Current Drought Conditions for British Columbia - June 2024

British Columbia Drought Report:

As of June 2024 approximately 55% (546685 square kilometers) of British Columbia is under drought conditions and 32% (314785 square kilometers) is Abnormally dry.

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British Columbia Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Connditions for Cities and Towns in British Columbia

LocationDrought Conditions
LangdaleAbnormally Dry
North VancouverAbnormally Dry
West VancouverAbnormally Dry
Granthams LandingAbnormally Dry
Halfmoon BayAbnormally Dry
GibsonsAbnormally Dry
Roberts CreekAbnormally Dry
MetchosinAbnormally Dry
ClearbrookAbnormally Dry
ClayburnAbnormally Dry
SecheltAbnormally Dry
District of North VancouverAbnormally Dry
GalianoAbnormally Dry
View RoyalAbnormally Dry
Central SaanichAbnormally Dry
SaanichAbnormally Dry
CoquitlamAbnormally Dry
Harrison MillsModerate Drought
Harrison MillsModerate Drought
Minto LandingModerate Drought
RosedaleModerate Drought
Bridal FallsModerate Drought
SilverhillAbnormally Dry
SteelheadAbnormally Dry
DurieuAbnormally Dry
DewdneyAbnormally Dry
Lake ErrockModerate Drought
StraitonAbnormally Dry
HuntingdonAbnormally Dry
South PoplarAbnormally Dry
North PoplarAbnormally Dry
Sahhacum Indian Reserve 1Abnormally Dry
AnmoreAbnormally Dry
BelcarraAbnormally Dry
Harrison Hot SpringsModerate Drought
ColwoodAbnormally Dry
MissionAbnormally Dry
LantzvilleAbnormally Dry
Hopkins LandingAbnormally Dry
RoyAbnormally Dry
Van AndaAbnormally Dry
NodalesAbnormally Dry
White RockAbnormally Dry
AbbotsfordAbnormally Dry
YaleAbnormally Dry
HopeModerate Drought
Bliss LandingAbnormally Dry
ThurlowAbnormally Dry
ChilliwackModerate Drought
Port MellonAbnormally Dry
Church HouseAbnormally Dry
BurnabyAbnormally Dry
VancouverAbnormally Dry
AgassizModerate Drought
MayneAbnormally Dry
GangesAbnormally Dry
LangfordAbnormally Dry
SidneyAbnormally Dry
SookeAbnormally Dry
Oak BayAbnormally Dry
LangleyAbnormally Dry
Mill BayAbnormally Dry
Heriot BayAbnormally Dry
DuncanAbnormally Dry
Campbell RiverAbnormally Dry
Gunnar's LandingAbnormally Dry
Maple RidgeAbnormally Dry
Finn SloughAbnormally Dry
North SaanichAbnormally Dry
HighlandsAbnormally Dry
RuskinAbnormally Dry
WossModerate Drought
SaltairAbnormally Dry
CedarAbnormally Dry
RoystonAbnormally Dry
Gold RiverAbnormally Dry
Nanoose BayAbnormally Dry
North CowichanAbnormally Dry
SurreyAbnormally Dry
DeltaAbnormally Dry
ChemainusAbnormally Dry
CassidyAbnormally Dry
Blind ChannelAbnormally Dry
ComoxAbnormally Dry
CracroftModerate Drought
Port MannAbnormally Dry
TahsisAbnormally Dry
RichmondAbnormally Dry
ExtensionAbnormally Dry
Kingcome InletModerate Drought
Port SimpsonModerate Drought
NanaimoAbnormally Dry
Port CoquitlamAbnormally Dry
New WestminsterAbnormally Dry
Port MoodyAbnormally Dry
Minstrel IslandModerate Drought
Margaret BayModerate Drought
Oona RiverModerate Drought
Port ProgressModerate Drought
LadnerAbnormally Dry
