Current Drought Conditions for Virginia - July 16, 2024

Virginia Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 68% (28697 square miles) of Virginia is under drought conditions and 18% (7540 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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Virginia Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Virginia

LocationDrought Conditions
AltavistaSevere Drought
ArringtonSevere Drought
Belle HavenModerate Drought
Benns ChurchAbnormally Dry
BlackstoneAbnormally Dry
BranchvilleAbnormally Dry
BrooknealSevere Drought
BurkevilleModerate Drought
Cats BridgeModerate Drought
Central GarageAbnormally Dry
Chase CityAbnormally Dry
Chase CrossingAbnormally Dry
ChilhowieSevere Drought
Claypool HillSevere Drought
ClevelandModerate Drought
CloverAbnormally Dry
ConcordSevere Drought
DanteModerate Drought
Drakes BranchAbnormally Dry
DranesvilleSevere Drought
EwingModerate Drought
ExmoreModerate Drought
FerrumSevere Drought
GordonsvilleModerate Drought
Great FallsSevere Drought
GreenbushAbnormally Dry
GretnaSevere Drought
GwynnAbnormally Dry
HonakerModerate Drought
HorntownAbnormally Dry
HurtSevere Drought
KellerModerate Drought
KeysvilleAbnormally Dry
MiddlebrookExtreme Drought
MiddleburgSevere Drought
Modest TownAbnormally Dry
NassawadoxModerate Drought
NelsoniaAbnormally Dry
NewsomsAbnormally Dry
Oak LevelSevere Drought
OaktonSevere Drought
PainterModerate Drought
PhenixModerate Drought
PungoteagueModerate Drought
PurcellvilleExtreme Drought
RavenModerate Drought
RichlandsSevere Drought
RidgewaySevere Drought
RinerSevere Drought
RushmereAbnormally Dry
Sandy LevelSevere Drought
ScottsburgAbnormally Dry
YorkshireSevere Drought
SmithfieldAbnormally Dry
Union LevelAbnormally Dry
Weber CityModerate Drought
White StoneAbnormally Dry
WoodlawnModerate Drought
BobtownModerate Drought
BraceyAbnormally Dry
EbonyAbnormally Dry
GargathaAbnormally Dry
GasburgAbnormally Dry
Mount HermonModerate Drought
LynchburgSevere Drought
AppalachiaModerate Drought
AtkinsSevere Drought
BasyeExtreme Drought
BelspringSevere Drought
BluefieldSevere Drought
CoeburnModerate Drought
DamascusModerate Drought
DraperSevere Drought
DrydenModerate Drought
EmoryModerate Drought
FishersvilleExtreme Drought
FriesAbnormally Dry
GalaxAbnormally Dry
Glade SpringModerate Drought
GrattonSevere Drought
HaysiModerate Drought
IvanhoeModerate Drought
LyndhurstExtreme Drought
Max MeadowsSevere Drought
NellysfordSevere Drought
NortonModerate Drought
ParrottSevere Drought
Pennington GapModerate Drought
Rural RetreatSevere Drought
SaltvilleSevere Drought
Seven Mile FordSevere Drought
StanleyExtreme Drought
StrasburgExtreme Drought
Sugar GroveSevere Drought
BassettSevere Drought
CentrevilleSevere Drought
AlexandriaModerate Drought
AnnandaleModerate Drought
ArcolaSevere Drought
AshlandAbnormally Dry
Augusta SpringsExtreme Drought
BaysideAbnormally Dry
Big IslandSevere Drought
BlairsModerate Drought
BloxomAbnormally Dry
Bon AirAbnormally Dry
Boones MillSevere Drought
BoyceExtreme Drought
BoykinsAbnormally Dry
BridgewaterExtreme Drought
BrightwoodSevere Drought
BristolModerate Drought
BroadwayExtreme Drought
BuchananSevere Drought
Buena VistaSevere Drought
CallaghanSevere Drought
CalvertonSevere Drought
CanaModerate Drought
CapronAbnormally Dry
CarrolltonAbnormally Dry
CatlettSevere Drought
CheritonAbnormally Dry
ChesterAbnormally Dry
Chester GapExtreme Drought
ChincoteagueAbnormally Dry
ChurchvilleExtreme Drought
ClarksvilleAbnormally Dry
Clifton ForgeSevere Drought
Cluster SpringsAbnormally Dry
ColumbiaModerate Drought
CraigsvilleSevere Drought
CreweModerate Drought
CrimoraExtreme Drought
CrozetSevere Drought
DanvilleModerate Drought
