Current Drought Conditions for West Virginia - July 16, 2024

West Virginia Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 90% (21918 square miles) of West Virginia is under drought conditions and 9% (2186 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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West Virginia Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in West Virginia

LocationDrought Conditions
AccovilleSevere Drought
AldersonSevere Drought
AmherstdaleSevere Drought
AnawaltSevere Drought
AnmooreAbnormally Dry
AnstedModerate Drought
AthensSevere Drought
BancroftModerate Drought
Beech BottomModerate Drought
BelingtonSevere Drought
BethlehemSevere Drought
Birch RiverSevere Drought
BlennerhassettSevere Drought
BoomerModerate Drought
BradshawSevere Drought
BramwellSevere Drought
BridgeportAbnormally Dry
BuckhannonSevere Drought
BuffaloModerate Drought
BurlingtonExtreme Drought
CairoSevere Drought
CameronSevere Drought
Capon BridgeExtreme Drought
Cedar GroveModerate Drought
ChapmanvilleModerate Drought
Charlton HeightsModerate Drought
ChelyanModerate Drought
ChesterAbnormally Dry
ClarksburgAbnormally Dry
ClayModerate Drought
ClearviewSevere Drought
ClendeninModerate Drought
Coal ForkModerate Drought
ComfortModerate Drought
CorinneSevere Drought
Crab OrchardSevere Drought
DanielsSevere Drought
DanvilleModerate Drought
DavySevere Drought
DelbartonAbnormally Dry
DixieModerate Drought
DunbarModerate Drought
EleanorModerate Drought
ElizabethSevere Drought
Elk GardenSevere Drought
EllenboroSevere Drought
FairviewAbnormally Dry
FayettevilleModerate Drought
FlatwoodsSevere Drought
Fort AshbyExtreme Drought
GassawaySevere Drought
GhentSevere Drought
GilbertModerate Drought
GlenvilleSevere Drought
GrantsvilleSevere Drought
GranvilleAbnormally Dry
Green SpringExtreme Drought
GreenviewModerate Drought
HamlinModerate Drought
HarrisvilleSevere Drought
Hartford CityModerate Drought
HartsModerate Drought
HilltopModerate Drought
HoldenAbnormally Dry
HundredModerate Drought
IaegerSevere Drought
InwoodExtreme Drought
Jane LewModerate Drought
JusticeModerate Drought
KermitAbnormally Dry
KeyserSevere Drought
KimballSevere Drought
KimberlyModerate Drought
KingwoodModerate Drought
KistlerSevere Drought
KopperstonSevere Drought
LashmeetSevere Drought
LeonModerate Drought
LewisburgSevere Drought
LittletonModerate Drought
LoganModerate Drought
LubeckSevere Drought
LumberportAbnormally Dry
MadisonModerate Drought
ManSevere Drought
ManningtonAbnormally Dry
MarmetModerate Drought
MartinsburgSevere Drought
MasonModerate Drought
MatewanAbnormally Dry
MatoakaSevere Drought
McMechenSevere Drought
Meadow BridgeModerate Drought
MiddlebourneSevere Drought
MiddlewayExtreme Drought
MonavilleModerate Drought
MoorefieldExtreme Drought
MoundsvilleSevere Drought
Mount HopeModerate Drought
MullensSevere Drought
NeibertSevere Drought
New MartinsvilleSevere Drought
NorthforkSevere Drought
Oak HillModerate Drought
OceanaSevere Drought
OmarAbnormally Dry
ParkersburgSevere Drought
Paw PawExtreme Drought
PennsboroSevere Drought
PentressAbnormally Dry
PhilippiModerate Drought
PinchModerate Drought
Pine GroveModerate Drought
PinevilleSevere Drought
Piney ViewModerate Drought
PowelltonModerate Drought
RacineModerate Drought
ReaderSevere Drought
Red JacketAbnormally Dry
ReedsvilleModerate Drought
ReedySevere Drought
RhodellSevere Drought
RipleyModerate Drought
RivesvilleAbnormally Dry
RonceverteSevere Drought
RossmoreModerate Drought
RupertModerate Drought
SalemAbnormally Dry
Sand ForkSevere Drought
Shady SpringSevere Drought
ShrewsburyModerate Drought
SissonvilleModerate Drought
SmithersModerate Drought
SpencerSevere Drought
SpringfieldExtreme Drought
StollingsSevere Drought
SummersvilleModerate Drought
Terra AltaModerate Drought
TiogaSevere Drought
TunneltonModerate Drought
UnionSevere Drought
VerdunvilleAbnormally Dry
WallaceAbnormally Dry
WayneAbnormally Dry
West HamlinModerate Drought
West UnionModerate Drought
WestonModerate Drought
WheelingSevere Drought
WilliamsonAbnormally Dry
BartowSevere Drought
BrandywineExtreme Drought
CraigsvilleModerate Drought
DavisExtreme Drought
DurbinSevere Drought
ElkinsSevere Drought
Falling SpringModerate Drought
FranklinExtreme Drought
Green BankSevere Drought
HambletonExtreme Drought
HarmanExtreme Drought
HillsboroModerate Drought
HintonSevere Drought
HuntersvilleSevere Drought
HuttonsvilleSevere Drought
LesageAbnormally Dry
MarlintonSevere Drought
