Current Drought Conditions for Alberta - June 2024

Alberta Drought Report:

As of June 2024 approximately 54% (357146 square kilometers) of Alberta is under drought conditions and 23% (152992 square kilometers) is Abnormally dry.

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Alberta Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Alberta

LocationDrought Conditions
SuffieldAbnormally Dry
GlenwoodAbnormally Dry
Pincher CreekModerate Drought
BrocketModerate Drought
ThorsbyModerate Drought
AldersonAbnormally Dry
Hill SpringAbnormally Dry
AetnaAbnormally Dry
Buck LakeAbnormally Dry
GainfordModerate Drought
Alder FlatsAbnormally Dry
Rolling HillsAbnormally Dry
TeesSevere Drought
Crystal SpringsModerate Drought
GrandviewModerate Drought
Ma-Me-O BeachModerate Drought
Sundance BeachModerate Drought
Argentia BeachModerate Drought
Itaska BeachModerate Drought
Golden DaysModerate Drought
WarburgModerate Drought
Poplar BayModerate Drought
Silver BeachModerate Drought
KapasiwinModerate Drought
GunnModerate Drought
West CoveModerate Drought
WabamunModerate Drought
Sunset PointModerate Drought
Point AlisonModerate Drought
Alberta BeachModerate Drought
Spring LakeModerate Drought
Nakamun ParkModerate Drought
Sandy BeachModerate Drought
LundbreckModerate Drought
CarselandAbnormally Dry
DuffieldModerate Drought
BindlossAbnormally Dry
Stony PlainModerate Drought
HildaAbnormally Dry
WinfieldAbnormally Dry
Spruce GroveModerate Drought
CassilsAbnormally Dry
EmpressAbnormally Dry
CowleyModerate Drought
Seba BeachModerate Drought
ShouldiceAbnormally Dry
BretonAbnormally Dry
Mountain ViewAbnormally Dry
CrowfootAbnormally Dry
Waterton ParkModerate Drought
BlufftonSevere Drought
HoadleyModerate Drought
SunnybrookModerate Drought
TilleyAbnormally Dry
RalstonAbnormally Dry
MossleighAbnormally Dry
CavendishAbnormally Dry
Sherwood ParkAbnormally Dry
St. AlbertModerate Drought
OnowayModerate Drought
Drayton ValleyAbnormally Dry
RimbeySevere Drought
EdmontonModerate Drought
BrooksAbnormally Dry
PonokaSevere Drought
Red DeerSevere Drought
CondorModerate Drought
Rochon SandsModerate Drought
White SandsModerate Drought
AltarioAbnormally Dry
GuyExtreme Drought
LyaltaAbnormally Dry
KathyrnAbnormally Dry
BentleySevere Drought
Pine LakeSevere Drought
CarbonModerate Drought
ElnoraModerate Drought
ErskineModerate Drought
EdbergModerate Drought
Meeting CreekModerate Drought
ClunyAbnormally Dry
HussarAbnormally Dry
Crowsnest PassAbnormally Dry
InnisfreeAbnormally Dry
GlenevisModerate Drought
MirrorModerate Drought
KingmanAbnormally Dry
KinsellaAbnormally Dry
RyleyAbnormally Dry
HughendenModerate Drought
AmiskModerate Drought
SedgewickAbnormally Dry
StromeAbnormally Dry
BawlfAbnormally Dry
OhatonAbnormally Dry
ArmenaAbnormally Dry
BeaumontModerate Drought
LindenModerate Drought
Grande PrairieExceptional Drought
BezansonExceptional Drought
WetaskiwinModerate Drought
Spruce ViewAbnormally Dry
EckvilleSevere Drought
LacombeSevere Drought
Gull LakeSevere Drought
JoffreSevere Drought
MorningsideSevere Drought
GwynneModerate Drought
La GlaceExceptional Drought
Bittern LakeModerate Drought
MilletModerate Drought
Hay LakesAbnormally Dry
CalmarModerate Drought
GibbonsModerate Drought
Bon AccordModerate Drought
ClydeModerate Drought
BothaModerate Drought
HytheExtreme Drought
EvansburgModerate Drought
Acadia ValleyAbnormally Dry
Sylvan LakeSevere Drought
ChestermereAbnormally Dry
WhitecourtModerate Drought
HoldenAbnormally Dry
EntwistleModerate Drought
GleichenAbnormally Dry
DrumhellerModerate Drought
MaskwacisSevere Drought
MunsonModerate Drought
WardlowAbnormally Dry
IrricanaModerate Drought
WildwoodModerate Drought
HackettModerate Drought
CamroseAbnormally Dry
GadsbyModerate Drought
LavoyAbnormally Dry
VimyModerate Drought
HeskethModerate Drought
VermilionAbnormally Dry
TrochuModerate Drought
Spirit RiverExtreme Drought
KillamAbnormally Dry
DonaldaModerate Drought
