Current Drought Conditions for Montana - June 11, 2024

Montana Drought Report:

As of June 11, 2024 approximately 37% (54948 square miles) of Montana is under drought conditions and 55% (80215 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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Montana Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Connditions for Cities and Towns in Montana

LocationDrought Conditions
AmsterdamAbnormally Dry
BelgradeAbnormally Dry
Big ArmAbnormally Dry
Big SandyAbnormally Dry
BozemanModerate Drought
BroadusAbnormally Dry
BrocktonAbnormally Dry
CascadeAbnormally Dry
CharloModerate Drought
ChesterAbnormally Dry
ChinookAbnormally Dry
ChurchillAbnormally Dry
Clyde ParkModerate Drought
CoramModerate Drought
CraneAbnormally Dry
CulbertsonAbnormally Dry
Cut BankAbnormally Dry
DentonAbnormally Dry
DillonModerate Drought
DixonModerate Drought
DrummondSevere Drought
DupuyerAbnormally Dry
EkalakaModerate Drought
ElmoAbnormally Dry
FairfieldModerate Drought
FairviewAbnormally Dry
FallonModerate Drought
Fort Belknap AgencyAbnormally Dry
Fort ShawModerate Drought
FortineAbnormally Dry
FrazerAbnormally Dry
FroidAbnormally Dry
GeraldineAbnormally Dry
GeyserAbnormally Dry
GildfordAbnormally Dry
GlasgowAbnormally Dry
GlendiveModerate Drought
Grass RangeAbnormally Dry
HarlemAbnormally Dry
HarlowtonAbnormally Dry
HavreAbnormally Dry
HaysAbnormally Dry
Heart ButteModerate Drought
HinghamAbnormally Dry
HinsdaleAbnormally Dry
HobsonAbnormally Dry
Hot SpringsModerate Drought
JoplinAbnormally Dry
JordanAbnormally Dry
KevinAbnormally Dry
LavinaAbnormally Dry
LimaModerate Drought
LivingstonModerate Drought
Lodge PoleAbnormally Dry
MaltaAbnormally Dry
ManhattanAbnormally Dry
Medicine LakeAbnormally Dry
MelstoneAbnormally Dry
Miles CityAbnormally Dry
MooreAbnormally Dry
NashuaAbnormally Dry
PabloModerate Drought
PlentywoodAbnormally Dry
PlevnaModerate Drought
PolsonModerate Drought
PoplarAbnormally Dry
PowerAbnormally Dry
RobertsAbnormally Dry
RonanModerate Drought
RoyAbnormally Dry
RudyardAbnormally Dry
RyegateAbnormally Dry
SacoAbnormally Dry
Sand CouleeAbnormally Dry
Santa RitaAbnormally Dry
SavageAbnormally Dry
ScobeyAbnormally Dry
ShelbyAbnormally Dry
SheridanModerate Drought
SidneyAbnormally Dry
SimmsModerate Drought
StanfordAbnormally Dry
Starr SchoolAbnormally Dry
StockettAbnormally Dry
SunburstAbnormally Dry
TerryModerate Drought
Three ForksAbnormally Dry
UlmAbnormally Dry
ValierAbnormally Dry
VaughnAbnormally Dry
Virginia CityModerate Drought
WestbyAbnormally Dry
WhitewaterAbnormally Dry
WibauxAbnormally Dry
Willow CreekAbnormally Dry
WilsallModerate Drought
WinifredAbnormally Dry
Wolf PointAbnormally Dry
YaakAbnormally Dry
RoundupAbnormally Dry
AnacondaModerate Drought
AvonSevere Drought
BearcreekAbnormally Dry
BelknapModerate Drought
BeltAbnormally Dry
BoulderModerate Drought
ButteModerate Drought
CardwellModerate Drought
CarltonModerate Drought
ClintonSevere Drought
CondonModerate Drought
CorvallisModerate Drought
DarbyModerate Drought
Deer LodgeModerate Drought
EllistonModerate Drought
EmigrantModerate Drought
EnnisModerate Drought
EurekaAbnormally Dry
EvergreenModerate Drought
FlorenceModerate Drought
FrenchtownModerate Drought
Gallatin GatewayModerate Drought
GardinerModerate Drought
HamiltonModerate Drought
HeronModerate Drought
Hungry HorseModerate Drought
Jefferson CityModerate Drought
KalispellModerate Drought
KilaAbnormally Dry
LakesideModerate Drought
LibbyAbnormally Dry
LoloModerate Drought
LonepineModerate Drought
MarionAbnormally Dry
Martin CityModerate Drought
MaxvilleSevere Drought
MissoulaModerate Drought
Montana CityModerate Drought
NoxonModerate Drought
OlneyModerate Drought
ParadiseModerate Drought
PhilipsburgModerate Drought
PiltzvilleModerate Drought
Pioneer JunctionAbnormally Dry
PlainsModerate Drought
PonyModerate Drought
PrayModerate Drought
Red LodgeAbnormally Dry
RollinsAbnormally Dry
SomersModerate Drought
StevensvilleModerate Drought
SulaModerate Drought
SuperiorModerate Drought
Swan LakeModerate Drought
Thompson FallsModerate Drought
TownsendModerate Drought
TregoAbnormally Dry
Trout CreekModerate Drought
TroyAbnormally Dry
TurahSevere Drought
Twin BridgesModerate Drought
VictorModerate Drought
WalkervilleModerate Drought
West GlacierModerate Drought
West YellowstoneModerate Drought
White HavenAbnormally Dry
White Sulphur SpringsModerate Drought
WhitefishModerate Drought
WhitehallModerate Drought
WinstonModerate Drought
BataviaModerate Drought
PinesdaleModerate Drought
LewistownAbnormally Dry
Seeley LakeSevere Drought
AugustaModerate Drought
BasinModerate Drought
ChoteauModerate Drought
ClancyModerate Drought
East HelenaModerate Drought
LincolnSevere Drought
LindisfarneAbnormally Dry
Reed PointAbnormally Dry
AbsarokeeAbnormally Dry
AlbertonModerate Drought
AlderModerate Drought
ArleeModerate Drought
AshlandAbnormally Dry
BainvilleAbnormally Dry
BakerModerate Drought
BelfryAbnormally Dry
Big TimberAbnormally Dry
Black EagleAbnormally Dry
BradyAbnormally Dry
BrowningAbnormally Dry
Gibson FlatsAbnormally Dry
Great FallsAbnormally Dry
HelenaModerate Drought
Woods BayModerate Drought
BigforkModerate Drought
RexfordAbnormally Dry
WinnettAbnormally Dry
CircleAbnormally Dry
Columbia FallsModerate Drought
ConradAbnormally Dry
King Arthur ParkModerate Drought
Fort BentonAbnormally Dry
Forest Hill VillageModerate Drought
Bear DanceModerate Drought
Beaver CreekAbnormally Dry
Big SkyModerate Drought
BoneauAbnormally Dry
Camp ThreeAbnormally Dry
HerronAbnormally Dry
JetteModerate Drought
Kings PointModerate Drought
Lewistown HeightsAbnormally Dry
Parker SchoolAbnormally Dry
RiverbendModerate Drought
Turtle LakeModerate Drought
West GlendiveModerate Drought
West HavreAbnormally Dry
WyeModerate Drought
East Glacier Park VillageSevere Drought
Finley PointModerate Drought
North BrowningAbnormally Dry
South BrowningAbnormally Dry
Sun PrairieAbnormally Dry
Fort PeckAbnormally Dry
AzureAbnormally Dry
SangreyAbnormally Dry
South GlastonburyModerate Drought