Current Drought Conditions for Oklahoma - July 16, 2024

Oklahoma Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 18% (12434 square miles) of Oklahoma is under drought conditions and 45% (31384 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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Oklahoma Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Oklahoma

LocationDrought Conditions
AchilleAbnormally Dry
AddingtonAbnormally Dry
AlexAbnormally Dry
AlineAbnormally Dry
AltusAbnormally Dry
AmberAbnormally Dry
AmesModerate Drought
AnadarkoModerate Drought
ApacheAbnormally Dry
ArapahoModerate Drought
ArcadiaAbnormally Dry
ArmstrongAbnormally Dry
ArnettModerate Drought
AsherAbnormally Dry
AvantAbnormally Dry
BarnsdallAbnormally Dry
BartlesvilleAbnormally Dry
BeaverAbnormally Dry
BeeAbnormally Dry
BenningtonAbnormally Dry
BessieModerate Drought
BethanyAbnormally Dry
BillingsAbnormally Dry
BingerSevere Drought
BlackwellAbnormally Dry
BlairAbnormally Dry
BlanchardAbnormally Dry
BlueAbnormally Dry
Boise CityAbnormally Dry
BokchitoAbnormally Dry
BoleyAbnormally Dry
BradleyAbnormally Dry
BramanAbnormally Dry
BrayAbnormally Dry
BristowAbnormally Dry
BuffaloAbnormally Dry
BurbankAbnormally Dry
Burns FlatModerate Drought
ButlerModerate Drought
ByarsAbnormally Dry
CacheAbnormally Dry
CaddoAbnormally Dry
CaleraAbnormally Dry
CalumetModerate Drought
CamargoAbnormally Dry
CantonSevere Drought
CanuteModerate Drought
CarmenAbnormally Dry
CarnegieSevere Drought
CarneyAbnormally Dry
CarterSevere Drought
CartwrightAbnormally Dry
CashionModerate Drought
CastleAbnormally Dry
CementAbnormally Dry
ChandlerAbnormally Dry
ChattanoogaAbnormally Dry
ChesterModerate Drought
ChickashaAbnormally Dry
ChoctawAbnormally Dry
ClevelandAbnormally Dry
ClintonModerate Drought
ColbertAbnormally Dry
ColeAbnormally Dry
ColemanAbnormally Dry
CollinsvilleAbnormally Dry
ColonySevere Drought
ComancheAbnormally Dry
CopanAbnormally Dry
CornSevere Drought
CovingtonModerate Drought
CoyleModerate Drought
CrescentModerate Drought
CushingAbnormally Dry
Custer CityModerate Drought
CyrilAbnormally Dry
DaleAbnormally Dry
DavenportAbnormally Dry
DavidsonAbnormally Dry
DavisAbnormally Dry
Deer CreekAbnormally Dry
Del CityAbnormally Dry
DepewAbnormally Dry
DevolAbnormally Dry
DeweyAbnormally Dry
DibbleAbnormally Dry
DicksonAbnormally Dry
Dill CityModerate Drought
DoughertyAbnormally Dry
DoverModerate Drought
DrummondModerate Drought
DrumrightAbnormally Dry
DuncanAbnormally Dry
DurantAbnormally Dry
EaklySevere Drought
EarlsboroAbnormally Dry
EdmondAbnormally Dry
El RenoModerate Drought
EldoradoAbnormally Dry
ElginAbnormally Dry
Elk CityModerate Drought
ElmerAbnormally Dry
Elmore CityAbnormally Dry
EnidModerate Drought
ErickModerate Drought
Erin SpringsAbnormally Dry
FairfaxAbnormally Dry
FairmontModerate Drought
FairviewSevere Drought
FargoAbnormally Dry
FitzhughAbnormally Dry
FletcherAbnormally Dry
Forest ParkAbnormally Dry
Fort CobbSevere Drought
Fort SupplyAbnormally Dry
FossModerate Drought
FosterAbnormally Dry
FrederickAbnormally Dry
FreedomAbnormally Dry
GageAbnormally Dry
GarberAbnormally Dry
GearySevere Drought
Gene AutryAbnormally Dry
GeronimoAbnormally Dry
GlencoeAbnormally Dry
GoltryAbnormally Dry
GoteboModerate Drought
GouldAbnormally Dry
GracemontModerate Drought
GrandfieldAbnormally Dry
GraniteModerate Drought
GreenfieldSevere Drought
GuthrieModerate Drought
HallettAbnormally Dry
HammonAbnormally Dry
HarrahAbnormally Dry
HelenaAbnormally Dry
HennesseyModerate Drought
HickoryAbnormally Dry
HintonSevere Drought
HobartModerate Drought
HollisAbnormally Dry
HominyAbnormally Dry
HunterAbnormally Dry
HydroSevere Drought
IndiahomaAbnormally Dry
IsabellaSevere Drought
JenksAbnormally Dry
JenningsAbnormally Dry
JohnsonAbnormally Dry
JonesAbnormally Dry
KatieAbnormally Dry
Kaw CityAbnormally Dry
KellyvilleAbnormally Dry
KempAbnormally Dry
KeneficAbnormally Dry
KeyesAbnormally Dry
KieferAbnormally Dry
KingfisherModerate Drought
KremlinModerate Drought
