Current Drought Conditions for North Carolina - June 18, 2024

North Carolina Drought Report:

As of June 18, 2024 approximately 60% (32222 square miles) of North Carolina is Abnormally dry with no areas under drought conditions.

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North Carolina Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in North Carolina

LocationDrought Conditions
AhoskieAbnormally Dry
AltamahawAbnormally Dry
AngierAbnormally Dry
BelhavenAbnormally Dry
BethelAbnormally Dry
Black CreekAbnormally Dry
BladenboroAbnormally Dry
BoliviaAbnormally Dry
BoltonAbnormally Dry
BoonvilleAbnormally Dry
BrunswickAbnormally Dry
Buies CreekAbnormally Dry
BunnAbnormally Dry
BurlingtonAbnormally Dry
ButtersAbnormally Dry
CalypsoAbnormally Dry
CastaliaAbnormally Dry
CentervilleAbnormally Dry
Cerro GordoAbnormally Dry
ChadbournAbnormally Dry
ClintonAbnormally Dry
CofieldAbnormally Dry
CooleemeeAbnormally Dry
DavisAbnormally Dry
DobsonAbnormally Dry
DortchesAbnormally Dry
DoverAbnormally Dry
DublinAbnormally Dry
EdenAbnormally Dry
EflandAbnormally Dry
ElkinAbnormally Dry
ElonAbnormally Dry
EvergreenAbnormally Dry
Four OaksAbnormally Dry
FremontAbnormally Dry
GamewellAbnormally Dry
GarlandAbnormally Dry
GarnerAbnormally Dry
GastonAbnormally Dry
GibsonvilleAbnormally Dry
Half MoonAbnormally Dry
HalifaxAbnormally Dry
HallsboroAbnormally Dry
HarmonyAbnormally Dry
HarrellsvilleAbnormally Dry
HaysAbnormally Dry
HendersonAbnormally Dry
HiddeniteAbnormally Dry
High PointAbnormally Dry
HillsboroughAbnormally Dry
Hope MillsAbnormally Dry
HudsonAbnormally Dry
IngoldAbnormally Dry
JacksonvilleAbnormally Dry
JamestownAbnormally Dry
JonesvilleAbnormally Dry
KelfordAbnormally Dry
KernersvilleAbnormally Dry
KinstonAbnormally Dry
La GrangeAbnormally Dry
Lake WaccamawAbnormally Dry
LelandAbnormally Dry
Lewiston WoodvilleAbnormally Dry
LexingtonAbnormally Dry
LibertyAbnormally Dry
LittletonAbnormally Dry
LouisburgAbnormally Dry
LucamaAbnormally Dry
LumbertonAbnormally Dry
MaconAbnormally Dry
MadisonAbnormally Dry
MagnoliaAbnormally Dry
Manns HarborAbnormally Dry
ManteoAbnormally Dry
MariettaAbnormally Dry
MarshallbergAbnormally Dry
MauryAbnormally Dry
McLeansvilleAbnormally Dry
MiltonAbnormally Dry
Moravian FallsAbnormally Dry
Mount AiryAbnormally Dry
Mount OliveAbnormally Dry
MoyockAbnormally Dry
NorlinaAbnormally Dry
North WilkesboroAbnormally Dry
Oak CityAbnormally Dry
Oak RidgeAbnormally Dry
OrientalAbnormally Dry
OssipeeAbnormally Dry
PantegoAbnormally Dry
ParmeleAbnormally Dry
PikevilleAbnormally Dry
Pilot MountainAbnormally Dry
Pine LevelAbnormally Dry
Piney GreenAbnormally Dry
PinnacleAbnormally Dry
PlymouthAbnormally Dry
ProctorvilleAbnormally Dry
Rocky PointAbnormally Dry
RolesvilleAbnormally Dry
RondaAbnormally Dry
Rose HillAbnormally Dry
RoseboroAbnormally Dry
Rural HallAbnormally Dry
SaxapahawAbnormally Dry
Scotland NeckAbnormally Dry
SeaboardAbnormally Dry
SedaliaAbnormally Dry
SharpsburgAbnormally Dry
SimsAbnormally Dry
Sneads FerryAbnormally Dry
Snow HillAbnormally Dry
SpartaAbnormally Dry
StedmanAbnormally Dry
StemAbnormally Dry
StokesAbnormally Dry
StonevilleAbnormally Dry
Stony PointAbnormally Dry
StovallAbnormally Dry
SummerfieldAbnormally Dry
Surf CityAbnormally Dry
Tabor CityAbnormally Dry
Tar HeelAbnormally Dry
TaylorsvilleAbnormally Dry
Topsail BeachAbnormally Dry
TrinityAbnormally Dry
TyroAbnormally Dry