DaytonExtreme Drought
DeerfieldExtreme Drought
DeltavilleAbnormally Dry
DendronAbnormally Dry
DillwynSevere Drought
DublinSevere Drought
FranconiaModerate Drought
HayfieldModerate Drought
Iron GateSevere Drought
IvySevere Drought
Kings ParkModerate Drought
Low MoorSevere Drought
MappsvilleAbnormally Dry
MelfaModerate Drought
MetompkinAbnormally Dry
MotleySevere Drought
NickelsvilleModerate Drought
OnancockModerate Drought
OnleyModerate Drought
PastoriaAbnormally Dry
PocahontasSevere Drought
Prices ForkSevere Drought
RavensworthModerate Drought
RiverviewModerate Drought
RuckersvilleSevere Drought
SelmaSevere Drought
Seven CornersModerate Drought
Cave SpringSevere Drought
SpringfieldModerate Drought
TasleyModerate Drought
TroutvilleSevere Drought
TuckahoeAbnormally Dry
WattsvilleAbnormally Dry
West SpringfieldModerate Drought
Potomac MillsModerate Drought
BostonModerate Drought
BurkeModerate Drought
EdinburgExtreme Drought
ElktonExtreme Drought
EllistonSevere Drought
EsmontSevere Drought
LafayetteSevere Drought
ShenandoahExtreme Drought
Fairfax StationModerate Drought
FalmouthModerate Drought
Flint HillExtreme Drought
ForestSevere Drought
FredericksburgModerate Drought
Free UnionSevere Drought
GainesvilleSevere Drought
GlasgowSevere Drought
Glen AllenAbnormally Dry
GoshenSevere Drought
Henry ForkSevere Drought
LortonModerate Drought
New HopeExtreme Drought
NewingtonModerate Drought
Shenandoah ShoresExtreme Drought
Short PumpAbnormally Dry
TimberlakeSevere Drought
AdwolfSevere Drought
AtlanticAbnormally Dry
BelmontSevere Drought
Blue Ridge ShoresModerate Drought
BuckhallModerate Drought
ChantillySevere Drought
CliftonModerate Drought
CollinsvilleSevere Drought
East LexingtonSevere Drought
FieldaleSevere Drought
FlorisSevere Drought
Fort ChiswellSevere Drought
GreenvilleExtreme Drought
GrottoesExtreme Drought
HallwoodAbnormally Dry
HerndonSevere Drought
HiwasseeSevere Drought
Horse PastureSevere Drought
Hot SpringsSevere Drought
Independent HillModerate Drought
IvorAbnormally Dry
KenbridgeAbnormally Dry
KeokeeModerate Drought
KilmarnockAbnormally Dry
La CrosseAbnormally Dry
LovettsvilleSevere Drought
Madison HeightsSevere Drought
Manassas ParkSevere Drought
MarshallSevere Drought
McKenneyAbnormally Dry
McLeanSevere Drought
McMullinSevere Drought
MiddletownExtreme Drought
MineralModerate Drought
MontvaleSevere Drought
Mount CrawfordExtreme Drought
Mount SidneyExtreme Drought
ShawsvilleSevere Drought
Shenandoah FarmsExtreme Drought
Skyland EstatesExtreme Drought
StanleytownSevere Drought
TemperancevilleAbnormally Dry
The PlainsSevere Drought
TysonsSevere Drought
VictoriaAbnormally Dry
WakefieldAbnormally Dry
Weyers CaveExtreme Drought
Mountain RoadModerate Drought
Colonial HeightsAbnormally Dry
Dale CityModerate Drought
NarrowsSevere Drought
NathalieModerate Drought
New MarketExtreme Drought
NokesvilleSevere Drought
ParksleyAbnormally Dry
PassapatanzyAbnormally Dry
Patrick SpringsSevere Drought
PembrokeSevere Drought
PenhookSevere Drought
PetersburgAbnormally Dry
Rich CreekSevere Drought
WhitesvilleAbnormally Dry
WoodbridgeModerate Drought
Mount JacksonExtreme Drought
BlacksburgSevere Drought
AbingdonModerate Drought
AccomacAbnormally Dry
Amelia Court HouseModerate Drought
AmherstSevere Drought
AppomattoxSevere Drought
BedfordSevere Drought
BerryvilleExtreme Drought
Bowling GreenModerate Drought
BoydtonAbnormally Dry
Charlotte Court HouseModerate Drought
CharlottesvilleSevere Drought
ChathamSevere Drought
ChristiansburgSevere Drought
ClintwoodModerate Drought
CourtlandAbnormally Dry
CovingtonSevere Drought
CulpeperSevere Drought
CumberlandModerate Drought
EastvilleModerate Drought
EmporiaAbnormally Dry
FairfaxSevere Drought
