Current Drought Conditions for Arkansas - July 16, 2024

Arkansas Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 16% (8408 square miles) of Arkansas is Abnormally dry with no areas under drought conditions.

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Arkansas Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Arkansas

LocationDrought Conditions
DumasAbnormally Dry
ElaineAbnormally Dry
Green ForestAbnormally Dry
MarvellAbnormally Dry
MonticelloAbnormally Dry
OxfordAbnormally Dry
ShirleyAbnormally Dry
South Lead HillAbnormally Dry
WatsonAbnormally Dry
WinchesterAbnormally Dry
DermottAbnormally Dry
Diamond CityAbnormally Dry
FranklinAbnormally Dry
Lake VillageAbnormally Dry
Lead HillAbnormally Dry
LexaAbnormally Dry
McGeheeAbnormally Dry
MitchellvilleAbnormally Dry
MontroseAbnormally Dry
TillarAbnormally Dry
ReedAbnormally Dry
Horseshoe BendAbnormally Dry
ChesterAbnormally Dry
JasperAbnormally Dry
AlpenaAbnormally Dry
Arkansas CityAbnormally Dry
BellefonteAbnormally Dry
BergmanAbnormally Dry
Calico RockAbnormally Dry
CedarvilleAbnormally Dry
DennardAbnormally Dry
GillettAbnormally Dry
GouldAbnormally Dry
GradyAbnormally Dry
GuionAbnormally Dry
HarrisonAbnormally Dry
LeslieAbnormally Dry
MarshallAbnormally Dry
MelbourneAbnormally Dry
Mountain ViewAbnormally Dry
MountainburgAbnormally Dry
PindallAbnormally Dry
PinevilleAbnormally Dry
PyattAbnormally Dry
SummitAbnormally Dry
Valley SpringsAbnormally Dry
Western GroveAbnormally Dry
YellvilleAbnormally Dry
Helena-West HelenaAbnormally Dry