Current Drought Conditions for Maryland - July 16, 2024

Maryland Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 42% (5221 square miles) of Maryland is under drought conditions and 14% (1725 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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Maryland Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Maryland

LocationDrought Conditions
AccidentSevere Drought
BagtownSevere Drought
Baltimore HighlandsModerate Drought
BartonSevere Drought
BethesdaModerate Drought
BloomingtonSevere Drought
BurtonsvilleModerate Drought
CatonsvilleModerate Drought
CloverlyModerate Drought
CresaptownExtreme Drought
CrisfieldAbnormally Dry
DamascusModerate Drought
DunkirkModerate Drought
EastonAbnormally Dry
Ellicott CityModerate Drought
EmmitsburgModerate Drought
FallstonModerate Drought
FlintstoneSevere Drought
Forest GlenModerate Drought
FrederickModerate Drought
FriendsvilleSevere Drought
FrostburgSevere Drought
FultonModerate Drought
Garrett ParkModerate Drought
GermantownModerate Drought
GrantsvilleSevere Drought
HancockSevere Drought
HebronAbnormally Dry
JeffersonSevere Drought
KeedysvilleSevere Drought
KingsvilleModerate Drought
LaytonsvilleModerate Drought
Loch Lynn HeightsSevere Drought
MadisonAbnormally Dry
MiddletownSevere Drought
MidlandSevere Drought
MoscowSevere Drought
Mount AiryModerate Drought
Mount SavageSevere Drought
MyersvilleSevere Drought
New MarketModerate Drought
OaklandSevere Drought
Owings MillsModerate Drought
ParsonsburgAbnormally Dry
PecktonvilleSevere Drought
PikesvilleModerate Drought
RedlandModerate Drought
RinggoldSevere Drought
Rock HallModerate Drought
RockvilleModerate Drought
SharpsburgSevere Drought
TaneytownModerate Drought
ThurmontModerate Drought
UrbanaModerate Drought
WalkersvilleModerate Drought
WheatonModerate Drought
BierSevere Drought
EdgemontSevere Drought
Garretts MillSevere Drought
TravilahModerate Drought
FairleeModerate Drought
AdamstownSevere Drought
ArbutusModerate Drought
Aspen HillModerate Drought
BarnesvilleModerate Drought
BartonsvilleModerate Drought
Beaver CreekSevere Drought
BoonsboroSevere Drought
Bowling GreenExtreme Drought
Braddock HeightsSevere Drought
BrookevilleModerate Drought
BuckeystownModerate Drought
BurkittsvilleSevere Drought
ButlertownAbnormally Dry
Cabin JohnModerate Drought
CambridgeAbnormally Dry
CarneyModerate Drought
CavetownSevere Drought
CharltonSevere Drought
Chesapeake BeachModerate Drought
ChestertownAbnormally Dry
Clear SpringSevere Drought
CockeysvilleModerate Drought
ColesvilleModerate Drought
CorriganvilleSevere Drought
CroftonModerate Drought
CrownsvilleModerate Drought
CumberlandExtreme Drought
DanvilleSevere Drought
DarganSevere Drought
DarlingtonAbnormally Dry
DarnestownModerate Drought
DealeModerate Drought
Deer ParkSevere Drought
DerwoodModerate Drought
DetmoldSevere Drought
DownsvilleSevere Drought
DundalkModerate Drought
East New MarketAbnormally Dry
EdesvilleModerate Drought
EdgemereModerate Drought
EdgewoodAbnormally Dry
EldersburgModerate Drought
ElkridgeModerate Drought
EllerslieSevere Drought
EssexModerate Drought
FairlandModerate Drought
FairplaySevere Drought
FinzelSevere Drought
Four CornersModerate Drought
FranklinSevere Drought
FriendshipModerate Drought
GalesvilleModerate Drought
GarrisonModerate Drought
GilmoreSevere Drought
GlenmontModerate Drought
GoldsboroAbnormally Dry
GrahamtownSevere Drought
HampsteadModerate Drought
HamptonModerate Drought
HendersonAbnormally Dry
Herald HarborModerate Drought
HighlandModerate Drought
HillandaleModerate Drought
HuntingtownAbnormally Dry
JenningsSevere Drought
JessupModerate Drought
JugtownSevere Drought
KitzmillerSevere Drought
KlondikeSevere Drought
La ValeExtreme Drought
Lake ShoreModerate Drought
LansdowneModerate Drought
LayhillModerate Drought
