Current Drought Conditions for Missouri - June 18, 2024

Missouri Drought Report:

As of June 18, 2024 approximately 5% (3470 square miles) of Missouri is under drought conditions and 13% (8954 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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Missouri Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Missouri

LocationDrought Conditions
Airport DriveAbnormally Dry
AlbaAbnormally Dry
AlbanyAbnormally Dry
AtlantaModerate Drought
BethelModerate Drought
BevierModerate Drought
BrashearModerate Drought
BrowningModerate Drought
CallaoModerate Drought
CardwellAbnormally Dry
Carl JunctionAbnormally Dry
CartervilleAbnormally Dry
CarthageAbnormally Dry
CentraliaAbnormally Dry
ClarenceModerate Drought
ConceptionAbnormally Dry
Conception JunctionAbnormally Dry
DiamondAbnormally Dry
DuenwegAbnormally Dry
DuquesneAbnormally Dry
East LynneAbnormally Dry
EdinaAbnormally Dry
Gilman CityAbnormally Dry
GlenwoodAbnormally Dry
GreentopAbnormally Dry
Gunn CityAbnormally Dry
HarrisonvilleAbnormally Dry
HollidayModerate Drought
HunnewellModerate Drought
HuntsvilleAbnormally Dry
HurdlandModerate Drought
JacksonvilleModerate Drought
La RussellAbnormally Dry
LacledeAbnormally Dry
LancasterAbnormally Dry
LaredoAbnormally Dry
MadisonModerate Drought
MarcelineAbnormally Dry
MaryvilleAbnormally Dry
McFallAbnormally Dry
MemphisAbnormally Dry
MilanAbnormally Dry
New CambriaModerate Drought
New LondonAbnormally Dry
NewtownAbnormally Dry
NoveltyModerate Drought
NovingerModerate Drought
ParisModerate Drought
ParnellAbnormally Dry
PeculiarAbnormally Dry
PerryAbnormally Dry
Pleasant HillAbnormally Dry
PrincetonAbnormally Dry
PurcellAbnormally Dry
Queen CityAbnormally Dry
RavenwoodAbnormally Dry
RaymoreAbnormally Dry
RensselaerModerate Drought
ShelbinaModerate Drought
ShelbyvilleModerate Drought
SheridanAbnormally Dry
StanberryAbnormally Dry
Stotts CityAbnormally Dry
TrentonAbnormally Dry
Webb CityAbnormally Dry
WyacondaAbnormally Dry
CairoAbnormally Dry
CenterAbnormally Dry
ClarkAbnormally Dry
MoberlyAbnormally Dry
Monroe CityModerate Drought
RenickAbnormally Dry
KingsvilleAbnormally Dry
BeltonAbnormally Dry
ClevelandAbnormally Dry
FidelityAbnormally Dry
FreemanAbnormally Dry
JoplinAbnormally Dry
Neck CityAbnormally Dry
OronogoAbnormally Dry
SaginawAbnormally Dry
SarcoxieAbnormally Dry
StrasburgAbnormally Dry
West LineAbnormally Dry
BethanyAbnormally Dry
EdinburgAbnormally Dry
GaltAbnormally Dry
New HamptonAbnormally Dry
PattonsburgAbnormally Dry
CoffeyAbnormally Dry
BrookfieldAbnormally Dry
BucklinModerate Drought
DowningAbnormally Dry
EwingAbnormally Dry
Green CityModerate Drought
HannibalAbnormally Dry
KahokaAbnormally Dry
KirksvilleModerate Drought
Knox CityAbnormally Dry
La GrangeAbnormally Dry
La BelleAbnormally Dry
LewistownAbnormally Dry
MaconModerate Drought
MercerAbnormally Dry
PurdinAbnormally Dry
WaylandAbnormally Dry
WorthingtonAbnormally Dry
LinneusAbnormally Dry
PalmyraModerate Drought
UnionvilleAbnormally Dry
La PlataModerate Drought
CarytownAbnormally Dry
EllsinoreAbnormally Dry
HunterAbnormally Dry
Van BurenAbnormally Dry
BallwinAbnormally Dry
Bellefontaine NeighborsAbnormally Dry
Bellerive AcresAbnormally Dry
Black JackAbnormally Dry
BridgetonAbnormally Dry
CharlackAbnormally Dry
ChesterfieldAbnormally Dry
Clarkson ValleyAbnormally Dry
CottlevilleAbnormally Dry
Country Club HillsAbnormally Dry
Creve CoeurAbnormally Dry
Crystal Lake ParkAbnormally Dry
Des PeresAbnormally Dry
EllisvilleAbnormally Dry
Flint HillAbnormally Dry
Flordell HillsAbnormally Dry
FlorissantAbnormally Dry
FrontenacAbnormally Dry
HazelwoodAbnormally Dry
JosephvilleAbnormally Dry
KirkwoodAbnormally Dry
ManchesterAbnormally Dry
Maryland HeightsAbnormally Dry
New MelleAbnormally Dry
O'FallonAbnormally Dry
Portage Des SiouxAbnormally Dry
Sycamore HillsAbnormally Dry
Town and CountryAbnormally Dry
Twin OaksAbnormally Dry
Valley ParkAbnormally Dry
Weldon SpringAbnormally Dry
WentzvilleAbnormally Dry
WestwoodAbnormally Dry
WinchesterAbnormally Dry
SpickardAbnormally Dry
Dardenne PrairieAbnormally Dry