Mill CreekSevere Drought
MontcalmSevere Drought
NettieModerate Drought
PeterstownSevere Drought
RobinetteSevere Drought
RowlesburgModerate Drought
SistersvilleSevere Drought
WardensvilleExtreme Drought
WaverlySevere Drought
AlbrightModerate Drought
ArbovaleSevere Drought
AuburnSevere Drought
BarrackvilleAbnormally Dry
BayardSevere Drought
Beards ForkModerate Drought
BeaverSevere Drought
BeckleySevere Drought
BelleModerate Drought
BelmontSevere Drought
BenwoodSevere Drought
BerwindSevere Drought
BethanyModerate Drought
BeverlySevere Drought
Big ChimneyModerate Drought
Big SandySevere Drought
BlacksvilleAbnormally Dry
BluefieldSevere Drought
BluewellSevere Drought
BoazSevere Drought
BoltSevere Drought
BradleyModerate Drought
BrandonvilleModerate Drought
BrentonSevere Drought
BrunoSevere Drought
Brush ForkSevere Drought
BudSevere Drought
BurnsvilleSevere Drought
CarolinaAbnormally Dry
CassvilleAbnormally Dry
CenturyModerate Drought
Charles TownExtreme Drought
ChattaroyAbnormally Dry
ChaunceyModerate Drought
ChesapeakeModerate Drought
Coal CitySevere Drought
CowenModerate Drought
Cross LanesModerate Drought
CrumplerSevere Drought
CullodenModerate Drought
Deep WaterModerate Drought
DespardAbnormally Dry
East BankModerate Drought
East DaileySevere Drought
EnterpriseAbnormally Dry
FairleaSevere Drought
Falls ViewModerate Drought
FarmingtonAbnormally Dry
FenwickModerate Drought
FlemingtonAbnormally Dry
FollansbeeModerate Drought
Fort GayAbnormally Dry
FriendlySevere Drought
Gallipolis FerryAbnormally Dry
GallowayAbnormally Dry
GarySevere Drought
Gauley BridgeModerate Drought
GlasgowModerate Drought
Glen FerrisModerate Drought
Glen ForkSevere Drought
Glen JeanModerate Drought
Glen WhiteSevere Drought
GraftonModerate Drought
Grant TownAbnormally Dry
Great CacaponSevere Drought
GypsyAbnormally Dry
HandleyModerate Drought
HedgesvilleSevere Drought
HendersonModerate Drought
HendricksExtreme Drought
HepzibahAbnormally Dry
HicoModerate Drought
HometownModerate Drought
Hooverson HeightsModerate Drought
HurricaneModerate Drought
IdamayAbnormally Dry
ItmannSevere Drought
JuniorSevere Drought
LesterSevere Drought
Lost CreekAbnormally Dry
MabscottSevere Drought
MallorySevere Drought
MasontownAbnormally Dry
MathenySevere Drought
McConnellModerate Drought
Mitchell HeightsModerate Drought
MonongahAbnormally Dry
MontgomeryModerate Drought
MontroseSevere Drought
MorgantownAbnormally Dry
New CumberlandAbnormally Dry
New HavenModerate Drought
New RichmondSevere Drought
NewburgModerate Drought
NitroModerate Drought
Nutter FortAbnormally Dry
Paden CitySevere Drought
PageModerate Drought
PagetonSevere Drought
ParsonsExtreme Drought
PaxModerate Drought
PetersburgExtreme Drought
PiedmontSevere Drought
Pleasant ValleyModerate Drought
PocaModerate Drought
Point PleasantModerate Drought
PrattModerate Drought
PrichardAbnormally Dry
PrincetonSevere Drought
ProsperitySevere Drought
PullmanSevere Drought
QuinwoodModerate Drought
RachelAbnormally Dry
RainelleModerate Drought
RavenswoodSevere Drought
RaysalSevere Drought
RichwoodModerate Drought
RidgeleyExtreme Drought
RoderfieldSevere Drought
Salt RockModerate Drought
ScarbroModerate Drought
ShannondaleExtreme Drought
Shenandoah JunctionSevere Drought
ShinnstonAbnormally Dry
SmithfieldModerate Drought
SophiaSevere Drought
South CharlestonModerate Drought
SpelterAbnormally Dry
StanafordSevere Drought
StonewoodAbnormally Dry
SuttonSevere Drought
SwitzerModerate Drought
SylvesterModerate Drought
ThomasExtreme Drought
TriadelphiaSevere Drought
TornadoModerate Drought
Valley GroveSevere Drought
Valley HeadSevere Drought
VanSevere Drought
ViennaSevere Drought
WarSevere Drought
WeirtonAbnormally Dry
WelchSevere Drought
WellsburgModerate Drought
West LibertyModerate Drought
West LoganModerate Drought
West MilfordAbnormally Dry
White Sulphur SpringsSevere Drought
White HallAbnormally Dry
WhitesvilleModerate Drought
Wiley FordExtreme Drought
WilliamstownSevere Drought
WinfieldModerate Drought
Wolf SummitAbnormally Dry
WorthingtonAbnormally Dry
AuroraModerate Drought
BolivarSevere Drought
CharlestonModerate Drought
NewellAbnormally Dry
FairmontAbnormally Dry
RomneyExtreme Drought
Harpers FerrySevere Drought
RansonExtreme Drought
Windsor HeightsModerate Drought
North HillsSevere Drought
JeffersonModerate Drought
Cheat LakeAbnormally Dry
Gilbert CreekAbnormally Dry
Teays ValleyModerate Drought
CarpendaleExtreme Drought
Valley BendSevere Drought