone 6b
New HavenZone 6a
New MarketZone 5b
New MiddletownZone 6b
New PalestineZone 6a
New ParisZone 6a
New PekinZone 6a
New PointZone 6a
New RichmondZone 5b
New RossZone 5b
New SalisburyZone 6a
New TrentonZone 6a
New WashingtonZone 6a
New WhitelandZone 5b
NewberryZone 6a
NewburghZone 6b
NewportZone 5b
Newton CountyZone 5b
NewtownZone 5b
Noble CountyZone 5b, 6a
NoblesvilleZone 5b, 6a
North Crows NestZone 6a
North JudsonZone 5b
North LibertyZone 5b
North ManchesterZone 5b
North SalemZone 5b
North Terre HauteZone 6a
North VernonZone 6a
North WebsterZone 5b
NorwayZone 5b
Notre DameZone 6a
Oakland CityZone 6b
OaktownZone 6a
OdonZone 6a
Ogden DunesZone 5b, 6a
Ohio CountyZone 6a, 6b
OldenburgZone 6a
OnwardZone 5b
OoliticZone 6a
OrestesZone 5b
OrlandZone 5b
OrleansZone 6a
OsceolaZone 5b, 6a
OsgoodZone 6a
OssianZone 6a
OtterbeinZone 5b
OtwellZone 6a
Owen CountyZone 5b, 6a
OwensburgZone 6a
OwensvilleZone 6b
OxfordZone 5b
Painted HillsZone 6a
PalmyraZone 6a
PaoliZone 6a
ParagonZone 6a
Parke CountyZone 5b, 6a
Parker CityZone 5b
Parkers SettlementZone 6b
PatokaZone 6b
PendletonZone 6a
PennvilleZone 5b
Perry CountyZone 6a, 6b
PerrysvilleZone 5b
PeruZone 5b
PetersburgZone 6a
PiercetonZone 5b
Pike CountyZone 6a, 6b
Pine VillageZone 5b
PittsboroZone 5b
PlainfieldZone 6a
PlainvilleZone 6a
PlymouthZone 5b
Point IsabelZone 5b
PonetoZone 6a
PortageZone 5b, 6a
PorterZone 6a
Porter CountyZone 5b, 6a
PortlandZone 5b, 6a
Posey CountyZone 6b
PoseyvilleZone 6b
Pottawattamie ParkZone 6a
Princes LakesZone 6a
PrincetonZone 6b
Pulaski CountyZone 5b
Purdue UniversityZone 5b
Putnam CountyZone 5b, 6a
RaglesvilleZone 6a
RagsdaleZone 6a
Randolph CountyZone 5b, 6a
RedkeyZone 5b
RemingtonZone 5b
RensselaerZone 5b
ReynoldsZone 5b
RichlandZone 6b
RichmondZone 5b, 6a
RidgevilleZone 5b
RileyZone 6a
Ripley CountyZone 6a
Rising SunZone 6b
River ForestZone 6a
RoachdaleZone 5b
RoannZone 5b
RoanokeZone 6a
RochesterZone 5b
RockportZone 6b
RockvilleZone 5b
Rocky RippleZone 6a
Rolling PrairieZone 6a
Rome CityZone 5b
RosedaleZone 6a
RoselandZone 6a
RoselawnZone 5b
RossvilleZone 5b
Royal CenterZone 5b
Rush CountyZone 5b, 6a
RushvilleZone 6a
RussellvilleZone 5b
RussiavilleZone 5b
SalamoniaZone 6a
SalemZone 6a
Salt Creek CommonsZone 5b
SaltilloZone 6a
San PierreZone 5b
SandbornZone 6a
Santa ClausZone 6b
SaratogaZone 5b
ScherervilleZone 5b
SchneiderZone 5b
ScipioZone 6a
ScotlandZone 6a
Scott CountyZone 6a
ScottsburgZone 6a
SeelyvilleZone 6a
SellersburgZone 6b
SelmaZone 5b
SeymourZone 6a
ShadelandZone 5b
Shamrock LakesZone 5b
SharpsvilleZone 5b
ShelburnZone 6a
ShelbyZone 5b
Shelby CountyZone 6a
ShelbyvilleZone 6a
ShepardsvilleZone 6a
SheridanZone 5b
ShipshewanaZone 5b
