Current Drought Conditions for California - July 16, 2024

California Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 2% (2554 square miles) of California is under drought conditions and 19% (30967 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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California Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in California

LocationDrought Conditions
CanbyAbnormally Dry
CedarvilleAbnormally Dry
DoyleAbnormally Dry
Fort DickAbnormally Dry
French GulchAbnormally Dry
TwainAbnormally Dry
Palo CedroAbnormally Dry
TopazAbnormally Dry
WalkerAbnormally Dry
Cold SpringsAbnormally Dry
LitchfieldAbnormally Dry
BieberAbnormally Dry
AdinAbnormally Dry
AltaAbnormally Dry
BentonAbnormally Dry
Big BendAbnormally Dry
CalpineAbnormally Dry
CasselAbnormally Dry
DownievilleAbnormally Dry
Dutch FlatAbnormally Dry
Fall River MillsAbnormally Dry
GreenviewAbnormally Dry
Happy CampAbnormally Dry
HiouchiAbnormally Dry
McArthurAbnormally Dry
Montgomery CreekAbnormally Dry
Mountain GateAbnormally Dry
QuincyAbnormally Dry
HornbrookModerate Drought
AlturasAbnormally Dry
BurneyAbnormally Dry
ChesterAbnormally Dry
Crescent CityAbnormally Dry
Diamond SpringsAbnormally Dry
DorrisModerate Drought
DunsmuirAbnormally Dry
EtnaAbnormally Dry
ForesthillAbnormally Dry
Fort JonesAbnormally Dry
Grass ValleyAbnormally Dry
KlamathAbnormally Dry
LoyaltonAbnormally Dry
McCloudAbnormally Dry
MontagueModerate Drought
Mount ShastaAbnormally Dry
PlacervilleAbnormally Dry
ReddingAbnormally Dry
SusanvilleAbnormally Dry
WeedAbnormally Dry
YrekaModerate Drought
Clipper MillsAbnormally Dry
ColevilleAbnormally Dry
ColfaxAbnormally Dry
ColomaAbnormally Dry
Fort BidwellModerate Drought
GasquetAbnormally Dry
BeckwourthAbnormally Dry
CaminoAbnormally Dry
CamptonvilleAbnormally Dry
Clear CreekAbnormally Dry
CrombergAbnormally Dry
Daphnedale ParkAbnormally Dry
DellekerAbnormally Dry
East QuincyAbnormally Dry
GeorgetownAbnormally Dry
GreenvilleAbnormally Dry
HerlongAbnormally Dry
JanesvilleAbnormally Dry
JohnstonvilleAbnormally Dry
KeswickAbnormally Dry
LakeheadAbnormally Dry
MantonAbnormally Dry
MarkleevilleAbnormally Dry
Meadow ValleyAbnormally Dry
Meadow VistaAbnormally Dry
MilfordAbnormally Dry
Nevada CityAbnormally Dry
NewellModerate Drought
North San JuanAbnormally Dry
PikeAbnormally Dry
Pollock PinesAbnormally Dry
PortolaAbnormally Dry
Rough and ReadyAbnormally Dry
ShingletownAbnormally Dry
Sierra CityAbnormally Dry
GraeagleAbnormally Dry
Smith RiverAbnormally Dry
South Lake TahoeAbnormally Dry
TahomaAbnormally Dry
TaylorsvilleAbnormally Dry
TulelakeModerate Drought
WestwoodAbnormally Dry
Shasta LakeAbnormally Dry
Kings BeachAbnormally Dry
Tahoe VistaAbnormally Dry
Lake Almanor WestAbnormally Dry
Coffee CreekAbnormally Dry
Trinity CenterAbnormally Dry
Hamilton BranchAbnormally Dry
Patton VillageAbnormally Dry
TruckeeAbnormally Dry
Alta SierraAbnormally Dry
Lake of the PinesAbnormally Dry
Dollar PointAbnormally Dry
Sierra BrooksAbnormally Dry
VerdiAbnormally Dry
Auburn Lake TrailsAbnormally Dry
Hat CreekAbnormally Dry
East ShoreAbnormally Dry
GreenhornAbnormally Dry
Iron HorseAbnormally Dry
Big RiverAbnormally Dry
BluewaterAbnormally Dry
Mesa VistaAbnormally Dry
Alpine VillageAbnormally Dry
California PinesAbnormally Dry
Lake Almanor Country ClubAbnormally Dry
Plumas EurekaAbnormally Dry
BuckhornAbnormally Dry