Current Drought Conditions for Arizona - July 16, 2024

Arizona Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 18% (20931 square miles) of Arizona is under drought conditions and 48% (54649 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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Arizona Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Arizona

LocationDrought Conditions
AguilaAbnormally Dry
ArlingtonAbnormally Dry
AvondaleModerate Drought
BagdadAbnormally Dry
BisbeeModerate Drought
BlackwaterAbnormally Dry
BowieSevere Drought
BryceAbnormally Dry
BuckeyeModerate Drought
BylasAbnormally Dry
Cactus ForestAbnormally Dry
CameronAbnormally Dry
Canyon DayModerate Drought
Casa BlancaAbnormally Dry
Cedar CreekModerate Drought
CentralAbnormally Dry
ChandlerModerate Drought
ChilchinbitoAbnormally Dry
CibecueAbnormally Dry
Citrus ParkModerate Drought
Colorado CityAbnormally Dry
CongressAbnormally Dry
CoolidgeAbnormally Dry
CornfieldsAbnormally Dry
DennehotsoAbnormally Dry
DouglasModerate Drought
DuncanSevere Drought
El MirageModerate Drought
ElfridaModerate Drought
FlorenceAbnormally Dry
Fort ApacheModerate Drought
Fort ThomasAbnormally Dry
FredoniaAbnormally Dry
Gila CrossingModerate Drought
GilbertModerate Drought
GlendaleModerate Drought
GoodyearModerate Drought
GreasewoodAbnormally Dry
GuadalupeModerate Drought
HackberryModerate Drought
HolbrookAbnormally Dry
Huachuca CityAbnormally Dry
Joseph CityAbnormally Dry
KayentaAbnormally Dry
Keams CanyonAbnormally Dry
KearnyAbnormally Dry
KingmanAbnormally Dry
KlagetohAbnormally Dry
Lake Havasu CityAbnormally Dry
Low MountainAbnormally Dry
MaricopaAbnormally Dry
McNealModerate Drought
MesaModerate Drought
MoccasinAbnormally Dry
MoenkopiAbnormally Dry
MorristownModerate Drought
NacoModerate Drought
New RiverModerate Drought
Paradise ValleyModerate Drought
ParkerAbnormally Dry
Peach SpringsModerate Drought
PeoriaModerate Drought
PimaAbnormally Dry
PinonAbnormally Dry
PirtlevilleModerate Drought
PostonAbnormally Dry
Queen CreekAbnormally Dry
Rock PointAbnormally Dry
SacatonAbnormally Dry
SaffordAbnormally Dry
San CarlosAbnormally Dry
San JoseModerate Drought
San SimonSevere Drought
ScottsdaleModerate Drought
SeligmanModerate Drought
Sierra VistaAbnormally Dry
SurpriseModerate Drought
TempeModerate Drought
ThatcherAbnormally Dry
TollesonModerate Drought
TombstoneModerate Drought
Tuba CityAbnormally Dry
WhiteriverModerate Drought
WickenburgAbnormally Dry
WillcoxAbnormally Dry
WinslowAbnormally Dry
WittmannModerate Drought
WoodruffAbnormally Dry
YarnellAbnormally Dry
LeuppAbnormally Dry
JedditoAbnormally Dry
AntaresAbnormally Dry
Cane BedsAbnormally Dry
Cienega SpringsAbnormally Dry
DilkonAbnormally Dry
Indian WellsAbnormally Dry
PalominasModerate Drought
Round RockAbnormally Dry
Swift Trail JunctionModerate Drought
Tees TohAbnormally Dry
ValleModerate Drought
WikieupAbnormally Dry
Cave CreekModerate Drought
Sun LakesAbnormally Dry
Tolani LakeAbnormally Dry
Red RockAbnormally Dry
SunizonaModerate Drought
AlpineModerate Drought
Apache JunctionAbnormally Dry
Ash ForkAbnormally Dry
Black Canyon CityModerate Drought
Camp VerdeAbnormally Dry
CarefreeModerate Drought
Chino ValleyAbnormally Dry
ClarkdaleAbnormally Dry
Clay SpringsAbnormally Dry
ClaypoolAbnormally Dry
CliftonModerate Drought
CornvilleAbnormally Dry
CottonwoodAbnormally Dry
EagarModerate Drought
FlagstaffAbnormally Dry
GiselaAbnormally Dry
GlobeAbnormally Dry
Jakes CornerAbnormally Dry
JeromeAbnormally Dry
Kohls RanchAbnormally Dry
Lake of the WoodsAbnormally Dry
Lake MontezumaAbnormally Dry
LindenAbnormally Dry
MayerAbnormally Dry
McNaryAbnormally Dry
MiamiAbnormally Dry
MountainaireAbnormally Dry
Munds ParkAbnormally Dry
ParksAbnormally Dry
PatagoniaAbnormally Dry
PauldenAbnormally Dry
PaysonAbnormally Dry
PineAbnormally Dry
PinedaleAbnormally Dry
PrescottAbnormally Dry
SedonaAbnormally Dry
SnowflakeAbnormally Dry
SonoitaAbnormally Dry
SpringervilleModerate Drought
Star ValleyAbnormally Dry
StrawberryAbnormally Dry
SuperiorAbnormally Dry
TaylorAbnormally Dry
Tonto VillageAbnormally Dry
VernonAbnormally Dry
Washington ParkAbnormally Dry
WilhoitAbnormally Dry
WilliamsAbnormally Dry
YoungAbnormally Dry
Kino SpringsAbnormally Dry
Fountain HillsModerate Drought
Cordes LakesModerate Drought
Spring ValleyModerate Drought
Miracle ValleyAbnormally Dry
White Mountain LakeAbnormally Dry
Queen ValleyAbnormally Dry
Mesa del CaballoAbnormally Dry
Freedom AcresAbnormally Dry
Oxbow EstatesAbnormally Dry
Christopher CreekAbnormally Dry
KaibabAbnormally Dry
TusayanAbnormally Dry
Show LowAbnormally Dry
Second MesaAbnormally Dry
PhoenixModerate Drought
Pinetop-LakesideAbnormally Dry
First MesaAbnormally Dry
Hotevilla-BacaviAbnormally Dry
SteamboatAbnormally Dry
Tonto BasinAbnormally Dry
Top-of-the-WorldAbnormally Dry
Winslow WestAbnormally Dry
Ak-Chin VillageAbnormally Dry
BluewaterAbnormally Dry
Desert HillsAbnormally Dry
Kachina VillageAbnormally Dry
Kykotsmovi VillageAbnormally Dry
WilliamsonAbnormally Dry
Verde VillageAbnormally Dry
San Tan ValleyAbnormally Dry
Gold CanyonAbnormally Dry
WhetstoneAbnormally Dry