Current Drought Conditions for Indiana - June 18, 2024

Indiana Drought Report:

As of June 18, 2024 approximately 74% (26849 square miles) of Indiana is Abnormally dry with no areas under drought conditions.

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Indiana Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Indiana

LocationDrought Conditions
AdvanceAbnormally Dry
AkronAbnormally Dry
AlbanyAbnormally Dry
AlexandriaAbnormally Dry
AmboyAbnormally Dry
AmericusAbnormally Dry
AmoAbnormally Dry
AndersonAbnormally Dry
AndrewsAbnormally Dry
ArcadiaAbnormally Dry
ArlingtonAbnormally Dry
AtlantaAbnormally Dry
AtticaAbnormally Dry
AvonAbnormally Dry
BainbridgeAbnormally Dry
BargersvilleAbnormally Dry
BatesvilleAbnormally Dry
Battle GroundAbnormally Dry
BerneAbnormally Dry
BicknellAbnormally Dry
BlanfordAbnormally Dry
BloomfieldAbnormally Dry
BloomingdaleAbnormally Dry
BloomingtonAbnormally Dry
BlufftonAbnormally Dry
BordenAbnormally Dry
BostonAbnormally Dry
BoswellAbnormally Dry
BrazilAbnormally Dry
BrightAbnormally Dry
BrooklynAbnormally Dry
BrookstonAbnormally Dry
BrookvilleAbnormally Dry
BrownsburgAbnormally Dry
BrownstownAbnormally Dry
BrucevilleAbnormally Dry
BryantAbnormally Dry
BurketAbnormally Dry
BurlingtonAbnormally Dry
ButlervilleAbnormally Dry
CadizAbnormally Dry
Cambridge CityAbnormally Dry
CamdenAbnormally Dry
CarmelAbnormally Dry
CarthageAbnormally Dry
CayugaAbnormally Dry
Center PointAbnormally Dry
CentervilleAbnormally Dry
ChalmersAbnormally Dry
CharlestownAbnormally Dry
ChesterfieldAbnormally Dry
CiceroAbnormally Dry
Clay CityAbnormally Dry
ClaypoolAbnormally Dry
ClaytonAbnormally Dry
CliffordAbnormally Dry
ClintonAbnormally Dry
CloverdaleAbnormally Dry
CoalmontAbnormally Dry
CoatesvilleAbnormally Dry
ColburnAbnormally Dry
ColfaxAbnormally Dry
CollegevilleAbnormally Dry
Columbia CityAbnormally Dry
ColumbusAbnormally Dry
ConnersvilleAbnormally Dry
ConverseAbnormally Dry
CorydonAbnormally Dry
Country Club HeightsAbnormally Dry
CovingtonAbnormally Dry
CrandallAbnormally Dry
CraneAbnormally Dry
CrawfordsvilleAbnormally Dry
CrothersvilleAbnormally Dry
CulverAbnormally Dry
CynthianaAbnormally Dry
DaleAbnormally Dry
DalevilleAbnormally Dry
DanaAbnormally Dry
DanvilleAbnormally Dry
DarmstadtAbnormally Dry
DaytonAbnormally Dry
DeckerAbnormally Dry
DelphiAbnormally Dry
DenverAbnormally Dry
DuboisAbnormally Dry
DunkirkAbnormally Dry
DunreithAbnormally Dry
DupontAbnormally Dry
East GermantownAbnormally Dry
EatonAbnormally Dry
EconomyAbnormally Dry
EdgewoodAbnormally Dry
EdinburghAbnormally Dry
EdwardsportAbnormally Dry
ElberfeldAbnormally Dry
ElizabethtownAbnormally Dry
EllettsvilleAbnormally Dry
ElnoraAbnormally Dry
ElwoodAbnormally Dry