BuffaloAbnormally Dry
Red WillowModerate Drought
ChauvinSevere Drought
ClairmontExceptional Drought
GalahadModerate Drought
RumseyModerate Drought
FleetSevere Drought
HalkirkSevere Drought
BlackfaldsSevere Drought
LegalModerate Drought
DevonModerate Drought
DinaModerate Drought
EdgertonSevere Drought
LeducModerate Drought
WimborneSevere Drought
MannvilleAbnormally Dry
KirriemuirModerate Drought
KavanaghModerate Drought
TofieldAbnormally Dry
AlixModerate Drought
WembleyExceptional Drought
CompeerAbnormally Dry
LamontAbnormally Dry
ChipmanAbnormally Dry
BeaverlodgeExceptional Drought
IddesleighAbnormally Dry
BodoAbnormally Dry
AllianceModerate Drought
VegrevilleAbnormally Dry
BassanoAbnormally Dry
HardistyModerate Drought
WestlockModerate Drought
ForestburgModerate Drought
Blue RidgeModerate Drought
EndiangSevere Drought
RosemaryAbnormally Dry
GemAbnormally Dry
TorringtonSevere Drought
FerintoshModerate Drought
WainwrightModerate Drought
Paradise ValleyModerate Drought
SangudoModerate Drought
RosythModerate Drought
JasperAbnormally Dry
WardenModerate Drought
MorinvilleModerate Drought
VikingAbnormally Dry
CheadleAbnormally Dry
CherhillModerate Drought
BashawModerate Drought
AcmeModerate Drought
LousanaModerate Drought
CliveSevere Drought
LeslievilleModerate Drought
CzarModerate Drought
MundareAbnormally Dry
CastorSevere Drought
RosalindModerate Drought
DayslandAbnormally Dry
DuchessAbnormally Dry
BenaltoSevere Drought
Gough LakeModerate Drought
MorrinModerate Drought
HighridgeModerate Drought
GraingerModerate Drought
ValleyviewSevere Drought
PibrochModerate Drought
BusbyModerate Drought
KeomaAbnormally Dry
MichichiModerate Drought
Round HillAbnormally Dry
IrmaModerate Drought
FinneganAbnormally Dry
LougheedModerate Drought
DelburneModerate Drought
BruderheimAbnormally Dry
Fort SaskatchewanAbnormally Dry
StandardAbnormally Dry
FennModerate Drought
AtleeAbnormally Dry
RanfurlyAbnormally Dry
PatriciaAbnormally Dry
Three HillsModerate Drought
Big ValleyModerate Drought
RosebudModerate Drought
ProvostModerate Drought
LeoSevere Drought
FreedomModerate Drought
BarrheadModerate Drought
ConnollyAbnormally Dry
JennerAbnormally Dry
ManolaModerate Drought
HeislerModerate Drought
Eagle HillAbnormally Dry
PenholdSevere Drought
BowdenModerate Drought
DidsburyAbnormally Dry
CarstairsAbnormally Dry
BeisekerModerate Drought
StettlerModerate Drought
Rocky Mountain HouseAbnormally Dry
CrossfieldAbnormally Dry
StrathmoreAbnormally Dry
OldsAbnormally Dry
InnisfailModerate Drought
AirdrieAbnormally Dry
GrouardModerate Drought
Canyon CreekModerate Drought
Lottie LakeModerate Drought
Hairy HillAbnormally Dry
RycroftExtreme Drought
WanhamExtreme Drought
EnildaModerate Drought
GrosmontModerate Drought
Island LakeModerate Drought
OyenAbnormally Dry
EdsonAbnormally Dry
Fox CreekModerate Drought
DerwentAbnormally Dry
BlackfootModerate Drought
DewberryAbnormally Dry
DeliaModerate Drought
AthabascaModerate Drought
RedwaterModerate Drought
ThorhildModerate Drought
FalherExtreme Drought
Swan HillsModerate Drought
MayerthorpeModerate Drought
GarthModerate Drought
Smoky LakeAbnormally Dry
DuvernayAbnormally Dry
Weasel CreekModerate Drought
HemarukaSevere Drought
MonitorSevere Drought
SedaliaSevere Drought
BonnyvilleModerate Drought
Happy HollowAbnormally Dry
Rose LynnModerate Drought
Elk PointModerate Drought
Cold LakeAbnormally Dry
ArdmoreModerate Drought
BeaverdamModerate Drought
La CoreyModerate Drought
KrakowAbnormally Dry
Beaver RiverAbnormally Dry
WillingdonAbnormally Dry
YoungstownModerate Drought
DriftpileModerate Drought
LindberghModerate Drought
Cherry GroveAbnormally Dry
FawcettModerate Drought
McLennanExtreme Drought
HeinsburgModerate Drought
TangentExtreme Drought
WarspiteAbnormally Dry
Fort KentModerate Drought
FresnoyModerate Drought
Two HillsAbnormally Dry
KikinoModerate Drought
St. PaulModerate Drought
GirouxvilleExtreme Drought