VanceboroAbnormally Dry
VanderAbnormally Dry
WadeAbnormally Dry
WalkertownAbnormally Dry
WallburgAbnormally Dry
Walnut CoveAbnormally Dry
WancheseAbnormally Dry
WarrentonAbnormally Dry
WarsawAbnormally Dry
WashingtonAbnormally Dry
WathaAbnormally Dry
WelcomeAbnormally Dry
WhitakersAbnormally Dry
White PlainsAbnormally Dry
WilkesboroAbnormally Dry
Winston-SalemAbnormally Dry
WintervilleAbnormally Dry
WintonAbnormally Dry
WoodlandAbnormally Dry
YadkinvilleAbnormally Dry
YanceyvilleAbnormally Dry
YoungsvilleAbnormally Dry
ZebulonAbnormally Dry
LowgapAbnormally Dry
Pine Knoll ShoresAbnormally Dry
Trent WoodsAbnormally Dry
Southern ShoresAbnormally Dry
Sandy CreekAbnormally Dry
Walnut CreekAbnormally Dry
GreeneversAbnormally Dry
Boiling Spring LakesAbnormally Dry
Silver LakeAbnormally Dry
Kings GrantAbnormally Dry
Vann CrossroadsAbnormally Dry
BethaniaAbnormally Dry
Atlantic BeachAbnormally Dry
VarnamtownAbnormally Dry
Blowing RockAbnormally Dry
BooneAbnormally Dry
Cedar PointAbnormally Dry
LansingAbnormally Dry
MaysvilleAbnormally Dry
Morehead CityAbnormally Dry
New BernAbnormally Dry
NewportAbnormally Dry
PeletierAbnormally Dry
PollocksvilleAbnormally Dry
Indian BeachAbnormally Dry
AdvanceAbnormally Dry
AlamanceAbnormally Dry
AllianceAbnormally Dry
ApexAbnormally Dry
ArapahoeAbnormally Dry
ArchdaleAbnormally Dry
AtkinsonAbnormally Dry
AtlanticAbnormally Dry
AulanderAbnormally Dry
AuroraAbnormally Dry
AvonAbnormally Dry
AydenAbnormally Dry
BaileyAbnormally Dry
BathAbnormally Dry
BayviewAbnormally Dry
BeaufortAbnormally Dry
BensonAbnormally Dry
BethlehemAbnormally Dry
BeulavilleAbnormally Dry
BogueAbnormally Dry
BonnetsvilleAbnormally Dry
Broad CreekAbnormally Dry
BrogdenAbnormally Dry
BunnlevelAbnormally Dry
BurgawAbnormally Dry
ButnerAbnormally Dry
BuxtonAbnormally Dry
CamdenAbnormally Dry
Cape CarteretAbnormally Dry
CarrboroAbnormally Dry
CaryAbnormally Dry
Castle HayneAbnormally Dry
Chapel HillAbnormally Dry
ChocowinityAbnormally Dry
ClaytonAbnormally Dry
ClemmonsAbnormally Dry
CoatsAbnormally Dry
CoinjockAbnormally Dry
ColerainAbnormally Dry
ColumbiaAbnormally Dry
ConetoeAbnormally Dry
ConwayAbnormally Dry
Cove CityAbnormally Dry
CreedmoorAbnormally Dry
CreswellAbnormally Dry
CricketAbnormally Dry
CrossnoreAbnormally Dry
DanburyAbnormally Dry
DelcoAbnormally Dry
DunnAbnormally Dry
DurhamAbnormally Dry
East ArcadiaAbnormally Dry
East BendAbnormally Dry
EastoverAbnormally Dry
Elm CityAbnormally Dry
ElroyAbnormally Dry
EnfieldAbnormally Dry
EngelhardAbnormally Dry
ErwinAbnormally Dry
EurekaAbnormally Dry
Fair BluffAbnormally Dry
FairfieldAbnormally Dry
FairmontAbnormally Dry
FaisonAbnormally Dry
FalconAbnormally Dry
FarmvilleAbnormally Dry
FayettevilleAbnormally Dry
Flat RockAbnormally Dry
FoscoeAbnormally Dry
FranklintonAbnormally Dry
FriscoAbnormally Dry
Fuquay-VarinaAbnormally Dry
GarysburgAbnormally Dry
GermantonAbnormally Dry
GloucesterAbnormally Dry
GoldsboroAbnormally Dry
GormanAbnormally Dry
GrantsboroAbnormally Dry
GreensboroAbnormally Dry
GrimeslandAbnormally Dry
HamiltonAbnormally Dry
HampsteadAbnormally Dry
Harkers IslandAbnormally Dry
HatterasAbnormally Dry
HavelockAbnormally Dry
HobgoodAbnormally Dry
HollisterAbnormally Dry
Holly SpringsAbnormally Dry
HookertonAbnormally Dry
JacksonAbnormally Dry
JeffersonAbnormally Dry
KellyAbnormally Dry
KenansvilleAbnormally Dry
KenlyAbnormally Dry
