Current Drought Conditions for Iowa - June 18, 2024

Iowa Drought Report:

As of June 18, 2024 approximately 31% (17365 square miles) of Iowa is Abnormally dry with no areas under drought conditions.

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Iowa Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Iowa

LocationDrought Conditions
AgencyAbnormally Dry
AinsworthAbnormally Dry
AlbiaAbnormally Dry
AlburnettAbnormally Dry
AllemanAbnormally Dry
AllertonAbnormally Dry
AmanaAbnormally Dry
AndoverAbnormally Dry
ArlingtonAbnormally Dry
AtalissaAbnormally Dry
AtkinsAbnormally Dry
AuroraAbnormally Dry
BagleyAbnormally Dry
Barnes CityAbnormally Dry
BataviaAbnormally Dry
BaxterAbnormally Dry
BayardAbnormally Dry
BeaverdaleAbnormally Dry
Belle PlaineAbnormally Dry
BertramAbnormally Dry
BettendorfAbnormally Dry
BirminghamAbnormally Dry
BlairstownAbnormally Dry
BlakesburgAbnormally Dry
BloomfieldAbnormally Dry
Blue GrassAbnormally Dry
BonaparteAbnormally Dry
BrandonAbnormally Dry
BrightonAbnormally Dry
BrooklynAbnormally Dry
BuffaloAbnormally Dry
BurlingtonAbnormally Dry
CalmarAbnormally Dry
CamancheAbnormally Dry
CambridgeAbnormally Dry
CantrilAbnormally Dry
CastaliaAbnormally Dry
Center PointAbnormally Dry
CentervilleAbnormally Dry
Central CityAbnormally Dry
CharitonAbnormally Dry
CharlotteAbnormally Dry
ChelseaAbnormally Dry
CincinnatiAbnormally Dry
ClermontAbnormally Dry
ClintonAbnormally Dry
ClutierAbnormally Dry
CoggonAbnormally Dry
ColesburgAbnormally Dry
CollinsAbnormally Dry
Columbus CityAbnormally Dry
Columbus JunctionAbnormally Dry
ConesvilleAbnormally Dry
ConroyAbnormally Dry
CorydonAbnormally Dry
CrawfordsvilleAbnormally Dry
DanvilleAbnormally Dry
DavenportAbnormally Dry
DawsonAbnormally Dry
DeWittAbnormally Dry
Deep RiverAbnormally Dry
DelawareAbnormally Dry
DelmarAbnormally Dry
DeltaAbnormally Dry
DenmarkAbnormally Dry
DerbyAbnormally Dry
DixonAbnormally Dry
DonahueAbnormally Dry
DonnellsonAbnormally Dry
DrakesvilleAbnormally Dry
DundeeAbnormally Dry
DunkertonAbnormally Dry
DurantAbnormally Dry
DysartAbnormally Dry
EddyvilleAbnormally Dry
EdgewoodAbnormally Dry
ElberonAbnormally Dry
EldonAbnormally Dry
ElginAbnormally Dry
Elk Run HeightsAbnormally Dry
ElkaderAbnormally Dry
ElkhartAbnormally Dry
ElyAbnormally Dry
EvansdaleAbnormally Dry
ExlineAbnormally Dry
FairbankAbnormally Dry
FairfaxAbnormally Dry
FairfieldAbnormally Dry
FarmersburgAbnormally Dry
FarmingtonAbnormally Dry
FayetteAbnormally Dry
FergusonAbnormally Dry
FlorisAbnormally Dry
Fort AtkinsonAbnormally Dry
Fort MadisonAbnormally Dry
FranklinAbnormally Dry
FredericksburgAbnormally Dry
FrederikaAbnormally Dry
FredoniaAbnormally Dry
FremontAbnormally Dry
FruitlandAbnormally Dry
GarberAbnormally Dry
Garden GroveAbnormally Dry
GarnavilloAbnormally Dry
GarrisonAbnormally Dry
GarwinAbnormally Dry
GilbertvilleAbnormally Dry
GilmanAbnormally Dry
GladbrookAbnormally Dry
Goose LakeAbnormally Dry
Grand MoundAbnormally Dry
GrandviewAbnormally Dry
GreeleyAbnormally Dry
Green MountainAbnormally Dry
GrinnellAbnormally Dry
GuttenbergAbnormally Dry
HartwickAbnormally Dry
HaverhillAbnormally Dry
HawkeyeAbnormally Dry
HazletonAbnormally Dry
HedrickAbnormally Dry
HiawathaAbnormally Dry
HillsAbnormally Dry
HillsboroAbnormally Dry
HomesteadAbnormally Dry
HoughtonAbnormally Dry
HumestonAbnormally Dry
IndependenceAbnormally Dry
Iowa CityAbnormally Dry
JamaicaAbnormally Dry
JesupAbnormally Dry
KalonaAbnormally Dry
KelloggAbnormally Dry
KeokukAbnormally Dry
KeosauquaAbnormally Dry
KeotaAbnormally Dry
