Current Drought Conditions for Kansas - June 18, 2024

Kansas Drought Report:

As of June 18, 2024 approximately 33% (26870 square miles) of Kansas is under drought conditions and 23% (18747 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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Kansas Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Kansas

LocationDrought Conditions
BurdenAbnormally Dry
AtlantaAbnormally Dry
South HavenAbnormally Dry
CaldwellAbnormally Dry
Bluff CityAbnormally Dry
OxfordAbnormally Dry
WellingtonAbnormally Dry
ArgoniaModerate Drought
MulvaneAbnormally Dry
Belle PlaineAbnormally Dry
Conway SpringsModerate Drought
NorwichSevere Drought
MiltonModerate Drought
SawyerSevere Drought
IsabelSevere Drought
Medicine LodgeSevere Drought
HarperModerate Drought
SharonSevere Drought
AtticaModerate Drought
AnthonyModerate Drought
HardtnerSevere Drought
HazeltonModerate Drought
KiowaModerate Drought
FowlerModerate Drought
MoscowModerate Drought
PlainsModerate Drought
MeadeModerate Drought
SubletteSevere Drought
HugotonModerate Drought
KismetModerate Drought
RollaModerate Drought
LiberalModerate Drought
MinneolaModerate Drought
ColdwaterSevere Drought
AshlandModerate Drought
ProtectionModerate Drought
SeldenAbnormally Dry
Sharon SpringsModerate Drought
WeskanAbnormally Dry
ColbyAbnormally Dry
GemAbnormally Dry
RexfordAbnormally Dry
KanoradoAbnormally Dry
GoodlandModerate Drought
BrewsterModerate Drought
MorlandAbnormally Dry
GrinnellAbnormally Dry
UticaAbnormally Dry
HealyAbnormally Dry
TribuneAbnormally Dry
Scott CityAbnormally Dry
DightonAbnormally Dry
SyracuseAbnormally Dry
LakinModerate Drought
DeerfieldSevere Drought
Garden CityModerate Drought
HolcombModerate Drought
IngallsModerate Drought
CimarronModerate Drought
EnsignModerate Drought
ManterModerate Drought
CopelandModerate Drought
MontezumaModerate Drought
UlyssesSevere Drought
Burr OakAbnormally Dry
MankatoAbnormally Dry
GaylordAbnormally Dry
JewellAbnormally Dry
RandallAbnormally Dry
PortisModerate Drought
Cawker CityModerate Drought
Glen ElderModerate Drought
Hill CityAbnormally Dry
OsborneModerate Drought
DownsModerate Drought
BeloitAbnormally Dry
BogueAbnormally Dry
DamarAbnormally Dry
TiptonModerate Drought
PlainvilleAbnormally Dry
NatomaAbnormally Dry
LucasAbnormally Dry
Sylvan GroveAbnormally Dry
RepublicAbnormally Dry
MundenAbnormally Dry
FormosoAbnormally Dry
CourtlandAbnormally Dry
ScandiaAbnormally Dry
JamestownAbnormally Dry
OfferleAbnormally Dry
KinsleyAbnormally Dry
LewisAbnormally Dry
BelpreAbnormally Dry
St. JohnModerate Drought
StaffordAbnormally Dry
SylviaModerate Drought
PlevnaModerate Drought
ArlingtonSevere Drought
PartridgeSevere Drought
HavenSevere Drought
YoderSevere Drought
BentleySevere Drought
HalsteadSevere Drought
SedgwickSevere Drought
WhitewaterAbnormally Dry
SpearvilleAbnormally Dry
PrestonModerate Drought
TuronModerate Drought
Pretty PrairieSevere Drought
AndaleSevere Drought
Mount HopeSevere Drought
ColwichSevere Drought
Park CityModerate Drought
Valley CenterModerate Drought
WichitaModerate Drought
BentonAbnormally Dry
Fort DodgeModerate Drought
Wilroads GardensModerate Drought
FordModerate Drought
IukaModerate Drought
PrattModerate Drought
CunninghamSevere Drought
KingmanSevere Drought
CheneySevere Drought
Garden PlainSevere Drought
BucklinModerate Drought
MullinvilleModerate Drought
GreensburgModerate Drought
HavilandModerate Drought
ClearwaterModerate Drought
DerbyAbnormally Dry
EllisAbnormally Dry
HaysModerate Drought
CatharineModerate Drought
GorhamModerate Drought
RussellModerate Drought
Bunker HillModerate Drought
MunjorModerate Drought
DorranceModerate Drought
WilsonAbnormally Dry
RansomAbnormally Dry
SchoenchenSevere Drought
LiebenthalSevere Drought
EllsworthAbnormally Dry
KanopolisAbnormally Dry
McCrackenSevere Drought
La CrosseSevere Drought
BisonModerate Drought
OtisModerate Drought
HoisingtonModerate Drought
OdinModerate Drought
ClaflinAbnormally Dry
BushtonAbnormally Dry
HolyroodAbnormally Dry
LorraineAbnormally Dry
Ness CityModerate Drought
BazineModerate Drought
Rush CenterSevere Drought
AlbertModerate Drought
Great BendModerate Drought
Little RiverAbnormally Dry
EllinwoodModerate Drought
ChaseModerate Drought
LyonsAbnormally Dry
HanstonSevere Drought
BurdettModerate Drought
RozelModerate Drought
LarnedModerate Drought
AldenModerate Drought
SterlingModerate Drought
NickersonModerate Drought
JetmoreSevere Drought
GarfieldAbnormally Dry
DelphosAbnormally Dry
AdaAbnormally Dry
BenningtonAbnormally Dry
TalmageAbnormally Dry
CulverAbnormally Dry
AbileneAbnormally Dry
EnterpriseAbnormally Dry
BrookvilleAbnormally Dry
SalinaAbnormally Dry
WoodbineAbnormally Dry
SmolanAbnormally Dry
AssariaAbnormally Dry
GypsumAbnormally Dry
HopeAbnormally Dry
HeringtonAbnormally Dry
MarquetteAbnormally Dry
Lost SpringsAbnormally Dry
InmanModerate Drought
BuhlerSevere Drought
MoundridgeModerate Drought
HesstonModerate Drought
GoesselAbnormally Dry
PeabodyAbnormally Dry
HutchinsonSevere Drought
South HutchinsonSevere Drought
BurrtonSevere Drought
North NewtonModerate Drought
WaltonAbnormally Dry
ElbingAbnormally Dry
LinwoodAbnormally Dry
Bonner SpringsAbnormally Dry
ShawneeAbnormally Dry
Mission WoodsAbnormally Dry
Westwood HillsAbnormally Dry
Roeland ParkAbnormally Dry
LawrenceAbnormally Dry
EudoraAbnormally Dry
De SotoAbnormally Dry
OlatheAbnormally Dry
LenexaAbnormally Dry
Overland ParkAbnormally Dry
Prairie VillageAbnormally Dry
LeawoodAbnormally Dry
HillsdaleAbnormally Dry
BucyrusAbnormally Dry
LouisburgAbnormally Dry
EdgertonAbnormally Dry
GardnerAbnormally Dry
Spring HillAbnormally Dry
NewtonModerate Drought
MacksvilleAbnormally Dry
VictoriaModerate Drought
Pawnee RockModerate Drought
ElkhartModerate Drought
CoolidgeSevere Drought
PalcoAbnormally Dry
Dodge CityModerate Drought
WinonaAbnormally Dry
DetroitAbnormally Dry
TopekaAbnormally Dry
LathamAbnormally Dry
The HighlandsModerate Drought