Beaver LakeModerate Drought
Big MeadowModerate Drought
DelphAbnormally Dry
WhitelawExceptional Drought
Peace RiverExtreme Drought
HannaModerate Drought
BellisAbnormally Dry
SunnynookModerate Drought
GrimshawExceptional Drought
ConsortSevere Drought
CraigendModerate Drought
DappModerate Drought
StryAbnormally Dry
Rochfort BridgeModerate Drought
AbeeModerate Drought
RadwayModerate Drought
KahwinAbnormally Dry
ClandonaldAbnormally Dry
BrownvaleExceptional Drought
LloydminsterModerate Drought
ChisholmModerate Drought
NorthbankAbnormally Dry
StanmoreModerate Drought
KitscotyModerate Drought
CerealModerate Drought
HoselawModerate Drought
MyrnamAbnormally Dry
DurlingvilleModerate Drought
FranchereModerate Drought
VilnaAbnormally Dry
High PrairieSevere Drought
PollockvilleModerate Drought
RifeModerate Drought
FlatbushModerate Drought
WokingExtreme Drought
NacoSevere Drought
Fort AssiniboineModerate Drought
SexsmithExceptional Drought
FaustModerate Drought
Lac La BicheModerate Drought
TawatinawModerate Drought
GurneyvilleModerate Drought
MarwayneModerate Drought
VeteranSevere Drought
CraigmyleModerate Drought
WaskatenauModerate Drought
PakanAbnormally Dry
Iron RiverModerate Drought
KinusoModerate Drought
EgremontModerate Drought
NampaExtreme Drought
SpondinSevere Drought
AndrewAbnormally Dry
Muriel LakeModerate Drought
DonnellyExtreme Drought
EagleshamExtreme Drought
Green CourtModerate Drought
CoronationSevere Drought
BarichModerate Drought
HolyokeModerate Drought
MeanookModerate Drought
EstherModerate Drought
BerwynExceptional Drought
ScapaSevere Drought
SheernessModerate Drought
Snug CoveModerate Drought
Cherry PointExceptional Drought
SpurfieldAbnormally Dry
WatinoExtreme Drought
FairviewExceptional Drought
JarvieModerate Drought
BlueskyExceptional Drought
EdwandAbnormally Dry
VeniceModerate Drought
PerryvaleModerate Drought
LessardModerate Drought
DowlingModerate Drought
Bonnyville BeachModerate Drought
Slave LakeAbnormally Dry
ManningExtreme Drought
DakinAbnormally Dry
Rich LakeModerate Drought
PhilomenaAbnormally Dry
BondissModerate Drought
NormandeauModerate Drought
Owl RiverAbnormally Dry
Saint LinaModerate Drought
BreynatAbnormally Dry
HyloModerate Drought
Spruce ValleyAbnormally Dry
Amber ValleyModerate Drought
AvenirAbnormally Dry
AlpenModerate Drought
GoodridgeModerate Drought
DonatvilleModerate Drought
AtikamegModerate Drought
SarrailAbnormally Dry
GrasslandAbnormally Dry
Clear PrairieSevere Drought
Imperial MillsAbnormally Dry
BrierevilleModerate Drought
BoscombeModerate Drought
Alpen SidingModerate Drought
DixonvilleExtreme Drought
MallaigModerate Drought
TherienModerate Drought
GlendonModerate Drought
CaslanModerate Drought
AtmoreAbnormally Dry
NotikewinExtreme Drought
HelinaModerate Drought
Calling LakeAbnormally Dry
Fork LakeModerate Drought
Flat LakeModerate Drought
OwlseyeModerate Drought
AmesburyAbnormally Dry
SpeddenModerate Drought
Wandering RiverAbnormally Dry
ChardAbnormally Dry
EllscottModerate Drought
WorsleyExtreme Drought
Blue JayAbnormally Dry
LeismerAbnormally Dry
FrainsAbnormally Dry
AshmontModerate Drought
Pelican PortageAbnormally Dry
NoralModerate Drought
McRaeModerate Drought
PlamondonAbnormally Dry
BoyleModerate Drought
North StarExtreme Drought
MarinaExtreme Drought
Hollow LakeModerate Drought
NewbrookModerate Drought
Saint VincentModerate Drought
TweedieAbnormally Dry
SugdenModerate Drought
Hines CreekExceptional Drought
Buffalo Head PrairieSevere Drought
La CreteSevere Drought
Paddle PrairieSevere Drought
Adams LandingSevere Drought
Fort VermilionSevere Drought
Embarras PortageSevere Drought
Little Red RiverSevere Drought
DevenishAbnormally Dry
ConklinAbnormally Dry
High LevelSevere Drought
Fort ChipewyanSevere Drought
Fort FitzgeraldSevere Drought
Vermilion ChutesSevere Drought
Zama CitySevere Drought
ChatehSevere Drought
Rainbow LakeSevere Drought
Meander RiverSevere Drought