LeitersburgSevere Drought
LibertytownModerate Drought
LochearnModerate Drought
LonaconingSevere Drought
LukeSevere Drought
LuthervilleModerate Drought
ManchesterModerate Drought
MaplevilleSevere Drought
Mardela SpringsAbnormally Dry
MarydelAbnormally Dry
McCooleSevere Drought
Middle RiverModerate Drought
MidlothianSevere Drought
Mount AetnaSevere Drought
Mount BriarSevere Drought
Mount LenaSevere Drought
Mountain Lake ParkSevere Drought
NationalSevere Drought
North BeachModerate Drought
OlneyModerate Drought
OwingsModerate Drought
OxfordAbnormally Dry
ParkvilleModerate Drought
Perry HallModerate Drought
PittsvilleAbnormally Dry
Point of RocksSevere Drought
PotomacModerate Drought
Potomac ParkExtreme Drought
PylesvilleAbnormally Dry
QuanticoAbnormally Dry
RandallstownModerate Drought
RawlingsSevere Drought
RosedaleModerate Drought
RosemontSevere Drought
SabillasvilleModerate Drought
SalisburyAbnormally Dry
Sandy HookSevere Drought
San MarSevere Drought
SavageModerate Drought
ScaggsvilleModerate Drought
SecretaryAbnormally Dry
SevernModerate Drought
Severna ParkModerate Drought
Shady SideModerate Drought
Silver SpringModerate Drought
SmithsburgSevere Drought
SomersetModerate Drought
SpencervilleModerate Drought
SykesvilleModerate Drought
Taylors IslandAbnormally Dry
TemplevilleAbnormally Dry
TilghmantonSevere Drought
TimoniumModerate Drought
TowsonModerate Drought
TrappeAbnormally Dry
TyaskinAbnormally Dry
Union BridgeModerate Drought
ViennaAbnormally Dry
WesternportSevere Drought
White MarshModerate Drought
White OakModerate Drought
WillardsAbnormally Dry
WilliamsportSevere Drought
WoodlawnModerate Drought
WoodsboroModerate Drought
YarrowsburgSevere Drought
ZihlmanSevere Drought
ChewsvilleSevere Drought
Eckhart MinesSevere Drought
PinesburgSevere Drought
GaithersburgModerate Drought
PoolesvilleSevere Drought
New WindsorModerate Drought
RohrersvilleSevere Drought
Piney PointAbnormally Dry
AnnapolisModerate Drought
WestminsterModerate Drought
BrunswickSevere Drought
AlgonquinAbnormally Dry
AccokeekAbnormally Dry
AdelphiModerate Drought
BaltimoreModerate Drought
BarclayAbnormally Dry
BeltsvilleModerate Drought
Berwyn HeightsModerate Drought
BladensburgModerate Drought
BowieModerate Drought
BrandywineAbnormally Dry
Brock HallModerate Drought
CalvertonModerate Drought
Camp SpringsModerate Drought
Capitol HeightsModerate Drought
CentrevilleModerate Drought
ChesterModerate Drought
ClintonModerate Drought
College ParkModerate Drought
CroomModerate Drought
ForestvilleModerate Drought
FriendlyModerate Drought
GlassmanorModerate Drought
GrasonvilleModerate Drought
GreenbeltModerate Drought
HyattsvilleModerate Drought
KingstownAbnormally Dry
LandoverModerate Drought
LaurelModerate Drought
MorningsideModerate Drought
New CarrolltonModerate Drought
North BrentwoodModerate Drought
Oxon HillModerate Drought
QueenstownModerate Drought
Silver HillModerate Drought
StevensvilleModerate Drought
SuitlandModerate Drought
Upper MarlboroModerate Drought
WoodmoreModerate Drought
Queen AnneModerate Drought
Fort WashingtonAbnormally Dry
HagerstownSevere Drought
Chevy Chase Section ThreeModerate Drought
Chevy Chase Section FiveModerate Drought
Pleasant HillsModerate Drought
Spring RidgeModerate Drought
Montgomery VillageModerate Drought
Bowmans AdditionSevere Drought
Pleasant GroveSevere Drought
Bel AirExtreme Drought
GreensburgSevere Drought
KetteringModerate Drought
Marlboro MeadowsModerate Drought
MarltonModerate Drought
QueenslandModerate Drought
Kemp MillModerate Drought
Lake ArborModerate Drought
Smith IslandAbnormally Dry
Tilghman IslandModerate Drought
Ballenger CreekModerate Drought
Milford MillModerate Drought
North BethesdaModerate Drought
South LaurelModerate Drought
Walker MillModerate Drought
West LaurelModerate Drought
Peppermill VillageModerate Drought