Current Drought Conditions for Virginia - June 11, 2024

Virginia Drought Report:

As of June 11, 2024 approximately 35% (14795 square miles) of Virginia is Abnormally dry with no areas under drought conditions.

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Virginia Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Connditions for Cities and Towns in Virginia

LocationDrought Conditions
AltavistaAbnormally Dry
ArringtonAbnormally Dry
Belle HavenAbnormally Dry
Cats BridgeAbnormally Dry
Chase CrossingAbnormally Dry
ConcordAbnormally Dry
DahlgrenAbnormally Dry
ExmoreAbnormally Dry
GordonsvilleAbnormally Dry
GreenbushAbnormally Dry
GretnaAbnormally Dry
HorntownAbnormally Dry
HurtAbnormally Dry
KellerAbnormally Dry
MiddlebrookAbnormally Dry
MiddleburgAbnormally Dry
Modest TownAbnormally Dry
NassawadoxAbnormally Dry
NelsoniaAbnormally Dry
PainterAbnormally Dry
PungoteagueAbnormally Dry
YorkshireAbnormally Dry
BobtownAbnormally Dry
GargathaAbnormally Dry
LynchburgAbnormally Dry
FishersvilleAbnormally Dry
LyndhurstAbnormally Dry
NellysfordAbnormally Dry
StanleyAbnormally Dry
CentrevilleAbnormally Dry
AlexandriaAbnormally Dry
ArcolaAbnormally Dry
Augusta SpringsAbnormally Dry
BaysideAbnormally Dry
Big IslandAbnormally Dry
BloxomAbnormally Dry
Bon AirAbnormally Dry
Boones MillAbnormally Dry
BridgewaterAbnormally Dry
BrightwoodAbnormally Dry
BuchananAbnormally Dry
Buena VistaAbnormally Dry
CalvertonAbnormally Dry
Cape CharlesAbnormally Dry
CatlettAbnormally Dry
CheritonAbnormally Dry
Chester GapAbnormally Dry
ChincoteagueAbnormally Dry
ChurchvilleAbnormally Dry
CraigsvilleAbnormally Dry
CrimoraAbnormally Dry
CrozetAbnormally Dry
DeerfieldAbnormally Dry
HayfieldAbnormally Dry
IvyAbnormally Dry
MappsvilleAbnormally Dry
MelfaAbnormally Dry
MetompkinAbnormally Dry
MotleyAbnormally Dry
OnancockAbnormally Dry
OnleyAbnormally Dry
PastoriaAbnormally Dry
Prices ForkAbnormally Dry
RuckersvilleAbnormally Dry
Cave SpringAbnormally Dry
Colonial BeachAbnormally Dry
TasleyAbnormally Dry
TroutvilleAbnormally Dry
TuckahoeAbnormally Dry
WattsvilleAbnormally Dry
Potomac MillsAbnormally Dry
BostonAbnormally Dry
ElktonAbnormally Dry
EllistonAbnormally Dry
EsmontAbnormally Dry
LafayetteAbnormally Dry
ShenandoahAbnormally Dry
FalmouthAbnormally Dry
Flint HillAbnormally Dry
ForestAbnormally Dry
FredericksburgAbnormally Dry
Free UnionAbnormally Dry
GainesvilleAbnormally Dry
GlasgowAbnormally Dry
Glen AllenAbnormally Dry
GoshenAbnormally Dry
Henry ForkAbnormally Dry
LortonAbnormally Dry
New HopeAbnormally Dry
NewingtonAbnormally Dry
Short PumpAbnormally Dry
TimberlakeAbnormally Dry
AtlanticAbnormally Dry
BelmontAbnormally Dry
Blue Ridge ShoresAbnormally Dry
BuckhallAbnormally Dry
ChantillyAbnormally Dry
East LexingtonAbnormally Dry
Fairview BeachAbnormally Dry
FlorisAbnormally Dry
GreenvilleAbnormally Dry
GrottoesAbnormally Dry
HallwoodAbnormally Dry
HerndonAbnormally Dry
Hot SpringsAbnormally Dry
Independent HillAbnormally Dry
Madison HeightsAbnormally Dry
Manassas ParkAbnormally Dry
MarshallAbnormally Dry
MineralAbnormally Dry
MontvaleAbnormally Dry
Mount CrawfordAbnormally Dry
Mount SidneyAbnormally Dry
TemperancevilleAbnormally Dry
The PlainsAbnormally Dry
Weyers CaveAbnormally Dry
Dale CityAbnormally Dry
NokesvilleAbnormally Dry
ParksleyAbnormally Dry
PassapatanzyAbnormally Dry
PenhookAbnormally Dry
WhitesvilleAbnormally Dry
WoodbridgeAbnormally Dry
BlacksburgAbnormally Dry
AccomacAbnormally Dry
Amelia Court HouseAbnormally Dry
AmherstAbnormally Dry
AppomattoxAbnormally Dry
BedfordAbnormally Dry
CharlottesvilleAbnormally Dry
CulpeperAbnormally Dry
EastvilleAbnormally Dry
King GeorgeAbnormally Dry
LexingtonAbnormally Dry
LouisaAbnormally Dry
LovingstonAbnormally Dry
LurayAbnormally Dry
MadisonAbnormally Dry
ManassasAbnormally Dry
MontereyAbnormally Dry
OrangeAbnormally Dry
PowhatanAbnormally Dry
SalemAbnormally Dry
AshburnAbnormally Dry
BealetonAbnormally Dry
Blue RidgeAbnormally Dry
Cherry HillAbnormally Dry
DoomsAbnormally Dry
DumfriesAbnormally Dry
East Highland ParkAbnormally Dry
HarbortonAbnormally Dry
HaymarketAbnormally Dry
JolivueAbnormally Dry
New BaltimoreAbnormally Dry
OpalAbnormally Dry
QuinbyAbnormally Dry
RemingtonAbnormally Dry
RestonAbnormally Dry
RichmondAbnormally Dry
RoanokeAbnormally Dry
Rocky MountAbnormally Dry
RustburgAbnormally Dry
SavagevilleAbnormally Dry
SaxisAbnormally Dry
SchuylerAbnormally Dry
SherandoAbnormally Dry
ShipmanAbnormally Dry
SperryvilleAbnormally Dry
StanardsvilleAbnormally Dry
StauntonAbnormally Dry
SterlingAbnormally Dry
Stuarts DraftAbnormally Dry
TangierAbnormally Dry
TriangleAbnormally Dry
VeronaAbnormally Dry
Virginia BeachAbnormally Dry
WachapreagueAbnormally Dry
WarrentonAbnormally Dry
WashingtonAbnormally Dry
WaynesboroAbnormally Dry
South RidingAbnormally Dry
HarristonAbnormally Dry
Aquia HarbourAbnormally Dry
BrandermillAbnormally Dry
SudleyAbnormally Dry
GreenbriarAbnormally Dry
Linton HallAbnormally Dry
North ShoreAbnormally Dry
Union HallAbnormally Dry
Westlake CornerAbnormally Dry
Bull RunAbnormally Dry
Lake MonticelloAbnormally Dry
Lake RidgeAbnormally Dry
MassanuttenAbnormally Dry
MontclairAbnormally Dry
Spotsylvania CourthouseAbnormally Dry
BrambletonAbnormally Dry
University CenterAbnormally Dry
Captains CoveAbnormally Dry
YogavilleAbnormally Dry
Twin LakesAbnormally Dry
Fair OaksAbnormally Dry
MeadowbrookAbnormally Dry
Laurel HillAbnormally Dry
PantopsAbnormally Dry