Current Drought Conditions for Wyoming - July 16, 2024

Wyoming Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 46% (45121 square miles) of Wyoming is under drought conditions and 46% (44579 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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Wyoming Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Wyoming

LocationDrought Conditions
AlbinModerate Drought
ArapahoeAbnormally Dry
BairoilAbnormally Dry
BasinModerate Drought
Big HornAbnormally Dry
Big PineyModerate Drought
BuffaloAbnormally Dry
ByronAbnormally Dry
CarpenterAbnormally Dry
CasperAbnormally Dry
CentennialModerate Drought
ClearmontAbnormally Dry
CodyAbnormally Dry
CowleyAbnormally Dry
DaytonAbnormally Dry
DeaverAbnormally Dry
DiamondvilleAbnormally Dry
DouglasModerate Drought
EdenAbnormally Dry
EdgertonModerate Drought
Elk MountainAbnormally Dry
EtheteAbnormally Dry
EvanstonAbnormally Dry
EvansvilleModerate Drought
FarsonAbnormally Dry
Fort LaramieModerate Drought
FrannieAbnormally Dry
GarlandAbnormally Dry
GlendoModerate Drought
Green RiverAbnormally Dry
GreybullModerate Drought
GuernseyModerate Drought
HannaAbnormally Dry
HulettAbnormally Dry
James TownAbnormally Dry
KayceeAbnormally Dry
KemmererAbnormally Dry
La BargeAbnormally Dry
LaramieModerate Drought
LingleModerate Drought
LovellAbnormally Dry
LuskSevere Drought
MarbletonModerate Drought
Medicine BowAbnormally Dry
MeeteetseModerate Drought
MillsAbnormally Dry
NewcastleSevere Drought
OpalAbnormally Dry
PavillionAbnormally Dry
RalstonAbnormally Dry
RanchesterAbnormally Dry
RawlinsAbnormally Dry
RelianceAbnormally Dry
RivertonAbnormally Dry
Rock SpringsAbnormally Dry
SheridanAbnormally Dry
ShoshoniAbnormally Dry
Ten SleepAbnormally Dry
TorringtonModerate Drought
WorlandAbnormally Dry
YoderModerate Drought
AltaModerate Drought
BrookhurstModerate Drought
BurlingtonAbnormally Dry
CrowheartModerate Drought
East ThermopolisAbnormally Dry
LucerneAbnormally Dry
ThermopolisAbnormally Dry
AftonAbnormally Dry
AlpineModerate Drought
AuburnAbnormally Dry
BedfordAbnormally Dry
FairviewAbnormally Dry
GroverAbnormally Dry
HobackModerate Drought
MoorcroftModerate Drought
OsageSevere Drought
OsmondAbnormally Dry
SmootModerate Drought
StoryAbnormally Dry
SundanceAbnormally Dry
Teton VillageModerate Drought
ThayneAbnormally Dry
JacksonModerate Drought
PinedaleModerate Drought
WilsonModerate Drought
BurnsAbnormally Dry
CheyenneSevere Drought
CokevilleAbnormally Dry
DuboisModerate Drought
Fort WashakieAbnormally Dry
GilletteModerate Drought
GlenrockModerate Drought
HudsonAbnormally Dry
LanderAbnormally Dry
MidwestModerate Drought
Pine BluffsAbnormally Dry
PowellAbnormally Dry
Rock RiverAbnormally Dry
SaratogaAbnormally Dry
SinclairAbnormally Dry
UptonModerate Drought
WheatlandModerate Drought
ChugwaterModerate Drought
KellyModerate Drought
Bar NunnModerate Drought
Pine HavenAbnormally Dry
Rolling HillsModerate Drought
EncampmentAbnormally Dry
ParkmanAbnormally Dry
Bessemer BendAbnormally Dry
Boulder FlatsAbnormally Dry
Casper MountainAbnormally Dry
ChugcreekModerate Drought
Clearview AcresAbnormally Dry
HartrandtAbnormally Dry
Homa HillsModerate Drought
JohnstownAbnormally Dry
Meadow AcresModerate Drought
Moose Wilson RoadModerate Drought
North Rock SpringsAbnormally Dry
Purple SageAbnormally Dry
Red ButteAbnormally Dry
South ParkModerate Drought
TurnervilleAbnormally Dry
Y-O RanchModerate Drought
RanchettesSevere Drought
South GreeleySevere Drought
Bear RiverAbnormally Dry
Star Valley RanchModerate Drought
Vista WestAbnormally Dry