Current Drought Conditions for New Mexico - June 11, 2024

New Mexico Drought Report:

As of June 11, 2024 approximately 66% (79771 square miles) of New Mexico is under drought conditions and 32% (38822 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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New Mexico Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Connditions for Cities and Towns in New Mexico

LocationDrought Conditions
AnimasSevere Drought
ArtesiaExceptional Drought
CarlsbadExtreme Drought
CimarronModerate Drought
DexterExtreme Drought
DoraAbnormally Dry
Flora VistaModerate Drought
HillsboroModerate Drought
La HuertaExceptional Drought
La VillitaModerate Drought
La PlataModerate Drought
Lake ArthurExceptional Drought
LamyModerate Drought
LordsburgSevere Drought
Los LunasAbnormally Dry
LumbertonModerate Drought
MalagaExtreme Drought
MaxwellModerate Drought
MoriartyModerate Drought
MountainairAbnormally Dry
PortalesAbnormally Dry
PueblitosAbnormally Dry
RoswellExtreme Drought
RoySevere Drought
San JonModerate Drought
SpringerModerate Drought
WatrousModerate Drought
WillardAbnormally Dry
ColumbusExtreme Drought
HopeExtreme Drought
Pie TownAbnormally Dry
Truth or ConsequencesAbnormally Dry
Tse BonitoAbnormally Dry
LoganModerate Drought
Cedar GroveModerate Drought
Yah-ta-heyAbnormally Dry
AztecModerate Drought
BlancoModerate Drought
AtokaExtreme Drought
CliffSevere Drought
CuberoAbnormally Dry
ElidaAbnormally Dry
GilaSevere Drought
GradyAbnormally Dry
McIntoshModerate Drought
SpencervilleModerate Drought
AlamilloAbnormally Dry
AlgodonesSevere Drought
BeclabitoAbnormally Dry
Black RockAbnormally Dry
ChamberinoExtreme Drought
ChamitaModerate Drought
ChicalAbnormally Dry
Cotton CitySevere Drought
Des MoinesAbnormally Dry
Doña AnaSevere Drought
EncinalAbnormally Dry
EuniceModerate Drought
JalModerate Drought
JaralesAbnormally Dry
La MesaExtreme Drought
Las CrucesExtreme Drought
Las PalomasAbnormally Dry
LovingExtreme Drought
LovingtonModerate Drought
MadridModerate Drought
MesquiteExtreme Drought
MonumentModerate Drought
OrganSevere Drought
Paradise HillsSevere Drought
ParajeAbnormally Dry
San PabloExtreme Drought
San PedroModerate Drought
TatumModerate Drought
TomeAbnormally Dry
TularosaModerate Drought
ValenciaAbnormally Dry
White SandsExtreme Drought
White SignalSevere Drought
WilliamsburgAbnormally Dry
Los AlamosModerate Drought
Los LucerosModerate Drought
Lee AcresModerate Drought
Angel FireModerate Drought
BloomfieldModerate Drought
Cedar HillModerate Drought
ChamaModerate Drought
Church RockAbnormally Dry
CrystalAbnormally Dry
FarmingtonModerate Drought
FloydAbnormally Dry
HernandezModerate Drought
NageeziSevere Drought
NaschittiAbnormally Dry
NewcombAbnormally Dry
SanosteeAbnormally Dry
Sheep SpringsAbnormally Dry
ShiprockModerate Drought
Twin LakesAbnormally Dry
Ute ParkModerate Drought
WaterflowModerate Drought
La CuevaModerate Drought
CrownpointModerate Drought
EdgewoodSevere Drought
El DuendeModerate Drought
GallupAbnormally Dry
TohatchiAbnormally Dry
AlamogordoModerate Drought
Anton ChicoModerate Drought
BayardModerate Drought
BuckhornModerate Drought
CanovaModerate Drought
Cedar CrestSevere Drought
CedroModerate Drought
ChamisalModerate Drought
ChiliModerate Drought
ClaytonAbnormally Dry
CloudcroftSevere Drought
CordovaModerate Drought
CoronaAbnormally Dry
CorralesSevere Drought
CruzvilleAbnormally Dry
Eagle NestModerate Drought
East PecosModerate Drought
El RanchoModerate Drought
El RitoSevere Drought
HanoverModerate Drought
JaconitaModerate Drought
La JaraModerate Drought
La MesillaModerate Drought
MagdalenaAbnormally Dry
MilanModerate Drought
MimbresModerate Drought
PeñascoModerate Drought
PleasantonModerate Drought
QuestaModerate Drought
RamahAbnormally Dry
Red RiverModerate Drought
RiberaModerate Drought
Rio LucioModerate Drought
RoweModerate Drought
San AntonitoSevere Drought
San CristobalModerate Drought
San JoseModerate Drought
San MateoModerate Drought
Sandia ParkSevere Drought
SedilloSevere Drought
SohamModerate Drought
TalpaModerate Drought