EmisonAbnormally Dry
EnglishAbnormally Dry
FairlandAbnormally Dry
FairmountAbnormally Dry
FarmlandAbnormally Dry
FerdinandAbnormally Dry
FillmoreAbnormally Dry
FishersAbnormally Dry
FloraAbnormally Dry
FontanetAbnormally Dry
Fort BranchAbnormally Dry
FortvilleAbnormally Dry
Fountain CityAbnormally Dry
FowlerAbnormally Dry
FowlertonAbnormally Dry
FranciscoAbnormally Dry
FrankfortAbnormally Dry
FranklinAbnormally Dry
FranktonAbnormally Dry
FredericksburgAbnormally Dry
FreelandvilleAbnormally Dry
FultonAbnormally Dry
GalenaAbnormally Dry
Gas CityAbnormally Dry
GastonAbnormally Dry
GenevaAbnormally Dry
GentryvilleAbnormally Dry
GeorgetownAbnormally Dry
GlenwoodAbnormally Dry
GoodlandAbnormally Dry
GosportAbnormally Dry
GreencastleAbnormally Dry
GreendaleAbnormally Dry
Greens ForkAbnormally Dry
GreentownAbnormally Dry
GreenvilleAbnormally Dry
GreenwoodAbnormally Dry
GriffinAbnormally Dry
HanoverAbnormally Dry
HarrodsburgAbnormally Dry
Hartford CityAbnormally Dry
HartsvilleAbnormally Dry
HaubstadtAbnormally Dry
HaydenAbnormally Dry
HazletonAbnormally Dry
HerbstAbnormally Dry
HollandAbnormally Dry
HoltonAbnormally Dry
HomecroftAbnormally Dry
HopeAbnormally Dry
HuntingburgAbnormally Dry
HuntingtonAbnormally Dry
HymeraAbnormally Dry
IngallsAbnormally Dry
JalapaAbnormally Dry
JamestownAbnormally Dry
JasonvilleAbnormally Dry
JasperAbnormally Dry
JonesboroAbnormally Dry
JonesvilleAbnormally Dry
KemptonAbnormally Dry
KennardAbnormally Dry
KentlandAbnormally Dry
KewannaAbnormally Dry
KingmanAbnormally Dry
KirklinAbnormally Dry
KnightstownAbnormally Dry
KokomoAbnormally Dry
LadogaAbnormally Dry
LafayetteAbnormally Dry
LaketonAbnormally Dry
LandessAbnormally Dry
LapelAbnormally Dry
LarwillAbnormally Dry
LaurelAbnormally Dry
LawrenceAbnormally Dry
LeavenworthAbnormally Dry
LebanonAbnormally Dry
LewisvilleAbnormally Dry
LibertyAbnormally Dry
LindenAbnormally Dry
LintonAbnormally Dry
LiztonAbnormally Dry
LogansportAbnormally Dry
LoogooteeAbnormally Dry
LosantvilleAbnormally Dry
LynnAbnormally Dry
LynnvilleAbnormally Dry
LyonsAbnormally Dry
MackeyAbnormally Dry
MacyAbnormally Dry
ManillaAbnormally Dry
MarionAbnormally Dry
MarkleAbnormally Dry
MarklevilleAbnormally Dry
MarshallAbnormally Dry
MartinsvilleAbnormally Dry
MatthewsAbnormally Dry
MeccaAbnormally Dry
MedoraAbnormally Dry
MellottAbnormally Dry
MentoneAbnormally Dry
MeromAbnormally Dry
MetamoraAbnormally Dry
MexicoAbnormally Dry
MichigantownAbnormally Dry
MiddletownAbnormally Dry
MilanAbnormally Dry
MillhousenAbnormally Dry
MilltownAbnormally Dry
MilroyAbnormally Dry
MiltonAbnormally Dry
MitchellAbnormally Dry
ModocAbnormally Dry
MonroeAbnormally Dry
Monroe CityAbnormally Dry
MonroviaAbnormally Dry