LahomaModerate Drought
LamontAbnormally Dry
LangstonModerate Drought
LaverneAbnormally Dry
LawtonAbnormally Dry
LebanonAbnormally Dry
LeedeyAbnormally Dry
LexingtonAbnormally Dry
LindsayAbnormally Dry
Lone WolfModerate Drought
LongdaleSevere Drought
LoyalModerate Drought
LucienAbnormally Dry
LutherAbnormally Dry
MadillAbnormally Dry
MangumModerate Drought
ManitouAbnormally Dry
MannsvilleAbnormally Dry
MaramecAbnormally Dry
MarlowAbnormally Dry
MarshallModerate Drought
MarthaAbnormally Dry
MaysvilleAbnormally Dry
McLoudAbnormally Dry
Medicine ParkAbnormally Dry
MeekerAbnormally Dry
MenoModerate Drought
Midwest CityAbnormally Dry
MilburnAbnormally Dry
Mill CreekAbnormally Dry
MincoAbnormally Dry
MooreAbnormally Dry
MoorelandAbnormally Dry
MorrisonAbnormally Dry
MoundsAbnormally Dry
Mountain ParkAbnormally Dry
Mountain ViewSevere Drought
MulhallModerate Drought
MustangAbnormally Dry
MutualModerate Drought
NewcastleAbnormally Dry
NewkirkAbnormally Dry
Nichols HillsAbnormally Dry
Nicoma ParkAbnormally Dry
NinnekahAbnormally Dry
NobleAbnormally Dry
NorgeAbnormally Dry
NormanAbnormally Dry
North EnidModerate Drought
OaklandAbnormally Dry
OchelataAbnormally Dry
OiltonAbnormally Dry
OkarcheModerate Drought
OkeeneSevere Drought
OkemahAbnormally Dry
OlusteeAbnormally Dry
OologahAbnormally Dry
OsageAbnormally Dry
OwassoAbnormally Dry
PadenAbnormally Dry
PaoliAbnormally Dry
Pauls ValleyAbnormally Dry
PawhuskaAbnormally Dry
PawneeAbnormally Dry
PerkinsAbnormally Dry
PerryAbnormally Dry
PiedmontModerate Drought
PlatterAbnormally Dry
PocassetAbnormally Dry
Ponca CityAbnormally Dry
PragueAbnormally Dry
PurcellAbnormally Dry
RalstonAbnormally Dry
RamonaAbnormally Dry
RandlettAbnormally Dry
RaviaAbnormally Dry
Red RockAbnormally Dry
RinglingAbnormally Dry
RingwoodModerate Drought
RipleyAbnormally Dry
RockyModerate Drought
RoffAbnormally Dry
RooseveltAbnormally Dry
Rush SpringsAbnormally Dry
RyanAbnormally Dry
SapulpaAbnormally Dry
SayreModerate Drought
SeilingModerate Drought
SentinelModerate Drought
ShattuckAbnormally Dry
ShawneeAbnormally Dry
ShidlerAbnormally Dry
SiloAbnormally Dry
SlickAbnormally Dry
SnyderAbnormally Dry
SparksAbnormally Dry
SpencerAbnormally Dry
SperryAbnormally Dry
SpringerAbnormally Dry
SterlingAbnormally Dry
StillwaterAbnormally Dry
StilwellAbnormally Dry
StratfordAbnormally Dry
StroudAbnormally Dry
SulphurAbnormally Dry
TalalaAbnormally Dry
TalogaAbnormally Dry
TatumsAbnormally Dry
TecumsehAbnormally Dry
TempleAbnormally Dry
TerltonAbnormally Dry
TerralAbnormally Dry
The VillageAbnormally Dry
ThomasModerate Drought
TiptonAbnormally Dry
TishomingoAbnormally Dry
TonkawaAbnormally Dry
TribbeyAbnormally Dry
TryonAbnormally Dry
TuttleAbnormally Dry
Union CityAbnormally Dry
Valley BrookAbnormally Dry
VelmaAbnormally Dry
VeraAbnormally Dry
VerdenAbnormally Dry
ViciModerate Drought
WaltersAbnormally Dry
WanetteAbnormally Dry
WannAbnormally Dry
Warr AcresAbnormally Dry
WarwickAbnormally Dry
WashingtonAbnormally Dry
WatongaSevere Drought
WaukomisModerate Drought
WaurikaAbnormally Dry
WayneAbnormally Dry
WaynokaAbnormally Dry
WeatherfordSevere Drought
WellstonAbnormally Dry
WillowSevere Drought
New WoodvilleAbnormally Dry
WoodwardAbnormally Dry
WynnewoodAbnormally Dry
WynonaAbnormally Dry
YaleAbnormally Dry
YukonModerate Drought
MannfordAbnormally Dry
BellAbnormally Dry
Cherry TreeAbnormally Dry
Empire CityAbnormally Dry
PinkAbnormally Dry
SlaughtervilleAbnormally Dry
TulsaAbnormally Dry
CheyenneModerate Drought
ReydonModerate Drought
Cleo SpringsModerate Drought
LookebaSevere Drought
MarlandAbnormally Dry
Oklahoma CityAbnormally Dry
AgraAbnormally Dry
GlenpoolAbnormally Dry
WestportAbnormally Dry
Valley ParkAbnormally Dry
Bethel AcresAbnormally Dry
Cedar ValleyModerate Drought
EtowahAbnormally Dry
GoldsbyAbnormally Dry
Lawrence CreekAbnormally Dry
KingstonAbnormally Dry
Cimarron CityModerate Drought
Central HighAbnormally Dry
MarlowAbnormally Dry
FairfieldAbnormally Dry
McCordAbnormally Dry
Bridge CreekAbnormally Dry