Current Drought Conditions for Indiana - July 16, 2024

Indiana Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 13% (4697 square miles) of Indiana is Abnormally dry with no areas under drought conditions.

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Indiana Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Indiana

LocationDrought Conditions
AlbanyAbnormally Dry
AuroraAbnormally Dry
BatesvilleAbnormally Dry
BlanfordAbnormally Dry
BloomingdaleAbnormally Dry
BrazilAbnormally Dry
BrightAbnormally Dry
BrookvilleAbnormally Dry
BrownstownAbnormally Dry
ButlervilleAbnormally Dry
CayugaAbnormally Dry
Center PointAbnormally Dry
ClintonAbnormally Dry
CrothersvilleAbnormally Dry
DanaAbnormally Dry
DillsboroAbnormally Dry
DupontAbnormally Dry
ElizabethtownAbnormally Dry
FarmlandAbnormally Dry
FontanetAbnormally Dry
GreendaleAbnormally Dry
HanoverAbnormally Dry
HaydenAbnormally Dry
HoltonAbnormally Dry
JonesvilleAbnormally Dry
KingmanAbnormally Dry
LawrenceburgAbnormally Dry
MarshallAbnormally Dry
MeccaAbnormally Dry
MilanAbnormally Dry
MillhousenAbnormally Dry
MontezumaAbnormally Dry
Moores HillAbnormally Dry
NapoleonAbnormally Dry
New GoshenAbnormally Dry
New PointAbnormally Dry
New TrentonAbnormally Dry
NewportAbnormally Dry
North Terre HauteAbnormally Dry
North VernonAbnormally Dry
OsgoodAbnormally Dry
Parker CityAbnormally Dry
PatriotAbnormally Dry
PortlandAbnormally Dry
RidgevilleAbnormally Dry
RileyAbnormally Dry
RockvilleAbnormally Dry
RosedaleAbnormally Dry
SalamoniaAbnormally Dry
SaratogaAbnormally Dry
ScipioAbnormally Dry
ScottsburgAbnormally Dry
SeelyvilleAbnormally Dry
SelmaAbnormally Dry
SeymourAbnormally Dry
ShepardsvilleAbnormally Dry
SunmanAbnormally Dry
TecumsehAbnormally Dry
Terre HauteAbnormally Dry
Toad HopAbnormally Dry
Union CityAbnormally Dry
UniversalAbnormally Dry
VernonAbnormally Dry
VersaillesAbnormally Dry
West College CornerAbnormally Dry
West HarrisonAbnormally Dry
West Terre HauteAbnormally Dry
WestportAbnormally Dry
WinchesterAbnormally Dry
Cedar GroveAbnormally Dry
GreensburgAbnormally Dry
Little YorkAbnormally Dry
OldenburgAbnormally Dry
Rising SunAbnormally Dry
StauntonAbnormally Dry
Hidden ValleyAbnormally Dry
Country Squire LakesAbnormally Dry