Current Drought Conditions for Tennessee - July 16, 2024

Tennessee Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 54% (22689 square miles) of Tennessee is under drought conditions and 16% (6833 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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Tennessee Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Tennessee

LocationDrought Conditions
SpartaSevere Drought
AdamsvilleModerate Drought
AllardtAbnormally Dry
BlaineModerate Drought
Bulls GapModerate Drought
Chapel HillSevere Drought
CollinwoodModerate Drought
ColumbiaSevere Drought
Forest HillsAbnormally Dry
MorristownModerate Drought
RutledgeModerate Drought
ShelbyvilleSevere Drought
Signal MountainSevere Drought
SmyrnaAbnormally Dry
Soddy-DaisySevere Drought
South CarthageAbnormally Dry
SpencerSevere Drought
SpurgeonModerate Drought
SummertownModerate Drought
TazewellModerate Drought
TownsendModerate Drought
TullahomaSevere Drought
TusculumModerate Drought
UnionvilleSevere Drought
VonoreModerate Drought
WallandModerate Drought
Walnut HillModerate Drought
WaverlyAbnormally Dry
WildwoodModerate Drought
WinchesterSevere Drought
WrigleyAbnormally Dry
AltamontSevere Drought
BaileytonModerate Drought
Bean StationModerate Drought
Bell BuckleSevere Drought
Berry HillAbnormally Dry
BloomingdaleModerate Drought
Bon Aqua JunctionAbnormally Dry
BrentwoodAbnormally Dry
ByrdstownAbnormally Dry
CalhounSevere Drought
CarthageAbnormally Dry
CaryvilleModerate Drought
CentervilleModerate Drought
ChristianaModerate Drought
ClevelandSevere Drought
CollegedaleSevere Drought
ColliervilleAbnormally Dry
CopperhillSevere Drought
Crab OrchardSevere Drought
CrumpModerate Drought
Cumberland GapAbnormally Dry
DandridgeModerate Drought
DecaturvilleAbnormally Dry
DecherdSevere Drought
DoyleSevere Drought
DucktownSevere Drought
DunlapSevere Drought
Eagleton VillageModerate Drought
EaglevilleModerate Drought
East ClevelandSevere Drought
EastviewModerate Drought
ElginModerate Drought
ElktonExtreme Drought
EnglewoodSevere Drought
EnvilleAbnormally Dry
Estill SpringsSevere Drought
EthridgeSevere Drought
FairmountSevere Drought
Fall BranchModerate Drought
Falling WaterSevere Drought
FarragutModerate Drought
FincastleModerate Drought
FlintvilleExtreme Drought
FranklinAbnormally Dry
FriendsvilleModerate Drought
GermantownAbnormally Dry
GoodlettsvilleAbnormally Dry
GordonsvilleAbnormally Dry
GraysvilleSevere Drought
GreenbackModerate Drought
GreenevilleModerate Drought
GrimsleyModerate Drought
GuysAbnormally Dry
HarrimanSevere Drought
HarrisonSevere Drought
HarrogateModerate Drought
HelenwoodAbnormally Dry
HendersonvilleAbnormally Dry
HillsboroSevere Drought
HopewellSevere Drought
HuntlandSevere Drought
HuntsvilleAbnormally Dry
Iron CitySevere Drought
JacksboroModerate Drought
JamestownAbnormally Dry
JasperSevere Drought
Jefferson CityModerate Drought
JellicoAbnormally Dry
KingstonModerate Drought
Kingston SpringsAbnormally Dry
La VergneAbnormally Dry
LakesiteSevere Drought
LawrenceburgSevere Drought
LebanonAbnormally Dry
Lenoir CityModerate Drought
LewisburgSevere Drought
LindenModerate Drought
LivingstonAbnormally Dry
LobelvilleModerate Drought
Lone OakSevere Drought
Lookout MountainSevere Drought
LorettoSevere Drought
LoudonModerate Drought
LylesAbnormally Dry
LynnvilleSevere Drought
ManchesterSevere Drought
MaryvilleModerate Drought
MaynardvilleModerate Drought
McEwenAbnormally Dry
MichieModerate Drought
Middle ValleySevere Drought
MidtownSevere Drought
Minor HillExtreme Drought
MontereySevere Drought
MooresburgModerate Drought
MorrisonSevere Drought
MosheimModerate Drought
Mount CarmelModerate Drought
