Current Drought Conditions for Idaho - July 16, 2024

Idaho Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 29% (23990 square miles) of Idaho is under drought conditions and 52% (43367 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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Idaho Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Idaho

LocationDrought Conditions
CottonwoodAbnormally Dry
DuboisAbnormally Dry
FranklinAbnormally Dry
GeneseeModerate Drought
HagermanAbnormally Dry
LincolnModerate Drought
MiddletonAbnormally Dry
PlummerModerate Drought
RexburgAbnormally Dry
TetonAbnormally Dry
WestonAbnormally Dry
WinchesterAbnormally Dry
AshtonAbnormally Dry
AtholModerate Drought
BloomingtonAbnormally Dry
Coeur d'AleneModerate Drought
DriggsModerate Drought
Idaho CityAbnormally Dry
MullanSevere Drought
New MeadowsAbnormally Dry
ParisAbnormally Dry
RigginsAbnormally Dry
WallaceSevere Drought
Yellow PineAbnormally Dry
FilerAbnormally Dry
AmmonModerate Drought
ArcoAbnormally Dry
BenningtonAbnormally Dry
BlanchardModerate Drought
Bonners FerryAbnormally Dry
BuhlAbnormally Dry
CareyModerate Drought
CascadeAbnormally Dry
Clark ForkModerate Drought
CouncilAbnormally Dry
CuldesacModerate Drought
Dalton GardensModerate Drought
DietrichAbnormally Dry
DowneyAbnormally Dry
EagleAbnormally Dry
East HopeModerate Drought
EdenAbnormally Dry
Elk CityAbnormally Dry
Elk RiverSevere Drought
FerdinandAbnormally Dry
FirthAbnormally Dry
FruitlandAbnormally Dry
Garden CityAbnormally Dry
Garden ValleyAbnormally Dry
GraceAbnormally Dry
GrangevilleAbnormally Dry
GreenleafAbnormally Dry
HaileyModerate Drought
HarrisonModerate Drought
HauserModerate Drought
HaydenModerate Drought
Hayden LakeModerate Drought
HazeltonAbnormally Dry
HeyburnAbnormally Dry
HomedaleAbnormally Dry
Horseshoe BendAbnormally Dry
HuetterModerate Drought
Idaho FallsModerate Drought
InkomAbnormally Dry
Island ParkAbnormally Dry
JeromeAbnormally Dry
KamiahAbnormally Dry
KelloggSevere Drought
KunaAbnormally Dry
LapwaiModerate Drought
Lava Hot SpringsAbnormally Dry
LewistonModerate Drought
LewisvilleAbnormally Dry
MarsingAbnormally Dry
McCallAbnormally Dry
McCammonAbnormally Dry
MelbaAbnormally Dry
MeridianAbnormally Dry
MidvaleAbnormally Dry
MontpelierAbnormally Dry
MooreModerate Drought
Moyie SpringsAbnormally Dry
NampaAbnormally Dry
New PlymouthAbnormally Dry
NewdaleAbnormally Dry
NezperceAbnormally Dry
NotusAbnormally Dry
OldtownModerate Drought
OrofinoModerate Drought
OsburnSevere Drought
ParkerAbnormally Dry
ParmaAbnormally Dry
PaulAbnormally Dry
PierceSevere Drought
PinehurstSevere Drought
Post FallsModerate Drought
PotlatchModerate Drought
Priest RiverModerate Drought
PrincetonModerate Drought
ShelleyAbnormally Dry
Sugar CityAbnormally Dry
Swan ValleyModerate Drought
AlbionAbnormally Dry
ArimoAbnormally Dry
BancroftAbnormally Dry
BasaltAbnormally Dry
BellevueModerate Drought
CaldwellAbnormally Dry
ChallisAbnormally Dry
De SmetModerate Drought
DecloAbnormally Dry
DoverModerate Drought
EmmettAbnormally Dry
FreedomAbnormally Dry
GeorgetownAbnormally Dry
IonaModerate Drought
IrwinModerate Drought
KetchumModerate Drought
KootenaiModerate Drought
MackayModerate Drought
Mud LakeAbnormally Dry
OnawayModerate Drought
PayetteAbnormally Dry
PeckModerate Drought
PonderayModerate Drought
PrestonAbnormally Dry
RathdrumModerate Drought
RichfieldAbnormally Dry
RigbyModerate Drought
RirieModerate Drought
RobertsAbnormally Dry
Rockford BayModerate Drought
SalmonSevere Drought
SandpointModerate Drought
SmeltervilleSevere Drought
Spirit LakeModerate Drought
StarAbnormally Dry
StitesAbnormally Dry
Sun ValleyModerate Drought
SweetwaterModerate Drought
TetoniaModerate Drought
UconModerate Drought
VictorModerate Drought
WeippeModerate Drought
WeiserAbnormally Dry
WendellAbnormally Dry
WilderAbnormally Dry
WorleyModerate Drought
BovillSevere Drought
BurleyAbnormally Dry
CraigmontAbnormally Dry
DaytonAbnormally Dry
DearyModerate Drought
FairfieldAbnormally Dry
GoodingAbnormally Dry
HamerAbnormally Dry
JuliaettaModerate Drought
KendrickModerate Drought
KooskiaAbnormally Dry
MoscowModerate Drought
ShoshoneAbnormally Dry
Smiths FerryAbnormally Dry
Soda SpringsAbnormally Dry
TroyModerate Drought
WardnerSevere Drought
Fernan Lake VillageModerate Drought
MenanAbnormally Dry
CambridgeAbnormally Dry