FarmvilleModerate Drought
FincastleSevere Drought
FloydSevere Drought
Front RoyalExtreme Drought
Gate CityModerate Drought
GoochlandModerate Drought
GrundyModerate Drought
HanoverAbnormally Dry
HarrisonburgExtreme Drought
HeathsvilleAbnormally Dry
HillsvilleModerate Drought
IndependenceAbnormally Dry
JonesvilleModerate Drought
King and Queen Court HouseAbnormally Dry
King WilliamAbnormally Dry
LebanonModerate Drought
LeesburgSevere Drought
LexingtonSevere Drought
LouisaModerate Drought
LovingstonSevere Drought
LunenburgAbnormally Dry
LurayExtreme Drought
MadisonSevere Drought
ManassasSevere Drought
MarionSevere Drought
MartinsvilleSevere Drought
MathewsAbnormally Dry
MontereySevere Drought
MontrossAbnormally Dry
New CastleSevere Drought
New KentAbnormally Dry
OrangeSevere Drought
PalmyraModerate Drought
PearisburgSevere Drought
PowhatanModerate Drought
SalemSevere Drought
SaludaAbnormally Dry
BlandSevere Drought
WythevilleSevere Drought
SussexAbnormally Dry
TappahannockAbnormally Dry
TazewellSevere Drought
WinchesterExtreme Drought
WiseModerate Drought
AshburnSevere Drought
BealetonSevere Drought
Blue RidgeSevere Drought
Cherry HillAbnormally Dry
DoomsExtreme Drought
DumfriesAbnormally Dry
East Highland ParkAbnormally Dry
FairlawnSevere Drought
HamiltonExtreme Drought
HarbortonModerate Drought
HaymarketSevere Drought
Highland SpringsAbnormally Dry
HillsboroExtreme Drought
JolivueExtreme Drought
MaurertownExtreme Drought
MechanicsvilleAbnormally Dry
New BaltimoreSevere Drought
OpalSevere Drought
Port RoyalAbnormally Dry
PoundModerate Drought
PulaskiSevere Drought
QuinbyModerate Drought
RemingtonSevere Drought
RestonSevere Drought
RichmondAbnormally Dry
RiverdaleAbnormally Dry
RoanokeSevere Drought
Rocky MountSevere Drought
Rose HillModerate Drought
Round HillExtreme Drought
RustburgSevere Drought
SavagevilleModerate Drought
SaxisAbnormally Dry
SchuylerSevere Drought
ScottsvilleSevere Drought
Cedar BluffSevere Drought
RadfordSevere Drought
SherandoSevere Drought
ShipmanSevere Drought
SperryvilleExtreme Drought
SpringvilleSevere Drought
StanardsvilleSevere Drought
StauntonExtreme Drought
Stephens CityExtreme Drought
SterlingSevere Drought
Stony CreekAbnormally Dry
StuartSevere Drought
Stuarts DraftExtreme Drought
TangierAbnormally Dry
TempletonAbnormally Dry
TimbervilleExtreme Drought
Toms BrookExtreme Drought
TriangleAbnormally Dry
UrbannaAbnormally Dry
VansantModerate Drought
VeronaExtreme Drought
WachapreagueModerate Drought
WarrentonSevere Drought
WarsawAbnormally Dry
WashingtonExtreme Drought
WaverlyAbnormally Dry
WaynesboroExtreme Drought
West PointAbnormally Dry
WoodstockExtreme Drought
South BostonAbnormally Dry
CastlewoodModerate Drought
ClinchcoModerate Drought
HalifaxModerate Drought
Apple Mountain LakeExtreme Drought
Shenandoah RetreatExtreme Drought
South RidingSevere Drought
HarristonExtreme Drought
Aquia HarbourModerate Drought
BrandermillAbnormally Dry
SudleySevere Drought
GreenbriarSevere Drought
ArlingtonModerate Drought
Lowes IslandSevere Drought
Linton HallSevere Drought
North ShoreSevere Drought
Union HallSevere Drought
Westlake CornerSevere Drought
Bull RunSevere Drought
Gloucester CourthouseAbnormally Dry
Lake MonticelloModerate Drought
Lake RidgeModerate Drought
MassanuttenExtreme Drought
MontclairModerate Drought
Spotsylvania CourthouseModerate Drought
Villa HeightsSevere Drought
Wolf TrapSevere Drought
BrambletonSevere Drought
University CenterSevere Drought
Captains CoveAbnormally Dry
YogavilleSevere Drought
Twin LakesSevere Drought
Fair OaksSevere Drought
MeadowbrookAbnormally Dry
Plum CreekSevere Drought
WoodburnSevere Drought
Belmont EstatesExtreme Drought
Laurel HillModerate Drought
PantopsSevere Drought