Langley TownshipAbnormally Dry
Hartley BayModerate Drought
Jackson BayModerate Drought
BrackendaleAbnormally Dry
Simoom SoundModerate Drought
Allison HarbourModerate Drought
ButedaleModerate Drought
Rivers InletSevere Drought
ParksvilleAbnormally Dry
SquamishAbnormally Dry
Duncan BayAbnormally Dry
Sullivan BayModerate Drought
WadhamsModerate Drought
Surf InletModerate Drought
Pitt MeadowsAbnormally Dry
JedwayAbnormally Dry
Cobble HillAbnormally Dry
Cowichan BayAbnormally Dry
Lake CowichanAbnormally Dry
Fulford HarbourAbnormally Dry
YoubouAbnormally Dry
Shawnigan LakeAbnormally Dry
CroftonAbnormally Dry
LadysmithAbnormally Dry
BurtonAbnormally Dry
Village of Queen CharlotteAbnormally Dry
Village of Queen CharlotteAbnormally Dry
North PacificModerate Drought
CaspacoModerate Drought
KitamaatModerate Drought
Boston BarAbnormally Dry
CourtenayAbnormally Dry
SilvertonAbnormally Dry
Black CreekAbnormally Dry
BowserAbnormally Dry
ErringtonAbnormally Dry
HarropModerate Drought
KlemtuModerate Drought
Qualicum BeachAbnormally Dry
KincolithSevere Drought
ArrandaleSevere Drought
OslandModerate Drought
MetlakatlaModerate Drought
LockeportAbnormally Dry
PacofiAbnormally Dry
Port McNeillModerate Drought
Refuge BayModerate Drought
Ocean FallsModerate Drought
Great CentralAbnormally Dry
ZeballosAbnormally Dry
Kitimat MissionModerate Drought
TlellAbnormally Dry
HilliersAbnormally Dry
Rose HarbourAbnormally Dry
SkidegateAbnormally Dry
Port EssingtonModerate Drought
Knight InletModerate Drought
Port AliceModerate Drought
LawnhillAbnormally Dry
LyttonModerate Drought
SandspitAbnormally Dry
HaysportModerate Drought
CumberlandAbnormally Dry
Watson IslandModerate Drought
Port ClementsAbnormally Dry
KitimatModerate Drought
Bella CoolaSevere Drought
Port RenfrewAbnormally Dry
New DenverAbnormally Dry
NelsonAbnormally Dry
BalfourModerate Drought
FauquierAbnormally Dry
Crescent ValleyAbnormally Dry
Port AlberniAbnormally Dry
Port HardyModerate Drought
Prince RupertModerate Drought
PentictonModerate Drought
Crawford BayModerate Drought
RevelstokeModerate Drought
PandosySevere Drought
KemanoModerate Drought
PembertonAbnormally Dry
SpuzzumAbnormally Dry
AmsburySevere Drought
GitausSevere Drought
New RemoSevere Drought
KitsaultModerate Drought
KitselasSevere Drought
WinlawAbnormally Dry
Christina LakeAbnormally Dry
NaramataModerate Drought
TerraceSevere Drought
RosswoodSevere Drought
ExstewModerate Drought
Spences BridgeModerate Drought
Nass HarbourSevere Drought
LakelseModerate Drought
StuieModerate Drought
LillooetSevere Drought
HagensborgModerate Drought
AnyoxModerate Drought
SalmoModerate Drought
EdgewoodAbnormally Dry
CascadeAbnormally Dry
CrestonModerate Drought
TrailAbnormally Dry
CastlegarAbnormally Dry
SirdarModerate Drought
ProcterModerate Drought
NakuspModerate Drought
KasloAbnormally Dry
KelownaSevere Drought
KaledenModerate Drought
Lake CountrySevere Drought
WarfieldAbnormally Dry
EllisonSevere Drought
SorrentoModerate Drought
