Current Drought Conditions for Nebraska - June 11, 2024

Nebraska Drought Report:

As of June 11, 2024 approximately 1% (857 square miles) of Nebraska is under drought conditions and 20% (15618 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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Nebraska Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Connditions for Cities and Towns in Nebraska

LocationDrought Conditions
AdamsAbnormally Dry
AlexandriaAbnormally Dry
AlvoAbnormally Dry
AshlandAbnormally Dry
AvocaAbnormally Dry
BeatriceAbnormally Dry
Beaver CrossingAbnormally Dry
BennetModerate Drought
BladenAbnormally Dry
Blue HillAbnormally Dry
BridgeportAbnormally Dry
BroadwaterAbnormally Dry
BruningAbnormally Dry
CampbellAbnormally Dry
Cedar CreekModerate Drought
ChesterAbnormally Dry
ClatoniaModerate Drought
Clay CenterAbnormally Dry
CookAbnormally Dry
CortlandAbnormally Dry
CreteModerate Drought
DaltonAbnormally Dry
DavenportAbnormally Dry
DaykinAbnormally Dry
De WittAbnormally Dry
DentonModerate Drought
DeshlerAbnormally Dry
DorchesterModerate Drought
DunbarAbnormally Dry
EagleAbnormally Dry
EdgarAbnormally Dry
ElmwoodAbnormally Dry
ElsieAbnormally Dry
ExeterAbnormally Dry
FairburyAbnormally Dry
FairfieldAbnormally Dry
FairmontAbnormally Dry
FilleyAbnormally Dry
FirthAbnormally Dry
FriendAbnormally Dry
GarlandAbnormally Dry
GenevaAbnormally Dry
GeringAbnormally Dry
GlenvilAbnormally Dry
GoehnerAbnormally Dry
GraftonAbnormally Dry
GrantAbnormally Dry
GreenwoodAbnormally Dry
GretnaAbnormally Dry
Guide RockAbnormally Dry
HallamModerate Drought
HardyAbnormally Dry
HarrisonAbnormally Dry
HarvardAbnormally Dry
HastingsAbnormally Dry
HebronAbnormally Dry
HemingfordAbnormally Dry
HersheyAbnormally Dry
HickmanModerate Drought
HolsteinAbnormally Dry
JansenAbnormally Dry
JuniataAbnormally Dry
KenesawAbnormally Dry
LawrenceAbnormally Dry
LouisvilleModerate Drought
LymanAbnormally Dry
MadridAbnormally Dry
MalcolmAbnormally Dry
ManleyModerate Drought
MilfordAbnormally Dry
MilliganAbnormally Dry
MitchellAbnormally Dry
MorrillAbnormally Dry
MurdockModerate Drought
NelsonAbnormally Dry
OgallalaAbnormally Dry
OhiowaAbnormally Dry
OtoeAbnormally Dry
PalmyraAbnormally Dry
PanamaAbnormally Dry
PaxtonAbnormally Dry
PickrellAbnormally Dry
PlymouthAbnormally Dry
RaymondAbnormally Dry
RocaModerate Drought
RoscoeAbnormally Dry
RoselandAbnormally Dry
ScottsbluffAbnormally Dry
SewardAbnormally Dry
ShickleyAbnormally Dry
SpringfieldAbnormally Dry
StaplehurstAbnormally Dry
SterlingAbnormally Dry
SuperiorAbnormally Dry
SutherlandAbnormally Dry
SuttonAbnormally Dry
SyracuseAbnormally Dry
TalmageAbnormally Dry
TecumsehAbnormally Dry
TerrytownAbnormally Dry
TobiasAbnormally Dry
TrumbullAbnormally Dry
UnadillaAbnormally Dry
UnionAbnormally Dry
WaltonAbnormally Dry
WannAbnormally Dry
WaverlyAbnormally Dry
Weeping WaterAbnormally Dry
WesternAbnormally Dry
WilberModerate Drought
SarbenAbnormally Dry
Pleasant DaleAbnormally Dry
ChadronAbnormally Dry
CrawfordAbnormally Dry
WhitneyAbnormally Dry
LincolnAbnormally Dry
UticaAbnormally Dry