TaosModerate Drought
TecoloteModerate Drought
TecolotitoModerate Drought
ThoreauModerate Drought
TorreonAbnormally Dry
TruchasModerate Drought
VaditoModerate Drought
White RockModerate Drought
TimberonExtreme Drought
Boles AcresSevere Drought
Las VegasModerate Drought
CauseyAbnormally Dry
ClovisModerate Drought
CubaModerate Drought
MelroseAbnormally Dry
MoraModerate Drought
PecosModerate Drought
PlacitasSevere Drought
San LuisModerate Drought
TexicoModerate Drought
TucumcariModerate Drought
VillanuevaModerate Drought
Wagon MoundModerate Drought
Cochiti LakeModerate Drought
Agua FriaModerate Drought
Cañada de los AlamosModerate Drought
ChupaderoModerate Drought
EstanciaModerate Drought
GlorietaModerate Drought
Jemez SpringsModerate Drought
La CienegaModerate Drought
La PueblaModerate Drought
Los Ranchos de AlbuquerqueSevere Drought
NambeModerate Drought
PonderosaModerate Drought
Santa RosaAbnormally Dry
TesuqueModerate Drought
VaughnAbnormally Dry
CarrizozoAbnormally Dry
San YsidroExtreme Drought
SunshineExtreme Drought
University ParkExtreme Drought
ChaparralExtreme Drought
Sunland ParkExtreme Drought
AnthonyExtreme Drought
BerinoExtreme Drought
Santa ClaraModerate Drought
DemingSevere Drought
HatchSevere Drought
High RollsSevere Drought
HurleyModerate Drought
La LuzModerate Drought
La UnionExtreme Drought
MesillaExtreme Drought
Pinos AltosModerate Drought
PlacitasSevere Drought
RinconSevere Drought
RodeySevere Drought
San LorenzoModerate Drought
San MiguelExtreme Drought
Silver CityModerate Drought
VadoExtreme Drought
VirdenSevere Drought
AbeytasAbnormally Dry
AdelinoAbnormally Dry
BelenAbnormally Dry
CapitanModerate Drought
Fort SumnerAbnormally Dry
GallinaModerate Drought
HagermanExtreme Drought
HobbsModerate Drought
Las NutriasAbnormally Dry
LemitarAbnormally Dry
MescaleroModerate Drought
MesitaAbnormally Dry
MidwayExtreme Drought
NogalModerate Drought
PeraltaAbnormally Dry
PolvaderaAbnormally Dry
QuemadoAbnormally Dry
ReserveAbnormally Dry
RuidosoModerate Drought
Ruidoso DownsModerate Drought
San FidelAbnormally Dry
San RafaelModerate Drought
SeamaAbnormally Dry
SeboyetaAbnormally Dry
Tierra AmarillaModerate Drought
Casa ColoradaAbnormally Dry
Manzano SpringsModerate Drought
AbiquiuModerate Drought
AlbuquerqueModerate Drought
AlcaldeModerate Drought
Arroyo HondoModerate Drought
Arroyo SecoModerate Drought
BernalilloSevere Drought
CanjilonSevere Drought
CañonModerate Drought
ChimayoModerate Drought
DixonModerate Drought
DulceModerate Drought
EspañolaModerate Drought
GalisteoModerate Drought
JaconaModerate Drought
Jemez PuebloModerate Drought
LagunaAbnormally Dry
LydenModerate Drought
PaguateAbnormally Dry
Peña BlancaModerate Drought
PojoaqueModerate Drought
PueblitoModerate Drought
Ranchos de TaosModerate Drought
San Felipe PuebloSevere Drought
San JoseModerate Drought
San YsidroModerate Drought
Santa CruzModerate Drought
Santo Domingo PuebloModerate Drought
TajiqueModerate Drought
Taos PuebloModerate Drought
VelardeModerate Drought
Zia PuebloSevere Drought
ChaparralExtreme Drought
Bosque FarmsAbnormally Dry
Meadow LakeAbnormally Dry
San Ildefonso PuebloModerate Drought
NavajoAbnormally Dry
Santa TeresaExtreme Drought
GrantsModerate Drought
Santa FeModerate Drought
CarnuelModerate Drought
Tesuque PuebloModerate Drought
Navajo DamModerate Drought
NadineModerate Drought
SocorroAbnormally Dry
TyroneSevere Drought
Rio RanchoSevere Drought
AlamoAbnormally Dry
Brimhall NizhoniAbnormally Dry
El Valle de Arroyo SecoModerate Drought
Lake SumnerAbnormally Dry
NakaibitoAbnormally Dry
Pueblo of Sandia VillageSevere Drought
Rock SpringsAbnormally Dry
Sheep SpringsAbnormally Dry
TorreonModerate Drought
Upper FruitlandModerate Drought
Acomita LakeAbnormally Dry
CochitiModerate Drought
Eldorado at Santa FeModerate Drought
North Acomita VillageAbnormally Dry
North ValleySevere Drought
Ojo AmarilloModerate Drought
Sandia HeightsSevere Drought
South ValleyModerate Drought
Zuni PuebloAbnormally Dry
NenahnezadModerate Drought
Las MaravillasAbnormally Dry
Monterey ParkAbnormally Dry
Rio CommunitiesAbnormally Dry