Mount JulietAbnormally Dry
MurfreesboroAbnormally Dry
New MarketModerate Drought
New TazewellModerate Drought
New UnionSevere Drought
NewportModerate Drought
NolensvilleAbnormally Dry
NormandySevere Drought
NorrisModerate Drought
Oak GroveModerate Drought
Oak HillAbnormally Dry
Oak RidgeModerate Drought
OakdaleModerate Drought
Oliver SpringsModerate Drought
OlivetModerate Drought
OoltewahSevere Drought
PalmerSevere Drought
PegramAbnormally Dry
PelhamSevere Drought
PetersburgSevere Drought
PetrosModerate Drought
PhiladelphiaModerate Drought
Pigeon ForgeModerate Drought
PikevilleSevere Drought
PipertonAbnormally Dry
Pittman CenterModerate Drought
Pleasant HillSevere Drought
Powells CrossroadsSevere Drought
PulaskiExtreme Drought
RamerAbnormally Dry
RicevilleSevere Drought
Roan MountainAbnormally Dry
RockfordModerate Drought
RockvaleModerate Drought
RockwoodSevere Drought
RogersvilleModerate Drought
RossvilleAbnormally Dry
Sale CreekSevere Drought
SaltilloModerate Drought
SardisAbnormally Dry
SavannahModerate Drought
SelmerAbnormally Dry
SewaneeSevere Drought
DicksonAbnormally Dry
FairviewAbnormally Dry
KingsportModerate Drought
LuttrellModerate Drought
SneedvilleModerate Drought
Spring CitySevere Drought
Spring HillModerate Drought
SurgoinsvilleModerate Drought
SweetwaterSevere Drought
TelfordModerate Drought
Tellico PlainsSevere Drought
Tracy CitySevere Drought
UnicoiModerate Drought
VanleerAbnormally Dry
ViolaSevere Drought
Walnut GroveModerate Drought
WalterhillAbnormally Dry
WartburgModerate Drought
WartraceSevere Drought
WatertownAbnormally Dry
White BluffAbnormally Dry
White PineModerate Drought
WhitwellSevere Drought
WinfieldAbnormally Dry
WoodburyModerate Drought
AlcoaModerate Drought
AlgoodModerate Drought
ArdmoreExtreme Drought
ArlingtonAbnormally Dry
AthensSevere Drought
AuburntownAbnormally Dry
BartlettAbnormally Dry
BaxterAbnormally Dry
Beersheba SpringsSevere Drought
Bethel SpringsAbnormally Dry
BlountvilleModerate Drought
Bluff CityModerate Drought
BurnsAbnormally Dry
CentertownSevere Drought
CharlestonSevere Drought
CharlotteAbnormally Dry
Church HillModerate Drought
ClarkrangeSevere Drought
CliftonModerate Drought
ClintonModerate Drought
CoalfieldModerate Drought
CoalmontSevere Drought
CornersvilleSevere Drought
CowanSevere Drought
CrossvilleSevere Drought
DaytonSevere Drought
DecaturSevere Drought
Mount PleasantSevere Drought
SeviervilleModerate Drought
ChattanoogaSevere Drought
HohenwaldModerate Drought
AndersonvilleModerate Drought
New HopeSevere Drought
Park CityExtreme Drought
LakelandAbnormally Dry
SmithvilleModerate Drought
AlexandriaAbnormally Dry
DowelltownAbnormally Dry
LibertyAbnormally Dry
South PittsburgSevere Drought
KimballSevere Drought
MascotModerate Drought
MonteagleSevere Drought
Dodson BranchAbnormally Dry
Fairfield GladeSevere Drought
MemphisAbnormally Dry
MadisonvilleSevere Drought
WaynesboroModerate Drought
ParrottsvilleSevere Drought
WataugaModerate Drought
BentonSevere Drought
BristolModerate Drought
CentralModerate Drought
ElizabethtonModerate Drought
ErwinModerate Drought
EtowahSevere Drought
HunterModerate Drought
Johnson CityModerate Drought
JonesboroughModerate Drought
Mountain CityModerate Drought
OneidaAbnormally Dry
BowmanSevere Drought
GatlinburgModerate Drought
CookevilleModerate Drought
FayettevilleSevere Drought
MilledgevilleAbnormally Dry
KnoxvilleModerate Drought
NiotaSevere Drought
Gruetli-LaagerSevere Drought
McMinnvilleSevere Drought
StantonvilleModerate Drought
SunbrightModerate Drought
Thompson's StationModerate Drought
LouisvilleModerate Drought
NashvilleAbnormally Dry
Lake TansiSevere Drought
Wildwood LakeSevere Drought