Current Drought Conditions for Illinois - July 16, 2024

Illinois Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 6% (3730 square miles) of Illinois is Abnormally dry with no areas under drought conditions.

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Illinois Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Illinois

LocationDrought Conditions
AllenvilleAbnormally Dry
AshmoreAbnormally Dry
AssumptionAbnormally Dry
Beecher CityAbnormally Dry
BethanyAbnormally Dry
Blue MoundAbnormally Dry
BoodyAbnormally Dry
CaseyAbnormally Dry
CharlestonAbnormally Dry
CoaltonAbnormally Dry
CowdenAbnormally Dry
Dalton CityAbnormally Dry
DecaturAbnormally Dry
FindlayAbnormally Dry
GaysAbnormally Dry
GreenupAbnormally Dry
HarristownAbnormally Dry
HerrickAbnormally Dry
HidalgoAbnormally Dry
HutsonvilleAbnormally Dry
JewettAbnormally Dry
KansasAbnormally Dry
LaPlaceAbnormally Dry
LernaAbnormally Dry
Long CreekAbnormally Dry
LovingtonAbnormally Dry
MaconAbnormally Dry
MarshallAbnormally Dry
MartinsvilleAbnormally Dry
MattoonAbnormally Dry
Mount ZionAbnormally Dry
MoweaquaAbnormally Dry
NeogaAbnormally Dry
NokomisAbnormally Dry
OconeeAbnormally Dry
OhlmanAbnormally Dry
OwanecoAbnormally Dry
PanaAbnormally Dry
ParisAbnormally Dry
ShelbyvilleAbnormally Dry
ShumwayAbnormally Dry
SigelAbnormally Dry
StewardsonAbnormally Dry
StoningtonAbnormally Dry
StrasburgAbnormally Dry
SullivanAbnormally Dry
TaylorvilleAbnormally Dry
ToledoAbnormally Dry
Tower HillAbnormally Dry
VermilionAbnormally Dry
West UnionAbnormally Dry
WestfieldAbnormally Dry
WindsorAbnormally Dry