Blind BayModerate Drought
GrindrodModerate Drought
EnderbyModerate Drought
ArmstrongModerate Drought
CelistaModerate Drought
LillooetSevere Drought
AshcroftSevere Drought
KitsumkalumSevere Drought
Whistler VillageAbnormally Dry
PritchardModerate Drought
West KelownaSevere Drought
WhistlerAbnormally Dry
SavonaModerate Drought
GitwinksihlkwModerate Drought
UskSevere Drought
AiyanshModerate Drought
StewartAbnormally Dry
VernonModerate Drought
Monte CreekModerate Drought
SummerlandModerate Drought
SicamousModerate Drought
MalakwaModerate Drought
KeremeosModerate Drought
OliverModerate Drought
ChaseModerate Drought
Salmon ArmModerate Drought
Seymour ArmAbnormally Dry
CherryvilleModerate Drought
SquilaxModerate Drought
SlocanAbnormally Dry
OsoyoosModerate Drought
FruitvaleAbnormally Dry
Grand ForksAbnormally Dry
Okanagan FallsModerate Drought
ClearwaterAbnormally Dry
KamloopsModerate Drought
FalklandModerate Drought
MerrittAbnormally Dry
PrincetonAbnormally Dry
HedleyAbnormally Dry
WoodcockSevere Drought
Copper RiverSevere Drought
FowlerAbnormally Dry
BarrièreModerate Drought
PacificSevere Drought
Alice ArmModerate Drought
RosslandAbnormally Dry
MidwayAbnormally Dry
LumbyModerate Drought
Kootenay LandingModerate Drought
InvermereAbnormally Dry
GreenwoodAbnormally Dry
WasaAbnormally Dry
KragmontAbnormally Dry
CoalmontAbnormally Dry
Lower NicolaAbnormally Dry
WaldoAbnormally Dry
Baynes LakeAbnormally Dry
JaffrayAbnormally Dry
NicolaAbnormally Dry
KitwangaSevere Drought
Cache CreekSevere Drought
QuilchenaAbnormally Dry
Little FortModerate Drought
AlexandriaSevere Drought
TulameenAbnormally Dry
CedarvaleSevere Drought
Soda CreekSevere Drought
PavilionSevere Drought
Canal FlatsAbnormally Dry
ElkoModerate Drought
NewgateAbnormally Dry
Rock CreekAbnormally Dry
Fort SteeleModerate Drought
PeachlandSevere Drought
WindermereAbnormally Dry
Fairmont Hot SpringsAbnormally Dry
WardnerAbnormally Dry
YahkAbnormally Dry
EdgewaterAbnormally Dry
WilmerAbnormally Dry
Tête Jaune CacheAbnormally Dry
AvolaAbnormally Dry
ValemountAbnormally Dry
HazeltonModerate Drought
HixonModerate Drought
BeamentSevere Drought
Williams LakeSevere Drought
Gold BridgeAbnormally Dry
MoricetownExtreme Drought
KispioxModerate Drought
CarnabySevere Drought
QuesnelModerate Drought
StrathnaverModerate Drought
Bulkley CanyonSevere Drought
150 Mile HouseSevere Drought
New HazeltonSevere Drought
GoldenAbnormally Dry
Radium Hot SpringsAbnormally Dry
Blue RiverAbnormally Dry
FernieAbnormally Dry
CranbrookModerate Drought
Prince GeorgeExtreme Drought
HoustonExtreme Drought
TelkwaExtreme Drought
BankierAbnormally Dry
SmithersExtreme Drought
Bear LakeExtreme Drought
Logan LakeModerate Drought
BeaverleyExtreme Drought
PunchawSevere Drought
Black CreekModerate Drought
HydraulicModerate Drought
Salmon ValleyExtreme Drought
KuldoAbnormally Dry
SeatonSevere Drought
BednestiExtreme Drought
ClintonSevere Drought
Summit LakeExtreme Drought
WoodpeckerSevere Drought
McBrideModerate Drought
