Current Drought Conditions for Florida - July 16, 2024

Florida Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 2% (1484 square miles) of Florida is under drought conditions and 33% (23724 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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Florida Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Florida

LocationDrought Conditions
AlthaAbnormally Dry
AlturasAbnormally Dry
ApalachicolaAbnormally Dry
ArcherAbnormally Dry
AuburndaleAbnormally Dry
AucillaAbnormally Dry
Avon ParkAbnormally Dry
Babson ParkAbnormally Dry
BartowAbnormally Dry
BellAbnormally Dry
BlountstownAbnormally Dry
Bowling GreenAbnormally Dry
BranfordAbnormally Dry
BristolAbnormally Dry
BronsonAbnormally Dry
BrookerAbnormally Dry
CallahanModerate Drought
CampbellAbnormally Dry
CampbelltonAbnormally Dry
CarrabelleAbnormally Dry
Cedar KeyAbnormally Dry
ChattahoocheeAbnormally Dry
CocoaAbnormally Dry
Crescent CityAbnormally Dry
Crooked Lake ParkAbnormally Dry
Cross CityAbnormally Dry
Crystal RiverAbnormally Dry
DavenportAbnormally Dry
Daytona Beach ShoresAbnormally Dry
De Leon SpringsAbnormally Dry
DeBaryAbnormally Dry
DeLandAbnormally Dry
DeltonaAbnormally Dry
DundeeAbnormally Dry
DunnellonAbnormally Dry
Eagle LakeAbnormally Dry
East PalatkaAbnormally Dry
EastpointAbnormally Dry
FellsmereAbnormally Dry
Fort Green SpringsAbnormally Dry
Fort MeadeAbnormally Dry
Fort WhiteAbnormally Dry
FrostproofAbnormally Dry
Fuller HeightsAbnormally Dry
GainesvilleAbnormally Dry
GiffordAbnormally Dry
GlencoeAbnormally Dry
Grand RidgeAbnormally Dry
Green Cove SpringsAbnormally Dry
GreensboroAbnormally Dry
GreenvilleAbnormally Dry
GreenwoodAbnormally Dry
Haines CityAbnormally Dry
HamptonModerate Drought
HavanaAbnormally Dry
HawthorneAbnormally Dry
Highland CityAbnormally Dry
HilliardModerate Drought
HomelandAbnormally Dry
Horseshoe BeachAbnormally Dry
HosfordAbnormally Dry
Indian Harbour BeachModerate Drought
InwoodAbnormally Dry
JasperAbnormally Dry
JenningsAbnormally Dry
KathleenAbnormally Dry
Keystone HeightsModerate Drought
KissimmeeAbnormally Dry
La CrosseAbnormally Dry
Lake AlfredAbnormally Dry
Lake ButlerAbnormally Dry
Lake HamiltonAbnormally Dry
Lake HelenAbnormally Dry
Lake WalesAbnormally Dry
LawteyModerate Drought
LeeAbnormally Dry
LimestoneAbnormally Dry
Live OakAbnormally Dry
LloydAbnormally Dry
MacclennyModerate Drought
MadisonAbnormally Dry
MalabarModerate Drought
MaloneAbnormally Dry
MariannaAbnormally Dry
MayoAbnormally Dry
McIntoshAbnormally Dry
MedullaAbnormally Dry
Melbourne BeachModerate Drought
Melbourne VillageModerate Drought
MicanopyAbnormally Dry
MiccoAbnormally Dry
MiddleburgModerate Drought
MonticelloAbnormally Dry
MorristonAbnormally Dry
MulberryAbnormally Dry
New Smyrna BeachAbnormally Dry
OcalaAbnormally Dry
OnaAbnormally Dry
Orange CityAbnormally Dry
PalatkaAbnormally Dry
Palm BayModerate Drought
Penney FarmsAbnormally Dry
PerryAbnormally Dry
PiersonAbnormally Dry
Plant CityAbnormally Dry
Polk CityAbnormally Dry
Pomona ParkAbnormally Dry
Ponce InletAbnormally Dry
QuincyAbnormally Dry
RaifordAbnormally Dry
RaleighAbnormally Dry
ReddickAbnormally Dry
RoselandAbnormally Dry
SevilleAbnormally Dry
SharpesAbnormally Dry
SneadsAbnormally Dry
South DaytonaAbnormally Dry
StarkeModerate Drought
SteinhatcheeAbnormally Dry
Fanning SpringsAbnormally Dry
TrentonAbnormally Dry
Vero BeachAbnormally Dry
WabassoAbnormally Dry
Wabasso BeachAbnormally Dry
WacissaAbnormally Dry
WahnetaAbnormally Dry
WaldoAbnormally Dry
WauchulaAbnormally Dry
WaverlyAbnormally Dry
West MelbourneModerate Drought
White SpringsAbnormally Dry
WillistonAbnormally Dry
Winter BeachAbnormally Dry
Winter HavenAbnormally Dry
Worthington SpringsAbnormally Dry
YankeetownAbnormally Dry
YuleeAbnormally Dry
Zolfo SpringsAbnormally Dry
WaukeenahAbnormally Dry
Fernandina BeachAbnormally Dry
LakelandAbnormally Dry
MelbourneModerate Drought
Fort GreenAbnormally Dry
GardnerAbnormally Dry
GretnaAbnormally Dry
InglisAbnormally Dry
Lemon GroveAbnormally Dry
JacksonvilleAbnormally Dry
Palm CoastAbnormally Dry
Port OrangeAbnormally Dry
SebastianAbnormally Dry
Willow OakAbnormally Dry
Williston HighlandsAbnormally Dry
Beverly HillsAbnormally Dry
Citrus SpringsAbnormally Dry
AstorAbnormally Dry
CrawfordvilleAbnormally Dry
InterlachenAbnormally Dry
Lake CityAbnormally Dry
MidwayAbnormally Dry
PanaceaAbnormally Dry
SopchoppyAbnormally Dry
SumatraAbnormally Dry
WatertownAbnormally Dry
WoodvilleAbnormally Dry
Bradley JunctionAbnormally Dry
AlachuaAbnormally Dry
ChieflandAbnormally Dry
High SpringsAbnormally Dry
NewberryAbnormally Dry
Crescent BeachAbnormally Dry
HastingsAbnormally Dry
TallahasseeAbnormally Dry
AndrewsAbnormally Dry
Black DiamondAbnormally Dry
Lake KathrynAbnormally Dry
Manatee RoadAbnormally Dry
Pine RidgeAbnormally Dry
PoincianaAbnormally Dry
Asbury LakeAbnormally Dry
Butler BeachAbnormally Dry
Combee SettlementAbnormally Dry
Crystal LakeAbnormally Dry
Fussels CornerAbnormally Dry
Lakeland HighlandsAbnormally Dry
LakesideAbnormally Dry
North DeLandAbnormally Dry
SawgrassAbnormally Dry
South Patrick ShoresModerate Drought
West DeLandAbnormally Dry
Grant-ValkariaAbnormally Dry

Drought Conditions for Neighboring Areas