ShirleyZone 5b
ShoalsZone 6a
Shorewood ForestZone 5b
SidneyZone 6a
Silver LakeZone 5b
Simonton LakeZone 6a
SimsZone 5b
Smithville-SandersZone 6a
SomersetZone 5b
South BendZone 5b, 6a
South HavenZone 5b
South WhitleyZone 5b
SouthportZone 6a
SpeedwayZone 6a
SpencerZone 6a
Spencer CountyZone 6a, 6b
SpicelandZone 5b
Spring GroveZone
Spring HillZone 6a
St. BerniceZone 6a
St. JoeZone 5b
St. JohnZone 5b
St. Joseph CountyZone 5b, 6a
St. LeonZone 6a
St. Mary of the WoodsZone 6a
St. MeinradZone 6b
St. PaulZone 6a
Star CityZone 5b
Starke CountyZone 5b
State Line CityZone 5b
StauntonZone 6a
Steuben CountyZone 5b
StinesvilleZone 6a
StockwellZone 5b
StraughnZone 5b
SullivanZone 6a
Sullivan CountyZone 6a
Sulphur SpringsZone 5b
SummitvilleZone 5b
SunmanZone 6a
SwayzeeZone 5b
SweetserZone 5b
Switz CityZone 6a
Switzerland CountyZone 6a, 6b
SyracuseZone 5b
TaylorsvilleZone 6a
TecumsehZone 6a
Tell CityZone 6b
TennysonZone 6b
Terre HauteZone 6a
ThorntownZone 5b
Tippecanoe CountyZone 5b
TiptonZone 5b
Tipton CountyZone 5b
Toad HopZone 6a
TopekaZone 5b
Town of PinesZone 6a
TrafalgarZone 6a
Trail CreekZone 6a
Tri-LakesZone 5b
TroyZone 6b
UlenZone 5b
Union CityZone 5b
Union CountyZone 5b, 6a
UniondaleZone 6a
UniversalZone 6a
UplandZone 5b
UticaZone 6b
ValloniaZone 6a
ValparaisoZone 5b
Van Bibber LakeZone 5b
Van BurenZone 5b
Vanderburgh CountyZone 6b
VeedersburgZone 5b
Vera CruzZone 6a
Vermillion CountyZone 5b, 6a
VernonZone 6a
VersaillesZone 6a
VevayZone 6b
Vigo CountyZone 5b, 6a
VincennesZone 6a
WabashZone 5b
Wabash CountyZone 5b, 6a
WakarusaZone 5b
WaldronZone 6a
WalkertonZone 5b
WallaceZone 5b
WaltonZone 5b
WanatahZone 5b
WarrenZone 5b
Warren CountyZone 5b
Warren ParkZone 6a
Warrick CountyZone 6a, 6b
WarsawZone 5b
WashingtonZone 6a
Washington CountyZone 6a
WaterlooZone 5b
WavelandZone 5b
Wayne CountyZone 5b, 6a
WaynetownZone 5b
Wells CountyZone 5b, 6a
West Baden SpringsZone 6a
West College CornerZone 6a
West HarrisonZone 6a
West LafayetteZone 5b
West LebanonZone 5b
West PointZone 5b
West Terre HauteZone 6a
WestfieldZone 5b
WestphaliaZone 6a
WestportZone 6a
WestvilleZone 5b
WheatfieldZone 5b
WheatlandZone 6a
WheelerZone 5b
White CountyZone 5b
WhitelandZone 5b
WhitestownZone 5b
WhitewaterZone 5b
WhitingZone 6a
Whitley CountyZone 5b, 6a
WilkinsonZone 5b
WilliamsZone 6a
Williams CreekZone 6a
WilliamsportZone 5b
WinamacZone 5b
WinchesterZone 6a
Windfall CityZone 5b
WinfieldZone 5b
WingateZone 5b
Winona LakeZone 5b
WinslowZone 6a
WolcottZone 5b
WolcottvilleZone 5b
WoodburnZone 6a
Woodlawn HeightsZone 6a
WorthingtonZone 6a
WynnedaleZone 6a
YeomanZone 5b
YorktownZone 6a
ZanesvilleZone 6a
ZionsvilleZone 5b
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