MontezumaAbnormally Dry
MontgomeryAbnormally Dry
MontmorenciAbnormally Dry
MontpelierAbnormally Dry
MoorelandAbnormally Dry
Moores HillAbnormally Dry
MooresvilleAbnormally Dry
MorgantownAbnormally Dry
MorristownAbnormally Dry
Mount AuburnAbnormally Dry
Mount EtnaAbnormally Dry
Mount SummitAbnormally Dry
MulberryAbnormally Dry
MuncieAbnormally Dry
NapoleonAbnormally Dry
NashvilleAbnormally Dry
New CastleAbnormally Dry
New GoshenAbnormally Dry
New HarmonyAbnormally Dry
New PalestineAbnormally Dry
New PekinAbnormally Dry
New PointAbnormally Dry
New RichmondAbnormally Dry
New RossAbnormally Dry
New SalisburyAbnormally Dry
New TrentonAbnormally Dry
New WhitelandAbnormally Dry
NewberryAbnormally Dry
NewportAbnormally Dry
NewtownAbnormally Dry
NoblesvilleAbnormally Dry
North ManchesterAbnormally Dry
North SalemAbnormally Dry
North Terre HauteAbnormally Dry
North VernonAbnormally Dry
North WebsterAbnormally Dry
Oakland CityAbnormally Dry
OaktownAbnormally Dry
OdonAbnormally Dry
OrestesAbnormally Dry
OrleansAbnormally Dry
OsgoodAbnormally Dry
OssianAbnormally Dry
OtterbeinAbnormally Dry
OtwellAbnormally Dry
OwensvilleAbnormally Dry
OxfordAbnormally Dry
PalmyraAbnormally Dry
ParagonAbnormally Dry
Parker CityAbnormally Dry
PatokaAbnormally Dry
PendletonAbnormally Dry
PennvilleAbnormally Dry
PerrysvilleAbnormally Dry
PeruAbnormally Dry
PiercetonAbnormally Dry
Pine VillageAbnormally Dry
PittsboroAbnormally Dry
PlainfieldAbnormally Dry
PlainvilleAbnormally Dry
Point IsabelAbnormally Dry
PonetoAbnormally Dry
PortlandAbnormally Dry
PoseyvilleAbnormally Dry
RagsdaleAbnormally Dry
RedkeyAbnormally Dry
RemingtonAbnormally Dry
RichmondAbnormally Dry
RidgevilleAbnormally Dry
RileyAbnormally Dry
RoachdaleAbnormally Dry
RoannAbnormally Dry
RochesterAbnormally Dry
RockvilleAbnormally Dry
Rocky RippleAbnormally Dry
RosedaleAbnormally Dry
RossvilleAbnormally Dry
RushvilleAbnormally Dry
RussellvilleAbnormally Dry
RussiavilleAbnormally Dry
SalamoniaAbnormally Dry
SalemAbnormally Dry
SandbornAbnormally Dry
SaratogaAbnormally Dry
ScipioAbnormally Dry
ScotlandAbnormally Dry
ScottsburgAbnormally Dry
SeelyvilleAbnormally Dry
SelmaAbnormally Dry
SeymourAbnormally Dry
ShadelandAbnormally Dry
SharpsvilleAbnormally Dry
ShelburnAbnormally Dry
ShelbyvilleAbnormally Dry
ShepardsvilleAbnormally Dry
SheridanAbnormally Dry
ShirleyAbnormally Dry
ShoalsAbnormally Dry
Silver LakeAbnormally Dry
SimsAbnormally Dry
SomersetAbnormally Dry
SomervilleAbnormally Dry
South WhitleyAbnormally Dry
SpencerAbnormally Dry
SpicelandAbnormally Dry
Spring GroveAbnormally Dry
Spring LakeAbnormally Dry
SpringportAbnormally Dry
StilesvilleAbnormally Dry
StinesvilleAbnormally Dry
StockwellAbnormally Dry
