Current Drought Conditions for New York - July 16, 2024

New York Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 6% (3128 square miles) of New York is Abnormally dry with no areas under drought conditions.

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New York Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in New York

LocationDrought Conditions
AndesAbnormally Dry
ArdsleyAbnormally Dry
BardoniaAbnormally Dry
BellmoreAbnormally Dry
BlauveltAbnormally Dry
BloomvilleAbnormally Dry
BronxvilleAbnormally Dry
CairoAbnormally Dry
ChappaquaAbnormally Dry
CongersAbnormally Dry
Copake FallsAbnormally Dry
CopiagueAbnormally Dry
Croton-on-HudsonAbnormally Dry
CrugersAbnormally Dry
DelhiAbnormally Dry
ElmsfordAbnormally Dry
FairviewAbnormally Dry
FarmingdaleAbnormally Dry
FleischmannsAbnormally Dry
FranklinAbnormally Dry
GreenvilleAbnormally Dry
GreenvilleAbnormally Dry
Greenwood LakeAbnormally Dry
HartsdaleAbnormally Dry
HaverstrawAbnormally Dry
HawthorneAbnormally Dry
HillburnAbnormally Dry
HillcrestAbnormally Dry
HunterAbnormally Dry
IrvingtonAbnormally Dry
Long BeachAbnormally Dry
MargaretvilleAbnormally Dry
MonseyAbnormally Dry
Mount IvyAbnormally Dry
Mount VernonAbnormally Dry
NanuetAbnormally Dry
New CityAbnormally Dry
New RochelleAbnormally Dry
Sleepy HollowAbnormally Dry
NyackAbnormally Dry
OrangeburgAbnormally Dry
OssiningAbnormally Dry
OtisvilleAbnormally Dry
Pearl RiverAbnormally Dry
PelhamAbnormally Dry
Pelham ManorAbnormally Dry
PhoeniciaAbnormally Dry
PiermontAbnormally Dry
Pine HillAbnormally Dry
PleasantvilleAbnormally Dry
Port JervisAbnormally Dry
Port Washington NorthAbnormally Dry
PrattsvilleAbnormally Dry
SloatsburgAbnormally Dry
South NyackAbnormally Dry
Spring ValleyAbnormally Dry
Stony PointAbnormally Dry
TannersvilleAbnormally Dry
TappanAbnormally Dry
TarrytownAbnormally Dry
ThiellsAbnormally Dry
ThornwoodAbnormally Dry
TuckahoeAbnormally Dry
UnadillaAbnormally Dry
UnionvilleAbnormally Dry
Upper NyackAbnormally Dry
Valley CottageAbnormally Dry
ViolaAbnormally Dry
WarwickAbnormally Dry
West HaverstrawAbnormally Dry
Briarcliff ManorAbnormally Dry
Dobbs FerryAbnormally Dry
Hastings-on-HudsonAbnormally Dry
SuffernAbnormally Dry
WaltonAbnormally Dry
West NyackAbnormally Dry
WindhamAbnormally Dry
YonkersAbnormally Dry
New HempsteadAbnormally Dry
New YorkAbnormally Dry
HarrisonAbnormally Dry
LarchmontAbnormally Dry
MamaroneckAbnormally Dry
Port ChesterAbnormally Dry
RyeAbnormally Dry
ScarsdaleAbnormally Dry
White PlainsAbnormally Dry
AirmontAbnormally Dry
New HempsteadAbnormally Dry
MontebelloAbnormally Dry
Rye BrookAbnormally Dry
Wesley HillsAbnormally Dry
Chestnut RidgeAbnormally Dry
KaserAbnormally Dry
Copake LakeAbnormally Dry
Taconic ShoresAbnormally Dry