KeystoneAbnormally Dry
KirkvilleAbnormally Dry
La Porte CityAbnormally Dry
LadoraAbnormally Dry
LamontAbnormally Dry
LaurelAbnormally Dry
LawlerAbnormally Dry
Le GrandAbnormally Dry
LettsAbnormally Dry
LibertyvilleAbnormally Dry
LinevilleAbnormally Dry
LockridgeAbnormally Dry
Lone TreeAbnormally Dry
Long GroveAbnormally Dry
Low MoorAbnormally Dry
LuanaAbnormally Dry
LynnvilleAbnormally Dry
MalcomAbnormally Dry
ManchesterAbnormally Dry
MarengoAbnormally Dry
MarionAbnormally Dry
MarquetteAbnormally Dry
MarshalltownAbnormally Dry
MasonvilleAbnormally Dry
MaxwellAbnormally Dry
MaynardAbnormally Dry
MaysvilleAbnormally Dry
McCauslandAbnormally Dry
McGregorAbnormally Dry
MediapolisAbnormally Dry
MelbourneAbnormally Dry
MelroseAbnormally Dry
Middle AmanaAbnormally Dry
MiddletownAbnormally Dry
MilesAbnormally Dry
MillertonAbnormally Dry
MiltonAbnormally Dry
MinburnAbnormally Dry
MononaAbnormally Dry
MonroeAbnormally Dry
MontezumaAbnormally Dry
MontourAbnormally Dry
MontroseAbnormally Dry
MoraviaAbnormally Dry
Morning SunAbnormally Dry
MoultonAbnormally Dry
Mount AuburnAbnormally Dry
Mount PleasantAbnormally Dry
Mount UnionAbnormally Dry
MysticAbnormally Dry
New HamptonAbnormally Dry
New LibertyAbnormally Dry
New LondonAbnormally Dry
New SharonAbnormally Dry
NewhallAbnormally Dry
NewtonAbnormally Dry
NicholsAbnormally Dry
NorwayAbnormally Dry
OakvilleAbnormally Dry
OelweinAbnormally Dry
OldsAbnormally Dry
OllieAbnormally Dry
OssianAbnormally Dry
OttumwaAbnormally Dry
OxfordAbnormally Dry
PackwoodAbnormally Dry
PaloAbnormally Dry
PanoraAbnormally Dry
Panorama ParkAbnormally Dry
PerryAbnormally Dry
PostvilleAbnormally Dry
PrairieburgAbnormally Dry
PrincetonAbnormally Dry
ProtivinAbnormally Dry
PulaskiAbnormally Dry
QuasquetonAbnormally Dry
RaymondAbnormally Dry
ReadlynAbnormally Dry
ReasnorAbnormally Dry
RhodesAbnormally Dry
RichlandAbnormally Dry
RidgewayAbnormally Dry
RippeyAbnormally Dry
RiversideAbnormally Dry
RobinsAbnormally Dry
RomeAbnormally Dry
RowleyAbnormally Dry
RussellAbnormally Dry
RyanAbnormally Dry
SabulaAbnormally Dry
SalemAbnormally Dry
SearsboroAbnormally Dry
SeymourAbnormally Dry
SheldahlAbnormally Dry
ShellsburgAbnormally Dry
ShueyvilleAbnormally Dry
SigourneyAbnormally Dry
SlaterAbnormally Dry
South AmanaAbnormally Dry
SpillvilleAbnormally Dry
SpraguevilleAbnormally Dry
StanleyAbnormally Dry
StockportAbnormally Dry
StocktonAbnormally Dry
Strawberry PointAbnormally Dry
SullyAbnormally Dry
SumnerAbnormally Dry
SwisherAbnormally Dry
TamaAbnormally Dry
ToledoAbnormally Dry
TraerAbnormally Dry
TripoliAbnormally Dry
UrbanaAbnormally Dry
Van HorneAbnormally Dry
VictorAbnormally Dry
VintonAbnormally Dry
VolgaAbnormally Dry
WadenaAbnormally Dry
WalcottAbnormally Dry
WalfordAbnormally Dry
WalkerAbnormally Dry
WapelloAbnormally Dry
WashburnAbnormally Dry
WashingtonAbnormally Dry
WaucomaAbnormally Dry
WaylandAbnormally Dry
WellmanAbnormally Dry
WeltonAbnormally Dry
West AmanaAbnormally Dry
West BranchAbnormally Dry
West BurlingtonAbnormally Dry
West LibertyAbnormally Dry
West PointAbnormally Dry
West UnionAbnormally Dry
WestgateAbnormally Dry
WilliamsburgAbnormally Dry
WinfieldAbnormally Dry
WinthropAbnormally Dry
YaleAbnormally Dry
HuxleyAbnormally Dry
RiverdaleAbnormally Dry
SpringbrookAbnormally Dry
EldridgeAbnormally Dry
WiltonAbnormally Dry
MuscatineAbnormally Dry
Cedar RapidsAbnormally Dry
Park ViewAbnormally Dry
Le ClaireAbnormally Dry
Maharishi Vedic CityAbnormally Dry
Holiday LakeAbnormally Dry
Lake PanoramaAbnormally Dry