Current Drought Conditions for Utah - July 16, 2024

Utah Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 53% (45082 square miles) of Utah is Abnormally dry with no areas under drought conditions.

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Utah Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Utah

LocationDrought Conditions
CannonvilleAbnormally Dry
CarbonvilleAbnormally Dry
Cedar CityAbnormally Dry
CharlestonAbnormally Dry
ClarkstonAbnormally Dry
ClevelandAbnormally Dry
CoalvilleAbnormally Dry
CoppertonAbnormally Dry
DraperAbnormally Dry
EdenAbnormally Dry
ElmoAbnormally Dry
ElwoodAbnormally Dry
EnterpriseAbnormally Dry
Fort DuchesneAbnormally Dry
FrancisAbnormally Dry
Garden CityAbnormally Dry
GarlandAbnormally Dry
GlendaleAbnormally Dry
GoshenAbnormally Dry
GrantsvilleAbnormally Dry
Green RiverAbnormally Dry
HelperAbnormally Dry
HeneferAbnormally Dry
HerrimanAbnormally Dry
HoneyvilleAbnormally Dry
HooperAbnormally Dry
HoytsvilleAbnormally Dry
HuntsvilleAbnormally Dry
HurricaneAbnormally Dry
IvinsAbnormally Dry
JensenAbnormally Dry
KanabAbnormally Dry
KanarravilleAbnormally Dry
KenilworthAbnormally Dry
LaketownAbnormally Dry
LibertyAbnormally Dry
LymanAbnormally Dry
MaeserAbnormally Dry
MidvaleAbnormally Dry
MidwayAbnormally Dry
MoabAbnormally Dry
Montezuma CreekAbnormally Dry
MorganAbnormally Dry
NaplesAbnormally Dry
NeolaAbnormally Dry
NewtonAbnormally Dry
OrdervilleAbnormally Dry
PriceAbnormally Dry
RandolphAbnormally Dry
RiversideAbnormally Dry
RivertonAbnormally Dry
RockvilleAbnormally Dry
RooseveltAbnormally Dry
RoyAbnormally Dry
Santa ClaraAbnormally Dry
South JordanAbnormally Dry
South Salt LakeAbnormally Dry
Spring GlenAbnormally Dry
SpringdaleAbnormally Dry
StocktonAbnormally Dry
SummitAbnormally Dry
SyracuseAbnormally Dry
TaylorsvilleAbnormally Dry
TooeleAbnormally Dry
TremontonAbnormally Dry
TrentonAbnormally Dry
VernalAbnormally Dry
VirginAbnormally Dry
WanshipAbnormally Dry
WellingtonAbnormally Dry
WendoverAbnormally Dry
West JordanAbnormally Dry
WhiterocksAbnormally Dry
WoodlandAbnormally Dry
WoodruffAbnormally Dry
DugwayAbnormally Dry
AltaAbnormally Dry
AmalgaAbnormally Dry
CornishAbnormally Dry
EnochAbnormally Dry
ErdaAbnormally Dry
West Valley CityAbnormally Dry
AlpineAbnormally Dry
AltonAbnormally Dry
AvonAbnormally Dry
Bear River CityAbnormally Dry
BenjaminAbnormally Dry
BicknellAbnormally Dry
BlandingAbnormally Dry
BountifulAbnormally Dry
Brigham CityAbnormally Dry
CentervilleAbnormally Dry
CentralAbnormally Dry
CirclevilleAbnormally Dry
ClearfieldAbnormally Dry
CorinneAbnormally Dry
Cottonwood HeightsAbnormally Dry
CoveAbnormally Dry
EnterpriseAbnormally Dry
FarmingtonAbnormally Dry
FieldingAbnormally Dry
Fruit HeightsAbnormally Dry
GenolaAbnormally Dry
HolladayAbnormally Dry
Hyde ParkAbnormally Dry
HyrumAbnormally Dry
JunctionAbnormally Dry
KamasAbnormally Dry
KaysvilleAbnormally Dry
KingstonAbnormally Dry
KoosharemAbnormally Dry
La SalAbnormally Dry
Lake ShoreAbnormally Dry
LaytonAbnormally Dry
LeedsAbnormally Dry
LewistonAbnormally Dry
LoaAbnormally Dry
LoganAbnormally Dry
MantuaAbnormally Dry
MapletonAbnormally Dry
MarionAbnormally Dry
MarysvaleAbnormally Dry
MillvilleAbnormally Dry
MonaAbnormally Dry
MonticelloAbnormally Dry
Mountain GreenAbnormally Dry
MurrayAbnormally Dry
NephiAbnormally Dry
New HarmonyAbnormally Dry
NewcastleAbnormally Dry
NibleyAbnormally Dry
North LoganAbnormally Dry
North Salt LakeAbnormally Dry
OakleyAbnormally Dry
OgdenAbnormally Dry
ParadiseAbnormally Dry
Park CityAbnormally Dry
PaysonAbnormally Dry
PeoaAbnormally Dry
Pine ValleyAbnormally Dry
PlymouthAbnormally Dry
ProvidenceAbnormally Dry
RichmondAbnormally Dry
River HeightsAbnormally Dry
RiverdaleAbnormally Dry
SalemAbnormally Dry
SantaquinAbnormally Dry
SmithfieldAbnormally Dry
SnydervilleAbnormally Dry
Spanish ForkAbnormally Dry
Spring LakeAbnormally Dry
ToquervilleAbnormally Dry
TropicAbnormally Dry
VeyoAbnormally Dry
WashingtonAbnormally Dry
WellsvilleAbnormally Dry
West BountifulAbnormally Dry
WillardAbnormally Dry
Woods CrossAbnormally Dry
Summit ParkAbnormally Dry
Castle ValleyAbnormally Dry
HildaleAbnormally Dry
MendonAbnormally Dry
Wolf CreekAbnormally Dry
Salt Lake CityAbnormally Dry
DeweyvilleAbnormally Dry
PerryAbnormally Dry
Woodland HillsAbnormally Dry
Elk RidgeAbnormally Dry
West HavenAbnormally Dry
DanielAbnormally Dry
HalchitaAbnormally Dry
BallardAbnormally Dry
Rush ValleyAbnormally Dry
Marriott-SlatervilleAbnormally Dry
GardenAbnormally Dry
South WillardAbnormally Dry
Timber LakesAbnormally Dry
White MesaAbnormally Dry
West MountainAbnormally Dry
Rocky RidgeAbnormally Dry
Apple ValleyAbnormally Dry
Bryce Canyon CityAbnormally Dry
Dammeron ValleyAbnormally Dry
HideoutAbnormally Dry
InterlakenAbnormally Dry
Cedar HighlandsAbnormally Dry
Emigration CanyonAbnormally Dry