StraughnAbnormally Dry
SullivanAbnormally Dry
Sulphur SpringsAbnormally Dry
SummitvilleAbnormally Dry
SunmanAbnormally Dry
SpurgeonAbnormally Dry
SwayzeeAbnormally Dry
SweetserAbnormally Dry
Switz CityAbnormally Dry
TaylorsvilleAbnormally Dry
TecumsehAbnormally Dry
Terre HauteAbnormally Dry
ThorntownAbnormally Dry
TiptonAbnormally Dry
Toad HopAbnormally Dry
TrafalgarAbnormally Dry
Tri-LakesAbnormally Dry
UlenAbnormally Dry
Union CityAbnormally Dry
UniondaleAbnormally Dry
UniversalAbnormally Dry
UplandAbnormally Dry
ValloniaAbnormally Dry
Van BurenAbnormally Dry
VernonAbnormally Dry
VersaillesAbnormally Dry
VincennesAbnormally Dry
WabashAbnormally Dry
WaldronAbnormally Dry
WaltonAbnormally Dry
WarrenAbnormally Dry
WarsawAbnormally Dry
WashingtonAbnormally Dry
WavelandAbnormally Dry
WaynetownAbnormally Dry
West College CornerAbnormally Dry
West HarrisonAbnormally Dry
West LafayetteAbnormally Dry
West LebanonAbnormally Dry
West Terre HauteAbnormally Dry
WestfieldAbnormally Dry
WestportAbnormally Dry
WheatlandAbnormally Dry
WhitelandAbnormally Dry
WhitestownAbnormally Dry
WilkinsonAbnormally Dry
Williams CreekAbnormally Dry
WilliamsportAbnormally Dry
WinchesterAbnormally Dry
WingateAbnormally Dry
Winona LakeAbnormally Dry
WinslowAbnormally Dry
WolcottAbnormally Dry
WorthingtonAbnormally Dry
WynnedaleAbnormally Dry
YeomanAbnormally Dry
YorktownAbnormally Dry
ZionsvilleAbnormally Dry
DecaturAbnormally Dry
Shamrock LakesAbnormally Dry
DuggerAbnormally Dry
Buck CreekAbnormally Dry
Bunker HillAbnormally Dry
CampbellsburgAbnormally Dry
CannelburgAbnormally Dry
Cedar GroveAbnormally Dry
Clarks HillAbnormally Dry
Earl ParkAbnormally Dry
FarmersburgAbnormally Dry
GreensburgAbnormally Dry
La FontaineAbnormally Dry
LagroAbnormally Dry
LeesburgAbnormally Dry
Little YorkAbnormally Dry
New MarketAbnormally Dry
OldenburgAbnormally Dry
PetersburgAbnormally Dry
SaltilloAbnormally Dry
Santa ClausAbnormally Dry
SellersburgAbnormally Dry
VeedersburgAbnormally Dry
GreenfieldAbnormally Dry
StauntonAbnormally Dry
AvocaAbnormally Dry
BedfordAbnormally Dry
BirdseyeAbnormally Dry
FreetownAbnormally Dry
French LickAbnormally Dry
HardinsburgAbnormally Dry
MarengoAbnormally Dry
OoliticAbnormally Dry
OwensburgAbnormally Dry
PaoliAbnormally Dry
West Baden SpringsAbnormally Dry
WilliamsAbnormally Dry
DublinAbnormally Dry
GalvestonAbnormally Dry
HagerstownAbnormally Dry
PrincetonAbnormally Dry
Etna GreenAbnormally Dry
IndianapolisAbnormally Dry
McCordsvilleAbnormally Dry
Hidden ValleyAbnormally Dry
Country Squire LakesAbnormally Dry
Lake HolidayAbnormally Dry
Van Bibber LakeAbnormally Dry
Heritage LakeAbnormally Dry
Painted HillsAbnormally Dry
Cordry Sweetwater LakesAbnormally Dry