KingAbnormally Dry
KittrellAbnormally Dry
Kitty HawkAbnormally Dry
KnightdaleAbnormally Dry
Kure BeachAbnormally Dry
LaskerAbnormally Dry
LenoirAbnormally Dry
LillingtonAbnormally Dry
LindenAbnormally Dry
MamersAbnormally Dry
MayodanAbnormally Dry
MebaneAbnormally Dry
MesicAbnormally Dry
MicroAbnormally Dry
MiddleburgAbnormally Dry
MiddlesexAbnormally Dry
MidwayAbnormally Dry
Millers CreekAbnormally Dry
Minnesott BeachAbnormally Dry
MocksvilleAbnormally Dry
MorrisvilleAbnormally Dry
MulberryAbnormally Dry
MurfreesboroAbnormally Dry
MurraysvilleAbnormally Dry
Nags HeadAbnormally Dry
NashvilleAbnormally Dry
OcracokeAbnormally Dry
OgdenAbnormally Dry
OxfordAbnormally Dry
PinetopsAbnormally Dry
PinetownAbnormally Dry
Pink HillAbnormally Dry
Pleasant GardenAbnormally Dry
Pleasant HillAbnormally Dry
PowellsvilleAbnormally Dry
PrincetonAbnormally Dry
PrincevilleAbnormally Dry
RaefordAbnormally Dry
Red OakAbnormally Dry
ReidsvilleAbnormally Dry
Rich SquareAbnormally Dry
RichlandsAbnormally Dry
RiegelwoodAbnormally Dry
Roanoke RapidsAbnormally Dry
Rocky MountAbnormally Dry
RodantheAbnormally Dry
RoperAbnormally Dry
RougemontAbnormally Dry
RoxobelAbnormally Dry
RuffinAbnormally Dry
SaratogaAbnormally Dry
SelmaAbnormally Dry
SevernAbnormally Dry
South HendersonAbnormally Dry
South WeldonAbnormally Dry
SouthportAbnormally Dry
Spring HopeAbnormally Dry
Spring LakeAbnormally Dry
StantonsburgAbnormally Dry
StokesdaleAbnormally Dry
StonewallAbnormally Dry
SwepsonvilleAbnormally Dry
TarboroAbnormally Dry
ThomasvilleAbnormally Dry
Valle CrucisAbnormally Dry
VandemereAbnormally Dry
Wake ForestAbnormally Dry
Washington ParkAbnormally Dry
WeldonAbnormally Dry
WendellAbnormally Dry
WentworthAbnormally Dry
White LakeAbnormally Dry
WilliamstonAbnormally Dry
WilmingtonAbnormally Dry
WilsonAbnormally Dry
WindsorAbnormally Dry
WinfallAbnormally Dry
WoodlawnAbnormally Dry
WrightsboroAbnormally Dry
Bell ArthurAbnormally Dry
FountainAbnormally Dry
HightsvilleAbnormally Dry
GreenvilleAbnormally Dry
GriftonAbnormally Dry
MacclesfieldAbnormally Dry
RaleighAbnormally Dry
RobersonvilleAbnormally Dry
RoxboroAbnormally Dry
BelvoirAbnormally Dry
WalstonburgAbnormally Dry
BayboroAbnormally Dry
GrahamAbnormally Dry
Haw RiverAbnormally Dry
AskewvilleAbnormally Dry
ClarktonAbnormally Dry
ComoAbnormally Dry
DuckAbnormally Dry
EdentonAbnormally Dry
Elizabeth CityAbnormally Dry
ElizabethtownAbnormally Dry
GatesvilleAbnormally Dry
HarrellsAbnormally Dry
HertfordAbnormally Dry
Holly RidgeAbnormally Dry
JamesvilleAbnormally Dry
KeenerAbnormally Dry
NavassaAbnormally Dry
Newton GroveAbnormally Dry
Potters HillAbnormally Dry
SalemburgAbnormally Dry
SmithfieldAbnormally Dry
South MillsAbnormally Dry
SunburyAbnormally Dry
TeacheyAbnormally Dry
TurkeyAbnormally Dry
WallaceAbnormally Dry
WhitevilleAbnormally Dry
Kill Devil HillsAbnormally Dry
BoardmanAbnormally Dry
LewisvilleAbnormally Dry
MomeyerAbnormally Dry
NorthwestAbnormally Dry
SawmillsAbnormally Dry
TobaccovilleAbnormally Dry
WhitsettAbnormally Dry
Green LevelAbnormally Dry
Bald Head IslandAbnormally Dry
North Topsail BeachAbnormally Dry
SandyfieldAbnormally Dry
Cedar RockAbnormally Dry
Brices CreekAbnormally Dry
Plain ViewAbnormally Dry
Barker Ten MileAbnormally Dry
BayshoreAbnormally Dry
Forest OaksAbnormally Dry
Mar-MacAbnormally Dry
Neuse ForestAbnormally Dry
River RoadAbnormally Dry
South RosemaryAbnormally Dry