MacalisterSevere Drought
Jacksons LandingAbnormally Dry
HorseflyModerate Drought
Keithley CreekModerate Drought
WrightSevere Drought
HancevilleSevere Drought
KimberleyModerate Drought
MackenzieSevere Drought
Sun PeaksModerate Drought
Silver Star Mountain ResortModerate Drought
GranisleExtreme Drought
SparwoodAbnormally Dry
Hudson's HopeExtreme Drought
Middle River VillageExtreme Drought
70 Mile HouseSevere Drought
Alexis CreekSevere Drought
TachieExtreme Drought
Fort FraserExtreme Drought
EndakoSevere Drought
Fulton RiverExtreme Drought
Fort Saint JamesExtreme Drought
Old FortExtreme Drought
Lily LakeSevere Drought
Fraser LakeSevere Drought
BabineSevere Drought
Chief LakeExtreme Drought
NoraleeSevere Drought
Chutine LandingAbnormally Dry
MioceneSevere Drought
TopleyExtreme Drought
Mud RiverExtreme Drought
Takla LandingSevere Drought
SpringhouseSevere Drought
Isle PierreExtreme Drought
Nadina RiverSevere Drought
KisgegasAbnormally Dry
100 Mile HouseSevere Drought
AtnarkoModerate Drought
OchiltreeSevere Drought
PinchiExtreme Drought
VanderhoofExtreme Drought
ChetwyndExtreme Drought
Burns LakeExtreme Drought
Tumbler RidgeSevere Drought
Tsey KehAbnormally Dry
Hendrix LakeModerate Drought
Panorama Mountain VillageAbnormally Dry
MarillaSevere Drought
WistariaSevere Drought
Grassy PlainsSevere Drought
Ootsa LakeSevere Drought
ColleymountSevere Drought
TatalroseSevere Drought
TaylorExtreme Drought
East PineExtreme Drought
StreathamSevere Drought
CorbinModerate Drought
Coal CreekModerate Drought
Fort St. JohnExtreme Drought
Dawson CreekExceptional Drought
Pouce CoupeExceptional Drought
WellsModerate Drought
RollaExceptional Drought
FontasExtreme Drought
WareAbnormally Dry
NazkoModerate Drought
Fort NelsonExtreme Drought
Fellers HeightsExtreme Drought
Charlie LakeExtreme Drought
Pine ValleyExceptional Drought
MuskwaExtreme Drought
Germansen LandingSevere Drought
BarkervilleModerate Drought
FieldAbnormally Dry
Kicking Horse Mountain ResortAbnormally Dry
Anahim LakeModerate Drought
McConnell CreekAbnormally Dry
Toad River PostModerate Drought
Chee HouseAbnormally Dry
Nelson ForksSevere Drought
Snake RiverExtreme Drought
Fort HalkettAbnormally Dry
Nig CreekExtreme Drought
McDameAbnormally Dry
Lower PostAbnormally Dry
Old HogemModerate Drought
VictoriaAbnormally Dry
Port EdwardModerate Drought
TofinoAbnormally Dry
BamfieldAbnormally Dry
EsquimaltAbnormally Dry
Alert BayModerate Drought
Denman IslandAbnormally Dry
Britannia BeachAbnormally Dry
Port NevilleModerate Drought
SointulaModerate Drought
Hunts InletModerate Drought
ClaxtonModerate Drought
Bella BellaModerate Drought
Campbell IslandModerate Drought
Quathiaski CoveAbnormally Dry
NamuModerate Drought
New Bella BellaModerate Drought
LundAbnormally Dry
Alliford BayAbnormally Dry
WhaletownAbnormally Dry
GabriolaAbnormally Dry
Blubber BayAbnormally Dry
Lions BayAbnormally Dry
Furry CreekAbnormally Dry
Powell RiverAbnormally Dry
Port ClementsAbnormally Dry
UclueletAbnormally Dry